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Paraphysique de l'art

Patrice Faubert, 20.09.2012 07:56

Tout acte de création qui est marchand, est suspect...

Hypocrisy not Democracy in America

Stephen Lendman, 20.09.2012 07:40


Unconditional Surrender in Chicago

Stephen Lendman, 20.09.2012 07:06



Paola Martinez, 19.09.2012 22:13

Volunteers from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World handed out over 1,700 booklets on the dangers of drugs to fans during the Rays-Rangers game on Sunday, September 9 from the Rays Community Corner located inside Tropicana Field. Some of the attendees of Sunday’s game also signed the drug-free pledge which is promoted by the Foundation.

9th Annual Human Rights Youth Summit - Creating Leaders through Human Rights Education

Paola Martinez, 19.09.2012 21:28

Youth Delegates from 30 countries joined officials, human rights representatives, human rights NGOs, leaders and civil society at the 9th Annual Youth for Human Rights International Human Rights Summit on September 7th to 9th, 2012.

Amerika Is Dead

geral, 19.09.2012 18:04

Amerika Is Dead See evidence that Amerika is dead.

War or Peace: ethical human rights approach.

Anthony Ravlich, 19.09.2012 17:42

Expresses the opinion that the choice between neoliberalism and an ethical approach to human rights, development and globalization is a choice between war and peace. And also a concern at the effects of neoliberalism on the rebuilding of Christchurch following massive earthquakes. Considers New Zealand should pursue an independent path from the IMF and its neoliberal economic policies.

Amerika Is Dead

geral, 19.09.2012 14:32

Amerika Is Dead See the evidence that Amerika is dead.

Der stumme Tod des letzten Schreis – Wer schreit nun auf? Zur Räumung des Vorplatzes in Frankfurt, 19.09.2012 13:39

Media 1 Ein Artikel zur Räumung vom Vorplatz des Occupy-Camps in Frankfurt. Guns n`Roses, ein Investmentbanker und Johnny Cash melden sich im Text zu Wort.

Fordert mehr Occupy!

Interview vom Eingang des Beginns * Erinnerungen aus Occupy, 19.09.2012 13:33

Ein Artikel zur plemisch-verzerrenden Berichterstattung der Medien über das Occupy-Camp Frankfurt. Occupy-Aktivisten kommen im Interview zu Wort.

Indignés agissez maintenant !

Eric Anonymous, 19.09.2012 13:11

Pour passer de l'indignation à l'action. Appel pour la fondation du parti politique des indignés


G - 7, 19.09.2012 12:40


Chicago's War on Education

Stephen Lendman, 19.09.2012 07:38


Syria's Divided Opposition

Stephen Lendman, 19.09.2012 07:14



IMO, 18.09.2012 17:45

White-collar crime dominates the US crime world now because victims of financial fraud are ignored by all and the crooks are not prosecuted. The majority of the victims are hard working 99% folks who penny-pinched to remain independent and not rely on anyone. Yet, when their life savings are swindled by the 1%, they get no help from anyone. Where's justice for all?!

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bets10 giriş

nedir, 18.09.2012 14:32

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Try not to do things to others that you would not like them to do to you.

Consuelo, 18.09.2012 14:29

Among many peoples in many lands for many ages there have been versions of what is called “The Golden Rule.”
The above is a wording of it that relates to harmful acts.

Se exige a los profesores que evalúen a sus estudiantes.

Consuelo, 18.09.2012 14:13

No basándose en su desempeño académico, sino de acuerdo a una lista de comportamientos.
Esto hace que de manera arbitraria se clasifica a los niños como hiperactivos, y por tanto sujetos a la intervención de la psiquiatría en sus vidas.

September Surprise in Chicago

Stephen Lendman, 18.09.2012 07:44


Netanyahu at It Again

Stephen Lendman, 18.09.2012 07:09


Scalloped Fretboard Guitar Pioneer Matthew Montfort Recognized as One of the World's 100 Greatest Acoustic Guitarists

Ancient-Future.Com Records, 18.09.2012 00:13

In August 2012, scalloped fretboard guitar pioneer Matthew Montfort was added to's 100 Greatest Acoustic Guitarists list. Matthew Montfort joins luminaries such as Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, Chet Atkins, John Fahey, Adrian Legg, Merle Travis, John Renbourn, Tommy Emmanuel, Doc Watson, Pierre Bensusan, Toni Rice, Alex De Grassi, Stefan Grossman, Artie Traum, Joni Mitchell, and Peppino D'Agostino in receiving this honor.

This Way Out: Kiwi marriage equality+the DNC's gay platform+global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 17.09.2012 22:47

A Labour lesbian leads New Zealand's move to marriage equality; US Democrats plank down their best-ever pro-gay platform; pro-gay Kampala play performances put their British producer in prison, an Iranian "expose" reveals a global gay conspiracy, a Texas trade school turns ugly over a gay beauty school student, Benedict's adult film debut puts the Pope in porn, & more LGBT news.
=> SUBMISSIONS WELCOME! No compen$ation but a worldwide audience:

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Kalle Lasn, Founder of Occupy Wall Street, Endorses Gender Parity as a Human Right

Rajchelle OneFamily Miller, 17.09.2012 16:41

In honor of the September 17th anniversary of Occupy Wallstreet, Kalle Lasn, Founder of OWS, endorsed the July 1st-4th Gender Parity Declarations of the Women of Occupy, that Declare that Gender Parity, 5050 representation of women and men in the governments at all levels of office of the United States and Canada and all countries, and the counting of women's and all people's paid and unpaid work in economic paradigms (the use of the Genuine Progress Indicator instead of the outmoded Gross National Product), and an end to all forms of discrimination against women, are overdue human rights. This is especially important because some aspects of Occupy Wall Street have been criticized for perpetuating the same habits of sexism and marginalization of women as the 1% patriarchal oligarchy it seeks do overturn. This marks a new day for Women and Men of Occupy, and the North American and world culture.

Senegal Food Shortage Threatens Over 1 Million Children

KRISTA LARSON, 17.09.2012 16:12

It is now time to end hunger all hunger. I am asking all readers for help and support in The Final End to Hunger, All Hunger on the Planet Day on Saturday, December 1, 2012. Please contact Kathy Mitro at


Rosemarie Jackowski, 17.09.2012 15:47

Think before you vote

Founder of Occupy Wall Street Endorses Gender Parity Declarations of Women of Occupy

Rajchelle OneFamily Miller, 17.09.2012 15:45

5050 Gender Parity Keeps the Earth in Balance For the September 17th Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Kalle Lasn, a founder of OWS, endorsed the July 1-4th Declarations of Women of the Occupy Movement that Declared that 5050 representation in the US government and all governments at all levels is an overdue human right, along with counting both the paid and unpaid work of women in economic paradigms (switching from the Gross Domestic Product to the Genuine Progress Indicator), and an end to all forms of discrimination against women. The Occupy Movement is under criticism for perpetuating the same sexism and patriarchy that the 1% it aims to overthrow is imbedded in. This is an important, necessary and overdue step for the Occupy Movement.

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Some Dum Carpenter, 17.09.2012 12:41

A possible line of Occupy Wall Street tactics non activists can embrace.

Secured the Benefits Offered By HARP 2.0 Refinance Program 2012

Bily Wordon, 17.09.2012 09:40

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Money Printing Madness

Stephen Lendman, 17.09.2012 07:49

class war

Wisconsin Anti-Worker Law Struck Down

Stephen Lendman, 17.09.2012 07:05

class war

A l'époque du spectaculaire concentré et diffus

Patrice Faubert, 17.09.2012 06:06

Quand le spectacle n'était pas encore le spectaculaire intégré...

Berkeley Coalition Kicks Off Campaign to Defeat “Sit-Lie” Measure S

Christopher Cook, 17.09.2012 02:26

A diverse coalition of city residents and community groups this Sunday launched their campaign to defeat anti-sitting Measure S with a kick-off rally in downtown Berkeley.


dsa, 17.09.2012 00:59


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Asedio a la embajada cubana fue ejecutado con el apoyo y protección del candidato de la MUD

Iván Oliver Rugeles, 16.09.2012 18:10

Acontecimiento de nuestra historia reciente que jamás puede ser olvidado y que fue seguido en vivo y en directo por la red de televisoras privadas del país, como un suceso “valiente y heroico en favor del retorno a la democracia.” Para ese momento ya había salido del aire el canal de Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), por órdenes directas y hechas públicas por Enrique Mendoza, quien ejercía la Gobernación del Estado Miranda.

Salles de shoot : quel est le véritable enjeu ?

Infodrogue, 16.09.2012 17:43

Stand d'information anti drogue Les salles de shoot refont surface, telles un serpent de mer, et occupent la Une de nos médias. Mais cette fois les fanatiques de la « réduction des risques » se sentent forts du fait du récent changement de gouvernement qui, pensent-ils, va « enfin légaliser les drogues » ! Le problème de la toxicomanie est bien réel ! Oui, bien sûr, Il faut faire quelque chose, mais le remède ne serait-il pas pire que le mal ?

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NDFP adopts program to protect children during armed conflict in the Philippines

Ina Silverio, 16.09.2012 13:13

Aside from coming out with its program of action for the protection of children, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines announced that it will establish a Special Office for the Protection of Children to strengthen its mechanisms on monitoring and defending the rights of Filipino children.

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Chicago Teachers Union Sellout

Stephen Lendman, 16.09.2012 07:42


Fed Panic

Stephen Lendman, 16.09.2012 07:14

class war

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