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May Day 2011 for Labor and Immigrant Rights

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.05.2011 08:39

Around the world, workers united on May 1st for International Workers' Day — with marches and rallies. Across Northern California — from Berkeley to San Francisco, from Fresno to Sacramento — thousands of workers and supporters stood up for immigrant and labor rights on May Day 2011. Code Pink and others began an eight-day march from San Francisco to Sacramento to demand a just budget in California.

Muerte de Bin Laden

Puerto Rico, 03.05.2011 06:42

Reflexiones sobre el fallecimiento de Osama Bin Laden

From the Newswire

Perth, 03.05.2011 06:41

Free the Refugees - Curtin Detention Centre

May Day 2011

LA, 03.05.2011 06:36

Grad Students at UC In Struggle for Demcratic Union

Academic workers for a Democratic Union, a grassroots slate of grad student employees, is demanding that all the ballots be counted.

Obama Declares Osama Bin Laden Killed

News of the killing of Osama Bin Laden propelled coverage of May Day into obscurity. However, with political capital regained, Obama may be able to pass liberal reforms.

May Day 2011 - Challenges the President to Take Action on Immigration

This year's May Day turnout was difficult to count, but smaller than last years' due to lack of a bill or law to be passed or protested. The LA Times reported a rift between two coalitions, the gist of which was whether to support Obama's re-election, or to criticize him for not passing immigration reform and withhold votes or vote for a third party. Both positions, slience regarding the President, and a demand for immigration reform now or no re-election, were well represented.

Related events from the Calendar: Locked Out - a story about a labor struggle in the Mojave desert, May 6th - The Power of a General Strike, Celebrate May Day

Photos From May Day 2011

Portland, 03.05.2011 06:35

Photos from May Day march and rally.
Great turn out today for the rally and march in honor of International Workers Day and Immigrant Rights.

Mayday! Mayday! This is May Day

United Kingdom, 03.05.2011 06:34

With future May Days under threat, policing in the build up to this May Day has been particularly pernicious. Operations were mounted against social centres, projects and activists as the MET and other forces engaged in a series of pre-emptive arrests. In London raids took place at the Rat Star Social Centre, Offmarket Social Centre, nearby Petrosiege and The Community Project in Sipson (Grow Heathrow). The Met were also involved in raids on squats in Brighton, and Telepathic Heights in Bristol - where a police raid caused last week’s Battle of Stokes Croft - was evicted, causing further disturbances. Indymedia reported that an arrest was made in Cambridge and one in Edinburgh after groups and individuals were raided in Scotland in relation to March 26.

On the newswires:

Police Raids on social centres and projects: London 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Brighton 1 | 2 | Bristol 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | Fitwatch analysis |
May Day: Event Announcements Glasgow | Brighton 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Bristol | London 1 | 2 | 3 | Reports and Repression: Birmingham | Birmingham photos | Newcastle | Brighton | Leeds | Nottingham photos | Reports from around the world: Spain photos | Ukraine | Russia photos | Berlin photos |
Royal Wedding: Repression 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | Announcements London | Newcastle | Bristol and Bath | Reports London | Oxford | Manchester | Sheffield | Newcastle | Analysis 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

La venganza del cordero atado llegó a La Plata

Argentina, 03.05.2011 06:34

Un cordero de mi estilo

Se dio inicio al juicio por el asesinato de Maldonado

Argentina, 03.05.2011 06:34

"Estos 20 meses son de lucha"

Represión y censura en Berazategui

Argentina, 03.05.2011 06:34

Reprimieron a los "Vecinos Auto Convocados por la Vida" de Berazategui

Photo/Video Essay-May Day 2011 Boston Rally

Boston, 03.05.2011 06:30

About 200 labor and immigrant activists gathered in the Rose Kennedy Greenway Park in Boston to observe May Day 2011.Part of several area May Day protests.

George Mann - Songs of the IWW and Utah Phillips - May 15

Boston, 03.05.2011 06:30

A fundraiser for encuentro 5 sponsored by the Industrial Workers of the World Sunday, May 15 @ 2:00 PM (Utah Phillip's birthday) encuentro 5 33 Harrison Avenue, 5th floor in Chinatown Suggested Admission $5-$12, no one turned away for lack of funds!

Anarchist Potluck and Networking Inferno

Boston, 03.05.2011 06:30

This Tuesday at 7 PM the Lucy Parsons Center will host an evening of great food and conversation about anti-authoritarian organizing. Bring a dish to share and tell us what you're working on these days!

Tim O'Brien RIP

Houston, 03.05.2011 06:30

Tim O'Brien Presente!

Rochester Activists for Animal Rights Invite You to Protest Against Cruelty!

Rochester, 03.05.2011 06:14

The cruelty that occurs on fur farms is beyond comprehension. Every year 30 million animals are raised in captivity only to be killed for their fur. These animals are literally being skinned alive, if not electrocuted, drowned, or beaten to death. Thousands of other animals are captured in the wild using “leg crushing traps”. The animal is literally left there to suffer in pain for days before the hunter comes back to beat the animal to death.

Rochester Activists for Animal Rights (RAAR) seeks to change the prevailing attitudes about animals, and to cultivate compassion for all living beings regardless of species. RAAR strives to raise awareness of and reduce animal exploitation through public education, direct action, and collaboration with other social justice organizations in our community.

RAAR hosts a monthly demonstration against fur seller Held Projansky Furs at 2240 Monroe Ave. on the first Saturday of the month from 1:00PM to 2:30PM. The group meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month, 5:30PM-7PM, at the Flying Squirrel Community Space, located at 285 Clarissa St.

Video: Check out April's anti-fur demonstration!

Additional Information: infurmation | New Animal Rights Group Hatching: RAAR

Seguí la TRANSMISION por la Radio RNMA

Argentina, 01.05.2011 18:21

EN VIVO - 1°de Mayo - Día internacional de los/las Trabajadores/ras

Liverpool Indymedia pauses

United Kingdom, 01.05.2011 07:34

This version of Liverpool Indymedia is on hold because currently there are no people able to commit time and energy to the site administration, maintenance, moderation and editing. Existing articles will continue to be available. You can instead contribute your news articles, photos etc to Northern Indymedia or the new non-regional Indymedia site that will evolve out of the existing Indymedia UK.

Cristina y Macri juntos

Argentina, 01.05.2011 07:34

Día Internacional de los Trabajadores y Trabajadoras

Argentina, 01.05.2011 07:34

La vigencia de una fecha emblemática

Día Internacional de los Trabajadores y Trabajadoras

Argentina, 01.05.2011 07:34

La vigencia de una fecha emblemática


Argentina, 01.05.2011 07:34

Urgente: levantan el corte de la 9 de Julio tras la amenaza de represión


Colombia, 01.05.2011 07:34


Anti-Nuclear Events in Bay Area Mark Chernobyl Disaster

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.05.2011 07:30

Activists in the Bay Area are marking the 25th Anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster with rallies, speakers, street theater, and educational events. Calling the catastrophe in Ukraine "the most significant nuclear reactor failure in the history of nuclear power", anti-nuke enthusiasts say they want the world to remember that April 26, 1986 was the day when one of the reactors at the Chernobyl nuclear power station exploded, killing plant employees instantly and leading to a projected increase in cancer deaths in the hundreds of thousands.


Athens, 01.05.2011 07:30

Εργατική πρωτομαγιά 125 χρόνια μετά

Video antesala Marcha No al Gasoducto

Puerto Rico, 01.05.2011 06:53

Plenazo No al Gasoducto

Save the Frogs rally demands EPA ban Atrazine

DC, 01.05.2011 06:47

The herbicide Atrazine, when used in cornfields, increases the yield by about 1%. On the other hand, enough is applied to frogs by runoff and pollution to turn many male frogs into sterile females, thus reducing their reproductive yield to zero. On April 29, a group known simply as Save the Frogs showed up at the EPA demanding that Atrazine be banned. Video of the Save the Frogs Rally

Boston May Day 2011 at the Rose Kennedy Greenway Park

Boston, 01.05.2011 06:37

Sunday, May 1, 2011 -- 12noon Haymarket T Station Area, corners of Cross and Hanover St.

New Yorkers Against Drones

NYC, 01.05.2011 06:35

Let's hear it for the Hancock 37, arrested on Friday at the National Guard Air Base in Syracuse, during a die-in against the war and the Reaper Drones.

Links below.

May 1 Coalition Calls for Rallies at Foley and Union Squares

NYC, 01.05.2011 06:35

May Day, or international workers day on May 1, is set to see pro-labor and pro-immigrant rallies in New York City. According to the May 1 Coalition, "the Labor Rights, Immigrant Rights, Jobs for All Coalition will once again mount a rally in Foley Square organized by many of the city’s major unions, religious leaders and immigrant rights organizations. In Union Square, the May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights, comprised of many community organizations, immigrant groups and some labor contingents, will assemble at the historic site to hear speakers and follow their rally with a march to Foley Square. Plans call for leaders of both groups to address the combined crowd and end the day together on the Foley Square stage."

You Don't Use A Microscope To Find The Cow That's Left The Barn

Portland, 01.05.2011 06:35

It's time to put the discussion of our national priorities and federal budget on track and that will require some perspective.
Witnessing the drama unfold as to whether the government will shut down or whether Congress will break the current gridlock is like watching clowns at a circus engaged in a water balloon fight.

Michele Bachmann actually said something useful in an interview I watched today on MSNBC. [...]

The Tea Party claims its candidates were charged by those who elected them to cut $100 billion from current fiscal year spending. Somehow that has been reduced to $61 billion and now the debate is where the reductions should be made. Republicans have made it clear they are across the board for cutting anything which is beneficial to middle and working class citizens. I won't bother even going into all of the programs they have demonized over the years and have on their hit list. Everyone already knows.

The point is that in the two weeks Congress has been bickering over the $61 billion, the country has borrowed three times that just to keep afloat. Let me add that in those two weeks $48 billion of that total borrowing was just interest, i. e. debt service on the debt.

Something is seriously wrong here.

Eva Golinger - WikiLeaks Analysis and more - May 6 in Portland - From Caracas to Cascadia

Portland, 01.05.2011 06:34

eva golinger, foreign policy adviser to the venezuelan government
attorney and best-selling author,
comes to portland may 6, discusses wikileaks
(1 min video)

Author and adviser to the Venezuelan government Eva Golinger will stop in Portland on May 6 as part of her US tour. The First Unitarian Church at 1011 SW 13th Ave. will host her appearance, beginning at 7 p.m. She will talk about her gleanings from the 250,000 diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks.

Her discoveries include how the US government financed opposition media in Venezuela and how, for years, the US State Department and aid agencies have tried to develop youth opposition in Cuba and Venezuela to provoke "regime change."

The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee has been the principal organizer for the Golinger's US tour, which will start in New York and wind up in Los Angeles. [...]

Chávez colabora con el linchamiento judicial de luchadores colombianos

Venezuela, 01.05.2011 06:07

A riesgo de que se me trate de agente de la CIA, infiltrado y otras lindezas, creo necesario hablar claro en esta ocasión y decir con toda honestidad lo que pienso respecto a los recientes eventos en Venezuela-Colombia.

Community Groups Demand Justice for the Lennon-Griffin Family; Lennon Livid Over Fannie Mae &quot;Offer&quot;

Rochester, 29.04.2011 07:46

On April 21, 2011 a press conference was held at 9 Ravenwood Ave. announcing that a growing list of community organizations and individuals have joined a new alliance to fight for justice for Catherine Lennon and her family, the Rochester grandmother who was evicted by over 20 Rochester police officers late last month. Mary Adams gave a statement on behalf of the Community Education Task Force and Ryan Acuff gave a statement on behalf of Take Back the Land - Rochester.

On March 28, Rochester police executed the eviction arresting seven people, including a 70 year old neighbor, still in her pajamas. Charges against those arrested are being dropped in exchange for 8 hours of community service.

The coalition is calling for the Lennon-Griffin family to be returned to their home and an end to the practices which provide banks with financial incentives to evict families in foreclosure. In addition, documents will be revealed which point to irregularities, and possible fraud, in the foreclosure process handled by notorious foreclosure mill of Steven J. Baum. The Baum firm is under investigation by the state of New York for fraud.

Video: Justice for the Lennon-Griffin Family Campaign Formed; Lennon Livid Over Fannie Mae "Offer"

Additional Information: 'This Is Not America': SWAT Team Evicts Grandmother, Community Fights Back (Video) | 7 Arrested in Eviction Defense at 9 Ravenwood Ave. | Cathy Lennon is Still in Her House! Nearly 2-Week Old Eviction Blockade Working! The Struggle Continues! | Local Family and Take Back the Land Announce Eviction Defense | "We got sold out; they got bailed out!" Anti-Eviction Rally on S. Goodman Street

Дело &quot;беларуских анархистов&quot; передано в суд. Известно имя судьи

Belarus, 29.04.2011 06:51

Дело, включающее атаку на российское посольство в августе 2010 года и другие эпизоды, ответственность за которые взяли на себя анархисты, будет рассмотрено в суде Заводского района.
Предварительная дата первого судебного заседания – 18 мая.
Дело рассматривает судья Хвойницкая Жанна Анатольевна. Судья выносила приговоры задержанным 19 декабря, но не была включена в список невъездных в ЕС. В 2000 году «приговорила» рабочего МАЗа и профсоюзного активиста Николая Романова к штрафу, эквивалентному его годовой зарплате. Впоследствии судилась с журналистом “Народной воли” Валерием Щукиным, посчитав его статью “330 тыс. рублей штрафа для профсоюзного активиста” порочащей ее честь, достоинство и деловую репутацию.

Следите за обновлениями на сайте Анархического Черного Креста Беларусь

Суд над задержанными активистами проходит сегодня (ОБНОВЛЯЕТСЯ)

Belarus, 29.04.2011 06:51

Суд проходит сегодня в суде Фрунзенского района по адресу ул. Дунина-Мартинкевича 1/2.

16.00 На данный момент все задержанные находятся в РУВД Фрунзенского района и ожидают окончания перерыва судебного заседания. До этого момента суды прошли на тремя участниками антиатомной акции, но приговор пока не вынесен, т.к. материалы дела были отправлены на доработку в милицию.

Напоминаем, что вчера во время акции против строительства АЭС в Островце на ст. м. Пушкинская людьми в черных костюмах были задержаны 12 человек. Среди них 6 граждан Германии (Юлиана Гринец, Андреас Шельхас, Янина Ролик, Гюдэ Хансэн, Ян Хендрик Кроп, Катрин Хайнрих), гражданка Польши Дорота Кубашевска, 5 граждан Беларуси, среди них Егор Яремченко, Елена Витко, Сергей Слюсарь, Игорь Богачек, Александр Бугаев.

Также сегодня у здания суда был задержан неизвестными Игорь Труханович. Его местонахождение до настоящего момента не установлено.

_UPD (23:30 26/04/2011): Сегодня в суде Фрунзенского района, прошли…

3rd Circuit Says Mumia Must Have New Sentencing Trial If Death Sentence Is To Be Reinstated

DC, 29.04.2011 06:42

On April 26, 2011 the US Third Circuit Court upheld earlier rulings from 2001 (by US District Court Judge William Yohn) and 2008 (by the same 3rd Circuit panel of three judges) that 'overturned'* the death sentence and stated that if the DA wants to re-instate the death penalty, then Mumia must first be given a new sentencing phase jury trial where Mumia can present evidence of innocence but the jury can only decide between execution or life in prison without parole. Philly IMC:

Where’s Walmart?

DC, 29.04.2011 06:42

“The wages are pathetic. You cannot raise a family on what Walmart pays,” said Ernestine Bassett, a D.C. resident who has worked at Walmart’s Laurel, Md. store for the past four years. Bassett started out at $9.50 an hour and now earns $10.70 an hour. “That’s how far I’ve come,” she said with irony. LISTEN TO VOICES FROM THE LIVING WAGES, HEALTHY COMMUNITIES RALLY: Audio


Peru, 29.04.2011 06:42


Publicación de libro sobre rebeliones estudiantiles

Puerto Rico, 29.04.2011 06:42

Nuevo libro sobre rebelión estudiantil mundial menciona Huelga UPR

Posible crimen de odio e Camuy

Puerto Rico, 29.04.2011 06:42

Piden investigación a fondo de asesinato en Camuy

Elecciones para Consejo de Estudiantes

Puerto Rico, 29.04.2011 06:42

UPR: Denuncian irregularidades en elecciones de Consejos de Estudiantes de Río Piedras

Aniversario de asesinato de Muñiz Varela

Puerto Rico, 29.04.2011 06:42

Conmemoran el 32ndo aniversario del asesinato de Carlos Muñíz Varela

Logran acuerdos tras Paro en la Vila Mayo

Puerto Rico, 29.04.2011 06:42

Logran acuerdos tras Paro en la Vila Mayo

Palestinian Unity Agreement Reached in Cairo

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.04.2011 06:36

During the past month, Palestinian youth protested to call for internal unity. On April 27th, Hamas and Fatah signed a reconciliation draft agreement with hope to end a four-year internal unrest in the Palestinian Territories. Both parties agreed, under Egyptian supervision, to form a transitional government soon. They have set a date for general elections to take place, however it has not been disclosed yet. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the draft agreement.

Rally Defends ILWU's Right to Close Bay Area Ports

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.04.2011 06:36

Supporters of International Longshore & Warehouse Union, Local 10 (S. F. Bay Area) rallied in downtown San Francisco on April 25th. The ILWU Local 10 had closed the ports of San Francisco and Oakland for twenty-four hours on April 4th, as part of a national day of action for solidarity with workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, and other states. The Pacific Maritime Association has filed a lawsuit against Local 10 for the April 4th closures. The PMA's suit seeks to prevent such future solidarity closures by the union.

WISE Up for Bradley Manning. Call-out for solidarity

United Kingdom, 29.04.2011 06:36

This feature summarises Welsh, Irish, Scottish and English (WISE) solidarity efforts for Bradley Manning to date and is a call-out for anti-war activists and all those who believe in civil liberties and freedom of expression to take up Manning's cause and build a solidarity movement that can't be ignored.

Accused WikiLeaks whistleblower and US army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning has been held for almost a year since being arrested in Iraq after allegedly releasing confidential documents and video footage to WikiLeaks, including the Collateral Murder video, which shows unarmed civilians including two Reuters journalists being killed in an unprovoked US Apache helicopter attack in Iraq. The charges against him now include aiding the enemy which carries a possible death sentence. He was held at Quantico Marine Brig for months under conditions of torture, apparently in a so far failed effort by the US authorities to get him to deliver Julian Assange who could then be extradited to the US. Under such sustained ill treatment, there have been serious concerns for Manning's mental and physical health. Mid-April, after months of public outcry over his torture, he was moved to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas with the authorities claiming improved conditions of detention, since when Barack Obama has seen fit to declare him guilty 1 | 2. Why bother waiting for the show trial?

On the newswires (newest first): Manning, Guantanamo and WikiLeaks | Video address by Gareth Peirce to Bradley Manning public meeting | Catholic Workers blockade Downing Street | Report from Pembrokeshire gig 23 April | Steve Jacobs performing anti-war songs at Bradley Manning gig, London | John McLean performing resistance song at Bradley Manning gig, London | Catholic Workers arrested: Stop the crucifixion of Brad Manning | Report from Bradley Manning event Sun 17 April | Free Bradley Manning! Public Meeting | Free Bradley Manning event, Dublin | Free Bradley Manning Vigil at the GPO, Dublin | International peace activists in Dublin to demand Obama frees Manning | CW M26 Solidarity with Bradley Manning | Solidarity with Bradley Manning, anyone? | Shut Guantanamo - Free Bradley Manning demo | International Day of Action, March 20 | Vigil in Wrexham for Bradley Manning, for Japan, Iraq and Libya | Anti-Nuclear Stall in Wrexham: Free Bradley Manning! | London Solidarity in Day of Action for Bradley Manning | Brad Manning & 'Route Irish' | Free Bradley Manning! US Embassy Protest | Callout 4 Solidarity for Bradley Manning | The Torture of Bradley Manning | Death Penalty for Bradley Manning, the Alleged WikiLeaks Whistleblower? | Bradley Manning: 22 new charges | Beyond the Vote: Call for Manning to be granted Irish citizenship | Assange hearing resumes Friday; Manning remains buried alive | Feb 5: Free Manning! Free Assange! End the War!" | London student demo: Want an education? Free Manning and Assange! | Gulf War anniversary and Bradley Manning | David Rovics: Song for Bradley Manning | Support Assange? Support Manning too! | Bradley Manning's Health is Declining | Support Bradley Manning
Elsewhere: WISE Up for Bradley Manning | UK Friends of Bradley Manning | Bradley Manning Cymru | Bradley Manning: The Welsh Connection | Bradley Manning: Welsh Solidarity? | Courage to Resist | Bradley Manning Support Network.
Local email lists: Low traffic announce-only WISE Up for Bradley Manning list | Sometimes busy WISE Up for Bradley Manning Discussion and Networking list

The Attempt to Shutdown UK Indymedia

United Kingdom, 29.04.2011 06:36

Some people involved with UK Indymedia have been talking about shutting down the UK IMC site for years [1], for a variety of reasons; an openly declared disillusionment with the original model of open publishing and wanting to move to pre-moderated newswires which don't allow comments on articles [2], a dislike of the political content that is carried on the UK site [3]; a desire to see the traffic, which the UK site gets, redirected to regional IMC sites [4] and perhaps other motivations. Those wanting the site shutdown have also blocked improvements being made to the UK Indymedia site [5].

However the activists who have been maintaining the UK IMC site are still committed to running a UK-wide Indymedia open newswire and are not prepared to see the UK Indymedia site shutdown. They believe that the UK Indymedia newswire provides a valuable service for articles and comments and it should be maintained. These activists are also committed to running UK Indymedia in a transparent and open manner and in the spirit of the initial Independent Media Centre. Prior to the UK Indymedia Network meeting in Bradford in December 2010 this group of IMC UK admins applied to the global New IMC process as an autonomous collective with a wish to continue running the UK Indymedia site. Clearly the UK Indymedia site isn't a New IMC, it's been going for a decade (the early IMC UK story is covered in the BeTheMedia article about the impending shutdown), the application was made to make it clear that there was a group of activists who were running and wanted to continue running, the IMC UK site, but with autonomy from the activists running the other Indymedia sites in the UK. The activists running the other Indymedia sites in the UK wanted to take the domain away from the UK Indymedia site and point it to the BeTheMedia site (at the time it was, it has subsequently been renamed).


Argentina, 29.04.2011 06:36

Una lucha que se hizo audible / Radio de la Asamblea El Algorrobo


Argentina, 29.04.2011 06:36

Una lucha que se hizo audible / Radio de la Asamblea El Algorrobo

Protesta en Francia por nombramiento de Álvaro Uribe Vélez

Colombia, 29.04.2011 06:36

Protesta en Francia por nombramiento de Álvaro Uribe Vélez

May Day 2011

LA, 29.04.2011 06:32

For 2011, the May Day march for immigrant workers rights returns to Broadway in Downtown L.A. This annual demonstration of support for immigrant workers, and for all workers, has been happening since 2000. In 2006, after years of growth, an estimated half-million people marched on "A Day Without an Immigrant" - a boycott to demonstrate the impact of immigrants on the local economy. This was the largest political demonstration in Los Angeles (and perhaps American) history.

In 2007, the annual march was fractured, with different marches happening in different areas. The later march, which was supposed to be the moderate march, ended at Macarthur Park, and turned into a police riot where out-of-control police brutalized the marchers.

In 2010, with the hope of a path to legalization for students and youth drying up, and in response to Arizona's draconian racist law SB 1070, tens of thousands of people mobilized to protest the criminalization of undocumented immigrants. Obama promised a path to citizenship, but delivered on desktop deportations.

In 2011, we've experienced the rightward shift of politics, and a leftward response. Not only are immigrants being scapegoated for the terrible economy, but the attacks have extended to public sector workers and labor unions. California schools are being threatened with severe cuts to funding, and tuition at state colleges are rising. And around the world, millions are marching to protest the ongoing "austerity" of budget cuts, raised fees, privatization, and attacks on immigrants. The rich are getting their tax cuts, but the poor and middle class are just getting cut.

People are suffering and angry. We're going to take to the streets to make our point -- the economy is not working for us. We refuse to scapegoat immigrants. We're sick of these racist wars. We're getting evicted and foreclosed. And we see through the bullshit, flim-flam of divisive bigotry, hatred and poverty that the capitalist class is pulling on us. Enough already. Ya Basta!

The march is at Olympic and Broadway at 10:00AM this Sunday. There will be numerous contingents representing all communities: immigrants, progressives, radicals, LGBT, labor unions, Democrats, unemployed, teachers, students, enviros, and everyone who supports the idea of respect for the people. Take your signs and banners!

Newswire stories about May Day: 2 May Day Marches by the Southern California Immigration Coalition, May Day 2011 Call to Action! by Immigrant Solidarity Network, The History of May day, Made in the USA by janus.

If you take photos or write articles, or even video the event, please post them here. Every reader is a reporter.

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