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Fotos de la Marcha del orgullo

Argentina, 21.11.2004 22:27

Cascadians explore Regional Autonomy

Portland, 21.11.2004 19:04

For a long time people have talked about Cascadia rising up and seceeding from the union. Some say we should ask Canada to take us in, others aspire to a life free from governance by someone outside the community.

some have questions:

The broad cross section of people being drawn to this struggle are being drawn because they lack hope. We see the ideal of a socially just state and are drawn to it like moths to a flame. But will our desire to taste liberty get us burned? The democratic party crumbled under the might, and in some measure, burden of corporate facism in america. People are bitter. Actavists that months ago would call the cops if they saw us at a protest, are openly debating insurection.
[ original article ]

Let us secede. Let us recognize that this region is being economically and culturally raped by the rest of the U.S., and put a stop to it. Let us establish a true American nation, one that is not a superpower through military domination but rather a world leader through cooperation and fair trade with the rest of the American nations - Mexico, Canada, and the peoples of Central and South America; and indeed by recognizing the special role and cultural riches the First Peoples of this region still carry. We will still be Americans, but will no longer be part of the failure that is the U.S.A. [ original article ]

[ Things you can do now. ] recent secession articles: [ Seceding and the White Left I building a broad movement for Secession I non-violent strategies I The big quake and the rise of Cascadia I Viva Cascadia! ]

previous articles about cascadia free state: [ 10/02/2004 I 6/27/2004 I 10/28/2003 I 10/08/2003 I 3/27/2002 I 12/15/2001 I 4/23/2001 I 3/25/2001 I 3/4/2001 ]

secession calls countrywide: [ Nevada I Arizona I New England I California I Massachusettes ]

{LIVE} 11/22 debate Naomi Klein vs Nokia a.o.

Netherlands, 21.11.2004 18:43

Videostream from NL: ethical fair trade practices.

Thousands converge to protest SOA

Michigan, 21.11.2004 17:22

Over 12,000 gathered at the Gates of FT Benning home of the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security cooperation (WHISC) Formally known as the School of Americas, to resist U.S. Policy in Latin American and promote human rights.

This is my first year at the action; it is very diverse age and race wise. Not something I'm used to with mass actions. It seems like the majority are religious workers, such as the Catholic worker hospitality network who rented out an apartment close the Ft with free food and resting area. A highlight for me was the Puppetistas, which has members from all over, but was made possible by the hundreds of volunteers who were just here for the action.

Report from SOA Watch

Piquetes e Greve por Tempo Indeterminado no Paraguai

Portugal, 21.11.2004 15:31

Piquetes e Greve por Tempo Indeterminado no Paraguai

Enfrentamientos Masivos contra la APEC

santiago, 21.11.2004 15:29

Enfrentamientos masivos contra la policía en el primer día de la cumbre

Culminó el Congreso de laS LenguaS

Argentina, 21.11.2004 15:15

Culminó el Congreso de laS LenguaS

Report-back from Democracy Is Dying gathering

Portland, 21.11.2004 09:30

Saturday afternoon, November 20, 2004, citizens disgusted with the U.S. election system gathered in downtown Portland to voice this discontent. At Northwest Park and Jefferson, people listened to music and waited for a funeral procession to march up from downtown. When this procession arrived, with painted white faces and a somber tones, a moment of silence was announced by the ringing of a Buddhist gong, whereby the people lined up and deposited previously prepared letters to the Oregonian addressing the lack of coverage of what should be the story of the century, rampant voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement which took place in the recent 2004 national election.

After several people spoke, a few of the organizers as well as some of those who were there in support, the gathering marched down to the Oregonian offices. Here amongst chants voicing their disapproval and outrage at Corporate Media cowardice, the letters were counted before being turned over to the Oregonian. The total was 96 letters.

story + photos >>

AUDIO FILE from event
The 30 minute file contains speakers who addressed the crowd, moderated by Elizebeth Atly of Code Pink Portland. The majority of those speaking were people from the crowd who took advantage of the open mike offered by the organizers. Organizers offered brief remarks also... The voices who spoke at the gathering were eloquent, passionate and disgusted with both the fraudulent election and Corporate Media's refusal to publish accurate and detailed accounts of widespread problems. Many expressed concern that if this is allowed to pass unchallenged, Democracy, as we know it in this country, will die.

story + audio >>

more info: [ Actions Speak, Portland | Black Box Voting | Help America Recount ]

[ Other posts from Jim Lockhart | ]

Revisiting the Tryptophan scare of 1989

Portland, 21.11.2004 09:10

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Maybe it's because Thanksgiving always brings on a lot of talk about turkey, which if eaten (ew) instead of allowed to live, is high in tryptophan. Or maybe it's because of the biotech book I'm reading. Whatever the reason, remember the tryptophan scare? Do you know what caused it? Chances are, you don't.

It was 1989. A mysterious outbreak of a bizarre and deadly disease began quietly enough at first. Doctors named the new disease Eosinophila Myalgia Syndrome (EMS). In some people it seemed like a bad episode of the flu, but in others it became much more severe. It caused paralysis, neurological problems, heart problems, painful muscular aches, headaches, fatigue, memory loss, cognitive defects, swollen, cracked skin, and a host of other nasty symptoms. Dozens of people actually died from it.

It made front page news when the disease was eventually traced to a popular dietary supplement, the amino acid L-Tryptophan. The FDA issued an immediate recall of all the tryptophan in the country, and instituted a ban on the importation of the supplement. Panic erupted, as millions of people had been taking Tryptophan for many years for conditions such as anxiety, depression, PMS, and insomnia. Some people worried that they, too, might get sick. Others feared that the conditions for which they had taken it would return if they could not get more.


[ Other articles by CatWoman ]


Scotland, 21.11.2004 08:56

Protestors picketed Starbucks in Edinburgh and Glasgow city centres on Saturday 20th November. Demonstrators served up free zapatista coffee, proclaiming solidarity with the rebel indigenous movement in Mexico and with New York Starbucks workers in dispute with the coffee giant. Activists from the Industrial Workers of the World, Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group and Glasgow Zapatista Solidarity distributed leaflets and displayed placards exposing Starbucks. Passers-by clustered round the stalls to receive warming cups of zapatista coffee, to get more information, and to sign up for contact lists.

Apuntes ecológicos: Natural y Orgánico

Puerto Rico, 21.11.2004 08:06

A lo Natural

Dear Red State Cousin - Keep Your God Off My Country, Body and Earth

Madison, 21.11.2004 07:46

The following essay is a response to the recent American Presidential election, in which differences in moral values between the liberal "blue states" and conservative "red states" were widely perceived as decisive. I argue below in an imaginary letter to my "red state cousin" that environmental conservation is the ultimate moral issue, and insist that born again christians keep their god off my country, body and Earth.

La toma sigue!!!

Argentina, 21.11.2004 06:55

Sábado 20 de noviembre | 24 días de LUCHA CONTRA LA CONEAU
La toma sigue!!!

Speakers at Saturday Event Call for Perseverance in Securing Justice, Peace

Atlanta, 21.11.2004 05:30

#media_7369;right#A number of activists and performers spoke out against School of the Americas (WHINSEC) throughout the day Saturday, and all returned to the theme of perseverance and solidarity. Despite forecasts of rain, the crowd of thousands explored vendors and literature tables and listened to the speakers and musical guests, including religious leaders such as Rev. Graylan Hagler and Sister Helen Prejean, the writer of Dead Man Walking, and Susan Sarandon, who played her in the movie of the same name. The audience also enjoyed a performance by the Puppetistas, who worked with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIA) in designing the show this year, with the theme “A Better World is Under Construction.” More coverage Puppet Pageant Photos [1,2,3] Bishop Gabino Zavala and others Speak at Rally [Audio]. Torture Survivors Speak Out [Audio]. BTL interview with Kathy Kelly, co-founder of Voices in the Wilderness and SOA Watch prisoner of conscience. Canadian solidarity vigil [Photos] Arizona solidarity protest [Photos]

REC camp

Houston, 21.11.2004 05:28

Radical Encuentro Camp comes to Houston

Bigots clobbered by jubilant horde of Madisonians!

Madison, 21.11.2004 03:45

On Thursday this week, local newspapers and news websites proclaimed Fred Phelps's imminent arrival in Madison. Phelps, a fervently homophobic right-wing "Christian Reverend," is notorious around the country for his sickeningly bigoted web site and for his pickets at various pro-queer (or even vaguely queer-related) events around the country. Phelps and his Kansas-based Westboro Baptist congregation make it their crusade to protest all forms of queer activism in the nation.

Thinkpiece. Discontent in the military

Perth, 21.11.2004 03:22

The Universal Soldier

Thinkpiece. Discontent in the military

Perth, 21.11.2004 03:22

The Universal Soldier

Cobertura APEC.

santiago, 21.11.2004 02:33

Segundo día de la cumbre.

Repudio a Atentado Terrorista

Puerto Rico, 21.11.2004 00:38

Repudio Total a Asesinato Terrorista Contra Fiscal Danilo Anderson

Heroic Fallujah

Arkansas, 20.11.2004 23:01

US imperialism hits a stumbling block in Fallujah and the whole of Iraq in its drive for global hegemony and corporate control.

MasterCard Student IDs Incite Boycott and Walkout

Portland, 20.11.2004 22:36

  • WHO: PSU students, professors, and community leaders
  • WHAT: Class walk-out: Day of Action protests
  • WHEN: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
  • WHERE: PSU South Park Blocks
PSU has signed a contract to change all of its student campus id cards to MasterCards. There is no opt-out, and students are mad. A boycott has been announced, and a rally is planned for this Tuesday (November 23).

"Financial aid is sacred to many of us," said student Sascha Krader, "It's not like the privatization of other campus areas such as food services. It has a profound effect on student life." The decision to sign a contract with Higher One was made without any attempt to involve students in the process, including student representatives and organizations.

Over 2,000 students at Portland State University are organized in a boycott and prepare for a walkout in protest of their new Campus ID Cards. The debit cards, emblazoned with a MasterCard logo, were mailed to students this week from the Connecticut-based "virtual bank" HigherOne. Students aim to have their university's contract with Higher One terminated.

[ read the full article... ]
[ Community Journal I Southern Oregon Univ. Solidarity I Associated Students of PSU I Previous Article: Portland State Outsources Financial Aid ]

Three Local Restaurants Drop Foie Gras

Portland, 20.11.2004 22:35

What a week! Mr. Hurley agreed to take foie gras off his menu Saturday night after activists visited his restaurant every Friday and Saturday night for 3 weekends in a row, Wednesday The Heathman Restaurant agreed to take foie gras off of their menu on National Day of Action Against Force Feeding and now, the owner of Brasserie Montmartre has told me they have removed foie gras from their menu and will not be serving it any longer.

We are 4 for 4 here! This is big! But, there are 4 businesses left that we know of that still sell foie gras. Restaurants are The Blue Hour and Navarre and grocers are City Market NW and The Pasta Works. We just recently sent a video and letter to Navarre and Pasta Works so we feel we need to give them time to review the information before following up with them. We will do that early next week.

We are planning our next strategy and will be in touch very soon. We will not be having any demos this weekend. We feel energized. We are anxious to keep the campaign momentum going.

read more and comment...
[ Eugene Restaurants Serving Foie Gras I I more foie gras articles I AUDIO: 'On The Air' with Matt Rossell of IDA ]

Let's hear it for that other Clinton: The Virtues of Localism

Portland, 20.11.2004 22:04

I was glancing at The Oregonian newspaper headlines recently, and noticed something about the new Clinton Library opening up. At first, I thought they meant Clinton Street here in Southeast Portland. I got excited about the prospect of a new library opening in one of my favorite parts of town.

So what's the significance of this? I got confused from the headline, and quickly figured out they were talking about Bill Clinton, ex-US president, not Clinton Street here in Portland, that nice, mixed business/residential district of pleasant sidewalk cafes, an independent moviehouse and other mom-and-pop businesses, attractive houses and leafy streets. And I smiled to myself.

I smiled because, being a newcomer but having grown quite fond of Portland, I considered it a victory within my own consciousness that I would make such a mistake.

Mel &amp; Floyd, November 19, 2004

Madison, 20.11.2004 21:10

This week's edition of Mel & Floyd features cross-dressing teens; a national lard shortage; John Ashcroft's successor, Torture Boy Gonzales; the Teamsters' pension fund run into the ground by "officials"'; US policy in Iraq: "the beatings will continue until morale improves"; species extinction; and so much more. No monkey news this week, though there is a strange "time warp" and a bit of static towards the beginning of the show. (Sorry for that - the signal clears up shortly, and the show continues uniterrupted.)

Listen to Mel & Floyd from 1:00pm - 2:00pm every Friday on 89.9 FM, Madison's only community radio station, WORT.

Click here for the audio.

Press Conference Kicks Off Annual Weekend Action to Close the SOA/WHINSEC

Atlanta, 20.11.2004 20:31

#media_7339;left#Today in Columbus, Georgia, the annual weekend-long action to close the School of Americas at Fort Benning began with a press conference, music and speakers. Spirits were high among the crowd of thousands gathered the school, renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC) in January 2001, even amidst new heightened security measures bemoaned by long-time participants, who are generally surprised that after more than 10 years of peaceful protests, such measures are considered necessary. For the first time ever, protest participants were greeted by a 10 ft chainlink fence confining them to the road and the Ft. Benning sign shrouded in a tarp. [Photos]. However, the demonstration went on undeterred- an early morning handful surging to thousands by noon- as people arrived from around the world by plane, busload, and even some by foot. All eagerly awaited the puppetista pageant scheduled for the afternoon. [Puppet Prep]

Economic Secession

Madison, 20.11.2004 19:38

How do we resist the corporate empire that has rigged our elections to put its coup leaders into power? Let's vote with our dollars and withdraw from its economy.

Final Report on the International Caravan for Justice in Juarez and Chihuahua City

Portland, 20.11.2004 17:08

As I detailed in my last report, The International Caravan for Justice in Juarez and Chihuahua City reached Juarez on October 31, 2004 to demand justice in the cases of hundreds of murdered young women. This group of activists, teachers, students, researchers, and journalists from around the U.S. and Mexico had finally reached its destination, and we then had 5 days of activities and meetings to attend. It's hard to tell what lasting results would come from these efforts, but there are signs that some positive steps forward may finally be at hand.

previous reports from Caravan: [ Crossing Into Juarez (Nov. 7) | 12th Day of International Caravan for Justice in Juarez and Chihuahua (Oct. 29) | Caravan for Juarez Women Succeeds in Raising Awareness of 400 Murdered (Nov. 1) ]

[ More from Steev | Mexico Solidarity Network ]


Brasil, 20.11.2004 16:12

Consciência Negra, para muito além do dia 20

Cidadão senegalês espancado e detido por PSP

Portugal, 20.11.2004 14:17

Cidadão senegalês espancado e detido por PSP

APEC Gipfel 2004 in Chile

Germany, 20.11.2004 12:10

Dieses Wochenende findet das 12. Gipfeltreffen der Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Santiago, Chile statt. Ein Vortreffen begann bereits vor einer Woche. APEC wurde 1989 gegr�ndet und hat die "Verbesserung der wirtschaftlichen Kooperation in der Pazifik-Region" sowie die Schaffung einer Freihandelszone bis 2010 und bis 2020 f�r die restlichen Mitgliedsstaaten zum Ziel. Zus�tzlich zu Wirtschaftsfragen wird sich dieser Gipfel auch mit der "Bek�mpfung der Korruption und des internationalen Terrors" auseinandersetzen.
Der APEC-Gipfel findet zu einer Zeit statt, in der die innenpolitische Lage in Chile alles andere als ruhig ist. Im Vorfeld des Treffen gab es bereits gewaltt�tige Konfrontationen zwischen Polizei und Demonstraten und in den n�chsten 2 Tagen wird sich dies wom�glich noch verst�rken. Die rund 4.000 f�r den Gipfel abbestellten Polizisten bereiten sich nun auf ein hei�es Wochenende vor. Die gestrige Demonstration, an der sich 50.000 Menschen beteiligten, endete mit schweren Ausschreitungen und brutalen Polizei�bergriffen - besonders auch gegen Journalisten. In der Nacht vom 17.11. explodierten in der N�he einer Bank zwei kleine Sprengs�tze.

Berichterstattung: Indymedia-Chile wuchs in den letzten Wochen und Monaten, so da� es jetzt drei chilenische Lokalseiten gibt: indymedia.santiago| indymedia.valpara�so| indymedia.chilesur. Hinzu kommt
Au�erdem berichtet lahaine.
Berichte bei �ber erste Proteste: 1 | 2 | 3
Berichte bei vom Freitag: APEC Gipfel - Update
Fotos von der gro�en Demonstration und den Zusammenst��en am Freitag: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


'Race-based' paternalism

darwin, 20.11.2004 08:01

First they came for the Aboriginal people...

'Race-based' paternalism

darwin, 20.11.2004 08:01

First they came for the Aboriginal people...


Brasil, 20.11.2004 08:00

Encerrado julgamento de Carajás

Apreensão dos servidores C.M.I.: Governo norte-americano oculta informações

Portugal, 20.11.2004 06:57

Apreensão dos servidores C.M.I.: Governo norte-americano oculta informações

Australian army racism

darwin, 20.11.2004 06:45

A country worth protecting?

Australian army racism

darwin, 20.11.2004 06:45

A country worth protecting?


Brasil, 20.11.2004 03:32

Sem Terra são presos e torturados em Jandaia - Goiás


Brasil, 20.11.2004 00:00

Sin Tierra son aprisionados y torturados en Jandaia - Goiás

Jensen Attacks &quot;Liberal Hawks&quot; @ 1st Unitarian Universalist Church

San Diego, 19.11.2004 23:25

University of Texas media law, ethics and politics professor Robert Jensen called his talk November 18 at the First Unitarian-Universalist Church in Hillcrest “Citizens of the Empire: The Struggle to Reclaim Our Humanity.” But instead of a how-to manual on surviving four more years of the Bush administration, Jensen’s talk was a forceful attack on “liberal hawks” and Americans’ view of their country as morally superior.

another world

Barcelona, 19.11.2004 19:08

The Zapatista Snails: to be in charge obeying

caracoles zapatistasThe Zapatista communities in Chiapas took control of their society and, not without mistakes, they are reinventing it. Facing the repeated denial from those in power recognizing their rights, thousands of indigenous people from Chiapas, without asking for permission,chose their own authorities. The Juntas de Buen Gobierno (meetings of good government), gave themselves their own law and they are administering justice using an old libertarian ideal: the abolition of the professional politician, the rotation of public officials, refusing the idea that says governmental administration only can be run by "experts". Their existence is not an expression of a moral nostalgia, but the living expression of new forms doing politics.

The Zapatista communities, while they continue in resistance, also build their own autonomy every day giving priority to the more basic needs: education, health, co-operatives, justice, protecting the environment, respecting differences. And not only in Chiapas. What is the speed of the dream? so many go to Chiapas to learn about it, slowly and walking across the stones.

+info :: Col·lectiu de Solidaritat amb la Rebel·lió Zapatista (Collective in solidarity with Zapatista Rebellion of Barcelona) + imc-chiapas + >>>un altre mon + >>>llatinoamèrica

un altre mon

Barcelona, 19.11.2004 19:07

Los Caracoles zapatistes: manar obeint

caracoles zapatistasLes comunitats zapatistes de Chiapas han pres el control de la seva societat i, no sense errades, estan reinventant-la. Davant la repetida negativa del poder a reconèixer els seus drets, milers d'indígenes chiapanecos, sense demanar permís, han nomenat noves autoritats. Las Juntas de Buen Gobierno, s'han donat les seves pròpies lleis i estan impartint justícia aplicant un vell ideal libertari: l'abolició dels governants professionals, la rotació dels funcionaris públics i el rebuig a la idea que l'administració governamental només pot recaure en especialistes. La seva existència no és expressió d'una nostàlgia moral, sinó expressió viva d'una nova política.

Les comunitats zapatistes, encara que segueixen en resistència, també construeixen la seva autonomia cada dia donant prioritat a les necessitats més bàsiques: educació, salut, cooperatives, justícia, protegint l'entorn, respectant allò diferent. I no tan sols a Chiapas. ¿Quina és la velocitat del somni?, molt*s anem a Chiapas a aprendre'l a poc a poc i per les pedres

+info :: Col·lectiu de Solidaritat amb la Rebel·lió Zapatista + imc-chiapas + >>>un altre mon + >>>llatinoamèrica

otro mundo

Barcelona, 19.11.2004 19:07

Los Caracoles zapatistas: mandar obedeciendo

caracoles zapatistasLas comunidades zapatistas de Chiapas han tomado el control de su sociedad y, no sin errores, lo están reinventando. Ante la repetida negativa del poder a reconocer sus derechos, miles de indígenas chiapanecos, sin pedir permiso, han nombrado nuevas autoridades. Las Juntas de Buen Gobierno, se han dado sus propias leyes y están impartiendo justicia aplicando un viejo ideal libertario: la abolición de los gobernantes profesionales, la rotación de los funcionarios públicos y el rechazo a la idea de que la administración gubernamental sólo puede recaer en especialistas. Su existencia no es expresión de una nostalgia moral, sino expresión viva de una nueva política.

Las comunidades zapatistas, aunque siguen en resistencia, también construyen su autonomía cada día dando prioridad a las necesidades más básicas: educación, salud, cooperativas, justicia, protegiendo el entorno. Respetando al diferente. Y no solo en Chiapas. ¿Cuál es la velocidad del sueño? Much*s vamos a Chiapas a aprenderlo despacio y por las piedras

+info :: Col·lectiu de Solidaritat amb la Rebelió Zapatista + imc-chiapas + >>>otro mundo + >>>latinoamérica

property especulation and squats (en)

Barcelona, 19.11.2004 19:07

Hortet is evicted, but seed is sowed

The other day, without I without knowing existence of Hortet, I walked in front of it by coincidence. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing: all that beauty between the bland continuous asphalt, cement, bland buildings, shops, cars and more cars,...and mentally ill people. Over the time young people like us will keep appearing, will keep having hope that this world will continue evolving for the better. Forward with the axes

Evictment report + [18.11 19h] Concentration in front of Hortet de Santa Eulàlia

+info :: >>>squating


Colombia, 19.11.2004 17:48

Richard Stallman, Guru del sofgüer libre en Colombia

One Hundred New Pirate Radio Stations

Tennessee, 19.11.2004 16:50

In light of recent actions against Knoxville's First Amendment Radio and other pirate radio stations across the country, it is time for Indymedia activists to challenge the corporate stranglehold on the public airwaves and take it to the air. Pirate radio is a legitimate forum for the expression of community voices. The only reason that corporations have their stranglehold on our voices is because we have not done enough to resist and challenge. Examples like Nashville's Radio Free Nashville LPFM are excellent examples of legal low powered community radio, but the FCC has only given out a limited number of low power radio licenses, so for the vast majority of communities in this country which have no true community voice, pirate radio remains their only real option...

Mayday Street Reports #1 [Sunday 11-14-04]

DC, 19.11.2004 16:28

This is the first of what will be an ongoing [and irregular] series of reports from Mayday DC members as they do Copwatch, homeless outreach, and anti-poverty organizing on DC streets. For more information on participating or supporting it’s street patrols contact: 202-246-7665

Homo Hatred, Rising Intolerance and Why You Should Care: What the Election of 2004 Tells Us

Urbana-Champaign, 19.11.2004 16:04

Enough voters in the 2004 election were more afraid of homosexuals than they were afraid of losing their health insurance, losing their job, losing their social security and losing their son or daughter to war. That’s crazy and frightening. Let's do something about it!

From the Newswire

Perth, 19.11.2004 07:09

Assaulted and Ejected from Parliament - DO NOT DISSENT HERE

From the Newswire

Perth, 19.11.2004 07:09

Assaulted and Ejected from Parliament - DO NOT DISSENT HERE

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