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The possessed, 09.12.2012 03:34

On a late thursday night, a group of friends used a quogi board to try and communicate with a recently lost friend. What started as a night of sorrow and loss, became a whirlwind of drunken decadence. We were possessed by a force and found ourselves having filthy anonymous sex at the failing gay bar and wrecking everything in sight. When we awoke ravin left us a note saying they slashed the tires of a few cars parked outside the cop bar, and vomited on the courthouse building.

witches never die,
the possessed

Lyon 3/12 : un succès malgré tout

redaction infoaut, traduit de l'Italien par le comité no tav paris, 08.12.2012 23:51

Réflexions à chaud sur les points forts et les limites de la journée de mobilisation franco-italienne contre la ligne à grande vitesse



Tras el anuncio del despido de más de 60 trabajadores y trabajadoras, la reducción del salario y jornada un 50% a más de 200 y el desmantelamiento del servicio público, los y las trabajadoras y vecinas de Alcorcón se movilizan durante Noviembre y Diciembre

A Peace treaty between Israel and Palestine

M. Radh Achuthan, 08.12.2012 17:07

People are interested in realizing human rights for themselves. The elite who have it, are in no hurry to universalize it. Palestinians are treated as 'un-persons'. Given the current capability for instant communication within human consciousness through the Internet, even the rights once granted USA citizens seem a burden to the international 'money-cartel'.

Obama Plans African Wars

Stephen Lendman, 08.12.2012 08:50


Raising Money for Killers

Stephen Lendman, 08.12.2012 08:15


EDM Music Takes Over

Marissa Morin, 08.12.2012 05:30

Summarization of how electronic music took over the nation

médecines parallèles et dérives sectaires

Atlan, 07.12.2012 13:08

Nous avons souvent la faiblesse de croire que le monde médico-scientifique oeuvre avec passion et dévouement pour le bien de l’humanité, alors qu’il s’agit d’une industrie qui génère des intérêts d’autant plus colossaux qu’ils sont directement financés par des États crédules et parfois complices.

Open Letter to US President Barack Obama on Overlong Copyrights

Wesley Parish, 07.12.2012 10:35

Sensible lenders ask exhaustive lists of questions on being approached for loans; I want to ask such a set of questions about posthumous copyright protection, since copyright protection is supposed to promote further artistic and scientific endeavours. How do I posthumously approach a publishing house with a posthumous artistic creation? How do I get posthumously paid? Inquiring minds ...

Middle East on the Boil

Stephen Lendman, 07.12.2012 08:40


Netanyahu's Israel

Stephen Lendman, 07.12.2012 08:16


The Zombie Drug: are bath salts really the threat we're lead to believe?

Avan Curran, 07.12.2012 07:21

News organizations all over the world reported on Rudy Eugene's gruesome attack on Ronald Poppo, tearing Poppo's face off with his teeth. The news that a new class of designer stimulants called "bath salts" were the cause of the murder spread like wildfire, but was it true?

PHILIPPINES: The Emotional Calculus of Armed Conflict

Jurgette Honculada, 07.12.2012 03:39

CPP-NPA HOW DO I TREAT THEE? Let me count the ways. Statistics from the AFP-PNP over a 33-year period (1978-2010) report an aggregate of 29,553 fatalities in the ongoing conflict between GPH and the CPP-NPA categorized thus: 13,412 Communists (45%), 8,264 military and police (28%) and 7,877 civilians (21%). This further translates into 80 deaths daily for the period: 36 Communists, 23 soldiers and police, and 21 civilians.

Clara y evidente MANIPULACION E INFILTRACION POLICIAL del CNI en el MOVIMIENTO 15M (Coordinacion Estatal)

Jesús Hidalgo, 07.12.2012 00:09

Hemos dado en el centro de la diana con nuestras denuncias. Ahora sí que estamos cien por cien seguros de la denuncia que hicimos sobre que la mayoría de estos pocos miembros de Coordinación Estatal del 15M que muestran actitudes de manipulación de su grupo, insultando, descalificando, difamando, calumniando, creando prejuicios, justificando la censura... son policías infiltrados y/o miembros de otras oscuras organizaciones...

The Consequences of NOT Adhering to the Guidelines of Media Censorship

J.Rico, 06.12.2012 23:14

The coverage of an Occuppy Movement activity has since been the cause for legal action against journalists by the District Attorney alleging that coverage of the story was felony vandalism amongst other things.

Prison Reform and Prisoners Rights in California

J.Rico, 06.12.2012 22:09

With the support of the Occupy movement, prisoners in the CA system are making a peace pledge and seeking support for a list of changes they would like to see happen with the American Justice System.

Daño en las neuronas del cerebro con el consumo de éxtasis.

L. RONALD HUBBARD, 06.12.2012 15:36

En 1998, el Instituto Nacional de la Salud Mental condujo un estudio de un grupo pequeño de consumidores habituales de MDMA, también llamado metilendioximetanfetamina (MDMA) que estaban pasando por abstinencia.

Corruption in Israel

Stephen Lendman, 06.12.2012 08:36


Israel: Heading for a Political Cliff?

Stephen Lendman, 06.12.2012 08:01


Mailand: Antifa niedergestochen

antifami, 06.12.2012 07:59

Mailand: Antifa niedergestochen Am frühen Sonntag Abend, dem 02. Dezember 2012, wurde ein Antifaschist in Mailand von Neonazis niedergestochen.

Sakarya Fırat 125. Bölüm fragmanı

sibel, 06.12.2012 02:14

Sakarya Fırat 125. bölüm fragmanı sitemizde paylasilmistir

Pay Equality

Camille Swain, 06.12.2012 00:06

This op-ed speaks to the pay gap in-between men and women in corporate America. It also shows how men are able to move up on the corporate latter even in women's job titles.

Daño en las neuronas del cerebro con el consumo de éxtasis.

Consuelo Palacios, 05.12.2012 23:04

¿Cuáles son los efectos a largo plazo del abuso del éxtasis?

BATTLE OF NOTRE-DAME-DES-LANDES: Megalomaniac Airport Project In Western France

marco for Christine, Klee and others on location, 05.12.2012 22:12

During the weekend of 23-25 November, violent clashes occurred, as military police attacked activists and environmentalists on an area slated for an airport project in Notre-Dame-des-Landes – a village near Nantes, while riot police violently dispersed a support demonstration in the city. The events have forced major media and politicians to publicly admit that there is an issue.

The Social Potential of “Doing, Suffering, and Creating”

Shaun Riley, 05.12.2012 19:41

How psychologist and philosopher William James's idea of "doing, suffering, and creating" can be interpreted for inclusion within a social context.

A New Women's Rights Movement

Andrea Roskam, 05.12.2012 18:30

Women's rights, and how we are still fighting for them today.

Monsanto Stole California's Prop 37

Andrea Roskam, 05.12.2012 18:25

Monsanto paid a lot of money so prop 37 would not pass in California.

Monsanto Stole California's Prop 37

Andrea Roskam, 05.12.2012 18:25

Monsanto paid a lot of money so prop 37 would not pass in California.

More actions from prevent abuse against children.

Consuelo, 05.12.2012 18:10

Children from both red and blue states are our future. One day they will spend part of their first Tuesday in November waiting in line to exercise their democratic voice.


Carole Menduni et Doris Buttignol, 05.12.2012 16:51

L’alerte est lancée dans le sud est de la France début 2011 : le gaz de schiste arrive dans nos villages, nos paysages, nos vies ! Le gaz de quoi ?

Carnet de route d’une mobilisation citoyenne imprévue, le film témoigne des soubresauts d’une société prise au piège d’un modèle économique en crise en suivant pendant deux ans l’organisation d’un mouvement de résistance historique qui va faire reculer les industriels et


A bit less than four years have elapsed since the bursting out of the subprime slump, and the global economy that only a few months ago, most of the (economic) analysts forecasted in strong and resolute recovery, is instead on the edge of a precipice.

The massive amount of liquid assets injection, carried out in these years from all central banks and particularly by the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank , if, from one side, has fostered the rescue of the global banking system, on the other side, has marked a very strong acceleration to the growth of sovereign debt so to render it unbearable for many countries.

Israel Gives Chutzpah New Meaning

Stephen Lendman, 05.12.2012 08:47


En la calle en España por la oficina fiscal holandés

NN, 05.12.2012 08:32

En la calle en España por la oficina fiscal holandés

Venezuelans Vote Again

Stephen Lendman, 05.12.2012 08:23


Help This Man...he needs a sponsor for the truths that he has

Paul Collins, 04.12.2012 22:47

The author of unwanted publicity has been publishing truths about the financial world for some time. He is now homeless. He needs help.

Construyendo un mundo sin sus gentes, la globalización

Joel Serafín Almenara, 04.12.2012 19:28

El artículo versa sobre la globalización, comparando distintos países con España; sus pros y sus contras, etc.

CheapFlights Podcast Reveals the Best Places to Shop in New York This Christmas

Matthew Lobas, 04.12.2012 12:31

The Logo New York is streets ahead when it comes to shopping, especially at Christmas according to Lindsey Kelk, author of I Heart New York, speaking in the latest podcast from Cheapflights UK. The podcast will appeal to everyone who loves shopping, New York, or both. In the run up to Christmas, many people get on a plane and undertake some retail therapy in one of the busiest cities on earth. In fact over a million people left the UK to visit New York in 2011, many of those with shopping high on their to-do list.

Israeli Settlement Construction Fallout

Stephen Lendman, 04.12.2012 08:41


NNC News Interviews Lendman

Stephen Lendman, 04.12.2012 07:57


This Way Out: &quot;Rhapsody&quot;+&quot;Tea Leaves&quot;+&quot;Strong Love&quot;+global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 04.12.2012 02:00

Discovering "Strong (gay) Love" songs from the 1970s UK and US; waxing rhapsodic about KG MacGregor's new lesbian romance novel "Rhapsody"; reading Janet Mason's "Tea Leaves"; the UN moves to block trans executions, gay couples sue for happiness in Singapore and Taiwan, a Nevada federal judge decides that marriage equality scares off straights, and more LGBT news from around the world.

Princes Street Blocked by N14 Solidarity

faus, 03.12.2012 22:45

Last Wednesday evening saw a large demonstration in support of the European General Strike of November 14th. More than 200(? I can’t count like that) people, recent arrivals from Spain or Greece plus longer-term residents and "native" Scots gathered at St Giles Cathedral, surprising themselves and the unaware police.


Paola Martinez, 03.12.2012 22:34

Two student organizations at Florida Atlantic University – Be Aware, Share and Act for Peace (ASAP) and the Sociology Student Association – teamed up with Youth for Human Rights of Florida (YHRF) in a march, speeches and musical performances to celebrate United Nations Day of Tolerance.

Turkey fines TV channel for &quot;The Simpsons&quot; blasphemy of Islam

Canadianwatch, 03.12.2012 20:53

Mohamadian are coming into Canada. Barbaric Islamic Sharia is not far way. Welcome you Islamic into Canada.

Derrière les murs, ça chauffe! Het is heet achter de muren!

kyle, 03.12.2012 20:18

Le 6 novembre dernier, les matons de la prison de Malines font une grève de 24h pour réclamer plus d'effectifs. Pendant cette grève, ils seront remplacés par des policiers qui refusent toute sortie de cellule.

How Is All That In The Interest Of Taxpayers

Sudhama Ranganathan, 03.12.2012 17:14

Our democracy here in my country, America, has brought many positive things. It has brought positive things for Americans and for people living abroad. It has inspired others to try and have a more equal and free system of government in their own nations. It has inspired the best and the brightest from other nations to come to our nation seeking a better life for themselves, thus contributing something to their lives and to our nation. Positive things no doubt.

Waging War on Palestine

Stephen Lendman, 03.12.2012 08:25


Susan Rice's Imperial Credentials

Stephen Lendman, 03.12.2012 07:52


RadioAzione: Dirette di Azioni in Diretta!

RadioAzione, 02.12.2012 13:16

RadioAzione - frequenza di Azioni in Diretta

Punishing Palestine

Stephen Lendman, 02.12.2012 08:32


Secret US Construction in Israel

Stephen Lendman, 02.12.2012 08:00


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