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Congressman Greg Walden Suffers &quot;Foreclosure&quot;

Rogue Valley, 10.05.2011 04:23

Several dozen activists from throughout the state converged on Bend, OR on Saturday, May 7, 2011 to deliver a "Notice of Foreclosure" to 2nd District US Congressman Greg Walden.

Challenges Ahead: Brizard’s departure to Chicago

Rochester, 09.05.2011 22:53

On Monday, April 18, 2011, after a week-long absence during parent budget hearings on education, Jean-Claude Brizard surfaced in Chicago with mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel who stated that Brizard would be the next CEO of Chicago Public Schools, and conversely, Brizard announced his resignation as superintendent of the Rochester City School District (allegedly via text message).

On Wednesday, April 20, Brizard delivered a press conference for his exit from Rochester to Chicago. Members of the Community Education Task Force and Coalition for Justice in Education, an allied organization, rallied parents, teachers and community to another press conference that was organized two floors down from Brizard’s event at central office. In their press conference, they called for a meaningful parent, community, and educator role in the selection of RCSD’s next Superintendent. See the video reports below and check out "Challenges Ahead: Brizard’s departure to Chicago"—the article that this article was created from by Mark Friedman at Failing Schools blog.

Videos: About Brizard: A message from Rochester to Chicago (updated) | Press Conferences by Coalition for Justice in Education and Jean-Claude Brizard on Brizard's Departure from the RCSD

Additional Information: Community Education Task Force | GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR EDUCATIONAL CHANGE (current draft) | Students and Community Protest Proposed School Budget | Education Summit Audio Reportback: Part 3 The Other Side | Education Summit Audio Reportback: Part 2 Problems | Education Summit Audio Reportback (part 1) | Community-wide Education Summit To Promote Fundamental Change | 94.6% No Confidence and the Following Storm | Victory for Community Organizing: Schools 2 and 6 Stay Open | Community Organizes Protest, Study Sessions, around the State of our Schools | Rochester Schools: The No Confidence Vote | Education filter on R-IMC

Moratorium Demanded on Home Foreclosures

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.05.2011 21:47

Hundreds of community members, workers, and even some shareholders, disrupted the Annual Shareholders Meeting of Wells Fargo, held in San Francisco on May 3rd, 2011. The protesters demanded "an immediate foreclosure moratorium." They marched from the Embarcadero to the Merchants Exchange Building where Wells Fargo was holding it's Annual Shareholder Meeting. The proceedings of the meeting were delayed and disrupted for about an hour by protesting shareholders while others rallied outside.

Propuesta de la Cámara de Comercio destruye derechos adquiridos

Puerto Rico, 09.05.2011 19:44

Rechazan atraco a la clase trabajadora

Denuncian discrimen por orientación sexual en la UPR

Puerto Rico, 09.05.2011 19:44

Denuncian discrimen por orientación sexual en la UPR

Marcha Silenciosa grita por Justiça e Dignidade!

CMI Brasil, 09.05.2011 13:28


Autonomy for the UK

United Kingdom, 09.05.2011 12:27

On 1st May 2011 the UK Indymedia Network forked into two autonomous projects, running two different websites, UK Indymedia and Be The Media. Also, a snapshot of the UK Indymedia site as it existed on the date of the the fork was created as an archive.

There was a consensus in the UK Indymedia Network that the project needed to fork, so that Indymedia members with different views could all work on developments they were happy with rather than come into constant conflict. An agreement was made in December to implement the fork on May 1st but the agreement broke down at the eleventh hour. Mayday believed that part of the agreement was that their collective was to have globally recognised Independent Media Centre status at the time of the fork. Be The Media had interpreted this differently and did not see it this way. The consensus that had been thrashed some 4 months before had now snapped and activists, being activists, took action. Be The Media started implementing the changes to the site shortly after midnight on May 1st. Mayday saw what was happening, considered the blocks to have been ignored [1] and felt that if this proceeded it would have in effect shut down the UK Newswire. After several hours of discussion and consideration they agreed they couldn't let it proceed like this and so, in the early hours of May 1st, sleepless techies migrated the entire web site to a new server, thus effecting the fork on the agreed date but not in the way originally planned.

Articles: What's up with UK Indymedia? | Ode to IMC UK: keep it going.... | Britain's Left Defeats Itself Again | IMC UK Shut Down #IMCUKshutdown

Features: The 1st May 2011 UK Indymedia Network Fork | Big changes are coming to Indymedia UK | The Attempt to Shutdown UK Indymedia

Elsewhere: SchNEWS: Indymedia: From the Rubble of Double Trouble

Dublin City Council Censorship

Ireland, 09.05.2011 09:28

In a blatant and outrageous act of political censo ...

Representantes de comunidad LGBT rechazan nuevo Código Penal

Puerto Rico, 08.05.2011 23:25

Rechazan nuevo Código Penal

Y todo esto en 15 días

Argentina, 08.05.2011 23:17

Sintesis de noticias

Indymedia Uncut: Bill Ayers speaks at SUNY Brockport

Rochester, 08.05.2011 22:58

Bill Ayers, education theorist and a founding member of the Weather Underground, Spoke at SUNY Brockport on April 21st, 2011. The scheduled talk sparked some controversy when some conservative groups on and off Campus complained about his visit. The friction lead to a large turnout and a lively discussion.
Video of the talk available Here:
Bill Ayers Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Posible cierre de recinto de Carolina - UPR

Puerto Rico, 08.05.2011 17:40

Consejo de Estudiantes se expresa sobre posible cierre UPR Carolina

UPR: Informe Comité Especial de Presupuesto

Puerto Rico, 08.05.2011 17:40

HEEND se expresa ante informe Comité Especial de Presupuesto del Recinto de RP

En estado de alerta las comunidades LGBT

Puerto Rico, 08.05.2011 16:58

En estado de alerta las comunidades LGBT

Alleycat Race Raises Money for Celiac Disease Foundation

Boston, 08.05.2011 14:21

Local cyclists took part in the Poker Face alleycat race Friday night to raise money for the Celiac Disease Foundation. Celiac disease is a chronic disease which damages the intestines and afflicts 2 million people nationwide.

Join the continuous protests against Shell

Ireland, 07.05.2011 19:43

Come to Mayo! We are taking continuous action to f ...

Hotel Frank Employees and Allies Unite to Fight for Workers' Rights

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.05.2011 19:01

Auctioned off in a foreclosure sale one year ago, San Francisco's Hotel Frank in Union Square is now being run by anti-union hotel management company Provenance Hotels. Provenance has not honored the existing union contract; amongst other things it does not to contribute to workers' medical care and pensions. The hotel is under boycott and workers are picketing the hotel regularly on Wednesdays from 3:00 to 5:30pm and Fridays from 1:00 to 5:30pm.

Fourth Park Slope Establishment Switching Hummus Brands

NYC, 07.05.2011 15:17

Gourmet Food Mart is the fourth Park Slope food retailer to respect workers' rights in their supply chain. Beginning later this week the 11th St. deli will stop carrying Flaum Appetizing's Sonny & Joe's hummus due to egregious labor law violations at their East Williamsburg facility. Flaum's owner, Moshe Grunhut, illegally fired seventeen of their Latino workers en masse after the employees stood up against over a decade of unlawfully withheld overtime pay, denial of benefits, and abusive treatment from management.

Powerful Unity Shown for Workers and Immigrant Rights During May 1st Actions

NYC, 07.05.2011 15:17

After a year of attacks to erode public employee union and immigrant rights, unity was forged for the most profound May 1st marches and rallies seen in recent years. Calls for the right to organize for every worker for good jobs, a legalization program for all immigrants, and an end to the continued marginalization of African-American workers found common cause among a diverse array of workers.

Troy Davis Execution Date Expected Anytime --An interview with Laura Moye of Amnesty International

United States, 07.05.2011 02:29

Laura Moye is director of the Amnesty International USA Death Penalty Abolition Campaign. In this interview, Moye talks about 42-year-old Troy Davis, an African American who has been on death row in Georgia for over 19 years—having already faced three execution dates. The continued railroading of Davis has sparked outrage around the world, and public pressure during the last few years of Davis’ appeals has been essential to his survival today.

However, on March 28, 2011, the US Supreme Court’s rejected his appeal against a federal district court’s ruling that Davis did not prove his innocence in an evidentiary hearing held last year.

read more

Movimento dos Conselhos Populares ocupa secretaria em Fortaleza

CMI Brasil, 06.05.2011 15:25

Rádio Santa Marta é fechada!

CMI Brasil, 06.05.2011 15:25


Rogue Valley, 06.05.2011 14:18

BEND, OR: On Saturday, May 7th rural Oregonians from across the state, led by the Rural Organizing Project (ROP), will serve Congressman Greg Walden a “Notice of Foreclosure” at his office in Bend.

Central Point resident Nancie Koerber said, “I lost my small business and my house is in foreclosure. My neighbors are struggling, yet Congressman Walden prioritizes tax cuts for the wealthy over economic security for small towns. When I tried to meet with him about the foreclosure crisis his office said it wasn’t a problem in his district.”

Saturday, May 7th, 1pm * NW Wall St & NW Louisiana Ave Bend, OR

Mt Pleasant remembers uprising on 20th anniversary

DC, 06.05.2011 13:34

Cinco De Mayo or May 5, 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of the uprising in Mt Pleasant.The battle began when a cop shot an unarmed Salvadoran man for drinking in public-after first putting him in handcuffs!

Wyrok dla zabójców Markiełowa i Barburowej

Poland, 06.05.2011 11:27

Dziś moskiewski sąd wydał wyrok w sprawie dwójki neonazistów oskarżonych o zamordowanie w Moskwie, w styczniu 2009 roku działaczy anarchistycznych: adwokata Stanisława Markiełowa i dziennikarki niezależnej "Nowej Gaziety" Anastazji Baburowej. Zabójca Markielowa i Barburowej, Nikita Tichonow został skazany na dożywocie, jego wspólniczka i partnerka, Jewgienia Chasis na 18 lat pozbawienia wolności za współudział w morderstwie. Prokurator żądał dla nich odpowiednio kary dożywotniego pozbawienia wolności i 20 lat łagru. Rodzice Nastii domagali się też od zabójców 5 mln rubli odszkodowania za straty moralne; pieniądze te chcieli przeznaczyć na utworzenie funduszu pomocowego dla studentów wydziału dziennikarstwa. Sąd nakazał Tichonowowi zapłatę 2 mln rubli rekompensaty za straty moralne rodzinom zamordowanych oraz zasądził oskarżonym kwotę 40 tys. rubli na pokrycie kosztów sądowych.

Sitio Caido

Argentina, 06.05.2011 01:15

Compañeras, compañeros, lectores y lectoras de Indymedia Argentina

Anti-Drone Demonstration Draws Hundreds; 37 Arrested for Civil Disobedience

Rochester, 06.05.2011 00:55

On April 22, 2011, hundreds of people from around New York State and beyond, demonstrated against the use of Reaper drones—demanding that the drones be grounded and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan be ended—in front of the Hancock Air National Guard Base in Syracuse, NY. Pilots at the base remotely control Reaper drones that fly missions of surveillance and death over Afghanistan. Thirty-seven people were arrested for blocking the entrance to the base after being told to move by sheriffs. Demonstrators were charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing governmental administration.

Kathy Kelly, Brian Terrell, Elliott Adams, and Ann Wright spoke out against the use of drones; they were also arrested. In addition, 91 year-old Jerry Berrigan, brother of peace activists Dan Berrigan and the late Phil Berrigan was also arrested.

This demonstration was the culmination of anti-war and anti-drone activity occurring throughout the week of April 16-22.

Over that same weekend, "the main supply route for NATO troops in Afghanistan was temporarily closed on Sunday after thousands of people blocked a key highway in Pakistan to protest against U.S. drone strikes," according to Reuters.

Video: Fiction as Reality: Two Perspectives, Two Drones, One Demonstration, and 37 Bodies

Additional Information: Syracuse Peace Council | Rochester Against War | Upstate NY Coalition to Ground the Drones & End the Wars | Iraq Veterans Against the War | Military Families Speak Out | Jeremy Scahill speaks on the privatization of war | RIT Panel Discusses Drone Weapons | Rochester Activists Rally Against FBI Harassment | RIMC Stands in solidarity With Assange and Wikileaks | Panelists Discuss Antiwar Movement Then and Now

Houston Anarchist Bookfair

Houston, 05.05.2011 16:40

Houston Has It's First Anarchist Book Fair


Argentina, 05.05.2011 14:33


Athens, 05.05.2011 12:27

Ένας χρόνος οικονομική κατοχή


Argentina, 05.05.2011 10:58

Entre la intolerancia religiosa y la violación a la ley

Eugene Food not Bombs 5/6/ Kesey square

Portland, 05.05.2011 10:52

Eugene food not bombs will be serving food at Kesey square (intersection of Broadway and Willamette st) at 2:00 p.m on Friday, May 6th. We plan to do this weekly. We could really use some help getting donations/dumpstering, etc. Our first event may be small, but we are committed to getting the ball rolling and having this on a consistent basis.

Contact us for organizing information or general questions. See you out there!

May Day 2011: Perspectives &amp; Reportbacks

United States, 05.05.2011 08:26

Around the world, workers united on May 1st for International Workers' Day — with marches and rallies.

In Los Angeles, CA, the LA Times reported a rift between two coalitions, the gist of which was whether to support Obama's re-election, or to criticize him for not passing immigration reform and withhold votes or vote for a third party. Both positions were well represented. Who were not present were the large number of immigrants who in the past had been mobilized by morning radio DJs. Read More: May Day 2011! Back on Broadway! | May Day 2011 Challenges the President to Take Action on Immigration

In New York City, a coalition Held rallies at Foley and Union Squares.

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Boston, MA: March & Rally | Upper Crust Targeted for Exploiting Workers

San Antonia, TX

Northern California, thousands marched in San Francisco, Fresno and Sacramento. Code Pink and others also began an eight-day “Strike May 2011" march to Sacramento to demand a just budget in California. They are scheduled to end on the Capital steps on Mother's Day, May 8th.

Köln: „Marsch der Freiheit“ und Gegenaktionen

Germany, 05.05.2011 05:34

Die selbsternannte Bürgerbewegung pro Köln sowie deren landesweites Pendant pro NRW rufen für den 7. Mai 2011 in Köln unter dem Motto „Marsch der Freiheit“ zu einer „internationalen Großdemonstration“ auf. Gemeinsam mit anderen extrem rechten Parteien und Gruppierungen, allen voran der österreichischen FPÖ und dem belgischen Vlaams Belang, soll ein Zeichen „für mehr Demokratie und Meinungsfreiheit und gegen ausufernde political correctness, die Islamisierung und Überfremdung Europas“ gesetzt werden. Getreu dem Motto „ Aller guten Dinge sind drei“ wollen die Kölschen Rassist_innen ein weiteres Mal ihre erbärmliche Propaganda auf die Straße tragen. Nachdem die beiden „Antiislamisierungskongresse“ 2008 und 2009 an massivem antifaschistischen Widerstand kläglich gescheitert sind, versucht sich die Bagage nun an einer Demonstration. Auch dieser gegenüber regt sich nun auf breiter Ebene antifaschistischer Widerstand.

Transmision Especial en solidaridad con la comunidad Mapuche José Manuel Pichún

Argentina, 05.05.2011 05:32

Murales en la UPR-RP

Puerto Rico, 05.05.2011 04:14

UPR: Cuando los pueblos callan, las paredes gritan

Agenda Mayo 2011

Argentina, 04.05.2011 23:02

Atomlobby treffen: Atomforum blockieren!

Germany, 04.05.2011 22:20

Zwei Monate nach Beginn der Reaktor-Katastrophe von Fukushima trifft sich die Atomlobby zu ihrer „Jahrestagung Kerntechnik" im bcc in Berlin-Mitte. Das Programm der Tagung ist, gerade angesichts der Geschehnisse in Japan, zynisch und menschenverachtend.
Ein breites Bündnis ruft zu verschiedenen Protestaktionen rund um die Propaganda-Veranstaltung der Atomlobby auf. Geplant sind eine Demonstration, Mahnwachen und Blockade-Aktionen. Außerdem wird auf dem Alexanderplatz ein Widerstands-Camp errichtet.

Weitere Infos: | Twitter

Entre la violación a la ley y la intolerancia religiosa

Argentina, 04.05.2011 21:35

Chicago Marks 125th Anniversary of Haymarket

Chicago, 04.05.2011 21:33

In early May 1886, Chicago workers demonstrated for an eight-hour workday. One demonstration on May 3, 1886, in solidarity with workers who had been locked outside of the McCormick Reaper Plant while strikebreakers worked inside, led to police opening fire and killing some workers.

To protest those McCormick killings, two thousand workers came to Haymarket Square in the West Loop (Randolph and Des Plaines) to an event which Chicago Mayor Carter Harrison permitted and even attended. As the rally came to an end, Mayor Harrison ordered the police to disperse, yet some 180 police entered the square and began attacking attendees.

At that point, someone threw a bomb at the police. The explosion resulted in a number of deaths; wild gunfire by police killed workers and as many as six police officers. But the bomb galvanized a campaign against organized labor and political radicals. Eight labor organizers were charged with conspiracy and found guilty, even though only one of the eight even attended the rally that night.

A massive international cause célèbre rallied on behalf of the Haymarket Eight. Four of the eight were hanged in 1887, a fifth died in prison, and the remaining three were pardoned by Illinois Governor John Peter Altgeld in a move considered to be Altgeld's swansong in politics.

125 years after that fateful night, the consequences of Haymarket still reverberate. May Day has been celebrated internationally (except in the United States) as a workers' holiday, generations of radicals drew inspiration of Haymarket for their own activism (the logo for Chicago Indymedia recalls this history), and the eight-hour workday was ultimately won. But efforts to improve the lot of poor and workers face constant assault and threats of rollback; the struggles fought in 1886 echo those fought in 2011. But the struggle continues, as it always does.

The city of Chicago did place a memorial to Haymarket which was unveiled on a nondescript Tuesday in September 2004 to comparatively little fanfare. But Chicago citizens and activists have organized memorials and commemorations of the quasquicentennial (125th anniversary) of Haymarket, including a full-scale historical re-enactment at Haymarket Square

Read more: Mayday and the Haymarket Martyrs

Chicago Marches for Justice on Mayday 2011

Chicago, 04.05.2011 19:23

From the newswire: "More than 1,500 people marched from Union Park to Pilsen on Sunday afternoon [May 1st] to mark International Workers Day. The march was organized and led by people from Pilsen, including many young people who are fighting for the rights of their immigrant families and neighbors — just as the original movement that the Haymarket activists helped create 125 years ago struggled for the rights of immigrant workers and their communities. The call of the day? The people are the movement — and the movement wants justice, dignity, economic and social equity, and the freedom to live unmolested by state, economic or social oppression." Read more / See Photos

Additional Resources: Chicago, Still a Labor Town

Upper Crust Targeted for Exploiting Workers

Boston, 04.05.2011 14:44

Asppro repudia a Figueroa Sancha

Puerto Rico, 04.05.2011 12:38

Asppro reitera Figueroa Sancha no tiene temple de Superintendente

An Abundance of Values Mired in Corporatization; A Look at the Living Wage Plan

Rochester, 04.05.2011 05:45

Michael Bakunin, the 19th century anarchist, identified what he called cooperation—associations for consumption, credit, and production—as distinguished by two opposing currents—one bourgeois and the other socialist.[1] He defines bourgeois cooperation as, “the … practice of exploiting labor through capital.” Of socialist cooperation, he writes, “…we know that [cooperation] will prosper, developing itself fully and freely, embracing all human industry, only when it is based on equality, when all capital and every instrument of labor, including the soil, belong to the people by right of collective property.” It's a centuries-old battle: collectivize or privatize. When one considers how Abundance “Cooperative” Market is operated, Bakunin's words seem apropos. Read the full article by clicking this link.

Additional Information: The Scarcity of Abundance: Living Wage Campaign Started at Local, Cooperative Grocery Store

La Consulta Previa a las Comunidades no es una opción, es una obligación

Colombia, 04.05.2011 04:38

La Consulta Previa a las Comunidades no es una opción, es una obligación

Protesta en los tribunales de Córdoba

Argentina, 04.05.2011 01:45

El TSJ trataria el pedido de incostitucionalidad de la Ley contra la mineria

Cuando los intereses empresariales son más importantes que la vida

Argentina, 03.05.2011 23:28

Subestación en Berazategui: Día de represión y censura

Wobbly Free Speech for &quot;First Friday&quot; May 6 in Ashland, Oregon

Rogue Valley, 03.05.2011 16:25




"Wobbly" is the nickname for a member of the labor union known as the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Founded in 1905, the IWW rose to distinction during the progressive era at the early part of the 20th century.

May's First Friday Artwalk will be special for 2011. This May 6th First Friday there will be an extraordinary display of Mary Perry Stone's protest artwork while at the same time the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) will occupy Ashland's downtown plaza to focus on the campaign for a Wobbly Free Speech Monument.

ACAMPAMENTO TERRA LIVRE 2011: Maior mobilização Indígena do Brasil retorna à capital federal

CMI Brasil, 03.05.2011 15:48


Austriaccy aktywiści uniewinnieni!

Poland, 03.05.2011 14:49

Proces ws. $278a zakończył się dziś oczyszczeniem oskarżonych z wszystkich zarzutów. Po prawie 100-dniowym procesie z ogromnej masy zarzutów postawionych przez Soko (specjalny oddział policji zajmujący się tą sprawą) i prokuratury nie pozostało nic.

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