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Casa Pueblo busca apoyo de LCLAA

Puerto Rico, 10.06.2011 14:31

Trabajadores latinos hacen suya la lucha contra el gasoducto

14 de junio todos/as a marchar

Puerto Rico, 10.06.2011 14:31

A marchar ante la visita de Obama

Padres y Madres en defensa estudiantes educación especial

Puerto Rico, 10.06.2011 13:55

Denuncian discrimen contra estudiantes de Educación Especial

Visita de Obama: Libertad para Oscar López

Puerto Rico, 10.06.2011 13:55

El caso de Oscar López ante la visita de Barack Obama


Colombia, 10.06.2011 07:05

Asesinada Ana Fabricia Córdoba

Colombia, 10.06.2011 04:38

Asesinada Ana Fabricia Córdoba


Colombia, 10.06.2011 04:03

Continuing the Movement For Fundamental Educational Change

Rochester, 10.06.2011 00:36

The Parent & Community Coalition For Educational Change has been busy since their well-attended Education Summit, held March 11th and 12th (audio reportbacks: 1, 2, 3. This Sunday they will host a follow-up to the summit. Details:

  • Featuring Keynotes followed by Dialogue with Interim Superintendent Vargas and RTA President Urbanski
  • Saturday, June 11 9am — Noon
  • School Without Walls, 480 Broadway
  • Info: 585 317-2367


Argentina, 09.06.2011 15:26


Agrietando Muros

Argentina, 09.06.2011 14:47

Jornada Cultural

CTUL Hunger Strike outside Minneapolis Cub Foods ends June 1

United States, 09.06.2011 03:50


On June 1, 2011, the 12-day hunger strike ended and Cub Foods stores in Minneapolis, Minnesota knows the seriousness of the workers united. CTUL eagerly anticipates the management's reaction to the continuing letters and questions that have been coming in from the public. When will the stores have a meeting with the workers?

CTUL asks that the public call CEO Keith Wyche to tell him of continued support for the boycott of Cub Foods: 651-439-7200

Please see for more updates.

Jimmy John's: Company Credibility Erodes as NLRB Investigation over Firing of Six Whistleblowers Continues

United States, 09.06.2011 03:50

Two months after Jimmy John's fired six workers for blowing the whistle on a company practice of forcing sandwich-makers to work while sick, the IWW Jimmy John's Workers Union has released Minnesota Department of Health documents today revealing eight outbreaks of foodborne illness at franchises across the Twin Cities area in the past five years, seven of which were due to employees working while sick at the chain. The release of the documents seriously erodes the credibility of Minneapolis franchise owner Mike Mulligan who had previously claimed to reporters and employees that, "the company has made more than 6 million sandwiches during its nearly 10 years in business—and no one’s ever gotten sick from eating one." Two of the outbreaks, both caused by sick employees, were at the Mulligans' stores. read more

El jueves a las 11:00 hs. realizarán una movilización al juzgado para exigir su absolución

Argentina, 09.06.2011 00:48

Juicio contra ferroviario por escribir "Pedraza asesino"

New Email Lists and Wiki for UK Indymedia

United Kingdom, 08.06.2011 21:07

Two of the key tools that Indymedia activists use for communication and collaboration are email lists and wiki pages. UK Indymedia activists have made extensive use of lists hosted by the global Indymedia list server and of the global Indymedia wiki over the last decade. But at the end of May 2011 key lists were shutdown without agreement and wiki accounts deleted.

In response to this situation, new email lists have been set up for people who wish to contact the site admins or to be involved in discussions about features and moderation. There is also a new wiki site for UK Indymedia related documents. In addition there is now a new Users list for users of this site to raise matters which are not covered by the Moderation, Features or Tech lists.

Links: |

THIS THURSDAY: Rising Tide premiers SPOIL @ the Hollywood Theater! 7:30pm

Portland, 08.06.2011 17:19

In honor of International Stop the Tar Sands day, Portland Rising Tide and The National Wildlife Federation' s Tar Free Future campaign will host the Oregon premier of SPOIL, a documentary telling the story of the Great Bear Rainforest and the threat it faces form a proposed oil pipeline.

SPOIL: Documentary Film Premiere
Hollywood Theater
4122 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR
This Thursday, June 9th, 2011
7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

The showing is a benefit for Rising Tide - no one will be turned away, but please pitch in. We're asking everyone to please bring your checkbook if you can afford it. Sponsored by Portland Rising Tide, the National Wildlife Federation' s Tar Free Future campaign, KBOO Radio and Columbia Riverkeeper.
You can also join the Pedalpalooza Bike Ride to the film! This Pedalpalooza ride will meet near the swings around 5pm, wheels rolling at 5:30 @ Sunnyside Environmental School Park
3421 SE Salmon St.
Portland, Oregon

Film trailer:
Facebook Event:

Activist Films at Sheffield Doc/fest

United Kingdom, 08.06.2011 14:45

In the past Sheffield Indymedia has hosted its own fringe documentary film festival alongside the international annual event hosted at the Showroom Cinema. Although we don't have the time and energy for that this year the main event has a number of great looking films of interest to activists, including the première of the new British Film about climate change related direct action, Just Do It and the UK première of If a Tree Falls about the Earth Liberation Front.

Link: Sheffield Doc/Fest

From the Streets of Oakland: Report on Anticut 1

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.06.2011 07:44

Bay of Rage writes: Thanks to everyone for coming out to Anticut 1 on Friday. The consensus seems to be that this was a very successful evening, a promising opening act to what we hope will be a long, hot summer. There were probably about 100 of us in the streets — good turnout for something organized with only a couple of weeks of notice, especially after a period of relative quiet. Let's see if we can double this next time [on June 17th].

Culminó la semana de actividades en La Plata

Argentina, 08.06.2011 06:28

Niños y niñas coparon la Plaza San Martín al grito "el hambre es un crimen"

Central dos Movimentos Populares do Ceará ocupa terreno em Fortaleza

CMI Brasil, 08.06.2011 04:52

Libre Miguel Ángel - &quot;Triunfó la verdad porque el pensamiento crítico no es terrorismo.&quot;

Colombia, 08.06.2011 03:20

"Triunfó la verdad porque el pensamiento crítico no es terrorismo."

SlutWalk Los Angeles Storms West Hollywood California

LA, 08.06.2011 00:49

On January 24th, 2011, a representative of the Toronto Police gave a speech in which he stated: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

This comment is alarming coming from an individual in a place authority as it discourages victims/ survivors to come forward for support. It is important to hold those in positions of power, not just the police, accountable for the dangerous ideas they reflect into the community. We must also recognize that these notions are held by many in our society. This was one individual speaking the minds of many folks in our communities. This is the problem. We live in a society that believes that women are responsible for not getting raped. Being assaulted isn’t about what you wear; it’s not even about sex; by simply using a derogatory term to rationalize inexcusable behaviour it creates an environment in which it’s okay to blame the victim/survivor.

a href="">SlutWalk Los Angeles Storms West Hollywood California | | Part Two | | Part Three by Robert Stuart Lowden

More coverage and photos: Slutwalk 2011 [pt 1] | | Slutwalk 2011 [pt 2] | | Slutwalk 2011 [pt 3] | | Slutwalk 2011 [pt 4] | | Slutwalk 2011 [pt 5] by SCHA-LA

Discussion/interviews on KPFK's Hear in the City, May 31, 2011

Film Screening: The People Speak

Portland, 07.06.2011 17:26

ONE NIGHT ONLY Wednesday, June 8th at 7pm. Hollywood Theater, NE 42nd and Sandy. $5 Suggest Donation, $10 Solidarity

Democracy is not a spectator sport. Using dramatic and musical performances of the letters, diaries and speeches of everyday Americans, THE PEOPLE SPEAK gives voice to those who spoke up for social change throughout U.S. history, forging a nation from the bottom up with their insistence on equality and justice. Narrated by Howard Zinn and based on his best-selling books, A People's History of the United States and Voices of a People's History of the United States, THE PEOPLE SPEAK illustrates the relevance of these passionate historical moments to our society today and reminds us never to take liberty for granted.

This is a fundraiser for the International Socialist Organization- Portland District, to help us get to the Socialism 2011 in Chicago!  link to

Casa Pueblo en DC

Puerto Rico, 07.06.2011 13:46

Ven “peligroso e innecesario” el Gasoducto desde Washington DC


Athens, 07.06.2011 09:54

Άμεση απελευθέρωση του κοινωνικού αγωνιστή Άρη Σειρηνίδη

Asesinato de transexual en Santurce

Puerto Rico, 07.06.2011 05:37

Exigen se investigue el ángulo de odio en asesinato de transexual

El jueves a las 11.00 realizaran una movilización al juzgado para exigir su absolución

Argentina, 07.06.2011 01:11

Juicio contra contra ferroviario por escribir "Pedraza asesino"

Conferencia de prensa: Protesta a Obama

Puerto Rico, 06.06.2011 23:58

Organizaciones Independentistas unen fuerzas ante visita del presidente Barack Obama

Asesinato de gay en Ponce

Puerto Rico, 06.06.2011 23:58

Piden no descartar ángulo de odio en asesinato de gay en Ponce

Le: Prozess zum Mord an Kamal K.

Germany, 06.06.2011 23:55

Beinahe acht Monate ist es her seit Kamal K. von zwei Nazis in der Nähe des Leipziger Hauptbahnhofes erstochen wurde. Am 17. Juni wird nun vor dem Landgericht die Hauptverhandlung gegen die Täter eröffnet. Doch schon die Tatwürfe lassen erkennen, dass der Mord an Kamal entpolitisiert und bagatellisiert werden soll. Der eine Täter, Daniel K, muss sich wegen gefährlicher Körperverletzung verantworten, der 2. Marcus E, wegen gefährlicher Körperverletzung und Totschlag. In den Augen der Ermittlungsbehörden ist das, was in der Nacht vom 23. zum 24.10.2010 geschah, ein dummer Zufall gewesen.

Aufruf zur Demo und zur Prozessbeobachtung: Kamal K.: ein „unpolitischer“ Mord? | Mobivideo zur Demo in Leipzig: "Auf nach Leipzig!"

Initiativen die an rechte Morde erinnern: Initiativkreis Antirassismus | "Niemand ist vergssen!" | Siempre Antifascista | Initiative für ein aktives Gedenken | Bündnis „Schon vergessen?“ | North East Antifascists | Dortmunder Antifa-Bündnis; antifaschistische Union Dortmund |

Manifestação pelo Passe Livre é repimida em Vitória (ES)

CMI Brasil, 06.06.2011 23:29


Nuevo proyecto que aumenta periodo probatorio

Puerto Rico, 06.06.2011 23:20

Denuncian aumento de periodo probatorio como un ataque contra la juventud


Athens, 06.06.2011 20:01

Τα δικαστικά πραξικοπήματα δεν θα περάσουν!


Colombia, 06.06.2011 16:17


Former Political Prisoner Geronimo Pratt Dies

Boston, 06.06.2011 15:00


Community Will Protest Release of Johannes Mehserle

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.06.2011 07:47

A community protest has been called for the day that Johannes Mehserle is released from jail. Mehserle is the former BART police officer convicted of killing Oscar Grant, a young unarmed African American man, on New Years Day 2009. A press conference on June 1st announced the call to action. The Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant has called for two protests in Oakland the day Mehserle is released: the first at Fruitvale BART at 3:00 pm and then at Broadway & 14th Street at 5:30 pm.


Argentina, 06.06.2011 05:56

Convocatoria por Caravana Solidaria con ADOSAC


Argentina, 06.06.2011 05:56

Las Coordinadoras de Gremios del 75


Argentina, 06.06.2011 05:56

Las Coordinadoras de Gremios del 75


Argentina, 06.06.2011 05:56

Convocatoria por Caravana Solidaria con ADOSAC

nueva conmemoración en lucha

Argentina, 06.06.2011 02:12

Día Internacional del Ambiente

Communique from the Communal Autonomous Council of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca, Mexico

Portland, 05.06.2011 20:34

June 2nd: To the indigenous peoples and peoples of the world. To the struggles built from below and whose origin is to the left, committed to the emblematic changes to which we are all dedicated and are a fundamental part of changing the world. To the women and men of this country who carry the world on their backs, the weight of a history plagued by injustice imposed by power. To those who dream of a great homeland, free and without any more blood, with which the poorest always pay, we who have decided to march to liberate our peoples at the cost of our lives, so that tomorrow our history has a future.

Our land, as in all of our continent called America, has been filled with innocent blood... Today, as they force us to mobilize in a caravan and they want to impose on us a destiny that is not ours, we have decided to renounce this path of death, we built the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala and we reassert it in order to give our families and people an alternative way of life...Therefore, today our intention to recover our community, the MARCH OF THE COLOR OF BLOOD is the cry of our peoples... JUSTICE FOR ALL OUR DEAD! JUSTICE FOR OUR PEOPLES! Jail Antonio Cruz Garcia and his paramilitaries!

For the autonomy of the Triqui people!


Obama Go Home

Puerto Rico, 05.06.2011 15:03

Go Home

Grupo sindical reclama triunfo para trabajadores

Puerto Rico, 05.06.2011 14:22

LCLAA celebra gran victoria para los trabajadores en Puerto Rico

Cops push dancers out of Jefferson Memorial, too many to arrest

DC, 05.06.2011 11:07

On the 4th of June, one week after the violent arrests of several people for dancing in the Jefferson Memorial, an overwhelming number of dancers returned to the Memorial. Cops pushed them out, but there were too many to arrest without creating a Pershing Park for the Park Police. Video of police exclusion tactics and protest on the steps Video of dancers inside from Russia Today before they got pushed out too

5 de Junio nueva conmemoración en lucha

Argentina, 05.06.2011 05:12

Día Internacional del Ambiente

Casa Pueblo en Nueva York

Puerto Rico, 05.06.2011 03:56

Gasoducto enfrenta solidaridad boricua en Nueva York

Home of Famous Latina Pioneer Juana Briones is Being Torn Down

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.06.2011 03:12

After more than a decade of legal battles, a decision by a final court ruled against the group Friends of Juana Briones House. The oldest house in Palo Alto, named for its famous resident who was a latina pioneer, is being dismantled, piece by piece.

The British Queen's Visit To Dublin: Lessons For The Republican And Socialist Movements?

Ireland, 04.06.2011 23:38

Could/ should the protests have been larger? Shou ...

Pieza de Papel Machete sobre Obama

Puerto Rico, 04.06.2011 21:52

Performance radical de Fredrick Douglas en la vía del Obama Express

&quot;We the corporations&quot; - MOVE to AMEND Oregon Tour

Portland, 04.06.2011 20:29

One of the prime movers of a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the court decision that gives corporations the rights of Human Beings will be on the road in Oregon during the month of June, offering training sessions.

MOVE TO AMEND ORGANIZER TRAINING -coming to a city near you:

CORVALLIS, OR: June 11, 2011 - 9:30am
EUGENE, OR: June 12, 2011 - 5:00pm
ROSEBURG, OR: June 13, 2011 - 9:00pm for a complete schedule. Also, please help us keep the White House switchboard lit up between now and the Fourth of July. Hundreds more have been invited. Please invite all your Facebook friends. The correct link for the Facebook event (published with a typo previously) is:>br>

MOVE TO AMEND has a very simple agenda, very similar to a handful of other groups that offer slightly different language:

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