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PHILIPPINES: Workers party-list group petitions SC to overturn disqualification

Labor Party Coalition - Philippines, 30.12.2012 11:41

Labor Party Coalition - Philippines The newly-formed workers party-list Partido ng Manggagawa Coalition (PM Coalition) today filed a petition at the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the Commission on Elections resolution disqualifying the group. In its petition, PM also sought a temporary restraining order on the scheduled raffle of party-list names and printing of the ballots in January.

Israel's Squandered Future - Open Letter to Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Wesley Parish, 30.12.2012 10:34

Wealth represents power; power represents wealth. Israel is the resident Great Power in the eastern Mediterranean, and should have everyone else "cosying up" to it. Instead, Israelis complain about Arab Anti-Semitism while maintaining anti-Arab bigotry horribly reminiscent of the worst of Christian Europe's anti-Muslim bigotry. So, israel is not long for this world.

Cliff Notes

Stephen Lendman, 30.12.2012 08:14

class war

Congress Extends Warrantless Spying

Stephen Lendman, 30.12.2012 07:41

police state

Israel detains 3848 Palestinians, including 881 children in 2012

Fathi Tobail, 29.12.2012 20:42

Israel practices inhumane policies against Palestinian prisoners The Director of the Department of Statistics at the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners, Abdel Nasser Farawana stated that the Israeli occupation authorities have arrested during the year 2012, (3848) Palestinian citizens, including (881) children, (67) women, (11) parliamentarians, and (9) who have been freed in the last exchange deal between Hamas and Israel, in addition to dozens of academics, journalists, teachers, political leaders, and civil community leaders.

&quot;Committed To Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures&quot;: A Fraud

geral, 29.12.2012 20:25

geral Summary: The law invites the ruling class, the government, the intelligence services, etc., to silence their adversaries while pretending to 'heal' them.

Cold War Politics Heats Up

Stephen Lendman, 29.12.2012 08:13


Israel's Long Arm

Stephen Lendman, 29.12.2012 07:36


Bahraini State Terror

Stephen Lendman, 28.12.2012 18:17


A call from Palestine to the European Union four years after Israel’s 2008 war on Gaza

ISM Palestine, 28.12.2012 12:00

On the fourth anniversary of Israel’s 2008-2009 war on Gaza in which it killed 1400 Palestinians including 300 children, a call urging EU citizens to ask their representatives to suspend the EU’s trade agreements with Israel, until it complies with international law has been issued by grassroots networks and organizations across Palestine.

West Rebellion justified: could ensure global ethical human rights 'bottom-line'

Anthony Ravlich, 28.12.2012 10:23

Decision at UN in Dec 2008, strongly favored Asia (China) over West, and led to Global Financial Crisis, 2009. West could fight for a global ethical human rights 'bottom-line' which would mean fair competition without exploitation.

Moscow Talks on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 28.12.2012 06:36


Avigdor Lieberman Faces New Charges

Stephen Lendman, 28.12.2012 06:04


Indiegogo Campaign Aims to Raise Money to Squat House Pilfered by Intentional Community

Gayla Groom, 27.12.2012 23:12

My house stolen by nonprofit corporation Rocinante A nonprofit corporation evicted old and disabled people who built houses on its land in accord with its mission — without compensating them for their houses. Now one disabled homeowner is using Indiegogo to raise funds so she can go get her house back.

Acting American: Innovative Theatre Program Helps Immigrant Teens Succeed

Flushing International Players, 27.12.2012 22:19

Flushing International students take a break from rehearsing &quot;Tartuffe.&quot; New York City high school students and recent arrivals to the United States, perform classic works of Shakespeare and Molière to adjust and succeed in their new home.

'No-kill' is no solution to animal homelessness

By Teresa Chagrin, 27.12.2012 17:30

Every caring person wants to end the need for euthanasia of homeless dogs and cats. But the only real and humane way for communities to become no-kill is to first become no-birth—by passing mandatory spay/neuter legislation and by outlawing the unregulated breeding and sale of animals by breeders, pet shops and puppy mills.

Netanyahu/Lieberman Coalition

Stephen Lendman, 27.12.2012 11:56


Chavez Struggles to Recover

Stephen Lendman, 27.12.2012 11:21


MI5 Betrayed Nailomb Victims

Beezer, 27.12.2012 10:02

The victims of the Admiral Duncan,Brick Lane and Brixton nailbombings have been forgotten and the security services have any attempt to have a public enquirey. This is because Satanist agent provocateur David Myatt was responsible for the deaths. He walked free because the Government wanted the whole thing covered up.

Los Corredores Ilustran la Libertad por un Mundo Libre de Drogas 

Paola Martinez, 27.12.2012 06:37

1550 corredores compitieron en la ’24 ª Anual de "Di no a las drogas" en las tradicionales fiestas.

third world war

dave rankin, 26.12.2012 23:40

a multimedia art project launched for the purpose of awareness about the consequences of war

Stealth Euthanasia

Ron Panzer, 26.12.2012 21:27

When physicians, attorneys and judges as well as other leaders of our society no longer affirm the sanctity of life, and when leaders within health care no longer pledge to "do no harm," there is no obstacle to the devaluation of selected lives and the discarding of those lives. ... the end of the road in a patient's health care journey.


PAPA, 26.12.2012 18:21

01-07-2012 15:57
01-07-2012 15:57
01-07-2012 15:57

Human Rights Get Short Shrift in Israel

Stephen Lendman, 26.12.2012 16:26

police state

OWS Activists Called Domestic Changes

Stephen Lendman, 26.12.2012 08:11

police state

Scrambling for Africa's Resources

Stephen Lendman, 26.12.2012 07:50


PETRO URREGO enfrenta en Colombia, la continuidad de la guerra a través de la política

Luis Manuel CARRERO GOMEZ, 25.12.2012 14:31

En otros términos, la plutocracia fue mâs inteligente electoralmente. Se trataba de ganar la consulta con PETRO URREGO, para después pasarle la cuenta de cobro en las presidencias o como estâ pasando actualmente.

Paraphysique du militantisme

Patrice Faubert, 25.12.2012 14:18

L'imitation du militantisme n'est que le militantisme de l'imitation...

Four More Years of War

Stephen Lendman, 25.12.2012 08:16


Syria's Liberating Struggle Continues

Stephen Lendman, 25.12.2012 07:37


This Way Out: Music for Whatever You're Having

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 24.12.2012 22:27

On this week's special show, JD Doyle, of "Queer Music Heritage" and "OutRadio" fame, serves up some delicious seasonal music by proudly "out" performers from around the world - featuring the Therapy Sisters, Magnus Carlsson, the Indigo Girls, Andy Monroe, Mister Chase & Chris Salvatore, Kevin Wong, Jason Gould, and Melissa Ferrick.
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For whom the bell tolls?

(n)PCI, 24.12.2012 16:07

Then does Newtown Bell not sound for us? Will it never sound in our cities?

Take action – Get involved in the fight for Human Rights.

Consuelo, 24.12.2012 08:57

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights not only exposes human rights violations in the field of mental health, but actively works alongside individuals and groups the world over to bring about much needed reform.

Institutionalizing Indefinite Detention

Stephen Lendman, 24.12.2012 08:15

police state

Israel's Man at State

Stephen Lendman, 24.12.2012 07:46


Why Mad Pride Could Further Discrimination

Shaun Riley, 24.12.2012 00:06

Explanation of why the Mad Pride movement might be harmful to the people it advocates for.

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Imperial Warrior Kerry at State

Stephen Lendman, 23.12.2012 08:11


Piling on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 23.12.2012 07:39


CPP condoles with victims of US school shooting

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), 23.12.2012 01:38

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today expressed its profound sympathies to the family and friends of the victims of the mass shooting of 26 people, including 20 young school children and teachers in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, USA last Friday.

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