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Colombian Peasant Leader Speaks Out Against U.S. Intervention: An Interview with Miguel Cifuente

Meredith Aby and Thistle Parker-Hartog, 29.09.2004 02:23

Members of the Colombia Action Network, Thistle Parker-Hartog and Meredith Aby , interviewed Colombian peasant leader Miguel Cifuente, the executive secretary of the Cimitarra River Valley Peasant Association.
In July, a Colombia Action Network (CAN) delegation of student and anti-war activists went to Colombia to investigate the effects of U.S. military aid. Evidence given to the delegation shows that paramilitary death squads coordinate their activities with the U.S.-backed Colombian military.
For part of their stay in Colombia, the CAN delegation was hosted by the Cimitarra River Valley Peasant Association (Asociación de Campesinos del Valle del Rio Cimitarra ). Together with the peasant association, the delegation met with campesino (peasant) leaders and took testimonies from campesino communities in the department of Antioquia.

L’incubo è finito . Le due Simone sono libere.

andrea ingianni, 29.09.2004 00:45

Il pacifismo, di cui Simona Torretta e Simona Pari sono interpreti, ha salvato quattro vite. Oggi non è tempo di polemica, bisogna solo gioire e… meditare.

'I cannot remain silent': Behind the massacres in Algeria

Ha'aretz, 29.09.2004 00:04

The role the Algerian army played in the massive killings of innocent civilians during the last 10 years is exposed by a former officer.
If he were to be asked about a possible solution, he would say that his country's problem is not religion, nor is it Islam.


jeanmarry, 28.09.2004 21:33


October is Breast Cancer Industry Month

rebecca farmer, 28.09.2004 20:32

Breast Cancer Action Launches Internet Flash Movie Urging Consumers to Think Before You Pink. Movie is 1 minute long and can be viewed at

Pentagon link to Guinea coup plot

David Leigh, David Pallister and Jamie Wilson -- The Guardian, 28.09.2004 19:09

Links have been discovered between senior American military officials and the failed coup plot in Equatorial Guinea that has left Sir Mark Thatcher (Margerat Thacher's Son) facing trial in South Africa.

Video: Iraqi truck bomb strike on US

Jihadi, 28.09.2004 17:33

Iraqi retaliation against Americans after leader is killed in Fallujah: a truck full of explosives goes off

I'm An Action Mom

Scout, 28.09.2004 16:37

Instead of allowing ourselves to be scared into being Security Moms, let us be Action Moms.

destroy your own damn money

the poor, 28.09.2004 16:32


More wars planned in Middle East

Lotus fan, 28.09.2004 16:22

See what military is looking at next

Ethiopia: War on the Wilderness

Keith Harmon Snow, 28.09.2004 15:53

The Ethiopian government is a partner of the US in the war against terror. .... 2000 Annuak people believed killed since 2003. ... Traveling the road from Gambella at night I saw 13 great-horned owls in the period of an hour. On Saturday the oil company posted notice to hire 117 workers. On Sunday they posted to hire 70 more. It is the acceleration of the end."


Responsable de Comunicaciòn, 28.09.2004 15:30


Congreso Congo-venezolano.

Augusto Dìaz., 28.09.2004 15:20

Propuesta breve de un lugar de encuentro de la diàspora Cogo de Venezuela para su incluciòn en el contexto Congo-Mundial.

Es ist ein alptraum für Eritreer

Berhane L, 28.09.2004 12:07

30 Jahre lang stand das eritreisch Volk im bewaffneten Kampf mit der äthiopischen Regierung, um ihre Unabhängigkeit von Äthiopien zu erreichen.
Am 24. Mai 1991 schließlich gewannen sie die Kontrolle über Eritrea. Fast zwei
Jahre später, im April 1993, fand ein Referendum unter internationaler Aufsicht statt, 99,8% der Eritreer stimmten für die Unabhängigkeit.

Let us stand for democracy and justice

Abubaker D and Mahmood M, 28.09.2004 12:03

Eritrea is a sovereign state in the Horn of Africa liberated after 30 years bloody war with Ethiopia. It became independent from the consecutive oppressive regimes of Ethiopia in 1991. It is one of the African countries known for its conducive climate and rich in natural resources decorated with the Red Sea and its Mountains. It is not only rich in its Natural resources but also the people of Eritrea are known for their patriotism.

It's a nightmare for Eritreans

Berhane L, 28.09.2004 11:54

For 30 years, the people of Eritrea were in armed conflict with the Ethiopian government to achieve their independence from Ethiopia. On 24 May 1991, they finally gained control of Eritrea. Almost two years later, in April 1993, an internationally monitored referendum was carried out and 99,8% of the Eritrean people voted for independence.
During the following years of transition, the ruling party (EPLF), which led the Eritrean people to independence, governed the country making promises about rebuilding the country and transforming it into a democratic system.

Dastardly Terror Plot

Harvey, 28.09.2004 11:53

Kidnap Plot

Ye'ii bicheii season begins

marco, 28.09.2004 11:53

I reprint this here because I find Navajo
culture to be not just beautiful but
inspiring even when it morphs into something
strange like this rodeo thing. Also to
mention that a huge circus is rolling
through MKE at the same time. Irony?

Politics and Sleaze Envelope Orlando

Rengi Neer, 28.09.2004 11:30

As the presidential campaign approaches its showdown, the Republicans in the state run by George Bush's brother are up to their tricks again.
Andrew Gumbel reports from the heart of Florida


Kristin, 28.09.2004 10:53

My Poem for World Peace!

Advierten que Florida podría ser escenario de fraude

Combate News, 28.09.2004 06:49

"Lo inquietante es que ahora es probable que se produzca una repetición de los problemas del 2000", escribió Carter en una artículo de opinión publicado por el diario "The Washington Post".

A Comedy Routine

Charley Reese, 28.09.2004 06:00

Laughing just to keep from crying.

Association of Cable Access Producers announced first Connecticut meeting

N. Pasquariello, 28.09.2004 04:12

On October 13, 2004 the Association of Cable Access Producers (ACAP) will hold their first Connnecticut meeting.

John Kerry for President

John Kerry NOT our President, 28.09.2004 01:48

SPRING GREEN, WI -- Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani visited Spring Green, Wisconsin today where he unveiled the “Debate Briefing Book for Senator Kerry” (as prepared by Bush-Cheney '04) and issued the following statement.

Anti-Racists, white supremacists square off in PA

One People's Project, 27.09.2004 22:58

If one was to look in the newspapers local to the Philadelphia area, one might be lucky if they saw coverage of the NSM/Aryan Nations rally on Saturday. If one was to watch the news, it was as if eveything was calm and orderly. If you read the story here, you will see what it was that was left out of the mainstream stories: anti-fascists fed up with WPs stinking up the state of Pennsylvania came out to let them know that they were fed up. Regardless of if that message came in the form of the call for unity that the Rally for Social Justice conveyed, or in the form of direct action, as was the case just outside the NSM rally, it was received - and how. The WPs will be crying about what happened here for some time, and we would not have it any other way. There will be more coming about this rally in the future including pics and commentary, but in the meantime, get yourself up to speed on what the media chose to black out in regards to this story.

Support the Troops; Jail a Veteran

Daniel Borgström, 27.09.2004 22:58

The "trial" of Rosemarie Jackowski, a 67-year-old U.S. Air Force veteran and antiwar activist in Vermont

Sound Wave 2004

Charles Alexander Zorn, 27.09.2004 21:50

Sound Wave 2004, an audible wave of protest against the Bush administration on Oct 18th, from East coast to West coast, sunrise to sunset! Ride the Sound Wave! A Tsunami of dissent against this terrible excuse for an administration!

Video: Jihadi show IED being prepared,used against US tank

Jihadi, 27.09.2004 21:17

The vehicle which is the target is an M1A2 Main Battle Tank. The neighborhood is probably easy to identify and thus the building and room the video was shot from.

The weapon is a low-tech IED which appears to be fashioned from an old free-fall or gravity bomb with the stabilizer fins removed. The shell is stuffed with as much High Explosive as it can hold and then the tail end is the cemented to seal the weapon. The detonation cords are plainly visible.

Estudio comparado sobre la reforma educativa en España, Estados Unidos y Venezuela

Luis Bonilla-Molina, 27.09.2004 19:56

En este trabajo el autor estudia las similitudes y diferencias paradigmáticas entre las transformaciones educativas que están ocurriendo en España, los Estados Unidos y Venezuela


mkj, 27.09.2004 19:49

there gonna do it again this year

Unpleasently again. It's time for today's war report

jamie, 27.09.2004 19:33

Unpleasently again. It's time for today's war report as 1050 U.S. GI's have now been killed in Iraq. Of course these are "official" stats. The true numbers can be assumed to be higher (some say 3 to 4 times). Please spread this information widely. jamie

Conflictos del derecho positivo y consuetudinario entre indígenas y gamonales en el caso Huayanay

Mery Laurente Chahuayo, 27.09.2004 19:22

Este estudio reconstruye las tramas complejas surgidas de la relación entre el derecho positivo y el consuetudinario en el caso Huayanay, a partir de la cual se construyen, deconstruyen y reconstruyen identidades entre dos sociedades y dos culturas simbolizadas por el indígena Eustaquio Palomino y el mestizo Matías Escobar.

mercury a terrorist weapon that can bring down airplanes???

X11, 27.09.2004 19:19

My gosh Mercury a common liquid metal used in thermometers, light switches, and many other things can be used by terrorist to crash airplanes. When mercury is illegal only criminals and terrorists will have mercury.

Book Fair in St.Louis on Oct 2nd

St.Louis Folk, 27.09.2004 17:49

On Saturday October 2nd St.Louis MO will be holding an independent and alternative book fair called Books against Borders.

IMC Reporter Denied Credentials for Presidential Debate

wayward, 27.09.2004 17:27

Urbana IMC reporter denied media credentials for St. Louis presidential debate.

DRAFT: The Voice of the White House, 27.09.2004 17:24

In previous issues, we carried comments from a reporter assigned to the White House press corps. Some of these remarks, most especially one about Bush’s physical and mental problems, drew an enormous number of viewers and hundreds of inquiries, most especially from foreign press entities. The reporter advised us by email that there was rampant fury in the White House and security was becoming very tight. As a result of this, he decided to lay low for a few weeks and see how the wind was blowing. Yesterday, he sent us the following material which we are now posting. Some of it is outrageous in the extreme but to date, no one has proven him wrong.

Apuntes para un ideario de la revolución bolivariana

Haiman El Troudi, 27.09.2004 17:09

En este trabajo el autor expone un bozeto del libro que con el mismo nombre estan trabajando con Luis Bonilla-Molina, el cuál será publicado a finales del año 2004 o inicios del 2005.

Venezuela: Educación, Investigación y Postgrados

Luis Bonilla-Molina, 27.09.2004 16:45

En este trabajo el autor expone los nudos criticos de la investigación en los postgrados que gerencian las universidades. En este sentido subraya la manera como algunas universidades y gran parte de los investigadores venezolanos se han resistido a incorporarse a las dinámicas de cambio por las cuales atraviesa la revolución Bolivariana

Hacking RFID

Rusty the Chicken, 27.09.2004 15:15




Las jornadas, que están dirigidas a personas inmigrantes, se centrarán este viernes en el trabajo autónomo y los microcréditos.

The humanitarian crisis in Darfur, seen in the light of international politics.

Astrid Essed, 27.09.2004 04:37

In the light of the in february 2003 restarted conflict in Darfur, by which as well as governmental troops as Janjaweed-militias are responsble for the genocide of more than 50.000 civilians and the expulsion of more then 1 million people, the sending of Peace troops is of the utmost importance.

American women so comfortable with calling themselves &quot;Goddesses&quot;!

Girls-Gone-Skanky, 27.09.2004 04:06

American women so comfortable with calling themselves "Goddesses"!


John Murphy, 27.09.2004 00:29

A petition to allow Ralph Nader to participate in the presidential debates.

Seattle Activist Musician Election Anthem

Salem, 27.09.2004 00:21

This is a Salem song, Have We Got Room, which In The Pocket Productions is trying to spread throughout the country as an election anthem. It features a loop Todd Anders Johnson created from a Beethoven Symphony, Todd's live drums, percussion and vocals, and bass playing by Milo Matthews.

This is a short anti-war piece by Lou Plummer.

Reposted by jamie from, 26.09.2004 21:29

Dear friends,

This is a short anti-war piece by Lou Plummer. I had the good fortune of meeting this veteran a couple of years ago at an anti-war rally. I don't remember where we were but I do recall that Lou seemed amazingly honest and sincere. I hope you can get that in this message. Please


Rajesh Kumar, 26.09.2004 19:23

Johns Hopkins University ,South Asia Studies cordially invites you to attend a talk by RAM MADHAV National Spokesman of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS)


Roberto Aguirre, 26.09.2004 17:24

the French press is maintaining absolute silence over the relationship that Robert Ménard is developing in Miami with the most important capos of the Cuban Liberty Council; an organization that brings together the most extremist Cuban-American ringleaders and various individuals orchestrating the anti-Cuba propaganda activities of USAID and the CIA.

US Govt. does its utmost to promote &quot;Militarism &amp; War&quot;!

k.hawley, 26.09.2004 03:44

U.S.Govt. does its utmost to promote "Militarism & War"!

What the U.S. military is doing in Iraq

Reposted by jamie, 26.09.2004 02:25

See the video of massacre "American style."

Prisoners Of Conscience Run

peacehq, 25.09.2004 22:11

The third annual run supporting Prisoners Of Conscience takes place Saturday October 2nd, 2004.

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