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Projection de 2 courts métrages tournés en total clandestinité et peu diffusés en France

L’Association Art En Exil, 25.09.2004 20:44

L’Association Art En Exil, présente:

Le vendredi 01 octobre 2004
au Cinéma La CLEF (centre culturel la CLEF)
21, rue La CLEF/ rue Daubenton 75005 Paris

Projection de 2 courts métrages tournés en total clandestinité et peu diffusés en France

Black Holocaust, Islamo Facism the new anti semitism

Donald Iarussi MFA, 25.09.2004 18:57

As I an Italian American celebrate Yom Kippur. The buzz on University campuses is the so called black Holocaust, comparisons of Bush to Hitler,
The Left is recycling leftist anti semitic ideas bundled up with new catch phrases

is god punishing florida for 2000?

woosh, 25.09.2004 17:57

Jeanne strengthens to Category 3

The law of the United States and all the globe under the NWO

geral sosbee, 25.09.2004 16:10

I present a summary of my actions against the fbi and the implications of my case under the NWO.

New Forrestal Document Exposes Cover-up

David Martin, 25.09.2004 15:31

Amazingly, the report of the official investigation of the violent death of America's first Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal, had been kept secret for some 55 years. Perhaps just as amazingly, the author, on his third FOIA attempt, was able to obtain it in April of this year. Now, after careful analysis and additional research, he presents his conclusions.

ANALYSIS: Investigate Who Burnt CBS/Rather

marco, 25.09.2004 14:31

Figure out exactly who burned CBS, and you'll see
the real face(s) of just who attacks Kerry, Nader
AND Cobb with such vindictive venom. Ghost of Lee
Atwater, huh???

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

King Amdo, 25.09.2004 08:50

Article in the UK Broadsheet - The Guardian.

The Detection of Sixteen Dead Bodies in A mass Grave in Falluja

res hack, 25.09.2004 01:00

(US dead buried in mass graves with pics)

La organización para avanzar en la Revolución Bolivariana

Guayú De Falkón, 24.09.2004 23:37

Hay que pasar de un gobierno nacionalista de solidaridad con el pueblo a un gobierno del pueblo, a un gobierno popular. Esto requiere la subversión de la realidad política y orgánica. Subvertir el camino de la reversión de los avances políticos que nos conducen por una vía extraña, ruta que casi no percibimos, a la explotación y dominación imperial eterna.

Was there a NORAD stand down on 9-11?

brent herbert, 24.09.2004 23:06

That there was a stand down ordered which kept military aircraft grounded on 9-11 has become widely accepted as the gospel truth, and the most powerful evidence for a Bush-Cheney conspiracy in that they deliberately allowed the hijackers to suceed. But is that really what happened?

Video: &quot;Massacre of Civilians in Fallujah&quot;

Unknown, 24.09.2004 22:52

Retired Special Forces soldier Stan Goff comments: "The “tell” is in the audio. When the pilot asks permission to fire, he reports a large number of people… not armed people. People. And permission is granted instantly. This is an indication that the mission guidance is to shoot anyone who is in the street."

9 11

me, 24.09.2004 22:41


Tom Manley, Green Party of Canada, Agriculture and Food Advocate, 24.09.2004 22:17

(Ottawa - Sept 24, 2004) - Monsanto Canada's application earlier this month for the approval of a genetically modified alfalfa is another knife in the back of Canadian family farms who are struggling for simple survival, said Green Party of Canada Agriculture Advocate Tom Manley today.

Dia de la resistencia

los sin voz, 24.09.2004 22:05

jugando de locales invitacion al pueblo americano a resisisteir

Cuando la historia se narra a sí misma.

Clara Rebottaro Pettinari, 24.09.2004 21:39

A partir de la película dirigida por Mariana Arruti, "Trelew", surge este pequeño ensayo que hace referencia a nuestra historia, a como hoy se cuanta y lo que genera en la Argentina del 2004.


POLL POSTER, 24.09.2004 21:28

let the chicago tribune know how you feel about the dismal house of blues position on hate speech

there is a poll here,1,5002551.story?coll=chi-news-hed&vote14367150=1

Ridge Reports Investments in Homeland Security Contractors

By Tim Starks, CQ Staff, 24.09.2004 20:50

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge had investments last year in a number of companies with contracts with his department and others who want to profit from homeland security, a new list of his assets shows.

Underneath His Suit, George Bush is Naked

DocumentRoot, 24.09.2004 20:30

I read a lot about how George Bush is responsible for 9/11 and how his administration is stealing money using the military budget, and how he's destroying environmental legislation, how he's working with the Saudi's to establish control over the world's oil supply, etc.

U.S. Civil Rights Commission hears indigenous at border

Brenda Norrell, 24.09.2004 20:27

Tohono O'odham testifies to abuse by U.S. Border Patrol and militarization of border under Homeland Security

Beheadings: Slaughter by Terrorists

The American People Stand United in Fighting Terrorists, 24.09.2004 19:54

If John Kerry Thinks President Bush shouldn't go after these TERRORISTS then watch these horrifying videos!

Boycott NPR, Here Are Alternatives

Winston, 24.09.2004 19:05

National Public Radio as many of you already know has become the next target of corporate sponsorship which conflicts with the public interest. As an alternative, go to for a list of other online and FM stations you can listen to from almost anywhere.

Manifestation internationale à Genève - Suisse

Ursula Mazzucchetti, 24.09.2004 17:20

Participez à la manifestation internationale contre les expériences sur les animaux financées par Serono! Date: le 30 octobre 2004, à Genève, Suisse.

Internationale Demonstration in Genf - Schweiz

Ursula Mazzucchetti, 24.09.2004 17:16

Verpass nicht die internationale Demonstration am 30. Oktober 2004 gegen die von Serono finanzierten Tierversuche!

International demo in Geneva- Switzerland

Ursula Mazzucchetti, 24.09.2004 17:04

Don't miss the international demo against the vivisection experiments financed by Serono! 30 October 2004, Geneva, Switzerland.

The terror, the terror

Richard Beeston, 24.09.2004 15:47

Iraq is becoming daily more chaotic and murderous, says Richard Beeston. DVDs of beheadings are selling in their thousands. Westerners are hated and live in constant fear

Boston Social Forum: Significance, Achievements and Some Lessons Learned

Suren Moodliar and Jason Pramas, 24.09.2004 15:37

analysis of the recent Boston Social Forum by two of its organizers

Ohio GOP: Criminal Syndicate

Greens For Kerry member, 24.09.2004 15:34

Birds Of The USA Vote Democratic serial executioners, privatized prisons,
factory farms, insurance scams, predatory lending

And now the war news as 1042 GI's are &quot;Officially confirmed&quot; killed in Iraq

jamie, 24.09.2004 11:03

And now the war news as 1042 GI's are "Officially confirmed" killed in Iraq. Details of the most recent report of follow:

Rumsfeld sets stage for mass disenfranchisement of Iraqi voters

Me, 24.09.2004 05:58

Within hours of George Bush's assurance that "free and fair" elections in Iraq would proceed on schedule, he was sharply contradicted by Donald Rumsfeld, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say Rumsfeld's remarks give a clearer idea of what the United States considers "free and fair."


MICHAEL MOORE (Traducción de Andrés Capelán), 24.09.2004 03:07

La última nota de la lista de distribución de Michael Moore, haciendo un repaso de las metamorfosis de las opiniones del presidente Bush sobre Saddam Hussein (23.09.04)

abrazo simbólico al &quot;Olimpo&quot;

vecinos por la memoria, 23.09.2004 23:30

Actividad vecinal sobre un Centro de Desapariciones y torturas de la época de la dictadura del 76 al 83 que todavía permanece en poder de la Policía Federal

Montana Indian tribes oppose return to cyanide mining

Brenda Norrell, 23.09.2004 22:20

Mining industry pushes for more cyanide mining, while streams remain poisoned by the last cyanide mining company that declared bankruptcy

La Línea de Investigación

Luis Bonilla-Molina, 23.09.2004 20:52

En este trabajo el autor desmitifica las lineas de investigación como parte de los procesos de educación popular.

Lewis and Clark told to halt

Laurel Stone, 23.09.2004 19:48

Photo: Lakota, Dakota, Kiowa, Ponca and Dine' asked the Lewis and Clark Expedition to halt their journey up the Missouri River Saturday, but the expedition refused.

Lakota and Ponca ask 'Lewis and Clark' re-enactors to halt

Carter Camp, 23.09.2004 19:42

Citing the genocide that Lewis and Clark opened the door to, Lakota, Ponca, Dakota, Kiowa and Dine' asked Lewis and Clark re-enactors to halt their journey up the Missouri River Saturday. However, they refused.

bumper sticker again

tr4nqued, 23.09.2004 19:24

bumper sticker one more time

bumper sticker

tr4nqued, 23.09.2004 19:19

bumper sticker

The Solution to Strategic Terror

vantari, 23.09.2004 19:00

The only righteous response to terrorism is to seek justice against those who perpetrated the act. However, as we have seen since 9/11, some governments harboring authoritarian tendencies have used terrorism to pursue their fascist agendas. Their strategy is to use terror as a policial weapon.

Ask yourself ...

booger, 23.09.2004 18:28

Ask yourself the question ... and then ask yourself what you are doing. Pass it on.

Le dossier Robert Ménard — Pourquoi Reporters sans frontières s'acharne sur Cuba

Pablo Velasquez, 23.09.2004 17:21

Lorsqu'il s'agit de Cuba, tout dans le profil de Robert Ménard, patron de Reporters Sans Frontiéres, fait de lui un agent de la CIA, soutient Jean-Guy Allard, journaliste québécois vivant à La Havane, dans son livre Le Dossier Robert Ménard — Pourquoi Reporters sans Frontière s'acharne sur Cuba.

Vote for Kerry on Yahoo

OneMonthtoOurFuture, 23.09.2004 16:28

It seems there is a huge move by the Bush supporters to keep anti-Bush policies news out of the Yahoo News and other news agencies. To keep the words of Kerry and others visible on yahoo news, vote 5 (your rating for the article) on the following news articles. Rating decides how long the article will stay visible on yahoo news.

Protesta por despidos masivos de periodistas

A. Laespada, 23.09.2004 16:13

La entrada en el sector de los medios de comunicación de empresariso advenidizos, que han rebajado hasta lo inaguantable las condiciones laborales, ha provocado la indignación de los periodistas de Albacete, que se han concentrado para proetestar.


Jefferson Smith, 23.09.2004 16:06

In the senate confirmation vote on Porter Goss, Senators Kerry and Edwards didn't lift a finger to stop Bush's lackey Porter Goss from his plans to take power and restructure the CIA, escalating/accelerating the agency's role as Bush's personal gestapo.

The Times: Quit Iraq, and quit fast. It's that simple

Simon Jenkins, 23.09.2004 15:50

The brave recourse now is to realism, to admit that a war which cannot be won should soonest be abandoned. Britain should leave Iraq in January, whatever a new American President decides.

Festival Mundial de la Juventud y los Estudiantes

Wikénferd Oliver, 23.09.2004 15:00

Delegación Venezolana culmina II Gira Informativa a Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires y Montevideo.

the art of peace

x_amin_one, 23.09.2004 14:08

an x_amin_one revolution


Luis Salas. R, 23.09.2004 13:35

Quizá el cambio más importante de la revolución bolivariana sea la manera de entender y atender la exclusión. En tal sentido, en pocos años hemos transitado de un Estado que hacía una gestión policial de la misma a otro cuyo principio es la democracia popular y participativa. Sobre este cambio trata este artículo.

Bush Re-election Matrerial courtesy of Ashcroft

Rengi Neer, 23.09.2004 12:51

Office of National Drug Control Policy, Executive Office of the President. "STX.HIDTA.NET" is the HIDTA Southwest Texas office in San Antonio.
Subject: Terrorist attack on US Soil is Imminent
Importance: High


NASILSINIZ, 23.09.2004 10:31


US electoral results will be unverifiable despite of any OSCE control

emanuele lombardi, 23.09.2004 08:15

Public opinion is suggested not to worry about the correctness of the result of the next US presidential election since it will be certified by the OSCE international ovservers, but the OSCE says it will not certify any result!

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