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Lettre ouverte du collectif “8 mars pour toutes” au NPA

Collectif 8 mars pour toutes, 24.01.2013 13:54

Pourquoi le NPA ne doit pas soutenir la pénalisation des clients

Israeli Election Results

Stephen Lendman, 24.01.2013 08:18


Lynne Stewart's Struggle for Justice Continues

Stephen Lendman, 24.01.2013 07:53

police state

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noemi vierling, 24.01.2013 06:30

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Answer these five questions about un-manned computer controlled Drones!

Cris Ericson, 24.01.2013 03:27

Throw the dog a Drone! Are Drones are worst nightmare?
Or is there any valid use for them
so long as they do not have
the capacity to deploy missles?

HUD Charged with Ravaging Human Rights

Advocate Jan, 23.01.2013 20:22

Decades this practice has existed unchallenged. Colorado transplant Calls on HUD, the President, the US and CO Attorney General to fix. Here is the letter sent to HUD in Washington DC.

Le fantôme de George Orwell

Patrice Faubert, 23.01.2013 19:13

La pensée de la technologie est la technologie de la pensée...

Qatar and U.S.: Collusion or Conflict of Interests

Nicola Nasser, 23.01.2013 18:56

In view of the level of “coordination” and “cooperation” since bilateral diplomatic relations were established in 1972 between the U.S. and Qatar, and the concentration of U.S. military power on this tiny peninsula, it seems impossible that Qatar could move independently

Inaugural Hypocrisy

Stephen Lendman, 23.01.2013 07:54


Dominant Israeli Parties Spurn Democracy

Stephen Lendman, 23.01.2013 07:27



Cris Ericson, 23.01.2013 06:59

STOP the DRONE STRIKES Children in Yemen, Arab countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and around the world should have a right to "reasonable habitability" in their neighborhoods, the same as anywhere else.

Dutch activist Joke Kaviaar sentenced to four months in prison for incitement

support group, 23.01.2013 06:49

court hearing January 8th 2013 Today the bench chamber of the court in Haarlem ruled in the case of incitement by speech and word against Joke Kaviaar. The court rejected all of the defense pleas of her lawyer and sentenced Joke to four months in prison. This is less than the six months imprisonment the Public Prosecutor had asked for. Joke Kaviaar will appeal the conviction and announces that she will not let herself be silenced. She will continue to speak out against the Dutch migration policy.

solidarité avec Goerges Ibrahim Abdallah au Maroc

militant Marocain, 23.01.2013 01:57

dans le cadre de la marche du mouvement 20 février à rabat le dimanche dernier 20 janvier 2013, des militants marocains ont déclaré leur solidarité avec le militant libanais Goerges Ibrahim Abdallah qui est emprisonné illégalement en france

Arranca la primera fundación anticorrupción española

Iván Julien, 22.01.2013 22:29

“Quiero contribuir en la medida de lo posible a limitar y hacer cada día más difícil que se expolie, malverse y despilfarre impune y descaradamente a la totalidad de la sociedad”. Lo que parecía una iniciativa particular puesta en marcha por Iván Julien, “constituir la primera Fundación Anticorrupción española”, cuenta ya con miles de seguidores en las redes sociales.
La Organización, de forma totalmente abierta, interactiva y colaborativa, se define como una ventana social de denuncia, donde cualquier persona puede informar y denunciar de forma rápida, fácil, anónima o confidencial, cualquier caso de corrupción.
Cuenta ya con más de 15.000 apoyos, los cuales han permitido ir configurando equipos de trabajo compuestos por más de 100 abogados así como numerosos profesionales de todos los sectores repartidos por todo el territorio nacional.
La organización será legalizada como Fundación de Control Social Anticorrupción y pretende ser, en palabras de su fundador, “un órgano vigía de control y contrapoder en la era de la ciberdemocracia”.

Más información en la nota de prensa adjunta y en

Persona de contacto:

Iván Julien 659562565

Marihuana Medicinal ¿Es realmente terapeutica?

Paola Martinez, 22.01.2013 20:59

El cannabis es una de las pocas drogas que causan la división anormal de la célula, lo cual conduce a graves defectos hereditarios.

What is the Foundation for a Drug-Free World Campaign?

Consuelo, 22.01.2013 17:58

Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to eradicate illegal drugs, the abuse and criminality which derivates from them.

Comunicado frente al nuevo golpe represivo en relación a la huelga del 14N en Madrid.

solidarias y solidarios, 22.01.2013 12:16

Un nuevo detenido en Madrid.

Four More Years

Stephen Lendman, 22.01.2013 08:11


Netanyahu Rejects Palestinian Sovereignty and Democratic Freedoms

Stephen Lendman, 22.01.2013 07:34


This Way Out: Jodie's Golden Outing+P-FLAG's 1st Mom+LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 21.01.2013 23:33

Words of wisdom from P-FLAG's first mom; movie icon Jodie Foster goes on a Golden outing; thousands protest gay rights in Hong Kong and marriage equality in Paris, Australia's P.M. assures the country's Christian Lobby that it can continue to discriminate against LGBT people, but the EuroCourt rules that secular rights trump religious belief, and more LGBT news from around the world.
=> Can our listeners find correct info about you in the "Affiliate Stations" listings at <=

Asesinado exconcejal del municipio de Jambaló – Cauca

Tejido de Comunicación - ACIN, 21.01.2013 17:10

Imagen Mauricio Nuevamente las balas, que nunca debieron existir destruyen e interrumpen la tranquilidad de una familia y enluta el camino de la organización indígena de Jambaló. RAFAEL MAURICIO GIRON ULCHUR, de 31 años de edad, fue cobardemente asesinado por arma de fuego de largo alcance en el kilómetro 14 de la vía de comunicación que conduce desde Jambaló al municipio de Toribio, los hechos ocurrieron el 20 enero 2013, a las 2:30 de la tarde en el sector El Lacio, por sujetos desconocidos que huyeron del lugar.

Government Policies Require a Rethink on Gas

Denver Burke, 21.01.2013 14:31

The climate and energy debate is continuing to draw greater levels of interest from an increasing number of people throughout the world, however the below article helps to provide some points reflecting on the governments recent decision to use gas as a cheaper long term alternative to renewable power

Israelis Vote

Stephen Lendman, 21.01.2013 08:20


Close Down Un-Manned Computer Controlled Drone Strike Bases Killing Children

Cris Ericson, 21.01.2013 07:44

Close Down Drone Strike Bases There are four petitions at the White House "We the People" website petitioning because President Barack Obama is responsible for killing children with un-manned computer controlled Drone Strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Arab countries. One petition demands that the Drone Bases be Shut Down!

Israel Criminalizes Throwing Snowballs

Stephen Lendman, 21.01.2013 07:42


The Illusion of Power

Shaun Riley, 20.01.2013 16:55

Examining the illusion of authority within society.

Targeting Mali

Stephen Lendman, 20.01.2013 08:27


Navi Pillay Targets Syria

Stephen Lendman, 20.01.2013 07:48


Καταδικασμός των αστυνομικών που κατέστρεψαν τον Αυγουστίνο Δημητρίου

εγώ, 19.01.2013 14:56

καταδικασμός των μπάτσων που σάπισαν τον κύπριο στην θεσσαλονίκη και είναι έτοιμοι να αθωοθούν από θα διεφθαρμένα ελληνικά δικαστήρια

Philippines: Coalition Clamor for the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill

Right to Know Right Now Coalition, 19.01.2013 12:42

Still enough time for FOI – if House leadership supports it. With only nine session days remaining before Congress adjourns for a long election break, members of the Right to Know Right Now Coalition are reminding members of Congress that they still have enough time to pass the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill even without the prodding of Malacanang.

Open Letter to New York Times Editors

Stephen Lendman, 19.01.2013 08:25


Western Sponsored Aleppo Mass Murder

Stephen Lendman, 19.01.2013 07:41


Building the MoveOn council Jan. 27th Meeting Agendas for Rochester &amp; Buffalo NY

J. Seeman, 18.01.2013 17:59

Please download the agenda for the Building the MoveOn council Jan. 27th 2013 Meetings in Rochester & Buffalo NY see for more info contact 518-583-4326

Haven’s £40million start to the year

Pressat, 18.01.2013 16:42

Haven Holidays invest £40 million in 2013 developments across their 35 parks for a better customer experience.

Israel Complicit in Global State Terrorism

Stephen Lendman, 18.01.2013 08:51


Police State Israel

Stephen Lendman, 18.01.2013 08:00


End Drone Strikes Killing Children And Innocent Civilians White House Petition

Rosemarie Jackowski, 18.01.2013 05:06

End Drone Strikes Killing Children End un-manned computer controlled drone strikes killing children and innocent civlians. Please sign the White House petition online

Activists to Travel On Bicycle to Raise Awareness

Jamie Jungenberg, 17.01.2013 19:23

Activists planning to travel by bike to raise awareness of animal rights.

Israeli Apologist Benny Morris

Stephen Lendman, 17.01.2013 18:22


Los Derechos Humanos.

L. RONALD HUBBARD, 17.01.2013 15:15

En los artículos 1, 2 y 3 de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos vemos claramente que todos tenemos Derecho a ser tratados y respetados por igual independientemente de raza, color o religión y todos tenemos el mismo Derecho a la vida y a la seguridad de nuestra persona tengamos el color de piel que tengamos.

Aaron Swartz: Suicide or Murder?

Stephen Lendman, 17.01.2013 07:42

bet on foul play

Obama v. Netanyahu Round Two

Stephen Lendman, 17.01.2013 07:17


Is It Fraud In A Fiduciary Capacity For The C.I.A. To Deploy Killer Drone Strikes $$$ ?

Cris Ericson, 17.01.2013 05:41

President Obama's Funny Budget The Mission of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America is to seek and find "intelligence",
not to wage war. So, is it fraud in a fiduciary capacity for them to use federal taxpayer dollars for an activity that is not listed in their official Mission statement?
Has President Obama used the Federal Budget in a Feral way?
The Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA) is an independent
US Government agency
responsible for providing
national security
to senior US policymakers."

How John Kerry Exposed the Iran-Contra Scandal and Showed the Cracks in the War on Drugs

Rick Ross, 17.01.2013 04:41

John Kerry being nominated to Secretary of the State brings his ever looming presence within the Iran Contra Scandal full circle. The man responsible for uncovering a scandal that cocaine was being brought into the United States as part of a multicontinental black market with the knowledge of the CIA and U.S. government will now hold one of the most powerful international offices in the world. The backdrop of his presence on Capitol Hill will always be built upon pillars of his desire to have America be honest to itself, and the rest of the world as to its own actions here and abroad.

2013, l’année du deuxième Forum de développement social d’Anjou

Le ROCHA, 16.01.2013 17:18

Le Regroupement des organismes et des citoyens et citoyennes humanitaire d'Anjou (ROCHA) invite toute la population d'Anjou au Lancement officiel du Forum de développement social d'Anjou 2013 le jeudi 24 janvier de 17h à 20h à l'Auditorium 1 des Galeries d'Anjou.

USA Federal Budget Crisis! Money Wasted On Un-Manned Drone Strikes!

Cris Ericson, 16.01.2013 15:36 End Drone Strikes Un-Manned Drone Strikes are not cost-effective. President Obama needs to take a course in arithmetic and stop playing with his White House Oval Office desk top laptop computer. Please sign the petition to End Drone Strikes

Paraphysique de l'histoire

Patrice Faubert, 16.01.2013 11:56

La réalité de l'histoire n'est pas l'histoire de la réalité...

You are seeing the rise of a new Fascist State here in the US

Stephen Lendman, 16.01.2013 09:43

You are seeing the rise of a new Fascist State here in the US

Escribiré sobre España

El Jilguero, 16.01.2013 08:52

Resumen sobre mi sentimiento sobre España en el marco de esta crisis.

Obama: Money Power's Point Man

Stephen Lendman, 16.01.2013 08:21


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