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Today in 1947: The National Security Act is signed into law

Jeremy Byellin, 09.08.2013 10:03

July 26, 2013
One of the most disturbing aspects of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance operations revealed by Edward Snowden is the fact that this spying is being conducted on ordinary American citizens.

Temper Tantrum Politics

Stephen Lendman, 09.08.2013 06:47

Russia bashing

TransVergence Summit, HollyShorts festival, Beijing International Radio, TV and Film, Social Media Brazil, are event highlights in August, 08.08.2013 19:06

8 Sided Films presents SASSxACCELERATION, a mocumentary in which future mad scie Broadcast & Cable is a trade fair covering television, radio and telecommunications engineering of Latin America. The Sao Paulo event is directed at professionals, entrepreneurs and executives in the production and distribution of multimedia electronic content market...

Palestinian Prisoners: Petitioning to Block Their Release

Stephen Lendman, 08.08.2013 17:16


US-Backed Death Squads Massacre Hundreds of Syrian Kurds

Stephen Lendman, 08.08.2013 07:07


Decades of Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Failure: 50 Reasons Why

Stephen Lendman, 08.08.2013 06:46


Read book

m concoyle, 07.08.2013 14:57

See new book by m concoyle at put m concoyle into the scribd-website’s search-bar

The new book is:

Describing physical stability: The differential equation vs. New containment constructs

It has about 370 pages

Wit Announced New Web Address Wednesday, August 07, 2013.

Wit, 07.08.2013 14:11

Wit Cover Felton, CA, Wednesday, August 07, 2013, Wit ( announced today the launch of a new URL. is now the official website address for all of Wit’s creative endeavors which includes but not limited to - Wit's music, performances, acting. interviews, photos, music videos, writings, and much more.

New York Times Editors Support Police State Persecution

Stephen Lendman, 07.08.2013 13:56


JOUR J ou Uchronie

Patrice Faubert, 07.08.2013 08:57

Tout ce qui aurait pu être et qui n'est pas arrivé...

Kerry’s Success Worse than His Failure

Nicola Nasser, 07.08.2013 07:07

According to Albert Einstein, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is “insanity,” but that is exactly what John Kerry seems to have achieved after six tours of shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East since he was sworn in as the U.S. Secretary of State.

Fake Terror Alert Extended

Stephen Lendman, 07.08.2013 07:05

police state

Suspect Turkish Court Rulings

Stephen Lendman, 07.08.2013 06:43

police state

Lynne Stewart Petitions for Release

Stephen Lendman, 06.08.2013 18:12

police state


Philippines Cultural Studies Center, 06.08.2013 17:11

Documented by many international human rights organizations, the fact of hundreds of women political prisoners undergoing brutal treatment in the Philippines is still not well known. This article provides a background to the human-rights situation in the Philippines and appeals to all to protest and demand that the Aquino regime abide by the UN Charter of Human Rights and various Covenants to which the Philippine govt. is a signatory.

AIPAC Promotes War on Iran

Stephen Lendman, 06.08.2013 07:06


FBI Lets Informants Commit Crimes

Stephen Lendman, 06.08.2013 06:44

police state

Benim Hala Umudum Var 7.Bölüm 12 Ağustos Star TV

Sine, 05.08.2013 22:28

Star TV'de 12 Ağustos'da ekrana gelecek bölümün fragmanı yayınlandığında sitemizden izleyebilirsiniz.

Syrian Conflict Resolution: Stamp Out Terror

Stephen Lendman, 05.08.2013 17:52


Edward Snowden for President

Eric Sommer, 05.08.2013 12:36

I would like to seriously suggest that Edward Snowden, whether he wishes it or not, has a great future in American politics. It would behoove any of the 'third-party' political organizations opposed to unconstitutional practices, such as mass surveillance or waging undeclared foreign wars of aggression, to draft Edward Snowden to run for the U.S. senate in 2016, and the presidency in 2020 when he will be over 35 and meet the constitutional age requirement to run.

Destroying Greece to Save It

Stephen Lendman, 05.08.2013 07:15


Israele/Palestinian Peace Talks: Rebooting Failure

Stephen Lendman, 05.08.2013 06:54


Texans Rick Perry &amp; Greg Abbott Are Famous 4 Accommodating Their Innocent with Pardons After Death ..

Hillary's Agenda, 04.08.2013 23:32

Luckily For Hank Skinner,Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Also Knows How To Pardon The Dead !

Iran Inaugurates President Hassan Rohani

Stephen Lendman, 04.08.2013 19:13


Summer 2013 National Immigrant Solidarity Network Monthly News Digest and News Alert!

Lee Siu Hin - National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 04.08.2013 08:26

Stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership IS Immigrant Rights!

Goldman Sachs Trader Conviction: Hold the Cheers

Stephen Lendman, 04.08.2013 07:03

class war

Fake Washington Terror Threat

Stephen Lendman, 04.08.2013 06:45

police state

Moroccan people protest against the backdrop of the royal pardon on Daniel rapist 11 Moroccan children.

samir boras, 04.08.2013 03:33

The Royal exemption Spaniard Daniel infuriating all Moroccans, who launched a campaign thing of the Royal homologue resolution.

Determining either the correct coordinate frames or the correct containment-sets

m concoyle, 04.08.2013 00:14

The correct containment set is the main issue in regard to being able to describe the stable spectral-orbital properties of physical systems of all size-scales, which is a needed construct since the application of the laws of physics cannot be used to identify these properties based on laws and rigorous calculations for any such stable systems: general nuclei, general atoms, molecules, or the stable solar-system.

Kerry Supports Egypt's Coup

Stephen Lendman, 03.08.2013 13:59


Güterbahnhof in Tübingen besetzt.

Das Elfuhrplenum, 03.08.2013 13:25

In Tübingen steht seit einigen Jahren der alte Güterbahnhof leer, die Stadt plant einen neuen Stadtteil dort zu errichten. Seit Freitag ist ein Teil des Geländes besetzt. Bei der Aktion geht es um die unkommerzielle Nutzung öffentlichen Raums und eine öffentliche Diskussion, was auf diesem Gelände von wem und für wen gebaut wird. Da dort in der NS-Zeit Zwangsarbeiter*innen schuften mussten, geht es auch um dort ein lebendiges und offenes Lern- und Dokumentationszentrum.

Heightened Russia Bashing

Stephen Lendman, 03.08.2013 07:07


Duplicitous Committee of Inquiry on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 03.08.2013 06:40


XKeyscore: Instrument of Mass Surveillance

Stephen Lendman, 02.08.2013 07:28

police state

Israeli Referendum Measure Blocks Land for Peace

Stephen Lendman, 02.08.2013 06:58


Antifascist music from Argentina.

Antifascist music from Argentina., 02.08.2013 00:19



Patrice Faubert, 01.08.2013 16:52

Tout ce qui est connu, de la contre-révolution, est la plus-value...

Russi Grants Snowden One-Year Asylum

Stephen Lendman, 01.08.2013 14:34


Obama's Grand Bargain 2.0

Stephen Lendman, 01.08.2013 12:48

class war

Bradley Manning: Victimized by Police State Injustice

Stephen Lendman, 01.08.2013 07:12

police state

Profile of a Rigged Peace Process

Stephen Lendman, 01.08.2013 06:50


HIV-Negative AIDS: Is it CFS, GWS, or AIDS?

lemonfoundation, 01.08.2013 04:31

HIV-Negative AIDS? Allied NATO Government is hiding millions of infectious NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine) under the "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)" ICD-code.

Undocumented Youth Organizers Violently Attacked at the San Ysidro Border in California

AJ James, 31.07.2013 22:53

Last Sunday at noon, undocumented youth organizers from across California were violently confronted by police at the San Ysidro border.

Longstanding Bahraini State Terror

Stephen Lendman, 31.07.2013 17:16


Longstanding Bahraini State Terror

Stephen Lendman, 31.07.2013 17:15


Israeli/Palestinian Peace Terms: Unconditional Surrender

Stephen Lendman, 31.07.2013 05:58


Snakeman beats bogus charges

The snakebuster, 31.07.2013 01:26

This week the DSE withdrew 11 criminal charges laid against Snake Man Raymond Hoser because of a lack of evidence.
The charges, all laid to justify an illegal, violent 11 man raid on the Snake Man’s home on 17 August 2011 were widely publicized by the DSE at the time they were laid and caused immense damage to the Snake Man’s wildlife education business Snakebusters. The allegations included “extreme” acts of animal cruelty and numerous breaches of the Victorian Wildlife Act.
The Snake Man asserted at the time the claims by DSE had no factual basis and this was vindicated in the Melbourne Magistrates Court this week.

La présomption d'Innocensia n'existe pas

geral, 30.07.2013 20:56

geral Voir mon rapport de deux partie sur la désintégration des droits humains et civils fondamentaux contre l'accusé dans notre culture perturbé.

La comisión encargada de la redacción de la ley electoral catalana estudia la propuesta de Escaños en Blanco., 30.07.2013 14:40

03 Jul 2013 - La ponencia presentada por el Partido Escaños en Blanco (que adjuntamos) fue realizada este Lunes 1 de Julio y a ella asistieron todos los grupos parlamentarios de la comisión. En la misma el partido Escaños en Blanco expuso sus motivos para reclamar la necesidad de una ley electoral propia que recoja el derecho a votar a nadie y que ese voto tenga representación parlamentaria en forma de escaño vacío. Recordamos que el Partido Escaños en Blanco propone que el voto en blanco sea tenido en cuenta como una candidatura más y que los resultados que obtenga queden reflejados en forma de escaños vacíos. Hasta que esa reforma legislativa no se apruebe, el partido se presentará a todas las elecciones con el objetivo de hacer práctica esa demanda, dejando vacíos los escaños obtenidos y renunciando automáticamente a todo tipo de sueldo o subvención que ese escaño ocasione.


Bodegas TERRAS GAUDA, 30.07.2013 10:38

La bodega española TERRAS GAUDA une Arte y Vino en el 11º Concurso Internacional de Cartelismo Publicitario Francisco Mantecón, al que convoca a más de 135.000 artistas gráficos, estudios de diseño, asociaciones y universidades de todo el mundo.

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