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Tony Blair Has Lost His Grip on Reality, The Poodle's Poodles, In the end we’ll give in to terrorists in Iraq, so why not now

Various, 01.10.2004 18:57

Two salient facts define the national political predicament this autumn. The first is a growing sense of disquiet about Tony Blair. Experts often speak of the lack of ‘trust’ which shows up in opinion polls. But there is more to it than that. People are beginning to sense that there is something rum about this Prime Minister, and that he is no longer quite 16 annas to the rupee.

Paul Robinson says the Tories are so frightened of challenging Blair on the war that their favourite think-tank will not tolerate dissent.


At the time of writing, the hostage Ken Bigley, so far as we know, lives. While he endures his ordeal, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary said that they could not negotiate with his tormentors. That would be to ‘give in to terrorism’. Those — who must include Mr Blair and Mr Straw, as well as the rest of us — who want so much for Mr Bigley to live must rely on intermediaries such as the two eloquent Muslims from Britain who have gone to Iraq to do what they can.

LaRouche: 'The Number One Issue in the Presidential Debates Is George W. Bush's Mental Illness'

Lyndon LaRouche, 01.10.2004 18:51

With just two days to go before the first of three Presidential debates between President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry, Lyndon LaRouche, the former candidate for the 2004 Democratic Party Presidential nomination, issued the following statement on Sept. 27 through the LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Anit-Queer performer coming to the Catalyst

Lesley Harrison p.p. GLBT Alliance, 01.10.2004 18:43

Anti-queer performer coming to Catalyst this weekend. His appearance was cancelled in SF after community outrage and the Catalyst picked him up. His music encourages people to kills gays and lesbians.

Venezuela 2003-2004: Qué dicen l@s anarquistas

redacción de El Libertario, 01.10.2004 18:07

* Ya está accesible vía Internet, en la página web del periódico El Libertario, el folleto “on-line” que recoge los textos más significativos para conocer la posición y las propuestas de la CRA ante la coyuntura venezolana de los últimos tiempos, con una mirada audaz y contundente frente a la crisis política del país.


snowshoefilms, 01.10.2004 17:16

Norman Finkelstein appraising the cabal of neo-cons in the Bush administration, suggests the so-called Straussians use their political mensch Machiavelli as ideological babble to cover their single interest, power.

Another Lapse of Journalistic Integrity at The New York Times

Joel S. Hirschhorn, 01.10.2004 15:03

In the fight between uncontrolled suburban sprawl and smart growth, The New York Times published an article totally biased in favor of sprawl.

Saints, Sinners, Truth &amp; Lies about the Global Water Crisis

Dame Anita Roddick, 01.10.2004 14:06

troubledwater.jpg There is no more basic need than survival, and no substance on earth more crucial to survival than water. This makes it attractive to privatize and commodify, and one worth fighting and dying for. It is a capitalist’s dream, and a warrior’s cause. But water cannot be simply a commodity to be exchanged and bartered by a few corporations, owned and controlled by big business. It is a human need and a right.

On post debate spin

Media Matters, 01.10.2004 13:52

Several recent media reports have addressed the role post-debate spin played in the 2000 presidential campaign. O­n September 29, Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz recalled how Republicans succeeded in shifting the media's focus after the first debate; o­ne day before, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman noted that "after a few days, Mr. Bush's defeat in the debate had been spun into a victory".....

Timor Sea Talks &amp; Boundaries (20-30 Sep 2004)

Dez Wildwood, BACK DOOR e-news on East Timor, 01.10.2004 08:35

"Civil society and people in Timor-Leste continue to follow the negotiations between our government and Australia with great interest. We believe that the issues being discussed in Darwin this week are among the most important for the future of our nation." East Timor NGO Forum

1st 2004 Presidential Debate

Tom, 01.10.2004 05:18

Fellow U.S. electorate members –

I hope you'll agree that tonight's debate, the first presidential debate of the 2004 election season, brought into sharp relief the differences between the major candidates.

John Kerry came forward as a seasoned statesman and diplomat, with the competence and intellect to carry forward on Americas' long tradition of supporting global solutions to complex problems - an approach forged from before my birth that provides the only hope of global peace, stability, and progress.

George W. Bush came forward as a simple man with simple solutions - certainly easy on the ear, but short in positive outcome. I genuinely feel bad for this man - so duped has he been by the simple path to utopia painted by the folks in his inner circle, that he has led the conservatives astray and has no idea how to return to a rational course - and in particular, no idea of the global danger created by his foreign intervention efforts.

In my view, this was a slam-dunk win for Kerry, particularly for shining a bright light on Bush's lack of accountability to date and an insistence that unwavering dedication to the present course is the path to a safer world.

It chills me to think that America may actually give him four more years to test this theory.

Town of Playas, N.M. bought for Homeland Security

AP, 01.10.2004 04:28

Department of Defense and an un-named South American country will use the town of Playas, NM, for anti-terrorist training


Rengi Neer, 01.10.2004 02:12

Ashcroft to appeal Judges ruling that provision of Patriot Act is 'Unconstitutional.' By RengiNeer What Ashcroft is really saying is that the Constitution of the United States, what it says, and its interpretation by qualified constitutional judges is less important than what he, Ashcroft, and his administration "BELIEVE."

A Wikipedia or a HOAX

Bryan Bergman, 01.10.2004 00:46

With a wikipedia model, sience is not possible, nor inventions. If a wikipedia model would have been the source of knowledge to build the “first computer” , today this first computer still would have not been invented yet, nor anything else.

Real support for the Iraqi people is crucial

jamie, 01.10.2004 00:31

The actions of the Iraqi people — both insurgents and civilians — may constrain this strategy before it reaches the point of blanket bombing and wholesale destruction. But even the most ferocious Iraqi resistance may not be sufficient to deter the coming November offensive. The Iraqis need and deserve the support of the international community; the best (and least destructive) deterrent against this impending onslaught would be the threat of uncontrollable world wide protest should the U.S. attempt to level either Falluja or Sadr City.

The Voice Of The People

geral sosbee, 30.09.2004 19:41

I present a proclamation (in two segments) on behalf of Every Man/Every Woman against tyranny and oppression by the fbi/cia .

How to create a Court/Tribunal to document and try the &quot;WAR CRIMES&quot; of the Bush/Cheney Regime?

fauxlosopher, 30.09.2004 19:40

How to create a Court/Tribunal to document and try the "WAR CRIMES" of the Bush/Cheney Regime?

Link Fixed: Video Of Kenneth Bigley Pleading In Cage

Jihadi, 30.09.2004 19:29

British hostage in Iraq Kenneth Bigley is seen in this video made available from his captors on the internet Thursday Sept. 30 2004. Bigley was abducted from a Baghdad home two weeks before along with two Americans who have since been beheaded by a group demanding the relase of females from American-controlled prisons in Iraq. Despite his empassioned appeal in the video, Britain's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Thursday that no ransom or concession would be paid to secure his release.(AP Photo)

Video Of Kenneth Bigley Pleading In Cage

Jihadi, 30.09.2004 19:25

British hostage in Iraq Kenneth Bigley is seen in this video made available from his captors on the internet Thursday Sept. 30 2004. Bigley was abducted from a Baghdad home two weeks before along with two Americans who have since been beheaded by a group demanding the relase of females from American-controlled prisons in Iraq. Despite his empassioned appeal in the video, Britain's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Thursday that no ransom or concession would be paid to secure his release.

Socialist Candidates on National Tour

Workers World Party, 30.09.2004 18:26

Build the Million Worker March
Oct. 17, Washington, D.C.


Lisa Kolczun, 30.09.2004 18:14

airBand Communications launches VoIP service availability to Houston businesses.

United States Kyotopolicy is awkward, follow Russian example!

YGOS, 30.09.2004 15:54

Einar Westergaard, spokesperson for Young Greens of Sweden makes statement in Swedish press. Comments the news that Russia is aproving the Kyotoprotocol.

Micro$oft ataca Mocosoft

Xavi78, 30.09.2004 14:49

Micro$oft ataca Mocosoft

Freak Radio Station Alert .mp3

marco, 30.09.2004 14:36

This is from Freak Radio's Webstream.
You can hear updates when they get any
over at:

Want to Protest? Find out how

drdick, 30.09.2004 14:10

Protest site

Campesinos entregan informe del TLC al congreso nacional

pacha, 30.09.2004 13:46

En el Congreso Nacional recibira, hoy a las 10 a.m el informe Campesinos de su participación el 4ta ronda del TLC. Con la cual esperan presionar para suspender las negociones y llamar a una consulta popular.

10 Years of Norm Rejection

Norm Rejection, 30.09.2004 10:36

Norm Rejection is commemorating is 10th year by making available online all
songs of the "Deconform" and "0002" albums in its website

Human rights fraud

First Internationally Suppressed writer in the history, 30.09.2004 08:43

The so called human rights are only for rich persons who nothing to say about peace.and human rights are for masses who are illeterate. Courts in England and Australia are functional frauds.Even European Court of Human rights, Strassbourg, France is afraud.If not how else Ibecame first internationally suppressed write inhistory or likely to be such writer.

‘All the Pretty Flowers’ by Christopher Rogers: Available in Hard Cover and Paperback

CSR PRODUCTIONS Entertainment Group, 30.09.2004 05:22

'All the Pretty Flowers' by Christopher Rogers “A delightful, endearing verse for children of all ages...”

A Short History of the UK Anti-Road Protests

Mickey, 30.09.2004 03:43

Who the fuck are you? Not a single road has been stopped.

Let's have a disco instead.


Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, 30.09.2004 01:10

Toronto,Canada - The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty has taken food from a supermarket and is distibuting it in poor communties with in Toronto. A bill for the food will be delivered to Ontario Preimier Dalton McGuinty in the next week


BBC, 30.09.2004 00:34


An anti-missile shield? No thanks!

Sylvie Brunet, 29.09.2004 22:24

Here is a letter addressed to the Prime Minister Paul Martin about Canada's participation to the American anti-missile shield. It has been sent to ministers, La Presse (Montreal) and The Ottawa Citizen (Ottawa), as well as some indepedent medias. It also figures on ZOMBIE, an independant media created by the authors of the letter: . Please react before it's too late!

Call for demonstration : “A walk for Abolition” Montreal October 9

RAIDH, 29.09.2004 20:22

Take part in a Walk for abolition ! Montreal Canada October 9 !


Kathleen Kern, 29.09.2004 19:26

US activists from Christian pacifist organization attacked by Jewish settlers as they accompanied Palestinian children to school

The six year old held hostage by the US

Simon Assaf, 29.09.2004 19:03

Simon Assaf reveals the shocking truth about those held in Iraq's prisons.

kfc demo in glendale az

kristin-susan, 29.09.2004 18:59

There will be a demo at a kfc on 67th ave and peoria oct 16 from 2pm to 4pm.all you need to bring is your self
also is there anyone who would be willing to wear a chicken suit?
if so e-mail me at: or

Free Radio Sant Cruz Raided

reak, 29.09.2004 18:34

At 9:20 AM armed federal marshalls and fcc agents served a warrant to property residents, herding them out to the sidewalk in their bathrobes and PJ's.
The bust continues at 10 AM. Agents have announced that they will be taking down the antenna as we write. They will be issuing a statement at noon.

Stay tuned for extensive coverage.

Campesinos entregaran informe del TLC al congreso nacional.

pAchA, 29.09.2004 18:00

la Confeunassc - cnc, entregará informe de su particiaciòn en la 4ta jornada del TLC, al Congreso Nacional, el día jueves 30 de Octubre a las 10 a.m, a fin de alertar a la Sociedad Civil y opinión pública sobre el Apocalipsis que se cierne sobre esta negociación y para llegar a una consulta popular.

A little truth or Uncle Allawi's visit to America

Joe, 29.09.2004 17:59


Iraq's Allawi puts on a happy face

The interim prime minister gives Bush what he needs by avoiding the hard truths about the war

Jane's: Israeli Moles Penetrate Pentagon

Jane's, 29.09.2004 17:19

Much of this is conducted by the secret Scientific Liaison Bureau, known by its Hebrew acronym Lakam, run by the Ministry of Defence and its equally little-known successor, Malmab (the Security Authority for the Ministry of Defence).

Preventing the blood baths

jamie, 29.09.2004 17:17

As the death count of U.S. troops in Iraq goes up to 1054, top military brass are being heard on radio talk shows on NPR (otherwise known as National Prapaganda Radio)saying "I think that everybody knows that the status quo in Fallajh and other insurgent strongholds can not be allowed to continue." They are planning massive blood letting. We in the progressive comunity must organize now to support the Iraqi people and expose these imperial plans before they unfold. Please organize marches, teach-nins, walk-outs, letters to the editor, etc., whatever you and your organization can do will limit the hands of the killers. Another world is possible and a defeat of U.S. Imperialism in Iraq can help bring it about. Peace. jamie

Left ideology diagram at two dimensions

Carapau, 29.09.2004 16:14

Left ideology diagram at two dimensions

In this link you can see a diagram with almost all left ideology and a small resume of them:

or else

Homeless man runs for public office:

anonymous, 29.09.2004 15:34

Portland, Maine. Activist, Social Advocate, Volunteer, Talent scout and promoter.
Shawn Loura a Homeless person decides to run for city council At-large.

'Why We Cannot Win' authour Al Lorentz may get 20 years in military prison for this article! - Must Read

Al Lorentz; Eric Boehlert, 29.09.2004 15:07

An Army officer in Iraq who wrote a highly critical article on the administration's conduct of the war is being investigated for disloyalty -- if charged and convicted, he could get 20 years.

Team America

triphere, 29.09.2004 13:16

Movie Poster Your Freedom Hangs by a Thread

Coming soon to a city near you...

triphere, 29.09.2004 13:13

movie poster Ladder 9/11

Three childs murderes by a partner

Angel lucero, 29.09.2004 12:15

Carmen de Patagones. Argentina. 3 childs are murdered by a classroom partner.

National ID Update

~ B ~, 29.09.2004 05:18

National ID Update

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler rise to power

Aris and Duncan, The Guardian, 29.09.2004 05:00

Bush family gained fortune from Nazis and holocaust.


Roberto Iraheta, 29.09.2004 03:22

La celebración de la fiesta de independencia el pasado 18 de septiembre patrocinado oficialmente por el Consulado de El Salvador en Montréal y el derechista Comité Pro-Cultura de El Salvador, se transformó en un acto de vergüenza pública del salvadoreño, Sr. Mario Rene Amaya Martínez, ganador de la rifa de un boleto de avión con destino a El Salvador, patrocinado por el Grupo TACA.

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