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Open Letter to Mr Barack Hussein Obama on Software Patent Nonsense

Wesley Parish, 09.01.2013 09:14

A software patent is an offense to the software programmer: it contradicts his best instincts by expecting him to write bad software, according to the ideology behind the software patent. Only malware fulfills the software patent ideology. It also screws up trust between nations when tagged onto highly secretive Free Trade deals.

La revolución de los comités

Balance. Cuadernos de historia, 09.01.2013 08:16

La revolución de los comités, de Agustín Guillamón, publicada por Aldarull/El Grillo Libertario (2012), es una obra imprescindible sobre la Guerra civil en Cataluña. Desde una novedosa redacción histórica, los propios protagonistas explican, en primera persona del presente, los acontecimientos vividos en la Barcelona revolucionaria durante el segundo semestre de 1936.

New York Times Wages War on Medicare and Social Security

Stephen Lendman, 09.01.2013 07:39

class war

2013 CES &amp; Games Summit, Golden Globes, Sundance Festival, MIDEM, highlight a calendar of headlining events in January, 09.01.2013 07:26

MIDEM - Music industry convention in Cannes, France. Photo credit: 360 Media This year, MIDEM's Innovation Factory Zone is dedicated to discovering the latest cutting edge technologies through live demo sessions, training and mentoring with international experts. Music Pitch Sessions at MIDEM's Brand Central division will have thousands of music professionals present...

Foundation Launches Worldwide Assault on Drugs

Paola Martinez, 08.01.2013 20:13

In 2012, local teams of volunteers handed out more than 45,000 booklets throughout the Tampa Bay area, providing thousands of youth and adults with the valuable information.

Crisis in Greece

Melanie Muehl, 08.01.2013 19:33

n Greece, the functioning society was undermined until it finally collapsed. The crisis has destroyed the social state. A person becomes a kind of predatory wild animal in dramatic situations as now seen in Greece. He only sees himself and his own survival. Sheer necessity drives him to folly. Egoism replaces solidarity.

Western Media War on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 08.01.2013 08:18


New York Times Supports Austerity Harshness

Stephen Lendman, 08.01.2013 07:34

class war

Nepalese journalist buried alive

bpn, 08.01.2013 00:04

A group of Maoist former rebels have been arrested over the death of a journalist during Nepal's civil war, with one of them confessing the reporter was buried alive, police say.

This Way Out: James Hormel's &quot;Fit To Serve&quot; + global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 07.01.2013 23:41

Ambassador James Hormel proves that he was "Fit To Serve"; Brazil barrels toward marriage equality but progress stalls in Uruguay, Taiwan's top court pushes lawmakers to a hasty marriage proposal, wedding bells ring in Maine and Maryland, love texts and queer whiskey seal Cameroonian convictions, the sun will never set on Sally's special spot, and more LGBT news from around the world.
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Paraphysique du dogme

Patrice Faubert, 07.01.2013 18:18

Tout dogme est une église, toute église est un dogme...

Foreign Terrorists Wage War on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 07.01.2013 08:06


America's Lackluster December Jobs Report

Stephen Lendman, 07.01.2013 07:30


Please Sign White House Petition To Stop Un-Manned U.S. Military Drone Strikes Killing Children and Innocent Civilians!

Cris Ericson, 06.01.2013 22:01


Bolivarianism in Venezuela

Stephen Lendman, 06.01.2013 07:56


PA Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

Stephen Lendman, 06.01.2013 07:26


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aututu, 05.01.2013 18:08

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Ciudad presente, ciudad pasado, ciudad futuro, Barranca, Col…hasta cuândo?

Luis Manuel CARRERO GOMEZ, 05.01.2013 14:06

Lo que ya se estâ diciendo es que los tres periodos no han sido fuciente para llevar a cabo CIUDAD FUTURO. Ya se estâ hablando de CIUDAD MAS ALLA DEL FUTURO y CIUDAD FUTURO INTERGALACTICA.

Venezuela's Future

Stephen Lendman, 05.01.2013 08:15


Netanyahu: Unfit to Serve

Stephen Lendman, 05.01.2013 07:39


Another NNC Lendman Interview

Stephen Lendman, 04.01.2013 17:55


Institutionalized Inequality in America

Stephen Lendman, 04.01.2013 08:17

class war

Hardening Israeli Fascism

Stephen Lendman, 04.01.2013 07:36


There is good reason to be optimistic about 2013

By Heather Moore, 03.01.2013 18:22

As we head into the new year, let's reflect upon some of the things that made 2012 memorable for animals—and remember that we can continue to push for progress by taking simple steps such as buying cruelty-free products, choosing meatless meals and wearing animal-friendly fashions.

Women’s rights: Turning point in India, triumph in Manila

Walden Bello, 03.01.2013 11:46

Women’s rights have been in the forefront of international concern over the last few weeks.

Deaths by prescription drugs.

Consuelo, 03.01.2013 08:56

Childs in Risk.
Proliferates the bad Diagnosis and drugging with psychostimulants.

Fiscal Cliff Postmortems

Stephen Lendman, 03.01.2013 08:22

class war

Netanyahu's Warning

Stephen Lendman, 03.01.2013 07:31


Capitalism is Gangst! Biotech, Biopiracy, GMO, etc

AfricansArise, 02.01.2013 22:08

Just sharing some thoughts on biopiracy, one of the cutting edges of Capitalist gangsterism.

Why We Are Collecting Signatures for  Human Rights Education

Paola Martinez, 02.01.2013 20:13

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a solution to prevent the horrors of World War II from ever occurring again.

New UN Report on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 02.01.2013 19:26


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Muhteşem Yüzyıl, 02.01.2013 16:54

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Salles de shoot : la défonce légale !

Infodrogue, 02.01.2013 15:33

La vérité sur la drogue Certains "pensent" qu’on ne peut rien faire pour arrêter la toxicomanie et baissent les bras : ils déclarent qu’il faut vivre avec, limiter les risques... se droguer "proprement"... Mais est-ce la bonne solution ?

Flim Flam Fiscal Cliff Legislation

Stephen Lendman, 02.01.2013 08:16

class war

Philippine Leftists launch election campaign to take on traditional politicians

Tony Iltis, 02.01.2013 08:01

At a one-day assembly of more than 500 delegates on November 28, the militant socialist Party of the Laboring Masses (PLM - Partido Lakas ng Masa) introduced its candidates for national elections scheduled for May 13 next year.

No Relief for Palestine in New Year

Stephen Lendman, 02.01.2013 07:42


American debt crisis: The most predictable crisis in history

roger dufur, 02.01.2013 01:39

Politicians have been going on about the fiscal cliff in the news while carrying a more serious conversation about the crisis behind closed doors.

Ultra rich movie star giving mony to the poor in Saratog Springs NY

Crazy true news, 01.01.2013 22:41

Old Movie star giving away millions Saratoga Springs NY the City has a millionaire gone superhero giving away million to the poor.

Venezuelan Leadership Up for Grabs?

Stephen Lendman, 01.01.2013 08:14


Beating Up on Iran and Syria

Stephen Lendman, 01.01.2013 07:36


Differences Between Maoism &amp; Marxism-Leninism

ML, 01.01.2013 02:54

Cultural Revolution: Mao proclaimed that capitalist ideology, liberalism, and other bourgeois cultures are not fully removed from society through socialist revolution and that class struggle against these detrimental features of capitalism are continued in one form or another throughout the socialist stage of development. Maoism states the method for dealing with bourgeois culture is through “cultural revolution,” in which, according to their theory, the masses are mobilized to spread communist ideology in order to reduce capitalistic or feudalistic culture.

The Gatekeepers: Exposing Israel's Dark Side

Stephen Lendman, 31.12.2012 18:39


Buenos Aires: Candle Light March for Syria

Carlos Salvador, 31.12.2012 14:13

Candle Light March for Syria Syrian Community in Argentina, Buenos Aires Hold Candle Light March in Support of Motherland ...... The Syrian community and students in Argentina held on Sunday a candle march outside the Syrian embassy in Buenos Aires in solidarity with motherland, Syria, expressing support to the Syrian leadership and national army.

Oigan ahora esto, pueblo necio e insensible…Barranca, Colombia

Luis Manuel CARRERO GOMEZ, 31.12.2012 11:55

Realizar actos de deshonestidad polîtica y de corrupciôn administrativa, abusando del poder, del gobierno a nombre de ellos y de sus camarillas, es el pan diario. Ellos si que viven del PAN DIARIO. No cualquier pan, claro estâ.

2013 Milli Piyango Sonuçları

2013 Milli Piyango, 31.12.2012 11:10

2013 Milli Piyango Sonuçları sıralı tam liste sitemizde

Responsible Fiscal Cliff Resolution

Stephen Lendman, 31.12.2012 08:17

class war

Rare Israeli Justice

Stephen Lendman, 31.12.2012 07:34


“Committed To Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures” : A Fraud

geral, 30.12.2012 19:37

geral The law invites the ruling class, the government, the intelligence services, etc., to silence their adversaries while pretending to 'heal' them.

The Fake Artist - Facts of Palestine Propaganda

Tobias Raff, 30.12.2012 18:54

A closer look on Palestine Propaganda and the circumstances of the Gaza incident in which IDF Soldiers and a palestinian girl named Ahed Tamimi where involved in. The girl, 13 years of age, now won a turkish human rights prize.

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Krem, 30.12.2012 18:41

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