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Imperial Madness

Stephen Lendman, 27.08.2013 07:22


NSA Bugs UN Headquarters

Stephen Lendman, 27.08.2013 06:58


Israel Poised to Attack Syria?

Stephen Lendman, 26.08.2013 19:18


Diarrhée verbale ou Koroko

Patrice Faubert, 26.08.2013 18:23

Poésie paraphysique...

Pentagon Preparing for War on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 26.08.2013 07:19


Selling War on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 26.08.2013 06:55


USA As Evil Empire

geral, 25.08.2013 22:12

See evidence of crimes by the fbi/cia and their operatives against the people of the world.

U.S. to strike Syria tonight

Said Al-Khalaki, 25.08.2013 21:59

In Syrian Facebook this theme is widely discussed. I’ve translated it for you to discuss
“…As my reliable sources in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar inform, the U.S. is likely to launch missile strikes against Syria in the hours to follow to overthrow Assad. The missiles will be launched from the American destroyers, submarines and strategic bombers. At the same time the U.S. special task forces will operate on the field to assassinate Assad and his inner circle…”

Britain's Middle East Spy Station

Stephen Lendman, 25.08.2013 19:53

police state

Assassination of Chechen Honorary Consul is Being Covered Up by Turkish Authorities

Caucasus Forum, 25.08.2013 16:29

Medet Önlü, Assasinated ChRI Honorary Consul in Turkey His Lawyer: “4 operations to catch the hitman were cancelled at the last moment” There are suspicious developments in the investigation of the assassination of Medet Önlü, the Honorary Consul of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in Turkey.

Medical Homicide: Recognize it! Publicize it! Stop it!

meverett, 25.08.2013 15:37

medical research project

Monsanto's Harvest of Shame

Stephen Lendman, 25.08.2013 07:21


McCarthyism Writ Large

Stephen Lendman, 25.08.2013 06:51

police state

Stellungnahme zu den Ereignissen des 23. August in Duisburg-Rheinhausen

Teilnehmer*innen der Nachtwache, 24.08.2013 19:17

Aufgrund der Ereignisse des gestrigen Abends (23.08.2013) im Umfeld des Duisburger Stadtteils Rheinhausen erfolgt hier eine Stellungnahme, die das Geschehene versucht aufzuarbeiten und in den Kontext der antiromaistischen Stimmung – gegen die Häuser In-den-Peschen 3-5 – einzubinden.

Paraphysique du suicide

Patrice Faubert, 24.08.2013 17:33

L'insatisfaction de la satisfaction est la satisfaction de l'insatisfaction...

Imminent US War on Syria?

Stephen Lendman, 24.08.2013 14:23


Why the US should take a deep breath rather than jump headlong into Syria: Open Letter to President Obama

Wesley Parish, 24.08.2013 11:14

Quite "photoshopping" for excuses to jump headlong into Syria's civil war. Nobody trusts the "intelligence" agencies to tell the truth at this late stage of the game. We don't need a war brought on by the great Budgetary Defense Initiative.

False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 24.08.2013 07:00


Drumbeat for War on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 24.08.2013 06:30


State-Sponsored Terrorism on Lebanon

Stephen Lendman, 23.08.2013 18:14


Forever 21: We Demand Full-Time Opportunities

Retail Action Project, 23.08.2013 16:48

Tell Forever 21 to restore full time positions and health benefits!

Bradley Manning: Imprisoning a National Hero

Stephen Lendman, 23.08.2013 07:27

police state

Lawless NSA Spying Exposed

Stephen Lendman, 23.08.2013 06:54

police state

Daniel Ellsberg Reflects on Bradley Manning Trial

Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine, 23.08.2013 04:42

Daniel Ellsberg Reflects on Bradley Manning Trial Verdict and Current U.S. Crackdown on Whistleblowers and Journalists


m concoyle, 23.08.2013 02:48

The triumph of Copernicus, is not a triumph of science over religion, rather the brave act of Copernicus was to challenge dogmatic authority, the same type of dogmatic authoritative truth which is now being associated to science. This is clearly true, since the most fundamental of physical problems, understanding “the stability of the many-body system” cannot even be formulated, let-alone solved, but all that modern (2013) physics provides as patterns of knowledge, to be used to address this problem, are hopelessly complicated descriptive language based on, indefinably random, and non-linear descriptive contexts, with their definitive statement (about the properties of these observed stable systems) being that “these systems are too complicated, so as to not be able to describe their properties based on the laws of physics.” Yet, that this stability exists implies a: linear, metric-invariant, and continuously commutative everywhere, type of a physical system.
Why will people (who serve banking interests, the professional science and math communities) not allow these types of challenges to the dogmatic authority of modern science?

Don't Be Bullied, Know Your Human Rights

mimi kintzel, 22.08.2013 18:13

Youth for Human Rights Florida is a secular non-profit organization with the mission to educate about Human Rights both in and out of the classroom.

Syria: Truth v. Lies on Chemical Weapons Use

Stephen Lendman, 22.08.2013 17:40


Temporary break-off of this year's International Animal Rights Gathering in Belgium

afalib, 22.08.2013 13:07

Statement on temporarily breaking off this year's International Animal Rights Gathering in Belgium.
Antifascist animal liberationists were forced to leave the venue of the gathering.
This was not accepted.

Egypt's Reign of Terror

Stephen Lendman, 22.08.2013 06:53


Duplicitous Peace Talks Resume

Stephen Lendman, 22.08.2013 06:32


First American Indian attends Oxford Symposium in England

A PATHSTAR Report, 21.08.2013 20:58

American Indian gives presentation on over 130-year legacy of Indian boarding schools where children were abused and their culture desecrated, Native families were torn apart and tens of thousands of Indian children were required to dress, pray, work and speak as mainstream Americans. Everything from wearing long hair to speaking a single Indian word was forbidden.

The Syrian Chemical Weapons Use Canard

Stephen Lendman, 21.08.2013 18:32


Bradley Manning Wrongfully Sentenced

Stephen Lendman, 21.08.2013 18:31

police state

rosia montana, paradise destroyed for gold and cyanide, romania, what going on?

der hag, 21.08.2013 16:13

Rosia montana

Britain's War on Freedom

Stephen Lendman, 21.08.2013 07:13

police state

Militarized Peacekeeping for Palestine?

Stephen Lendman, 21.08.2013 06:47


Helen Clark ignores question on global ethical human rights.

Anthony Ravlich, 21.08.2013 01:38

When Helen Clark, Head of the United Nations Development Program, was asked during question time after delivering a lecture why the UN says nothing about the new plan for the world, global ethical human rights, she ignored the question.

Israel Behind Egypt's Coup?

Stephen Lendman, 20.08.2013 17:20


Illegal to make fun of the NSA?

Ben Swann, 20.08.2013 16:49

Is the NSA using copyright claims to crush free speech?

Obama's War on Yemen

Stephen Lendman, 20.08.2013 07:17


Police State Terror in Egypt

Stephen Lendman, 20.08.2013 06:50


Failed USA Leadership

geral, 19.08.2013 20:09

See my reports on how the usa has failed the people of the world.

The lllusion of Israeli/Palestinian Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Stephen Lendman, 19.08.2013 17:37



JUST DIAL AMERICA, 19.08.2013 17:07

Home Improvement Home Improvement , Services

Λίγη ντροπή κύριε Τσίπ

onehuman, 19.08.2013 14:43

Μηλάει ο κ. Τσίπρας για δικτατορία στην Τουρκία, είναι γεγονός πως δεν μας ενθουσιάζει ιδιέτερα το δεξιοαμερικάνικο προφίλ τού "Ερντογάν" αλλά ο άνθρωπος -το κόμα του- ήρθε με εκλογιές! και μάλιστα γιά τρείς συνεχιζόμενες φορές! και αγγίζοντας το ποσοστό 50% την τελευταία φορά! εκλογιές σαν αυτές τις οποίες εσύ κ. Τσίπρα υποκλίνεσαι μπροστά τους, εκλογές πού εκφράζουν την βουλή και την κυριαρχία τού λαού

Lampedusa Flüchtlinge in Hamburg

B20, 19.08.2013 09:51

Aktive Flüchtlingshilfe ohne Unterstützung

Mubarakism 2.0

Stephen Lendman, 19.08.2013 07:03

police state

Al Jazeera America Set to Debut

Stephen Lendman, 19.08.2013 06:39


Einstein was wrong

m concoyle, 18.08.2013 22:21

All of science needs to be challenged and alternative ideas provided.

Eisbolή mpάtswn sto Rigaer 94, Berolίno.

Roci, 18.08.2013 22:01

Eisbolή mpάtswn sto Rigaer 94, Berolίno.

Την Τετάρτη του 18 Αυγούστου στης 6 το πρωί, μεγάλες δυνάμεις της αστυνομίας (13η διμοιρία του SEK - γερμανικό ΜΑΤ, τεχνικές μονάδες, LKA και μια ομάδα ειδικών δυνάμεων) εισέβαλαν το σπίτι μας και, με πρόσχημα “αναζήτησης στοιχείων”, πραγματοποίησαν έρευνες. Οι μπάτσοι έσπασαν τις πόρτες, εισέβαλαν σε όλα τα δωμάτια του σπιτιού και μας κράταγαν ομήρους για 6 περίπου ώρες.

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