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Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest

Elena Cook, 11.05.2013 16:34

The first-ever worldwide protest by Lyme Disease patients took place on 10-11 May 2013. Victims of Lyme disease suffer chronic disablement and even death due misdiagnosis and wrong or inadequate treatment. Yet this horrendous toll could be avoided. Accurate information about the disease is being with-held from doctors due to an official cover-up.

Anti-Assad Rhetoric Intensifies

Stephen Lendman, 11.05.2013 07:16


Malcolm Shabazz's Suspicious Death

Stephen Lendman, 11.05.2013 06:50

police state

Obama's Syria Game Plan: Libya 2.0

Stephen Lendman, 10.05.2013 07:31


Hawking Boycotts Israel

Stephen Lendman, 10.05.2013 07:03


BINZ call for action

BINZ, 10.05.2013 00:13

After May 31st the Binz squat is in threat of eviction. The Canton Zurich wants to tear down the former factory buildings as soon as possible and pass over the property to 'Stiftung Abendrot' by spring 2014.

NARM Music Biz Expo, Cannes Film Festival, Drama Desk Awards. Cine Gear Expo, are event highlights in May, 10.05.2013 00:06

Actor/director Vincent Bosco returns to Cannes Film Festival with 'Comment te Di The Sundance Institute’s Film Music Program and BMI present the ComposersLab in Los Angeles, as a one-day version of the institute’s Summer Lab. The purpose of the Film Music Program is to connect composers and directors, giving them firsthand experience of the collaborative process of creating music for film...

Recosolutions: Reflections on Touring the Calgary ecoHouse

Matt Hanson, 09.05.2013 15:50

Jorg Ostrowski and his wife Helen are two trained architects who have trail blazed sustainable housing in Canada and around the world. On April 20, Jorg opened his home on Scurfield Drive in northwest Calgary to the public, in celebration of Earth Day, for RecoSolutions, offering free tours on sustainability. “All of my projects since 1972 have been sustainable,” Jorg wrote via email. “We have built with rammed earth, straw bale, stack wall, double log, EcoStuds, prefab, Blackie Block and stick built. I have given ‘hands on’ workshops on rammed earth and straw bale in various provinces, including a 6 day workshop for the David Suzuki Foundation, in BC.”

Willie Manning: Unjustly Sentenced to Death

Stephen Lendman, 09.05.2013 07:26

capital punishment

Kerry in Moscow

Stephen Lendman, 09.05.2013 06:56


On Mother's Day, don't forget animal moms

By Jeff Mackey, 08.05.2013 17:17

Some of the best mothers in the world are found in the animal kingdom, yet few animal moms on today's farms are ever allowed to nurture their babies as nature intended. This Mother's Day, honor all mothers … with a vegan celebration.

UN Human Rights Council Duplicity

Stephen Lendman, 08.05.2013 07:33


Fannie and Freddie in Good Hands with Mel Watt

Stephen Lendman, 08.05.2013 07:05

class war

Yair Shamir: Profile of Israeli Extremism

Stephen Lendman, 07.05.2013 07:07


BBC's Longstanding Pro-Israeli Bias

Stephen Lendman, 06.05.2013 18:54


Danieli to Support Iran’s Largest Steel Maker

Hassan Alak, 06.05.2013 17:40

Italy based Danieli Wean United, one of the world’s leading engineering companies in steel industry is going to have a major technical cooperation with Iran to improve the country’s outdated steel industry.

America and Israel: Imperial Partners in Crime (Part II)

Stephen Lendman, 06.05.2013 07:42


Google Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

Stephen Lendman, 06.05.2013 07:10


Why Hillary Clinton Is In Favor Of DynCorp

Sudhama Ranganathan, 05.05.2013 20:29

The above title does not mean I understand her reasons for supporting DynCorp. In fact, it could just as easily be reworded to reflect a question I myself have regarding the strange reluctance of the State Department to act regarding a corporation that has participated in some of the most deplorable acts a corporation could – and we are talking big wealthy corporations here. Except, they do obviously favor the company in question, and support them. As one of the top three US defense contractors receiving money from the US government, DynCorp, has sunk to depths lower than drug dealers, slave traders, rapists or child abusers as they have done them all and more.

America and Israel: Imperial Partners in Crime

Stephen Lendman, 05.05.2013 07:27


Honduras: State-Sponsored Death Squad Terror

Stephen Lendman, 05.05.2013 07:04

police state

Philippines: 25,000 Workers March to Mendiola on Labor Day

APL-Nagkaisa, 05.05.2013 03:15

Chiding President Aquino’s pronouncement that Labor Day should be celebratory with both labor and capitalists greeting each other for “doing a good job” for the past year, workers renewed the call for government to create “not just jobs” but “more regular jobs with living wage.”

US-Style Free Trade in Good Hands with Michael Froman

Stephen Lendman, 04.05.2013 07:42


Andy P. Hart: Suicide or Murder?

Stephen Lendman, 04.05.2013 07:09

police state

US Hatched Terror Plots

Stephen Lendman, 03.05.2013 07:35

state terror

False Flag Chemical Attack on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 03.05.2013 07:10


The Cost of Wal-Mart’s Low Prices

Laura O'Rourke, 02.05.2013 00:26

Walmart is company that promises low prices to consumers and has multiple chains of stores. Myself along with a few other students in Peter Phillips Investigative Sociology class at Sonoma State University, decided to see if Wal-Mart really does have the lowest prices or if there are other mainstream stores that have lower prices. Needless to say, we found that Wal-Mart in fact does not have the lowest prices and that many people who work at their store can’t even afford to shop there.

Alex Wood: UKIP Nazi caught on Facebook

The Basterds, 01.05.2013 23:34

alex wood nazi salute 'I'm not racist', says UKIP candidate: Election hopeful, 22, caught on camera making alleged Nazi salute...."

Indymedia sites

B, 01.05.2013 03:09

Test article on

Palestinians Disqualify U.S. as Peace Broker

Nicola Nasser, 22.02.2013 08:42

Therefore, “there are no plans to celebrate” Obama’s visit to Ramallah, because “they haven’t forgotten the part he played” in aborting the PLO’s efforts in 2011 to win the United Nations’ recognition of Palestine statehood as a full member and in opposing its UN recognition as a non – member observer state the next year, according to Shlomi Eldar in Al-Monitor on February 14.

International Anarchist Rap

EK Recs, 15.02.2013 00:33

a voice for the voiceless...

HMKV im Dortmunder U: Schau „fm-scenario“ von Eran Schaerf - Intermediales zu (Online)Journalismus, Schein &amp; Sein der Medienflut

Christopher Dömges, 14.02.2013 22:38

&quot;Ohne Bild keine Geschichte&quot; - Sinnspruch im fm-scenario Ruhrgebiet. (döm) Die sechste Etage in der zur Kulturfabrik umgestalteten ehemaligen UNION-Brauerei, einem Wahrzeichen der Westfalenmetropole. Auch hier ist der Hartware Medienkunstverein (HMKV) ansässig, jene Organisation, die sich crossmedial auf ansprechende Weise mit den künstlerischen Ausuferungen des Computerzeitalters auseinandersetzt.

UFOs – Setting the record straight – Part I

David Griffin, 14.02.2013 16:09

The hiding of the truth about UFOs and other cultures has been going on now for a very long time, and I think it's about time for the truth of this to be revealed.

Pueblo Sikuani ocupa Fazenda ALIAR S.A. para evitar otra epidemia global

Pueblos en Camino, 13.02.2013 18:14

Desde el pasado 9 de febrero comuneras y comuneros indígenas Sikuani del Resguardo de Wacoyo en Puerto Gaitán Meta, se tomaron pacíficamente la empresa agropecuaria Fazenda ALIAR S.A, una alianza de capitales santandereanos y antioqueños, precisamente porque desde cuando comenzó la porcicultura a gran escala, vienen sufriendo múltiples enfermedades y muertes.

In the year of the snake, shed your skins

By Paula Moore, 13.02.2013 16:21

Every year, millions of snakes, lizards, crocodiles and alligators are violently killed for their skins. You can help snakes and other reptiles in the Year of the Snake and beyond by not wearing them.


Paola Martinez, 13.02.2013 14:35

A goal that would certainly serve the greater dreams of Dr. King such as “a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.’"

Trick or Treat

Ken Meyercord, 13.02.2013 14:11

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Isaiah who?
Isaiah, are you John Brennan?

Escalating Pressure on Iran

Stephen Lendman, 13.02.2013 14:07


Human traffickers

Consuelo, 13.02.2013 12:53

"All human beings are born free and equal … no one shall be held in slavery". The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights outlawed slavery. This meant the end of slavery, or did it?

Beating Up on North Korea

Stephen Lendman, 13.02.2013 07:40


America's Deplorable State of the Union

Stephen Lendman, 13.02.2013 07:35


Obama vows swift action over nuclear tests but North Korea remains defiant

Obama, 12.02.2013 19:23


Impeach Obama: A National Imperative

Stephen Lendman, 12.02.2013 07:45


Vatican Changing of the Guard

Stephen Lendman, 12.02.2013 07:21


Earthwatchers In Action - synthetic biology and robotix news special ; ) ongoing meta

fishbot.error.borg, 11.02.2013 23:31

since 1995 About What is coming for humankind? Mission Earthwatchers in Action: To promote awareness beyond the capability of the individual using watch groups. Company Overview As technology evolves into areas that have been confined to science fiction, the nature of mankind remains much as it has been for thousands of years. Let's watch the world together! Description What is a "Watch Group": A watch group collectively uses the Internet to stay informed. Idealy this takes at least four or five people working together. Finding the right combination of individuals is normaly better left to chance. We have seen grat things happen doing this on Yahoo. This is our first Facebook group. Please help! make the future you wish to see!


fishboyAi, 11.02.2013 23:25 earthwatchers in action. what is coming for humankind? lets watch the world together. make the future you wish to see. rX & VAS

protest. education. awareness. solidarity. early warning nano. synthetic biology. robotix. sentinel

The Company Rapes Children

Sudhama Ranganathan, 11.02.2013 22:39

We can't be a perfect nation, there have been none prior to us throughout history, and there will be none after us that are. There is nothing in the universe that is without some flaw or having its own deficiencies. But, it becomes dangerous when people running any great nation become corrupt and take advantage of the good will of the people of a given country for themselves. That behavior in any government can be something that is learned from and put in place through constant checks, or it can become out of control becoming something that siphons huge amounts of a nations treasure, and cause suffering in other ways merely to ensure the power of the corrupt individuals and their ability to continue siphoning treasure from the nation in question's revenue.

code π+e=

seiroΓahtyp, 11.02.2013 19:38


Demonstration for liberated spaces in Vienna on February 2nd

anonymous, 11.02.2013 14:06

demo in a side street Report taken from: ”Demonstration for liberated spaces in Vienna on February 2nd” (

On Saturday 2nd of February, 2013, a demonstration for the defense and expansion of liberated spaces worldwide took place in Vienna. It was the first day of the transnational campaign for a black february, a day when demonstrations and actions for similar causes happened in several cities around the world.

More Evidence Obamacare Ripped Off Americans

Stephen Lendman, 11.02.2013 08:11


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