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Summit of informations for actions against the NATO-Security-Conference in Munich

no-nato, 05.02.2004 22:36

What is the “NATO security conference“?

At the annual Munich “meeting for safety policy” as it officially called, military strategists, generals and armament experts, the ministers of foreign and of defence affairs of the NATO and the EU states, as well as representatives of the armament industry and the media, meet at the hotel “Bayerischer Hof “. The meeting in former times was called “Wehrkundetagung”1, can look back on a tradition of four decades. In 1962 it was sent to live by the World War officer Ewald von Kleist. Because of his good connections to policy he provided international reputation for the summit. Four years ago the “Herbert Quandt foundation of the BMW AG” took over the organisation. The connection between capital and militarism can’t even be put up clearer. Since that time, the head of the foundation Horst Teltschik, the former adviser of ex federal chancellor Helmut Kohl (CDU) took the responsibility for the conference. The main investor stayed even under the red-green Federal Government the “Bundespresseamt”2. Even interesting is, that during the period of the war summit the Federal armed forces have free entry at the hotel “Bayrischer Hof”

Netstrike against NATO - Security-Conference !!!, 05.02.2004 22:33

In order to support the demonstrations against the NATO's security
conference in Munich.

(1) We'd like to launch a massive netstrike against the conference's website:

(2) Spam and mailbonbing against conference's email:

(3) Blocking the telephone lines of Press Office:
Tel. +49 89 31 68 61 41
Fax. +49 89 31 68 61 44

Red/Green environment policy an evil farce

Dschugan Rosenberg, 05.02.2004 22:30

Things have gone quiet round our Sunnyboy Trittin, "the best environment minister in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany", as he was eulogised at a party congress of The Greens. Whereas 30% of the trees were sick when Trittin took office, now 30% are still healthy. The policing of emissions and effluents by industry is writ small. Environmental illnesses like neurodermitis and asthma in children have increased. Trittin continues the policy of his forerunner, Conservative Angela Merkel that provides for the "self-regulating and self-certifying entrepreneur" who can have himself certified as "ecological enterprise" with federal eagle. And he stands for the "environment polluting rights" and "ecological pipeline construction" in the reservations of indigenous people.

U.S. War Crimes On Video!

Bird dog, 05.02.2004 22:26

Video of U.S. war crimes for review.

Government report finds German nuclear power stations vulnerable to airliner attacks

BUND, 05.02.2004 22:24

The deliberate crashing of a passenger plane into any German nuclear power station can lead to the worst assumable accident, says a year old study for the government now leaked to the media.

Australian UN human rights chair ‘a shame’, says Aboriginal activist

Diet Simon, 05.02.2004 22:05

Ngurampaa sheep farm, Hebel, south Queensland - - How can a racist country like Australia have a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Commission, much less chair it?

Northern Uganda Declared Disaster Region

Christopher Lee Carlson, 05.02.2004 19:25

gulu children The following are excerpts of recent emails to myself,
webmaster of, from Kikwiyakare J. Moses, Programme Director of Children Aid Organisation in Gulu Town, Uganda, East Africa.

CDC Calls Safety &quot;Review&quot; On Mercury in Vaccines and Links to Autism

UnInformed Consent, 04.02.2004 08:05

CDC, NIH, FDA, ADA - agencies that are to oversee the safety of pharmaceuticals and medical practices marketed to the American public under accussations of a tangled web of misrepresentations and conflicts of interest with big pharma.

Washington's Drug Dependence

Hawaii Observer, 02.02.2004 03:27

Washington has a hard drug habit. Not the kind you would expect.

Israeli Asher Karni &amp; Nuclear Terrorism Network

William Hughes, News From Babylon, 01.02.2004 17:32

Its title is: “USA v. Asher Karni, Mag. No. 03-707 (TFH/JMF).” This very serious federal criminal case, involving potentially a matter of nuclear terrorism, has been filed in the U.S. District Court, in Washington, DC. However, unlike the hysteria over Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart, and the break up of that silly Affleck-Lopez’s relationship, it is getting little or no attention by the Establishment Media. Why? Is it because the defendant is an Israeli citizen, with close connections to its military regime?

Is powers under patriot Act stopping terrorists or creating more ??????

B., 31.01.2004 14:37

What would Monkey do with gun in his hand ?? For monkey any human will be threat. That's what is happening today with CIA operatives, undercover agents and their radical friends. All these operatives and their radical friends now found a new method to commit hate crimes. Think of all the tools these CIA agents will have. It will be like Monkey with gun hating all humans.

Inminente Represión Sobre Miles de Indígenas en la Frontera con Paraguay

25.01.2004 20:58

Brasil: inminente represión sobre miles de indígenas en la frontera con Paraguay

Photo: A mediados de diciembre del año pasado, 3 mil indígenas guaraníes pintados para la guerra y armados con arcos, flechas y lanzas comenzaron a ocupar haciendas en el Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul, más precisamente en los municipios de Iguatemi y Japorã. En la actualidad son 14 las haciendas ocupadas. El Juez Federal Odilon Oliveira dictaminó como plazo el 20 de Enero para desalojarlos, mientras que la Policía Federal pidió de refuerzo 400 agentes y dos helicópteros a Brasilia para concretar la orden este miércoles.


[El Acuífero Guarani y el ALCA | Guaraní Aquifer and the FTAA | "Queremos somente o que é nosso"]

[indymedia brasil | indymedia argentina]

The ad CBS will not air (anti bush)

Adolfo Mena, 23.01.2004 20:55

During this year's Super Bowl, you'll see ads sponsored by beer companies, tobacco companies, and the Bush White House. But you won't see the winning ad in Voter Fund's Bush in 30 Seconds ad contest. CBS refuses to air it.

Dennis Kucinich &quot;State of the Nation&quot;

Ceci Wheeler, 20.01.2004 21:19

Request to ask the media by all anti-war supporters to pass the Dennis Kucinich "State of the Nation" message from New Hampshire which was aired by satellite earlier today, Jan 20, 2004.

New Miami Song from Evan Greer

Squirrel, 20.01.2004 01:28

"You can lock us up but you can never keep us down!" Lyrics from my new song, "Beyond the Fence," written about the FTAA protest in Miami. Free for download as always.

Martin Luther King on the middle east

anti-war activist, 19.01.2004 13:48

Martin Luther King's comments on peace in the middle east.Today, Jan. 19, the U.S. government that killed him observes the King holiday.

EPR? Merci non!

so Lars, 17.01.2004 21:58

today in Paris ... A big demonstraion with about more than 10.000 people startet today in Paris, to prevent new nuclear waste in europe. The way to a "new" European Pressurised Water Reactor (EPR) has been cleared in Finland. It's no safer than present ones, though the manufacturers like to claim it is. It can cause another "Chernobyl" just like any other and it, too, will produce eternally radiating atomic waste for which no "safe final storage" will be available. French and german nuclear industry want to build up the EPR in Finland.

O Federalismo de Proudhon: Morte do Estado?

Francisco Trindade, 16.01.2004 16:23

O Federalismo de Proudhon: Morte do Estado?


Mike Rhodes, 16.01.2004 01:51

Fresno City Council The City of Fresno California succumbs to Right Wing (Freeper) lawsuit giving them $60,000. This story is about what is behind that outrageous settlement.

&quot;The War Machine&quot;

BlueAngel, 15.01.2004 03:31

Without conflict, there is peace. Peace is not ameniable to the warmongers who control our military industrial complex. Without war, they cannot fuel their "killing" machine with 87 BILLION dollars and counting of taxpayer's money.

World Social Forum 2004 coverage

14.01.2004 10:16

The 4th World Social Forum is going on now in Mumbai, India.
Visit for the latest coverage.

Universal National Service Act

anonymi, 13.01.2004 20:22

I just came across a piece of legislation that proposes to introduce a compulsory 2 year national service in the USA, starting Nov 2004.
What on earth do they need such a huge army for?

Seeking Graphic Artists / Web Developers

Jason Kafoury, 13.01.2004 19:49

Seeking graphic artists and web developers for a possible Nader Presidential run.

Lingua Romanica Commun Unificata

Josu Lavin, 12.01.2004 15:02

Lingua Romanica Commun Unificata

2012 Mayan Calendar

zugzwang, 08.01.2004 13:37

Video clip showing the Mayan Calendar end of this world in 2012


Spoils of War: the Antiquities Trade and the Looting of Iraq

Gregory Elich, 08.01.2004 02:57

Archaeological destruction throughout Iraq

High-profile Prisoner Named in Amnesty Urgent Action is Tortured to Death the Morning after Christmas

Michelle, 07.01.2004 23:16

High-profile Prisoner Named in Amnesty Urgent Action is Tortured to Death the Morning after Christmas
Changchun City Man Broadcast Programs over China’s State-run Television, Exposing Former Chinese Leader’s Systematic Cover-up of Atrocities

Politic Capacity

Francisco Trindade, 07.01.2004 19:30

Politic Capacity

North-East U.S. Strategy and Proposals After Miami

Cha-Cha, 07.01.2004 17:52

About 40-50 activists came together on December 6th, 2003 for a North-East U.S. Regional Activist Gathering, to discuss strategy, challenges and proposals of the movement(s) after the demonstrations against free trade in Miami and the School of the Americas in Georgia this past November. The Gathering was hosted by the Worcester Global Action Network (

Don't Say Nuthin Bad about My Chimpy

patriot, 06.01.2004 09:25

Quarantining Dissent

CdC FAI communique

CdC FAI, 05.01.2004 15:12

english translation of the communique (and press release) about letterbombs from Italy to European Union

Outtaline Goes National

IMC editor, 03.01.2004 19:18

OUTTALINE &quot;WE GOT YOU COVERED&quot; OUTTALINE, hailed as one of St. Louis' top entertainers have garnered a hit single off of the new CD release "WE GOT YOU COVERED"

Michael Moore: Class Clown

Kate Faber's underwear, 29.12.2003 20:55

So, Michael, you need never again ask "Dude, Where’s My Country?"

You found it, amid the sweaty torchlight parades, beer halls, swastikas, brown shirt socialists, goose-steppers and hypnotized screaming crowds of freedom-hating, America-hating former East Germans too young and uneducated to remember the nightmare into which the last socialist demagogue like yourself led their blinkered culture. Welcome to the cabaret, Michael Moore. Welcome home to your true country.


Erika, 21.12.2003 16:16

The Quichua people of the Sarayacu territory have been adamantly opposed to the oil companies entering their ancestral lands. Since November of 2002, the Ecuadorian military has occupied their lands to allow the oil companies to conduct seismic testing. In repsonse, the Sarayacu community has declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY.

Men's Rights To Be Abolished in Victoria, Australia

Steven Stevenson, 21.12.2003 15:28

The Victorian Law Reform Commission [Australia] is following the Ontario, Canada government's 'lead' by working to abolish the rights of men.

Power Outage in San Francisco Leaves 120,000 Customers in the Dark

Star Gazer, 21.12.2003 14:10

The SF Bay area lost power last night on the busiest shopping evening of the year...

/Según un alto militar de EEUU/ Saddam nunca dirigió a la resistencia iraquí

(IAR-Noticias) Información Alternativa en Red, 21.12.2003 13:40

IAR-Noticias EEUU en su momento más difícil

Geneva Accord Is A Threat To Arab Minorities In The Region And A New Low For Arab Rights

Sami Najjar, 21.12.2003 07:01

European liberalism fails the test, again, when it comes to fundamental Arab rights vis-à-vis Jews. South Africa's ANC is the model for Arab struggle for equality.

Al Gore: America's Last Action Hero

Chris D. Jackson, 20.12.2003 23:45

If Democrats want to win in 2004, they should turn to Al Gore. He offers the most experience, knowledge, and respect of any candidate running, including President Bush.

Kucinich is my Dem

Joel Fowenu Wyatt, 20.12.2003 17:29

The mainstream media is painting Dean as too far left for mass consumption and ignoring Democratic hopeful Kucinich. Why is this? Could it be a right wing spin tactic?

A Different Perspective About the Controversy At the Death in June Show in Chicago

Da5ide 0.0, 20.12.2003 15:47

I am a black person that came from Saint Louis to Chicago to go to the Death in June show.

Already Bought Candidates - The media wants to choose the next President for you.

Clarity Sanderson - video Daniel Geery, 20.12.2003 05:24

Salt Lake City, Utah, December 15 2003
Protest against ABC Studios for pulling embedded reporters from Kucinich, Sharpton, and Braun campaigns 1 day after Kucinich challenged Koppel at NH debate about the role of the media in elections. No report on protest.

Kucinich is my Dem

Musical Marvin, 20.12.2003 04:44

The mainstream media is painting Dean as too far left for mass consumption and ignoring Democratic hopeful Kucinich. Why is this? Could it be a right wing spin tactic?


none, 19.12.2003 20:58

The reason why the above is not available is that I believe you are sell-outs. I asked for info (that's "information") from your search engine, and it seems to be very biased, very subjective in what it returns. As an American, I am not an American politco pig. Just an American who is looking for answers. But, you give only what you feel is appropriate. You've failed me; but, I''m sure that was the intent if things get too controversial. Too bad...I've realized you've subscribe to the American fascist way of news. Who can take your rag seriously?

Social Economy - Economia de Solidaridad- Este es Revolucion y Cranival!

Marcel Idels, 19.12.2003 05:48

A picture is worth a 1000 words... a bomb is worth... Observamos que los sistemas capitalista-orientados del mercado son ineficaces de perspectivas morales, sociales, ambientales y del sustainability. Más bien que maximice la salida y después apoye las burocracias del gobierno y los sistemas legislativos complejos para compensar para todas las exterioridades y problemas de un crecimiento orientado ponen el sistema, proponemos una nueva orientación llamada Solidarity Economics.


., 19.12.2003 02:56


The capture of Hussein, again a sleazy farce

backdraft, 19.12.2003 01:36

flying splice A poorly staging á la Hollywood with date palms on scene of the asserted imprisonment which yield fruits in December although the last crop was in August. A fake like the Jessica Parker story, the rollig chemical laboratories, the nuke treatment and further shit. All for justify a illegal war of aggression, only for moronic voters and for a flying splice. Enjoy the movie 'Wag the dog' and you know how the wind blows. This U.S. regime has propagate so much featherbrained propagana lies that nobody but morons can believe them over again


June Scorza Terpstra, 19.12.2003 00:56

genoa june's observations in the "no heartland" of the entity called USA

Controlado por la CIA y el Pentágono/ Quién es quién en el Consejo iraquí

(IAR-Noticias) Información Alternativa en Red, 18.12.2003 11:07

IAR-Noticias Bajo control de Estados Unidos

The staircase wit of this century

backdraft, 17.12.2003 23:21

myrmidons The U.S. remote-controlled fake president claims fair legal proceedings and death penalty for a U.S. hellhound.
He has decided for a colossal bloodbath among European and U.S. politicans, his backers and himself

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