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SUMMERSOUNDS – Umsonst-und-Draußen-Konzerte im Sommer-Dortmund !!

Christopher Doemges, 28.06.2013 17:01

SUMMERSOUNDS-Atmo (Bild: Strausdat) Ruhrgebiet. (doem) Umsonst und draußen kann man ja alles machen!

Obama in Africa

Stephen Lendman, 28.06.2013 07:11


Open Letter to President Obama on How Lucky America is that Snowden is a Man of Integrity

Wesley Parish, 28.06.2013 07:01

Just think of the impact of all that data Edward Snowden shone the light on, if he had sat on it and used it for blackmail. Aren't we lucky that he didn't?!?

Snowden: Shooting the Messenger

Stephen Lendman, 28.06.2013 06:43

police state

Lynne Stewart Denied Compassionate Release

Stephen Lendman, 27.06.2013 17:26

police state

Priol und Pelzig verlassen &quot;Neues aus der Anstalt&quot;

Peter Bäcker, 27.06.2013 16:03

Pelzig-Priol Dicke Überraschung aus Mainz: Frank Markus Barwasser alias Erwin Pelzig und Urban Priol verlassen beide "Neues aus der Anstalt". Das ZDF will das Format aber fortführen und arbeitet auch weiter mit Barwasser und Priol zusammen ...

Challenging US Lawlessness

Stephen Lendman, 27.06.2013 07:10

police state

Snowden on the Move

Stephen Lendman, 26.06.2013 07:24

police state

State Department Debunks Iranian Latin American Terrorism Links

Stephen Lendman, 26.06.2013 06:52


Richard Falk: Speaking Truth to Power

Stephen Lendman, 25.06.2013 19:29


The rise of the 99%, and the fall of the 1% into paranoid schizophrenic politial behavior should come as no surprise ...

Mike Brockman, 25.06.2013 16:57

Biggest Protests in Brazil in 20 Years Suggests The Rise of the 99% Continues …

Walnut Creek, California, United States – June 25, 2013 – “The protests in Brazil, the largest in 20 years, and the latest leaks of highly sensitive classified information by Edward Snowden should come as no surprise,” says Mike Brockman, author of working paper titled The Internet Revolution Manifesto – A Manifesto of the 99%, by the 99%, and for the 99%.

America: Police State Ruthlessness Writ Large

Stephen Lendman, 25.06.2013 07:14

police state

Brazilians Demand Social Justice

Stephen Lendman, 25.06.2013 06:47


Trafficking in Lies about Syria

Stephen Lendman, 24.06.2013 18:13


Support Whistleblowers! – Edward Snowden auf der Flucht

Ernesto Campos, 24.06.2013 15:36

Man kann Edward Snowden zur Zeit nur alles Gute wünschen. Er hat die Totalüberwachung von Mailverkehr und Internet durch britische und us-amerikanische Geheimdienste aufgedeckt und wird jetzt als angeblicher Verräter und Krimineller verfolgt. Whistleblower brauchen internationalen Schutz und Solidarität.

Washington v. Edward Snowden Update

Stephen Lendman, 24.06.2013 07:16

Washington v. Edward Snowden Update

by Stephen Lendman

Events are fast-moving. On June 23, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's (HKSAR) press release said:

"Mr Edward Snowden left Hong Kong today (June 23) on his own accord for a third country through a lawful and normal channel."

"The US Government earlier on made a request to the HKSAR Government for the issue of a provisional warrant of arrest against Mr Snowden."

"Since the documents provided by the US Government did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law, the HKSAR Government has requested the US Government to provide additional information so that the Department of Justice could consider whether the US Government's request can meet the relevant legal conditions."

"As the HKSAR Government has yet to have sufficient information to process the request for provisional warrant of arrest, there is no legal basis to restrict Mr. Snowden from leaving Hong Kong."

"The HKSAR Government has already informed the US Government of Mr. Snowden's departure."

"Meanwhile, the HKSAR Government has formally written to the US Government requesting clarification on earlier reports about the hacking of computer systems in Hong Kong by US government agencies."

"The HKSAR Government will continue to follow up on the matter so as to protect the legal rights of the people of Hong Kong."

According to The New York Times:

"A Moscow-based reservations agent at Aeroflot, Russia’s national airline, said that Mr. Snowden was aboard flight SU213 to Moscow, with a scheduled arrival there a little after 5 p.m. Moscow time. The reservations agent said that Mr. Snowden was traveling on a one-way ticket to Moscow."

On June 23, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) headlined "SNOWDEN LEAVES HONG KONG ON COMMERCIAL FLIGHT TO MOSCOW."

"He left Hong Kong on his own will." He arrived at 5:15PM local time. It's not his final destination. He'll continue to an unnamed country.

WikiLeaks helped Snowden secure political asylum in a "democratic country." It arranged travel papers and "safe exit from Hong Kong."

WikiLeaks legal advisors accompanied him. A Moscow-based reservations agent said he traveled with someone identified only as Harrison.

Russia's Beijing embassy neither confirmed or denied his departure heading for Moscow. Vladimir Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he doesn't know his plans.

If he seeks asylum, he added, "(t)here is a procedure, and it will be applied. If there is an application it is going to be considered. If there is no application, we will do what is prescribed by law."

Carnegie Moscow Center director Dmitri Trenin believes Snowden will stay in Russia. "I don’t think there is any other country that would stand up to US pressure, which will be tremendous, he said.

"The Chinese don't want to spoil their relationship with the United States. Russia is sometimes embracing conflict with the US."

State-financed Russia Today actively supports Julian Assange. He's vilified by Western media scoundrels.

"Russia is turning into a haven - virtually, intellectually and physically - for those who have an ax to grind with the West, who are whistle-blowers or have problems with Western authorities," he added.

"It’s the only country in the world that at this point can afford it, or thinks it can afford it."

If Snowden continues to another country, Russia will be centrally involved in aiding his flight from prosecution.

"The minute Aeroflot got the information that a certain person by the name of Snowden is about to buy a ticket, this information would be immediately transferred to the quote-unquote competent authorities," said Trenin.

"It would be a political decision to give him a ticket or deny him a ticket." Russia's very supportive. Whether he stays or leaves remains to be seen.

The Financial Times cited Itar Tass saying he'll fly from Moscow to Havana en route to Venezuela. FT said another possibility is he'll seek asylum in Russia.

On arrival at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, Ecuadorian embassy staff met him. So did its Russian ambassador Patricio Chavez. Russia Today said a doctor embassy officials dispatched examined him.

Ecuador's Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino confirmed via twitter that Snowden applied for asylum.

Julian Assange told Australia's Sydney Morning Herald he'd be met by "diplomats from the country that will be his ultimate destination." They'll accompany him to his journey's end.

Ecuador granted Assange asylum. It did so last August. It's short of freedom to leave Britain unarrested. He's been holed up in its London embassy.

It's likely Ecuador would treat Snowden like Assange. Ahead of granting him asylum last summer, President Raphael Correa twittered "No one is going to terrorize us" to do otherwise.

On June 23, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) headlined "EXCLUSIVE: US spies on Chinese mobile phone companies, steals SMS data: Edward Snowden."

He said Washington's "stealing millions of text messages." He has evidence proving it.

"Text messaging is the most preferred communication tool in mainland China, used widely by ordinary people and government officials from formal work exchanges to small chats."

"Government data show that the Chinese exchanged almost 900 billion text messages in 2012."

China Mobile's the world's largest cell network operator. Through May it had 735 million subscribers. Number two China Unicom has 258 million users. China Telecom is third largest. It has 172 million customers.

Fang Binxing is the Principle of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He's called the father of China's "Great Firewall."

Last October, he called foreign equipment a serious national security threat, saying:

"China should set up a national information security review commission as soon as possible."

At issue is known US spying. Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) operates the same way. It's secret Tempora program accesses fiber optic cables.

They carry vast amounts of Internet and communications data. GCHQ's "Mastering the Internet" initiative spies online. It does so intensively. The agency works closely with NSA. Information learned is jointly shared.

American, other Western, and Israeli technology companies work cooperatively with Washington. Chinese telecom companies began replacing foreign equipment. Changes are proceeding quietly.

On June 23, SCMP published another "EXCLUSIVE: NSA targeted China's Tsinghua University in extensive hacking attacks, says Snowden."

It's China's "top education and research institute." NSA targets it intensively. In one day last January, "at least 63 computers and servers" were hacked.

Snowden provided evidence of "external and internal internet protocol addresses. (They) could only have been obtained by hacking or with physical access to the computers."

"The university is home to one of the mainland's six major backbone networks, the China Education and Research Network (CERNET) from where internet data from millions of Chinese citizens could be mined."

"The network was the country's first internet backbone network and has evolved into the world’s largest national research hub."

"It is one of the mainland's non-commercial networks, owned by the Ministry of Education, but operated and maintained by the university and other colleges."

Snowden said NSA focuses on so-called "network backbones." Vast amounts of data pass through them.

Following his revelations, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs "set up an office to deal with diplomatic activities involving cybersecurity."

It's the first of its kind on the mainland. A Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Beijing will discuss cybersecurity issues with Washington. They'll occur during July's Sino-US strategic and security dialogue.

SCMP said "China calls US the world's 'biggest villain' for IT espionage.
Xinhua is China's official press agency. It called new and previous allegations "clearly troubling signs."

"They demonstrate that the United States, which has long been trying to play innocent as a victim of cyberattacks, has turned out to be the biggest villain in our age."

Before Washington accuses other countries, it "should come clean about its record first."

"It owes too an explanation to China and other countries it has allegedly spied on. It has to share with the world the range, extent and intent of its clandestine hacking programmes."

"The ball is now in Washington’s court. The US government had better move to allay the concerns of other countries."

A Final Comment

Snowden's targeted for doing the right thing. He exposed US wrongdoing. He did so responsibly, legally, and at great risk. He sacrificed financial security and potential freedom. He deserves praise, not prosecution.

Charging him with Espionage Act violations reflects rogue state governance writ large. The law's long ago outdated. It's grossly misused.

It's unrelated to Snowden's revelations. It pertains to aiding America's enemies. It concerns interfering with military operations during a time of war. It was enacted during WW I.

It's about disclosing classified secrets "with intent or reason to believe that the information is to be used to the injury of the United States, or to the advantage of any foreign nation."

Snowden didn't harm national security. He didn't commit espionage. He exposed it. Global US spying/hacking revelations reflect massive, intrusive lawlessness.

Americans are unconstitutionally spied on. Foreign government statutes are violated. Snowden provided a vital service. He revealed what everyone needs to know.

It's the only chance to stop it. Snowden risked everything to try. He's arguably the most important whistleblower of our time. Perhaps ever.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

Enemies of Syria Plan Escalated Aggression

Stephen Lendman, 24.06.2013 06:46


U.S. Government Playing Yahweh With Gulag Gitmo:

Very Vagabond, 23.06.2013 22:57

Many Americans, of Christian ancestry, were taught their (supposedly their) Judeo-Christian “God” (Anglo-Saxon term for Yahweh) knows all because he sees all. Yet if we put these powers into political terms and context—then these capacities are not much different from the current National Security Administration’s “Operation Prism” that has vast potential to know all about Americans and apparently the entire world of personal communications, as recently revealed by Glen Greenwald’s stories in British daily The Guardian. Thus we learn our Leviathan State can know everything and anything about anyone. By analyzing religion through a lens of political philosophy we can see the psychology of Judeo-Christian Yahweh’s exclusivity to power, as in “he” (anthropomorphized) holds all the cards, is thus the exemplar religious model for a political state of Monarchy (and privileges to a more or less self-select court elite).

PRISM: Machen wir ihnen das Schnüffeln schwerer

Rolf Pfeffer, 23.06.2013 18:15

Microsoft und Facebook haben bereits Zahlen über Nutzerdaten-Abfragen von US-Behörden veröffentlicht. Was davon zu halten ist, sei dahingestellt, doch zielen diese Veröffentlichungen vor allem darauf, die Glaubwürdigkeit wiederherzustellen. Genau so sind wohl auch die Behauptungen aller beteiligten Konzerne zu sehen, man gewähre den US-Geheimdiensten keinen direkten Zugang zu den Rechenzentren, und man gebe Nutzerdaten nur auf richterliche Anordung heraus.

Prêt-à-porter du prêt-à-penser

Patrice Faubert, 23.06.2013 07:53

Tout individu ne sait que les autres...

Edward Snowden Charged Under the Espionage Act

Stephen Lendman, 23.06.2013 06:35

police state

Obama: The Worst of Nixon/Bush II Writ Large

Stephen Lendman, 23.06.2013 05:57

police state


Fernando Zornitta, 23.06.2013 03:28

Texto faz uma reflexão sobre as recentes manifestações da juventude brasileira, que iniciou-se durante a Copa das Confederações, tentando um entendimento desse histórico momento para a sociedade e para os seus poderes legalmente instituídos - os quais não conseguiram perceber e alinhar as suas políticas públicas e nem as suas ações aos anseios dos milhões de jovens que foram às ruas, reivindicar e manifestar a sua indignação.

General Wesley Clark: Whistleblower, Warrior

Stephen Lendman, 22.06.2013 07:19

police state

Another Israeli War Criminal of the Year Award

Stephen Lendman, 22.06.2013 06:55

police state

Washington Funds Secret Israeli Ballistic Missile Base

Stephen Lendman, 21.06.2013 18:48


photojournalist attacked

Freeda Gondwe, 21.06.2013 14:58

Chilinda attacking Chikondi A parliamentary security guard attacked photojournalist Thoko Chikondi

Obama's Nuclear Arms Reduction Hoax

Stephen Lendman, 21.06.2013 07:26


Obama's Berlin Moment

Stephen Lendman, 21.06.2013 06:55


Schauspiel Dortmund: „Die Leiden des jungen Werther“ - Goethe

Christopher Doemges, 21.06.2013 05:48

... doemgesbild Ruhrgebiet. (doem) Lust und Frust im Sturmdrang der Jugend im Studio. Großes Theater nach einem Briefroman von Goethe in frischer Inszenierung in der Westfalenmetropole. Begeisterte Jugendgruppen!

Klavierfestival Ruhr 2013: Uraufführung mit Severin von Eckardstein

Christopher Doemges, 21.06.2013 05:19

Arbeiter (Bild: Doemges) Essen. (doem) Sozusagen ein Heimspiel hatte der 1978 in Düsseldorf geborene Pianist Severin von Eckardstein, als er jetzt, nach 2001 zum zweiten Mal, beim weltgrößten Klavierfestival im Essener Haus Fuhr eine gelungene Kostprobe seines Könnens gab.

RuhrHOCHdeutsch 2013 - (Politischer) Quatsch und Comedy bis an die Schmerzgrenze

Christopher Doemges, 21.06.2013 05:03

'Günnas' &quot;Donnerstach-Show&quot; Dortmund. (doem) Und es bewegt sich doch etwas in der Westfalenmetropole mitten im Ruhrgebiet: Von Ende Juni bis Anfang Oktober 2013, nahezu den ganzen Sommer, findet auf dem Vorplatz von Europas größter überdachter Arena das größte Kabarettfestival live und in Farbe im deutschsprachigen Raum statt – eben 'RuhrHOCHdeutsch'.

World Food Prize Laureates Undermine Hunger Solutions, Food Sovereignty Alliance Says

Christopher Cook, 20.06.2013 22:07

In a statement today, the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance criticized the World Food Prize for honoring executives from Monsanto and Syngenta, global biotechnology corporations that undermine real solutions to hunger. The Food Sovereignty Prize, to be announced in July, highlights communities and movements creating sustainable and people-powered solutions to hunger and poverty, rather than industrial agriculture models that fail to nourish and sustain people or the planet.

How Immigrant Workers Create Wealth in Our Society

By Eduardo Stanley, 20.06.2013 16:44

While conservative organizations claim immigrants are a burden for USA economy, they produce wealth that benefit our society.


Patrice Faubert, 20.06.2013 14:14

C'est la technologie qui nous rêve, c'est l'industrie qui nous crève...

Fast-Tracking Toward War on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 20.06.2013 06:28


El otoño turco

germán gorraiz lópez, 19.06.2013 12:51

Análisis de la convulsa situación política turca y de su posible desenlace.

Putin Alone at G8

Stephen Lendman, 19.06.2013 06:16


High Level Opposition to Escalating Syria's Conflict

Stephen Lendman, 19.06.2013 05:53


El G8 y el conflicto sirio

germán gorraiz lópez, 19.06.2013 05:26

Análisis de la reciente cumbre del G8 y del acuerdo in extremis sobre el conflicto sirio.

OccupyGezi (Image free download)

Political Comics, 18.06.2013 15:31

Images taken from the first day of OccupyGezi in Istanbul. The drawings can be downloaded free here:

Starved of Justice in Iraq: American Prisoner on Hunger Strike

copyleft, 18.06.2013 09:00

Shawki Omar’s daughter has never met her dad This is an article written by Narmeen Al Rubaye about an Iraqi man who remains in prison in Baghdad for the last 10 years who is currently on hunger strike, and whose wife who gained asylum in the UK in 2006 remains with their child separated from him. It includes a letter writing action at the end.

Lawless NSA Global Spying

Stephen Lendman, 18.06.2013 07:23

police state

Syria and Iran: In America's Crosshairs

Stephen Lendman, 18.06.2013 06:53



JUDICIALES INFOLEX, 17.06.2013 22:34

El Fiscal Dr. Gerardo Ramón DI MASI, a cargo de la Fiscalìa Nº8 de Comodoro Py 20622 investiga a la pseudo psicòloga por encubrir abusos a cambio de dinero, respaldàndose en una ONG inexistente.

Corporate America Loves Jason Furman

Stephen Lendman, 17.06.2013 19:23

grand theft

Hassan Rohani: Iran's President-Elect

Stephen Lendman, 17.06.2013 07:39


Netanyahu Falsely Says Iran Plans Another Holocaust

Stephen Lendman, 17.06.2013 07:12


The Chemical Weapons Hoax

Stephen Lendman, 16.06.2013 07:20


One-Sided Anti-Syrian Human Rights Council Resolution

Stephen Lendman, 16.06.2013 06:51


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