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Cyanide and government corruption

RCW, 17.12.2003 15:14

200 000 tons of cyanide will be dumped at Rosia Montana (plus 30 other densely populated areas), by Canadian mining company Gold Corporation, in the water, with the collusion of a corrupted government. Translator notes at the end. Here is the translation of an amazing interview. Visit for more.

The Bush Plan for America: The Rise of an American National Security State

Jennifer Van Bergen, 17.12.2003 14:50

Americans may not realize it yet, but the United States under Bush is already more than three-quarters of the way down the road to fascism. The facts are all there, but Americans do not yet see this ominous truth. It can be found (albeit surely not exclusively) in a bird’s-eye view of numerous disparate but grand components: the enactment of the PATRIOT Act, the detentions at Guantanamo, the invasion of Iraq, the withdrawal from the International Criminal Court, the endorsement and promotion of the FTAA, the two prosecutions of Greenpeace and Lynne Stewart, the erosion and eradication of environmental protections, and a general policy of secrecy.

A Writer's Struggle

By: SANDEEP DATTA(INDIA), 17.12.2003 08:52

A brief revealation of the insults of an individual who dares to take writing as a career. How every other person behaves discouragingly and demotivate the nice initiative of a future hero.


Lisa M. Hutchinson, 17.12.2003 07:11

Does this person deserve to die? ILLEGALLY SENT TO THE WRONG COUNTRY, NEVER OFFERED ASLYLUM OR THE C.A.T..(Convention Against Torture), TORTURED TO NEAR DEATH, AND ..........


Bill Douglas, National 9-11 Visibility Project, 17.12.2003 06:41

9-11 widow, Ellen Marinari, turns down a $1 MILLION pay off, in order to sue Bush et al for complicity in the 9-11 attacks, and a subsequent cover up.
Citizens unite behind her at

US boasting about its WMD as Hiroshima Bomber Goes on Display

AFP, 17.12.2003 03:48

Even today some Americans justify the slaughter of some 230,000
Japanese *civilians/non-combatants* as a retaliation for Japan's
attack of US military bases and soldiers in Pearl Harbor.
The same people continue in this tradition of using depleted uranium
and alpha partical grade radio-active based bombs including fire and
cluster bombs to slaughter *civilians/non-combatants* along
with combatants.
And then these people turn around and point their finger at terrorists, while these people justify commiting the very same acts!
These people seem to think at the same level as King Bush and friends
and are down-right shameless creatures!

Went to report to Government

Me, 16.12.2003 22:33

I tried to protest the racial inequality in my area and protest the ACLA leader of the midwest/

Advani's Arithmetic

A.Prabaharan, 16.12.2003 20:17

Predictions started pouring in about BJP's acceptance by the masses after the cowbelt elections. It is more to do with Advani's future calculations than to do with party's success.

Indications Saddam Was Not in Hiding But a Captive

DEBKAfile Special Report, 16.12.2003 18:23

A number of questions are raised by the incredibly bedraggled, tired and crushed condition of this once savage, dapper and pampered ruler who was discovered in a hole in the ground on Saturday, December 13:

ABC = DEaF - The Media wants to choose your candidates for you before even 1 vote is cast.

Clarity Sanderson and Daniel Geery, 16.12.2003 15:49

ABC, 1 day after Congressman Kucinich publicly stood up to big media on a nationally televised debate, has pulled their embedded reporters from the campaignsof Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton & Carol Mosley-Braun. In Salt Lake City, supporters protested ABC in the bitter cold. "You could have stayed all night if you wanted to. We're not going to talk to you."

Colombian activists refuse to recognize justice system

AP, 16.12.2003 14:26

Bogota — Activists in several rural Colombian communities have declared they will refuse to recognize the South American country's judicial system in light of mass detentions of suspected guerrilla collaborators.

Saddam Exclusive

D. Shocker, 16.12.2003 11:33

email obtained from US forces in Iraq re: Saddam capture

Irak: Saddam negoció su entrega y fue traicionado

(IAR-Noticias) Información Alternativa en Red, 16.12.2003 10:10

IAR-Noticias Ultimas noticias/

The creation of mythology - the capture of Saddam.

Michael Kingston, 16.12.2003 02:43

The moral and mythological implications of the news-media's handling of Saddam's capture.
Particular attention is given to the oft-repeated footage of Saddam being subjected to a physical examination.
NZ prime-time news (15-12-03) used as source material.


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ZAPATISTAS' 20th &amp; 10th Anniversary Celebration - Seattle, WA

SCARM, 15.12.2003 23:25

December 31, 2003
The Seattle Committee Against Repression in Mexico invites you to….
EZLN: 20/10: Fire and The Word / El Fuego y la Palabra
Save the date and plan to join us, along with people around the world in celebration of the Zapatistas’ 20th anniversary of their formation and 10th anniversary of their resistance.

American Freak Show

backdraft, 15.12.2003 22:39

bullets 8 questions while the sappy hysterical euphoria dazzle all their mind

Saddam is captured

John Gleur, 15.12.2003 20:43

U.S. armed forces have captured former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

search @ indymedia - gone?

searching 4 an article about disinfo of israeli shin-bet., 15.12.2003 20:37

the search option at has gone? at the moment it points towards publishing new article.

Western Culture, Opera, and Cultural Marxism

Steven LaTulippe, 15.12.2003 20:06

Opera allowed me to relax, sit back, and soak in my culture -- until last summer. That's when I realized operas were stocked with old fashioned Marxist critiques of capitalism and snide attacks on Western civilization -- and rotten to the core.

Saddam Hussein: America &quot;Aided &amp; Abetted&quot; his &quot;Atrocities&quot; before Kuwait Invasion!

k.hawley, 15.12.2003 19:51

The American Govt. didn't care how many Iraqis;Iranian or Kurds Saddam "Slaughtered" but Oil and Money they cared deeply about!

Resistance to occupation will grow (by Latuff)

Latuff/Sami Ramadani - The Guardian, 15.12.2003 18:49

Is this the end? "Now that Saddam is no longer a bogeyman to scare the people with, trade union and other mass opposition is likely to increase, complementing and coalescing with the armed opposition."

Saddam Captured

Omega Mule, 15.12.2003 18:03

Saddam has been captured, and for two days now no mention on Indymedia?

fake saddam ?

saigon, 15.12.2003 18:01

saddam or a double ?

Left-wing media &quot;overlooks&quot; story of the decade

Scott Silbereis, 15.12.2003 17:58

Do you find it odd why every major news outlet in the world is reporting on Saddam's capture, when so called "independent" news outlets focus on a survey in Uruguay??

Transcript from ESF Planning Meeting Dec13/14

Marianne, 15.12.2003 17:23

This is an almost transcript of all that was said during the European Assembly held this weekend in London to plan the next ESF

News and related article after &quot;capture&quot; of Saddam

jamie, 15.12.2003 17:00

Dear friends,

Given the following, it is a little difficult to understand why the US “captured” their old ally at this time? But I believe these notes and the article after it point to an improved environment from which to oppose U.S. imperial policies. Let’s take heart and keep up the pressure Spread widely and much MORE! Peace. Jamie

Appeal for German anti-nuke litigation costs

Anke Dreckmann, 15.12.2003 16:41

German nukes, Stade just switched off People living near the Brunsbüttel nuclear power station in north Germany plan legal action against spent fuel being stored there. They’re appealing for donations to help with the costs.

Brunsbüttel lies near the North Sea estuary of the Elbe River, 90 kilometres northwest of Hamburg, Germany’s second city with 1.7 million people. It’s one of 18 nukes left in operation after one even closer to Hamburg, 60 km away at Stade, was recently switched off.

Anke Dreckmann ( writes on behalf of the would-be plaintiffs:

Bush Still Running Loose in the Streets

Mother Jones, 15.12.2003 15:00

Okay, Saddam is caught, but George W. Bush still runs loose in the streets, lying, invading countries, and killing thousands of innocent people.

Bush's New World Order

Rogelio Bautsta, 15.12.2003 14:20

U.S. gov't human rights violations- Violations of International Law.

Sad Days for Indymedia

WAHHHHWAHHHHH, 15.12.2003 14:02

Saddam 'caught like a rat' in a hole

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Across the Tigris River from his opulent palaces, Saddam Hussein shuttered himself at the bottom of a narrow, dark hole beneath a two-room mud shack on a sheep farm, a U.S. military official said Sunday.

Sharia [Islamic Law] News Watch 90

Enzo Picardie, 15.12.2003 12:42

The Sharia Newswatch provides an almost weekly update of news quotes
on Sharia (Islamic Law) & related subjects, as appearing on the major
news- searchengines. All editions :

Two Iraqi's Opinions: &quot;Don't Kill Saddam, Put Him on Trial... Let Him See the Faces of His Victims&quot;

Anarchist from New England, 15.12.2003 09:28

A couple Iraqi's just called into BBC Radio and offered their opinions about what should be done with the captured Saddam. [4:25 AM EST]

German activism against &quot;Luther&quot; film

Diet Simon, 15.12.2003 09:12

Martin Luther hated Jews and dreamt of “a fiery end” for all of them. He despised women. He wanted all “handicapped” people “drowned in the gutter”. He fantasised about murdering revolutionary farmers.

He says all of this in his own writings, claims an activist group based on Giessen, which is agitating against the Hollywood film “Luther” largely funded by American and German Lutheran organisations.


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