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gary coleman, 12.12.2012 09:25


Why are government statistics on taxpayer migration being discontinued?

Ken Milford, 12.12.2012 09:07

Why are government statistics on taxpayer migration being discontinued?

Syria: Tightening the Noose

Stephen Lendman, 12.12.2012 08:52


25 de Noviembre: Día Internacional de la Eliminación a La Violencia Contra La Mujer

Diidxa de The Rebel Press, 12.12.2012 08:29

25 de Noviembre A pesar de la incertidumbre e inseguridad que se vive en el país, una multitud en su mayoría mujeres salió a las calles de la ciudad de México en conmemoración del 25 de Noviembre.

Twitter- the AK-47 of the first social media war.

Vlad Tarmure, Zeijin Yin, Giuseppe Coco, Gulzar Yakup, 12.12.2012 08:26

In 2006, when Jack Dorsey created Twitter, his goal was to provide a simple and fast way for individuals to communicate with their groups. Nobody thought back then that, in only 6 years time, Twitter would become the modern version of AK-47 and be used in what seems to be the first ever-social media war, carried between the Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas.

Lawsuits for Information on Drones

Stephen Lendman, 12.12.2012 08:05


Op-Ed: Temperatures on the Rise

Jacob Thornton, 12.12.2012 07:40

Temperatures on the Rise

Op-Ed: Rising Tides of Climate Change

Jacob Thornton, 12.12.2012 07:38

El Salvador will lose somewhere between 10 percent and 28 percent of its coastal territories in the next century as a result of rising seas caused by climate change.

Temperatures on the Rise

Jacob Thornton, 12.12.2012 07:35

Global temperature will rise by at least 6 degrees Celsius by the year 2100

Sandy Linked to Global Warming

Michelle Johnson, 12.12.2012 07:34

Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast of the UNited States leaving a fortune of damages. While people believe this is just an unlucky event, the super storm has been linked to global climate change.

Mothers &amp; Prison: The Lost Generation

Jacob Thornton, 12.12.2012 07:32

Investigation into the lives of those effected by mothers in prison, and the challenges in which motherless children face.

Drone Attacks are Counterproductive

Michelle Johnson, 12.12.2012 07:32

Although many Americans believe drones are a helpful machine in our military force, they do not see the damage that is actually being done in the country of Pakistan. Many innocent civilians, including children, have been killed by these drone attacks.

Money Rules America

Michelle Johnson, 12.12.2012 07:22

In America, money has become more important than the air we breath. Money has even become a huge factor in the 2012 presidential election.

Global Climate Change Threatens Everyone

Michelle Johnson, 12.12.2012 07:17

The threat of global climate change on a global scale. With global climate change people may see rising food costs.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in War Veterans

Alisa SUsan, 12.12.2012 07:08

The affects of war on veterans returning home, and the failing screening systems of psychological health.

Healthy Food Consumption - Is it Possible?

Alisa Susan, 12.12.2012 07:04

This article is about the difficulty in finding unprocessed, truly organic, healthy foods.

Occupy Still Underdeveloped

Elizabeth Day, 12.12.2012 04:49

Has Occupy reached its full potential? I think not. The fact of the matter is that it has simply done a poor job at educating fellow peers who also fall under the 99%.

The Future for Older Americans

Alejandro Aguas, 12.12.2012 04:48

This is an op-ed about the reality of what happens to older Americans. Many people believe that older people are a burden. They believe that they will burden younger Americans. There needs to be a plan on how to deal with the growing population of the entire world.

The Aftermath: Birth Defects Human Cost of the War in Iraq

Alison Clarke, 12.12.2012 00:30

The Iraqi civilians aren’t the only ones facing the current extremes of the U.S and British invasion of their country, so are their children. Not just their children who were old enough to walk and talk at the time of the invasion, but the ones in their mother’s wombs who faced the aftermath of our destructive behavior. Recent studies found that the number of babies in the regions of Fallujah and Basrah that were born with birth defects increased by more than 60 percent in the past seven years.

The New Normal: A False Allusion

Alison Clarke, 12.12.2012 00:26

It is all intentional. It is a trap to keep us under their wing. Today, over 12.5 million people are officially unemployed. There are 9.5 million more who are not officially unemployed; they are the “discouraged workers” who have given up looking for work. In August 2012, 368,000 more went from officially unemployed, to unofficially. The numbers are still the same, those people are still jobless. We are still the caterpillars that have yet to blossom into flourishing butterflies. Unemployment is a matter that gets pushed under the rug more often than most can even imagine. People know that it is an occurrence but once the corporate media coverage stops, the issue catches the breeze and disappears into the afternoon sky. We need to open our eyes and realize how the government and corporations have us fooled.

Fight Against Nuclear Weapons

John Snow, 11.12.2012 20:17

Follow the fight against local nuclear plants.

Health Services at Sonoma State University

Sarah, 11.12.2012 19:24

Students in Investigative Sociology researched health care at Sonoma State University to see if students were happy with the healthcare provided and were aware of the cost of healthcare.

SMART Fails to Reach Expectations

Kyle Shaw-Powell, 11.12.2012 17:34

The SMART Train project in the North Bay Area has had troubles with budgeting and construction. With the separation of the project into two phases, this have an effect on communities who will not receive the train's services until after the second phase is completed. What strides is SMART making to make up for those being left out of phase one?

On Typhoon Bhopa and the Doha Conference

Akbayan, PLM, Asia Social Movements Assembly, 11.12.2012 13:49

Typhoon Bhopa (Pablo) Typhoon Bhopa (Philippine name Pablo) have resulted to a total number of 647 casualties, with another 1,842 people injured, and 780 missing.


sdfsdafasdfdsaf, 11.12.2012 09:31


Syria Boils

Stephen Lendman, 11.12.2012 08:33


Philippine Statements on the International Human Rights Day

Akbayan, PM, Amin, APL, 11.12.2012 08:11

1) Akbayan on the Observance of the International Human Rights Day
2) Workers hold Jericho March at San Miguel in celebration of human rights day
3) Pahayag sa Pandaigdigang Araw ng Karapatang Pantao
4) Another World is Possible! Reject the Policies of Neoliberalism! Protect the Working Class!

Abbas: Betrayal Pays Well

Stephen Lendman, 11.12.2012 07:58


AMIN Joins Mindanao Week of Peace 2012 Celebrations

Anak Mindanao (AMIN) Party, 11.12.2012 04:49

Anak Mindanao (AMIN) Party List PHILIPPINES: Anak Mindanao (AMIN) Party List members joined the Solidarity-Cultural Walk for Peace from Bantayog ng mga Bayani to the Quezon City Memorial Circle this morning (December 5, 2012) for the culmination ceremony of this year’s Mindanao Week of Peace celebration.

Objectification Through Mass Media

Tiffany Black, 11.12.2012 04:16

The media is very influential and has a major impact on how a person views his/herself. This article briefly outlines the objectification of women and men through the media and notes how objectification can result in a negative outcome in self-esteem, because one is trying to mimic images in the media that are unreal.

Dogs Used as Live Bait

Nick Paine, 11.12.2012 04:03

Dogs are being used as live shark bait of the island of Reunion.

Save the Rainforests

Nick Paine, 11.12.2012 02:43

Why being friendly toward the rainforests will benefit everyone.

This Way Out: SCOTUS mulls marriage+other global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 11.12.2012 02:43

The U.S. Supreme Court takes the bait for marriage equality, the Mexican Supreme Court's Oaxaca ruling portends national wedding rights, elder lesbians are first in line for their Washington marriage license, a Black gay couple joins the "Jet" set, an Israeli gay couple finally gets permission to end their Canadian union, "Sulu" advocates among the "Archies", and more LGBT news from around the world.
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Clean the Litter

Nick Paine, 11.12.2012 02:40

Littering is becoming a problem. Nowadays, there are many ways this problem can be solved by everyone.

Full Freedom

JM, 11.12.2012 01:19

eliminating age restrictions for military personnel

Eagle Vs. Human. Eagle wins.

Anonymous, 10.12.2012 23:29

The right to live,

Eating Locally and Intelligently Helps the Environment

Taylor Young, 10.12.2012 19:19

This article is going to give an insight on how eating locally can be better for you and your local envionment

Alba Dorata, la scalata neonazista in Italia parte da Torino

antifami, 10.12.2012 16:24

Alba Dorata in Piemonte. Parte da qui la scalata politica del partito che s'ispira all'omonimo neonazista greco.
Esponente del nuovo movimento di estrema destra è Bruno Berardi, ex Fiamma Tricolore e figlio del maresciallo di polizia ucciso a Torino delle Brigate Rosse.

Preemptive Strike on Syria Looms

Stephen Lendman, 10.12.2012 08:38


Netanyahu Mocks Legitimate Governance

Stephen Lendman, 10.12.2012 08:03


ctification Thrpoug Mass Media

Tiffany Black, 10.12.2012 04:52

The media is very influential and has a major impact on how a person views his/herself. This article briefly outlines the objectification of women and men through the media and notes how objectification can result in a negative outcome in self-esteem, because one is trying to mimic images in the media that are unreal.

Tax Revenue of Big Box stores affect Rohnert Park

anonymous, 10.12.2012 04:23

In the small town of Rohnert Park, California big box sales tax revenue creates most of the profit for the city. Rohnert Park has become heavily reliant on this tax revenue. How can Rohnert Park survive if one of the big box stores decided to leave?

Los fondos buitres

Anónimo, 10.12.2012 03:57

Elliott Associates y sus colegas del rubro buitres, tienen un largo historial de compra de deudas de Estados con el propósito de entablar juicios contra ellas.

Capitalist Education and Learned Helplessness

Shaun Riley, 10.12.2012 03:10

A hypothesis concerning the connection between capitalist education and learned helplessness.



La Asociación Cooperativa de Recicladores de Bogotá se encuentra perseguida por ser la tutelante de los derechos de los recicladores a permanecer en el oficio y por reclamar la concreción del Auto 275 de 2011 la alcaldia mayor de Bogotá se rehusa a reconocerlos y promueve falsas organizaciones de recicladores.

How about Quantitative Easing for the People?

Anatole Kaletsky, 09.12.2012 21:26

Distributing money to the general public was the one response to intractable recessions and liquidity traps that united Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes. Their main difference was that Friedman proposed dropping dollar bills out of helicopters, while Keynes suggested burying pound notes in chests that unemployed workers could dig up.

Nelson Mandela has died

Rohit Kachroo (Freelance Africa Correspondent), 09.12.2012 17:09

The Late Nelson Mandela Sources close to the former South African leader and anti-apartheid activist have informed this journalist that Mr. Mandela has passed away.

NATO Intervention in Syria Imminent

Stephen Lendman, 09.12.2012 08:19


Hamas Commemorates 25th Anniversary

Stephen Lendman, 09.12.2012 07:50


Asia Television Forum, Bahamas Int'l Film Fest, Art Basel Miami, Monaco Int'l Film Fest, are event highlights in December, 09.12.2012 04:04

&quot;A Portrait of America&quot; curated by Ramses Granados continues its run at the Joy ATF is held in conjunction with ScreenSingapore, to present trading possibilities through a seamless TV and Film market, conference, networking opportunities, and gala film premiere. Opening party by RSVP only at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark...

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