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Ato em apoio à revolução no Egito

CMI Brasil, 03.02.2011 21:16


I defeated a collector

Portland, 03.02.2011 20:59

The collector threatening your paycheck may not actually own the debt; and you can fight back
You can beat the Man, and keep your money. And you should, because destroying bottom-feeder capitalism benefits everyone.

Here is information that will help you to decide whether to take on a bottom-feeder in court. I did, and the case was called: Equable Ascent Financial, LLC vs. Theresa Mitchell Multnomah County Court Case no. 100404905. The outcome of this case was plaintiff-requested dismissal, or in other words, they gave up!

Like a lot of lapsed debtors, I feared I might not qualify under the new bankruptcy laws, and I knew I didn't have money up front for a bankruptcy lawyer. [...]

In Oregon the amount under $10,000 automatically goes to arbitration unless either party objects in writing. So I objected, but my objection mysteriously was delayed by Clerk office. I really had to wonder. Use certified/notarized mail for all Clerk transactions in Multnomah County. There was a $500 fee for arbitration but I applied for waiver/deferral.

As soon as I filed all fees and papers, I received notice of dismissal from the Arbitration atty ---within 2 hours; and I have to ask, how was that done so quickly, unless the Arbitration attorney is in constant contact, and perhaps cahoots with the collector? But this is the bottom line: I won, and you can win, and you should fight the bottom feeders, because--I cannot emphasize this enough--THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO YOUR MONEY!!

new bankruptcy laws: The old credit compact worked out profitably for the big banks this way: You were offered unsecured loans with your credit cards, the bank backed the purchases via fractional reserve banking, which is to say they essentially created the money from nothing, and you paid the money back . Should you fail to pay, credit agencies were notified, and you suffered a loss of credit rating if you defaulted.

Place/Time for Egypt Solidarity Rally this Saturday?

Portland, 03.02.2011 20:59

Does anyone know if there is a planned solidarity action with the people of Egypt planned in Portland for the International Day of Solidarity this Saturday?

[UPDATE][...] This Saturday, 12-4pm at Pioneer Square. Rally in Solidarity with the Egyptian and Tunisian People! "Please spread the word and invite everyone to come out and stand together in support of the brave brothers, sisters, elders, and children of Egypt and Tunisia who are fighting for their human rights!! Solidarity, freedom for all!!"

Prison Action News Vol 4 #1 Now Available

Boston, 03.02.2011 20:14

Prison Action News Vol 4 #1 (Jan 2011) is now available! PAN is a biannual journal of stories of prison resistance from the inside.

Derechos Humanos

Argentina, 03.02.2011 18:19

We would not have had to interrupt Netanyahu if the world listened to Palestinian voices

New Orleans, 03.02.2011 17:43

Palestinian Voices Needed, Not Netanyahu, says N.O. Jewish Protester

One Man’s 30 Day Vigil For Animals Spurs National Momentum

New Orleans, 03.02.2011 17:43

One Man’s 30 Day Vigil For Animals Spurs National Momentum

2nd Line for warehouse fire victims

New Orleans, 03.02.2011 17:43

Video from Second Line for victims of 9th ward warehouse fire

Malcolm Suber on 200th Anniversary of the 1811 La. Slave Revolt

New Orleans, 03.02.2011 17:43

Freedom or Death: Malcolm Suber on the 200th Anniversary of the 1811 La. Slave Revolt

Video de policía encubierto en manifestación

Puerto Rico, 03.02.2011 17:02

Policía encubierto en manifestación en el Cuartel General

Columna de Amarilis Pagán

Puerto Rico, 03.02.2011 16:19

Mujeres con vergüenza

SF Feb 5 Rally in Solidarity with The Egyptian and Tunisian Protests

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.02.2011 16:17

A new mass protest is planed in Egypt on Friday, February 4th as plain clothed police and other Mubarak supports continue to attack protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo. In the early morning hours of February 3rd, supporters of the regime opened fire on the protesters in the square killing at least five.

On February 1st, millions took to the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and other Egyptian cities to demand an end to the Mubarak regime. The protests were the largest ones in Egypt in recorded history.

An international day of protest in solidarity with the Egyptian people will be held this Saturday February 5th. The San Francisco protest will start at 1pm in UN Plaza.

Federales tras Departamento de Educación

Puerto Rico, 03.02.2011 15:42

Exigen explicaciones al Departamento de Educación

&quot;Terrorism and National Security&quot; screens in Medford, Oregon

Rogue Valley, 03.02.2011 08:21

CPJ Film Night presents:
Terrorism and National Security - Abuse at Home:
A 2001 RVTV Panel Presentation with Pete Seda & Others
CPJ Film Night Preview Page:

Terrie Claflin Martin will discuss Pete's life and his trial following the showing of this video. Join us:

7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 3, in Lidgate Hall,
Medford Congregational United Church of Christ,
1801 E. Jackson St., Medford, corner N. Berkeley Way

Free and open to the public

Solidarity with Egypt

Houston, 02.02.2011 19:41

Houston Shows Solidarity with Egypt

Conmoción en el mundo árabe

Colombia, 02.02.2011 18:15

Conmoción en el mundo árabe

Sexual Prey in the Saudi Jungle

Boston, 02.02.2011 17:39

He was an officer in the Saudi Royal Navy assigned to the strategic Saudi base of Jubail in the Persian Gulf. She was a single mom from Mindanao, in the Philippines, who saw, like so many others, employment in Saudi Arabia as a route out of poverty. When he picked her up at the Dammam International Airport in June, little did she know she was entering, not a brighter chapter of her life but a chamber of horrors from which she would be liberated only after six long months.

VIDEO: Stop the FBI Raids Solidarity Day Of Action Rally in Portland Oregon

Portland, 02.02.2011 17:39

A protest to stand in solidarity with those being arrested and hassled by the FBI for working for peace and anti war issues. Around 45 citizens stood in front of the Portland Federal building to bring attention to this terrible case of American citizens being spied upon and their civil right violated for working for peace on earth.

This rally was in Portland in front of the FBI office, at 5:30 pm on Tuesday 1/25/11

Video: No Korea FTA Portland Event. Kim Kyung-Ran, is director Korean Trade Union

Portland, 02.02.2011 17:39

Portland Event. Kim Kyung-Ran, is director of external relations for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

[Video]  link to

The following text I copied from the event flier:

In early December, U.S. and Korean trade negotiators struck a deal that is expected to bring the Korea Free Trade Agreement to the floor of Congress in early 2011. This is the biggest free trade agreement since NAFTA, and is strongly opposed by the largest labor federations in each country.

Hear Kim Kyung-Ran, director of external relations for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, as she:
Inspires us to action with photos and stories from some of South Korea's largest and most dramatic mobilizations against the FTA to date.

Kim busts the myth that job-killing trade deals that hurt ordinary Americans some how benefit working people in other countries.

Kyung-Ran's stunning 35-minute slide presentation will be followed by short reports from local activists, updating you on the expected impact of the FTA in our region and how you can get involved in local efforts to stop it.

Video: Public Comment Period Open for Bagby Hot Spring and 27 Campgrounds

Portland, 02.02.2011 17:39

The Forest Service is accepting comments from the public regarding the proposal to privatize management of Bagby Hot Springs and 27 campgrounds in Mt. Hood National Forest.
Recent Video interview with Bark on this subject

These 27 remote and beautiful campgrounds represent the last remaining publicly managed campgrounds in Mt. Hood National Forest. Babgy Hot Springs is the only free hot spring in the area and is one of our regions' gems. Under this proposal, for-profit companies will be invited to submit bids to manage and profit from our favorite places to relax.

Comments to the Forest Service will be accepted until midnight on February 14th.

Click this link to tell the Forest Service what you think about this proposal:

Solidarity Protest with Egypt

Portland, 02.02.2011 17:39

We stand in solidarity with the people of Egypt for their courageous resistance against the brutal, corrupt rule of Mubarak and the US Empire. We support their struggle for human rights, justice and freedom.

[related pics]
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Video: A Proposal to Create a State Bank in Oregon

Portland, 02.02.2011 17:39

A 1/2 hour Public Access program featuring Steve Hughes, <A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Working Families Party of Oregon, </A></FONT> discussing the advantages of a State Bank. Right now the State of Oregon deposits billions of our tax dollars into the same "Too Big To Fail" banks that crashed our economy.<BR>
<A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#6633cc">A Proposal to Create a State Bank in Oregon</A></FONT><BR><BR>
<A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Oregonians for a State Bank </A></FONT> believes that we should bring that money home, and invest it into creating jobs here. The Oregon legislature will consider a bill this year to cut our dependency on Wall Street by creating the Oregon State Bank.<BR><BR>

On the program, "A Growing Concern," Steve also announced an upcoming event, and invited the community to attend and find out what they can do to get involved in this exciting campaign. <BR>
A Public Forum About the Oregon State Bank.<BR>
Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011<BR>
5:30 - 6 pm Reception<BR>
6 - 8 pm Public Forum<BR>
At the New Song Community Church<BR>
(2511 NE MLK Blvd, Portland)<BR><BR>

Speaking will be:<BR>
<STRONG>Barbara Dudley<S/STRONG> - Co-Chair of the Oregon Working Families Party;<BR>
<STRONG>Jim Houser </STRONG>- Co-owner of the Hawthorne Auto Clinic, and co-chair of the Main Street Alliance of Oregon;<BR>
<STRONG>Teresa Retzlaff </STRONG>- Farmer at 46 North Farm in Astoria, and member of Friends of Family Farmers;<BR>
<STRONG>State Representative Jefferson Smith </STRONG>- (D-Portland, District 47).<BR><BR>

Rochester Activists Rally Against FBI Harassment

Rochester, 02.02.2011 17:21

Rochester, NY joined with 50 other American cities on January 25, 2010 to speak out against Government harassment of Anti-war and International Solidarity activists.

On September 24, 2010, homes and offices of activists in Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan were raided by the FBI. No one was charged with any crime, but agents served subpoenas to activists to testify before a Federal Grand Jury. These proceedings have been compared to McCarthy era witch hunts. They are conducted in secret and those testifying are not allowed legal representation. The US Attorney controls everything including juror selection. Fourteen people refused to participate. No action was taken during election season, but the subpoenas were reactivated shortly thereafter. Nine more people received additional subpoenas in November and January. They were Palestinian solidarity activists and most were Arab-Americans.

Additional Coverage: Chicago Indymedia: FBI targets Chicago activists amid Midwest sweep; activists push back | FBI Delivers Subpoenas to More Activists in Chicago, Pushback Continues | Indymedia US: Anti-war & Social Justice Organizers Nationwide Resist FBI "Terrorism" Investigation

Apoyo a la Revolución Bolivariana

Puerto Rico, 02.02.2011 17:06

¡Con la Revolución Bolivariana, ni un paso atrás!

Berlin: Dokonano eksmisji Liebig 14 - demonstracje będa kontynuowane

Poland, 02.02.2011 15:01

Działacze Federacji Anarchistyczne z Poznania, którzy biorą udział w blokowaniu eksmisji berlińskiego projektu mieszkalnego Liebig 14 donoszą, że dzisiejsza eksmisja niestety doszła do skutku. Już w nocy okolica została zablokowana przez policjantów. W związku z blokadą skierowano do niej 2500 funkcjonariuszy. Również od wczesnych godzin rannych w dzielnicy zaczęły zbierać sie grupy osób mających na celu sabotaż eksmisji.

Exigen retiro de la policía de la UPR

Puerto Rico, 02.02.2011 01:03

Exigen investigación a policías agresores y la salida de la uniformada de la UPR

Liebig 14 - SPD-Senat setzt auf Eskalation

Germany, 01.02.2011 22:27

Der von den Bewohnern_innen der Liebig 14 eingereichte Eilantrag wurde heute durch das Berliner Kammergericht abgelehnt. Damit scheint die letzte Möglichkeit einer friedlichen und für den Stadtteil zufriedenstellenden Lösung des alternativen Hausprojekts endgültig gescheitert. Der SPD-Senat zieht es vor, seine menschenverachtende, stadtplanerische Standortpolitik durchzusetzen - mithilfe über 1000 bewaffneten und gewaltbereiten,autoritären Charakteren (Chaoten) aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet, auf dem Rücken aller Bürgerinnen und Bürger in Berlin, insbesondere dem Friedrichshainer Nordkiez.

Informationen: Liebig 14 | Liebig 14 Blog | Twitter | Pressemitteilungen der L14 | L14 in der Presse | Megaspree | Wir bleiben alle! | Solidarisieren! | Infoladen | Infopoint | Termine | Offener Brief des Runden Tisches 2010 | Samariterkiez e.V. 2010 | Radiobeitrag zu E. Thöne | Nummer gegen Kummer des KSB Unna
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4 mil manifestantes tomaram mais uma vez as ruas da cidade de São Paulo

Brasil, 01.02.2011 16:19

Occupation Has No Future: Militarism + Resistance in Israel/Palestine

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.02.2011 11:40

In the Fall of 2009 a group of war resisters and veteran organizers from San Francisco traveled to Israel/Palestine to meet with their Israeli counterparts in an effort to strengthen connections and share experiences. The group, calling itself Dialogues Against Militarism (DAM), partnered with David Zlutnick, a Bay Area filmmaker, to ensure that the voices and stories of those they spoke with would be captured and return with them to the United States. The new documentary will premiere in San Francisco on February 3rd and San Rafael on February 10th.

Bay Area Activist Presses Attempted Murder Charges Against Delta Police

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.02.2011 10:11

On January 26th in Athens, Greece, an American anarchist pressed attempted murder charges against Delta and Dias motorcycle police, as well as the relevant commanding officers, for a beating she suffered while demonstrating against the IMF on November 15th, 2010. Meanwhile, over 170 members of the American and European scholarly community, including Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, and Immanuel Wallerstein, have denounced the behavior of the Delta police towards demonstrations and specifically the beating of the American demonstrator, calling the attack on her "nearly fatal".

Protest Planned as Caltrans Prepares to Widen US-101 Thru Richardson Grove

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.02.2011 04:27

Caltrans plans to take down some 54 trees in the Richardson Grove in order to widen and straighten US-101 in southern Humboldt County. Reported to contain the 9th largest tree of all remaining Coast Redwoods, local residents refer to the Richardson Grove as the edge of the "Redwood Curtain." Preservation groups and community members against the project have called for a rally at Caltrans District 1 headquarters in Eureka on Monday, Feb. 7th.

Querella al Departamento de Justicia por agresión a fotoperiodista

Puerto Rico, 01.02.2011 03:06

Asociación de Fotoperiodistas radica querella por agresión de policía

Victory for Community Organizing: Schools 2 and 6 Stay Open

Rochester, 01.02.2011 01:42

Community organizing and protest proved to be successful at last Thursday's school board meeting, where commissioners decided against voting to close Schools 2 and 6. "They didn't even bring that to a vote because they knew it would be voted down. That's a victory for 2 school and 6 school together with parents, students, community, organizing that was put in to push back on that issue." said Mark Friedman of the Community Education Task Force.

Click "more" for an in-depth report with lots of interviews from those present.


Brasil, 31.01.2011 23:22

Ni un segundo de paz en la UPR

Puerto Rico, 31.01.2011 20:16

Ni un segundo de paz en la UPR

Utah Phillips remembered - Feb. 2 in Ashland

Rogue Valley, 31.01.2011 20:16


A concert of the songs of the late Bruce "Utah" Phillips will be presented at the Unitarian Center, 87 4th Street in Ashland, on Wednesday, February 2 at 7:30 pm by four musical artists from and around the state of Utah. The musicians, Duncan Phillips (son of Utah), Kate McLeod, Doug Wintch and Gigi Love, have included Ashland in their West Coast CD release tour.

No condiciones para estudiantes educación especial

Puerto Rico, 31.01.2011 19:36

Educación viola derechos de alumnos especiales

Boston ABC Presents Rikki O at the Lucy Parsons Center

Boston, 31.01.2011 19:27

This Wednesday at 7PM at the Lucy Parsons Center Boston Anarchist Black Cross will present the Rikki O: The Story of Ricky. In the far-flung year 2000, prisons have undergone privatization.

Empresarios se beneficiarían del propuesto Corredor Ecológico

Puerto Rico, 31.01.2011 16:19

Plan para Corredor Ecológico beneficaría empresarios vinculados a Secretario de RN

Egypt: Road to Democracy or Chaos?

DC, 31.01.2011 14:35

Egyptian Embassy, Washington, DC. January 29th, 2011 Those opposed to the rule of Hosni Mubarak are asked about the history of Elections in Egypt and what they think Democracy would look like like. Interviews with Egyptians who dream about Democracy for a country that has never known Democracy. And maybe for a moment - there is hope… Video


CMI Brasil, 31.01.2011 12:41


Argentina, 31.01.2011 07:33

“Cumplimos el sueño del título comunitario”

Nueva convocatoria en Cosquin

Argentina, 31.01.2011 05:20

En Defensa de los bienes comunes y la cultura

1500 Chicago Protesters Rally in Solidarity with Uprising in Egypt

Chicago, 31.01.2011 05:18

Amidst the growing popular uprising in Egypt, solidarity protests have swept the globe, including Chicago. From the newswire: "More than 1,500 people gathered in front of the Egyptian consulate on Chicago's gold coast Saturday afternoon to demand the ouster of the Mubarak dictatorship.

"People came not just from Chicago's Egyptian community, but from community groups and mosques across the region, and from a range of progressive anti-war projects, left-wing political formations and immigrant communities — Chileans, Palestinians, Irish, Polish, Greek and more. When asked how they heard about the protest, they said simply, 'The Internet.'"

Chicago Indymedia coverage: Photos | Video

Additional Coverage: Labor Beat | Democracy Now! coverage | Anger in Egypt - Al Jazeera English

Tea and Tear Gas in Occupied Palestine

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.01.2011 03:17

Dave Id writes: My traveling partner Tangle and I had the privilege of visiting Jerusalem and Palestine in December 2010. We met many kind and courageous people in the West Bank. We witnessed the hardships Palestinians face daily under the Israeli occupation. We saw how the Israeli Defense Forces react to those who dare to stand up, even peacefully, for the rights of their families and fellow villagers. We met Israeli and international solidarity activists willing to risk arrest and injury themselves. And we documented as much as we could during our relatively brief stay in the West Bank.

Denuncia de agresión sexual a estudiantes por la policía

Puerto Rico, 31.01.2011 01:43

Condenan actos de tortura y agresión sexual contra estudiantes

Barrio mocoví de Berisso

Argentina, 31.01.2011 01:38

Nenhum passo para trás

CMI Brasil, 31.01.2011 01:11

Live From the Egyptian Revolution by Sharif Abdel Kouddous

DC, 31.01.2011 01:01

Photo from yesterday's embassy protest in Washington, DC. The message to the U.S. that was over and over repeated by Egypt-Americans in interviews with the news media was simple: Mubarak needs to leave and the U.S. needs to stay out of it. Leave it to the Egyptians to determine their own future and stay out!


Oost-Vlaanderen, 30.01.2011 16:52

Blokkade Deportatiecentrum Merksplas

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