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Fear Grips Egypt

Stephen Lendman, 18.08.2013 19:00


Précis du négatif

Patrice Faubert, 18.08.2013 08:15

L'intérêt n'est que de l'intérêt...

Egypt's Bloody Friday

Stephen Lendman, 18.08.2013 07:02


NSA Caught Red-Handed

Stephen Lendman, 18.08.2013 06:45



Elisabeth SILVA, 18.08.2013 06:16

Mise à jour de l'Affaire d'ETAT SILVA-MARQUEZ LEO BALLEY classée SECRET DEFENSE par les autorités françaises depuis 2003. Lire le livre autobiographique d'Elisabeth SILVA intitulé "LES PILIERS DE LA TRAITRISE" paru aux Editions la Lanterne en mars 2005.

Torture by Design: Saying No to the Architecture of Solitary Confinement and Cruelty -An interview with Raphael Sperry

Angola 3 News, 17.08.2013 20:47

Friday, August 16 marked the 40th consecutive day of a multi-ethnic statewide prisoner hunger strike initiated from inside the Security Housing Unit (SHU) of California's Pelican Bay State Prison. As the horror of solitary confinement comes under increasing scrutiny in the US and around the world, human rights activists are confronting this public health and safety epidemic from a variety of angles. One group, called Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility has...

Whatever Happened to Daily News?

By Seana Sperling, 17.08.2013 19:58

The decline of Mainstream News in the U.S.

Institutionalized US Spying: More Than NSA Involved

Stephen Lendman, 17.08.2013 18:23

police state

Corruption d Etat Valls

Axel, 17.08.2013 07:49

Le ministre de l intérieur Français Valls a financé illégalement la campagne de Hollande avec de l argent détourné de la compagnie Sonatrach.

World Leaders Declare America and Israel Pariah States: A Fable

Stephen Lendman, 17.08.2013 07:17

police states

Police State Egypt

Stephen Lendman, 17.08.2013 06:49


Dispossessing East Jerusalem Palestinian Residents

Stephen Lendman, 16.08.2013 18:08

police state

Egypt's Bloody Wednesday

Stephen Lendman, 16.08.2013 07:01

police state

Bradley Manning Addresses Sentencing Hearing

Stephen Lendman, 16.08.2013 06:40

police state

An interpretation of human violence, an unexplored science

geral, 15.08.2013 19:39

geral See my reports on violence as a virus.

Sham Peace Talks Resume

Stephen Lendman, 15.08.2013 16:20



HEBE SCHMIDT, 15.08.2013 15:49

Es una de las voces más autorizadas del progresismo europeo. Reflexiona sobre la crisis que vive Europa. Nacido en Argelia, analiza la tensión en las sociedades árabes.

Egypt: Blood in the Streets

Stephen Lendman, 15.08.2013 06:40


FABIO SNAIDER, socio fundador de Tik Books. &quot;LA LECTURA ES LA PUERTA DE LA CULTURA&quot;

Elena Hergenreder, 14.08.2013 22:54

TIK BOOKS, una idea original que brinda a los lectores la posibilidad de comprar libros a precios increíbles


TW, 14.08.2013 22:52

Refugees, immigrants and exiles find their own voice in this event. Submissions for the longest-running film festival on issues surrounding immigration, should be not longer than 30 minutes.

An interpretation of human violence

geral, 14.08.2013 20:26

geral See my reports on violence as a virus, an unexplored science.

Open Letter on problems with &quot;Occupy World News Now&quot; OWNN

StopGap, 14.08.2013 15:34

Activists and Occupy Wall Street Supporters need to ask whether "Occupy World News Now (OWNN) truly represents the spirit of OWS.

flying for freedom of movement and against state control at russian embassy in hamburg

a3yo, 14.08.2013 14:32

Protest in front of the embassy We decided to gather at the russian embassy in hamburg to show our solidarity with the people affected of the racist society and state. In the context of election campaign in moscow the issue of migration was put in a very simple and racist direction by deciding to seperate and concentrate masses of illegalised people in camps.

NYPD Stop and Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional

Stephen Lendman, 14.08.2013 06:56

police state

The Alchemy of Reading Into the Chemistry of Words: A Book on the Psychology of Reading Comprehension

Westy Weeds, 14.08.2013 06:34

Since people have not been lining up to laud my book as review, I, Westy Weeds, take the unusual step of doing my “own” book review on my own book: The Alchemy of Reading Into the Chemistry of Words: A Book on the Psychology of Reading Comprehension for the following three reasons (see below):

Will or Won't Obama Attack Syria?

Stephen Lendman, 14.08.2013 06:34


Spinning the Israeli/Palestinian Peace Proces

Stephen Lendman, 13.08.2013 18:57



TW, 13.08.2013 18:08

Immigrants, refugees and exiles find their own voice in this event. Works in Narrative, Animated, and Documentary Short, regardless of the original production format, and the date when it was completed, are considered. Submissions for the longest-running film festival on issues surrounding immigration, should be not longer than 30 minutes.

Argentina_Quilmes: Call for International Solidarity Across Borders

Red Latina sin fronteras, 13.08.2013 15:21

Argentina_Buenos Aires_Quilmes: Call for International Solidarity Across Borders The incident occurred at two o'clock in the morning on Thursday, 25th of July when attackers set fire to the December 20th Community Center, which houses the MTD (Unemployed Workers Movement) "La Cañada" Popular Front "Dario Santillan". The movement engages in different working activities, cultural activities and education.


Pia Fabrizio, 13.08.2013 07:53

Rem publicam administrare

Fukushima: Uncontainable

Stephen Lendman, 13.08.2013 06:32


Israeli Occupation Harshness Prevents Peace

Stephen Lendman, 13.08.2013 06:07


An interpretation of human violence

geral, 12.08.2013 19:50

See my reports on violence as a virus.

Déclaration sur l'article &quot;Libcom et Aufheben travaillent avec la police&quot; par Samotnaf

SamFantoSamotnaf, 12.08.2013 18:30

L’article "Libcom et Aufheben travaillent avec la police" est significativement inexactes.

Israeli Business As Usual

Stephen Lendman, 12.08.2013 18:08


Should we blame the tooth fairy for the closure of US Embassies in the Middle East? Open Letter to Barack Obama.

Wesley Parish, 12.08.2013 09:32

No evidence has been proffered to the public to explain the closure of US Embassies throughout the Middle East. Only the spectre of Al Qaeda. Ergo we must blame the tooth fairy.

Protest No Border Campers at morrocan and Spanish ambassees in The Hague and Rotterdam

nn, 12.08.2013 08:45

Protest against arrests and severly beating of Sub-Sahara migrants in Morocco

The 8th and 9th of August 2013 participants of the NO Border-camp in Rotterdam have been protesting at the Spanish and Moroccan ambassees, consulates and European offices in The Hague and Rotterdam.

Larry Summers: Wall Street's Man

Stephen Lendman, 12.08.2013 07:09


EU a Key NSA Target

Stephen Lendman, 12.08.2013 06:51


Beyond Surveillance

geral, 11.08.2013 19:03

geral See my reports showing extensive and unlawful efforts by fbi to arrest me.


m concoyle, 11.08.2013 17:17

It needs to be noted: That the truth of the new math construct (as presented by m concoyle) cannot be judged by today’s experts, since that is like having the authorities of the Ptolemaic system judge the truth of Copernicus’s system in that age. They are different ideas expressed in languages whose assumptions, contexts, containment sets and interpretations, etc are quite different and quite incompatible with one another.
That is, the truth of the new math-physics construct will be found based on both (1) its descriptions of new properties, and descriptions of new contexts within a new interpretive format, and (2) the practically useful instruments, and inventions, as well as new creative contexts, which emerge from the new math-physics descriptive structure.

See put in its search-bar m concoyle
for 7 different books about new intellectually revolutionary ideas

Israeli Democracy: A Convenient Illusion

Stephen Lendman, 11.08.2013 16:48


Eschatologie ou &quot; Pendez-les haut et court &quot;

Patrice Faubert, 11.08.2013 07:58

La vie de l'économie est l'économie de la vie...

NSA Spying: Worse Than You Think

Stephen Lendman, 11.08.2013 06:45

police state

Anti-American Sentiment in Egypt

Stephen Lendman, 10.08.2013 16:48


Federal Judge Sentences Lynne Stewart to Death

Stephen Lendman, 10.08.2013 09:47

police state

New York Times Fuels Anti-Iranian Sentiment

Stephen Lendman, 10.08.2013 07:25


Presidential Medal of Freedom Hypocrisy Redux

Stephen Lendman, 10.08.2013 06:46

police state

Tree Spirit

Neidrya, 10.08.2013 01:38

"Tree Spirit is a short documentary film on the human/planetary ecological crisis and the possibility of human extinction based on my recent interview with world renown linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky.

Pelican Bay Hunger Striking for Justice

Stephen Lendman, 09.08.2013 18:42

police state

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