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Red and Black Communique - June 2011

Portland, 04.06.2011 19:51

Want to know what's going on at the Red and Black Cafe for the entire month of June? Check out our calendar of events! We've just updated our website with all the events for the month. The printed version of the Red and Black Communique will be available starting on June 2nd. Look for it at the cafe and in other spaces around town!

You can see the calendar online here:

In solidarity, Red and Black Cafe

Video: Portland Commemorates Memorial Day 2011

Portland, 04.06.2011 19:51

Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72 commemorates Memorial Day 2011 with a ceremony at the Memorial Coliseum Korean War Wall and then marches to the Peace Memorial Park for a closing ceremony.

This is the sixth year that Veterans for Peace has been providing an alternative, peace oriented way to commemorate Memorial Day and honor those who have given their lives for their country.

Memorial Day 2011

Are we living in a Post-Legal America?

Portland, 04.06.2011 19:51

It appears the law no longer applies to those who deem themselves above it ... Tom Engelhart makes a good case that we are currently living in a country where questions of legality are no longer relevant to the power elite in his article "Dumb Question of the Twenty-first Century: Is It Legal?"

I recently came across the best explanation I've seen about how law gets corrupted: "Politics is the art of telling people what they want to hear and then doing what's expedient, according to the dictates of power and money. Eventually, the law no longer operates according to its tenets and the only place it applies is to the living conditions of those too poor to afford lawyers, at the whim of those who can." -- Source: Les Visible

We all know we have a two-tiered system of law here in the United States: one for people with money and one for people that don't. But now there seems to be a third category: the "Shadow Government" that's really running the show. The law, it seems, doesn't apply to them at all. But they've forgotten something. Something we the people better not forget because it protects us all:

Seminario de Experiencias de Comunicación Poular

Argentina, 04.06.2011 19:11

Transmisión en vivo charla sobre radios mineras en Bolivia


Argentina, 04.06.2011 17:18

Abogado que reivindica a los genocidas militares defiende los intereses de EIDICO

Игорь Олиневич переведен на Володарку

Belarus, 04.06.2011 16:55

На днях Игоря Олиневича, осужденного на 8 лет колонии усиленного режима, перевели из СИЗО КГБ, где он провел более 6 месяцев, в СИЗО-1 г.Минска. Там он будет ожидать этапа на колонию.

Также уточняем, что Николай Дедок получил 4.5 года общего режима, а не усиленного, как было зачитано судьей во время приговора.

Письма солидарности ребятам, а также Александру Францкевичу можно писать по адресу:

220050, г. Минск, ул. Володарского, 2 СИЗО-1

Игорь Олиневич переведен на Володарку

Belarus, 04.06.2011 13:54

На днях Игоря Олиневича, осужденного на 8 лет колонии усиленного режима, перевели из СИЗО КГБ, где он провел более 6 месяцев, в СИЗО-1 г.Минска. Там он будет ожидать этапа на колонию.

Также уточняем, что Николай Дедок получил 4.5 года общего режима, а не усиленного, как было зачитано судьей во время приговора.

Письма солидарности ребятам, а также Александру Францкевичу можно писать по адресу:

220050, г. Минск, ул. Володарского, 2 СИЗО-1

Toruń: masa krytyczna sobota 20 marca 2010r. 15.00g

Torun, 03.06.2011 23:54

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Colombia, 03.06.2011 23:05

Three Arrested Protesting at Whole Foods Meeting

Boston, 03.06.2011 23:00

A meeting in Jamaica Plain between representatives of Whole Foods and Jamaica Plain residents ended in chaos yesterday. Boston Police shut down the meeting early after arresting three people for displaying banners.

Protest works-victory over proposed closing of homeless shelters

DC, 03.06.2011 21:21

DC Council Chair Kwame Brown hoped to substitute closure of homeless shelters and assistance for the poor to prevent tax increases for the rich. Twice homeless folks and advocates for the poor swarmed the DC Council, and he had to give up on closing the shelters for now.


Argentina, 03.06.2011 21:15

Movilización de trabajadores autogestionados

La responsabilidad de los civiles cómplices del terrorismo de Estado

Argentina, 03.06.2011 18:49

“La consigna es el juicio a los beneficiarios del genocidio”

La responsabilidad de los civiles cómplices del terrorismo de Estado

Argentina, 03.06.2011 18:49

“La consigna es el juicio a los beneficiarios del genocidio”

Nuevo presupuesto de la UPR

Puerto Rico, 03.06.2011 17:35

Demandan un Presupuesto que atienda las necesidades reales de la UPR

Charter Schools Reportback

Rochester, 03.06.2011 14:30

watch video

On Thursday, May 26th, the Parent and Community Coalition for Educational Change and School Without Walls Community Board held a public forum on Charter Schools. Interestingly, that same day a public hearing on two specific charter schools was held at the Rochester City School Board Central Office.

Consiguieron mantener un subsidio que querían quitarles, pero exigen que se aumente de 600 a 1200 pesos

Argentina, 03.06.2011 05:01

Movilización por políticas que defiendan la autogestión

Pro MERS amendment stopped in Oregon!

Rogue Valley, 03.06.2011 01:41

"Celebration is in order"

Success! Starting on Friday May 27 through today, thanks to you and hundreds of of our members across the State calling and writing their representatives, the pro MERS amendment did not pass. "YEA!" The amendment, attached to an actually good piece of legislation that would help oregonians (SB 519), would have essentially removed the long standing State requirements to record title transfers in county records and let the banking industry move forward with questionable MERS foreclosures.

NCM (crisis barco)

Puerto Rico, 02.06.2011 18:58

Ataque a la ciencia

¿Quién mató a Mariano Ferreyra?

Argentina, 02.06.2011 16:20

Presentación del libro en Córdoba

History and Resistance on Blair Mountain

DC, 02.06.2011 14:40

Blair Mountain, a crucial site of labor history, is being threatened by the disastrous process of Mountain Top Removal. People from around the country are marching in early June to raise awareness and save the mountain.

dia de la mujer trabajadora

Argentina, 02.06.2011 14:33

dia de la mujer trabajadora


CMI Brasil, 02.06.2011 12:46


Visita de Obama a la Isla

Puerto Rico, 02.06.2011 07:44

Darnos a respetar


Brasil, 02.06.2011 02:42

Bill Negatively Affecting Struggle Against LNG Passes Oregon Legislature

Portland, 02.06.2011 02:42

Tuesday morning, the Oregon state Senate passed HB 2700, the bill that allows a company to apply for and receive removal/fill permits on private property without landowner knowledge or consent. This is a bad bill. The passage of this bill infringes on private property rights by allowing companies building LNG-related pipelines to begin the state permitting process without landowners having a say about proposed activities on their property. For three years, we have called this the "LNG fast-track bill." The bill already passed the House, so it now sits on Governor Kitzhaber's desk awaiting his signature.

If you are a landowner along the pipeline route and you receive notice from LNG companies or the Department of State Lands that they issued a permit for your property, please let us know immediately.

The Good News: We can still stop LNG projects in southern Oregon! Yes votes on this bill do not represent a yes vote on LNG. Many legislators believe that this bill is needed for municipalities and incorrectly believe that it does not impact LNG, that LNG is no longer a threat to Oregon or that the LNG proposals are already dead. While it is unfortunate that some of the legislators are misinformed, that does not mean they support the LNG projects....stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to weigh in on the federal level with respect to LNG pipeline impacts to public lands and rivers in southern Oregon.

Reflections from an American Anarchist in Athens

Portland, 02.06.2011 01:28

I've traveled to Athens, Greece ahead of Mayday and a General Strike. Here are some observations for folks back home for insight and inspiration....From

Exarchia is known throughout Athens as the center of social struggles. This densely packed neighborhood has a reputation as being anti-establishment and is home to students, anarchists, artists, and leftists of all stripes. A month of nationwide rioting was sparked in December 2008 when a 15 year-old local high school student and anarchist was shot and killed by police near Exarchia Square. Most Athenians hate the police, and when this young boy was murdered the whole country exploded. On the corner where Alexis was shot, his mother has mounted a memorial plaque which has his photo as well as the following words (translated from greek):

"Here on the 6th of December 2008, without any reason, a child's smile was extinguished from the innocent fifteen-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulous by the bullets of unapologetic killers."

Second Update | More Photos
Insurgent Photo Blogspot

Animal Rights Fugitive Moves to Third on Most Wanted Terrorists List

Portland, 02.06.2011 00:46

With the (alleged) death of Bin Laden, the FBI has reordered its "Most Wanted Terrorists" list, moving animal liberation fugitive Andres San Diego to number three. San Diego was indicted in 2004 for the bombings of two targets related to the campaign against Huntington Life Sciences: Chiron (Emeryville, CA) and Shaklee (Pleasonton, CA). He was last seen in 2003, after he evaded an FBI surveillance tail in downtown San Francisco.

Andreas San Diego first became a suspect immediately after the Shaklee bombing, when he was pulled over for a minor traffic violation less than a mile from the site of the explosion. He has been a fugitive for nearly eight years. Adding San Diego to the "most wanted terrorists" list is among the more bold moves by the federal government as it works to sell the public on animal rights activists and the A.L.F. as "terrorists". This despite a 30+ year history of activity in which no humans have been harmed. The bombing Andreas are accused of took place at unoccupied office buildings, and no one was injured.

The FBI's wanted poster has this to say about Andreas San Diego:


Argentina, 02.06.2011 00:46

“Aborto legal, una deuda de la democracia”


Argentina, 02.06.2011 00:46

“Aborto legal, una deuda de la democracia”

Prisão de Cesare Battisti: uma farsa jurídica!

Brasil, 01.06.2011 23:30

Movimento pela Liberdade de Cesare Battisti

Action Against Santa Cruz Mayor Ryan Coonerty for Opposing Immigrant Rights Resolution

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.06.2011 22:06

On May 10th, the Santa Cruz City Council defeated a resolution supporting AB 1081, The Trust Act. The resolution would have supported opting out of the "Secure Communities" (S-Comm) program in Santa Cruz County. S-Comm is a federal program that requires local law enforcement agencies to share the fingerprints of all people arrested to immigration enforcement and target those suspected of immigration violations for detention and deportation. This mandated sharing occurs regardless of the type of crime and even if the charges are dropped.

A 42 años

Argentina, 01.06.2011 21:30

Hijxs del cordobazo

Leipzig: Kampagne gegen das Nazi-Zentrum

Germany, 01.06.2011 20:59

Die Kampagne “Fence Off” gegen das Leipziger Nazi-Zentrum in der Odermannstraße 8 läuft seit Februar diesen Jahres. In diesem Artikel soll erklärt werden, was das Nazi-Zentrum in Leipzig ist und worum es bei der antifaschistischen Kampagne "Fence off" geht.

Aufruf der Kampagne: Alles hat ein Ende… | Material | Informationen | Pressespiegel | Termine | Support | Pressemitteilungen | Kontakt | Berichte

Berichte auf Indymedia: Demonstration gegen das Nazi-Zentrum in LE; Leipzig: Rot ist der Mai; Leipzig: Viel los am letzten Wochenende

Innenministerkonferenz in Frankfurt am Main

Germany, 01.06.2011 20:59

Die Innenministerkonferenz (IMK) 2011 soll vom 21. und 22. Juni in Frankfurt am Main stattfinden. Sie steht für staatlichen Rassismus, Extremismustheorie, und Repression. Im Vorfeld der IMK kam es zu Hausdurchsuchungen, die Presse versucht, den Protest weiter zu kriminalisieren. Dagegen gab es bereits Proteste.

Gegen die IMK wird bundesweit mobilisiert. Die zentrale Demonstration findet am 22. Juni statt.

Worum geht's? | Mobilisierung | Repression | Vorfeld-Aktionen | Anreise und Pennplätze | Zusammenfassung

Bay Trails Demand: Divest from Desecration

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.06.2011 20:58

On May 31st, supporters of the Glen Cove native encampment converged outside the offices of the Bay Trail Project in downtown Oakland to demand that Bay Trail divest from desecration of the Sogorea Te Sacred Burial Ground in Vallejo. Over 65 people gathered in front of the Bay Trail offices and vowed to pursue further action if the $200,000 is not immediately pulled from plans to bulldoze the burial grounds and build on top of it.

A 42 años

Argentina, 01.06.2011 20:57

Hijxs del cordobazo

Aos nossos mortos nenhum minuto de silêncio. Mas toda uma vida de lutas!

Brasil, 01.06.2011 17:06


The discovery of a secret jail call Campo de Mayo, Argentina

DC, 01.06.2011 03:20

Tonight show focuses on the investigation of a secret prison/torture chamber discovered in the heart of Buenos Aires that was created during the dictatorship period of 1976-1983 Latino Media Collective airs every Wednesday at 7:00 pm eastern time at WPFW 89.3 Please listen to the audio attached for the recorded radio show

History and Resistance on Blair Mountain

Boston, 01.06.2011 01:13

Blair Mountain, a crucial site of labor history, is being threatened by the disastrous process of Mountain Top Removal. People from around the country are marching in early June to raise awareness and save the mountain.

Photos/Video-Memorial Day For Peace

Boston, 01.06.2011 00:34

About 100 peace activists observed an anti-war Memorial Day in Boston.

Es impulsada por distintas organizaciones sociales de la ciudad

Argentina, 31.05.2011 15:47

Semana de actividades "EL HAMBRE ES UN CRIMEN"

UK Uncut Emergency Operation

United Kingdom, 31.05.2011 08:33

UK Uncut issued a call out for an Emergency Operation in banks across the country on Saturday 28 May: "Whilst the NHS is being dismantled, the banks that caused this crisis in the first place have been left untouched. Reckless gambling, obscene bonuses and a global financial crisis are symptoms of a disease that requires a drastic intervention. The banks are due a check-up. Join UK Uncut’s Emergency Operation and transform your local high street bank into a hospital. Tell the government to leave our NHS alone; it’s the banks that are sick."

Dozens of banks were hit, many transformed into makeshift wards and operating theatres filled with bleeding patients, surgeons, doctors and nurses.

On the newswires: London feature | Bristol feature | Bank occupations in Cambridge | Big Society Hospital in Oxford

Elsewhere: Reports and photos posted to UK Uncut | The Mule reports arrests in Manchester | Fitwatch Report

Blogs: Liverpool | Edinburgh

Other anti-cuts actions on 28 May: Funk the Cuts in Leeds | Eat the Rich in Nottingham | Topshop Occupation in Cardiff | Arrests in Edinburgh

Performance sobre candidato a la alcaldía de San Juan

Puerto Rico, 31.05.2011 04:25

Vota por Amado para San Juan

Video: Winiona La Duke, Speaking In Portland About Alberta Tar Sands

Portland, 30.05.2011 20:55

Winona La Duke, noted Native American activist and author, speaking recently at the Native American Center at Portland State University. Winona spoke for about ? an hour about the Alberta Tar Sands and also about the large oil extraction equipment being shipped from South Korea through Portland and along narrow highways though Idaho and Montana.
Winona La Duke, Speaking About Tar Sands and the Heavy Haul
After a few brief introductory comments, Winona says that "we are these people at this moment in time; we are the one's who are here...........and as you look around you've got the shot to do something great. You've got the shot to keep them from blowing off the top of a mountain, you got the shot to keep them from combusting the planet to oblivion; you've got the shot to keep them from opening another uranium mine, or gold mine for some jewelry that you don't need; shot to take down a dam in a river; and you've got the shot to stop the Tar Sands. And I feel that it's a great spiritual moment where you have the ability to do something great spiritually." Winona says that we must keep up the battle, because the other side has a 50 year plan. "Exxon has a 50 year plan for their Tar Sands and for all of have to be prepared for a long haul, because these things don't get fixed in 48 minutes when you watch tv. A little character development, a little solution and we're done." "We need to step outside our arena of comfort and do something." La Duke speaks at length about the Alberta Tar Sands, and the plans to transport enormous equipment from South Korea through Portland and along small roads and fragile ecosystems in Idaho and Montana. This has been dubbed the Heavy Haul, and there are numerous groups resisting this invasion:

VIDEO: Rising Tide Day of Action - Hood River

Portland, 30.05.2011 20:55

People from across Cascadia and up north, from Canada, gathered on the banks of the Columbia to say NO to the shipment of heavy machinery bound for the Albert Tar Sands.

Link to 7 minute video:  link to []

[On April 20th, 2011 Groups around the world commemorated the BP Deep Water Horizon Oil catastrophe with actions calling for an end destructive energy resource extraction. In Hood River, Oregon, members of the community, people from the Northwest and guests from Canada handed a resolution to the City Administration calling for a shipping ban on heavy machinery bound for the Alberta Tar Sands up the Columbia River. People gathered on the river banks to fly kites, enjoy kayaking, listen to music and talk about alternatives to our destructive addiction to oil.]



After the Budget: The Future for Homeless Services in DC

DC, 30.05.2011 20:21

Non-profits like Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place may show the way for homeless services in Mayor Gray's "One City".

KPFT Petiton for BDS

Houston, 30.05.2011 20:20

KPFT Campaign calls for BDS at Pacifica station: Sign Petition

June 11 Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, Update

Portland, 30.05.2011 20:13

The Day for Solidarity with Long-term Anarchist Prisoners is now two weeks away. June 11th is an open invitation to demonstrate support for Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, who are each serving 20 years. This date provides an opportunity to build links of affinity and solidarity towards the destruction of the prisons and prison-society.

This occasion for solidarity—as an open invitation—can to be responded to however people want, according to their own ideas and contexts. But many people have written asking for suggestions so we wanted to share a quick list of ideas for people who wish to plan events: *Organize an info-night.... * Throw a [vegan] benefit party/show/pancake breakfast/barbeque/picnic

Though Marie and Eric's cases cannot be simplified to a lack of support, we understand that the state succeeded in imposing such long sentences on Marie and Eric in part because it was able to isolate them, both politically and socially. In the wake of these long-term sentences, support for Eric & Marie—and for other Green Scare and anarchist prisoners—has relied on the consistency and commitment of their respective families and support crews. As anarchists, we think there are many ways to improve their visibility that don't rely on the mass media, but rather on organizing and face-to-face interactions in the street. Thus, in particular we encourage people to:
*Organize microphone demos and other very public events.
*Put-up posters, and drop banners (only with permission, of course!). Full-color posters were just printed that can be sent your way.
*Operas, plays, ballet, like Redbird Prisoner Support in Colombus, OH!
*Other, wholly-new and original plans that we'd be excited to promote and spread for June 11, 2012, and until every prisoner is free,

Get organized, and get in touch with us if you need to!

Chicago Independent TV for May: &quot;We Are One&quot; for labor, anti-nuclear march, Media Reform Conference

Chicago, 30.05.2011 18:21

The May 2011 episode of Chicago Independent Television features interviews from the "We Are One" rally for labor rights and workers' rights in Chicago, a march and rally in Chicago for a nuclear-free future, and interviews from the 2011 National Conference for Media Reform recently held in Boston.

Read more about Episode 67 | CIMC TV Podcast | CIMC Video Page | CITV on YouTube | CITV on Free Speech TV | CITV on iTunes

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