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Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal: What Follows?

Stephen Lendman, 29.09.2013 06:11


Rezistența continuă, Salvăm/Eliberăm România !

George Popescu, 29.09.2013 01:25

Cred că este momentul să folosim informațiile care ne sunt strict necesare și care pot fi probate prin ceea ce trăim de 24 de ani. Să continuăm menținerea mesajului general la limita acceptării lui de către mase și de către intelectuali. Posibil ca aceasta să fie o formulă câștigătoare de aceea aș fi bucuros să primesc replici pertinente la aceste considerații.

Iran/Syria Bashing

Stephen Lendman, 28.09.2013 18:48


Worth to Watch the Modi Magic in 2014

Dr.a.Prabaharan, 28.09.2013 10:31

The entire nation is chanting Modi mantra. It is not because of the people's attractiveness towards the Gujarat stalwart but the inefficiency and malgovernance of Congress lead UPA government at the centre. This has propelled Modi to the level of national attraction. In this scenario any logical posturing against Modi won't work out. The people of the country has decided to give an alternative government the power to rule for next five years. Despite this hue and cry there may not be total decisiveness in favour of BJP. There may be little difference of seats between BJP and Congress. The regional parties will hold the the fort with decisive numbers in their hands. All in all the coming Loksabha election is an interesting game to watch.

Deal Reached on Syrian Chemical Weapons

Stephen Lendman, 28.09.2013 06:47


US/Iranian Foreign Ministers Meet

Stephen Lendman, 28.09.2013 06:16


Netanyahu Exceeds Sharonian Evil

Stephen Lendman, 27.09.2013 18:54


Another Fake US Terror Alert

Stephen Lendman, 27.09.2013 07:18

police state

Assad Fears US Aggression

Stephen Lendman, 27.09.2013 06:52


High tech assaults contribute to incidents of mass murder, etc.

geral, 26.09.2013 18:47

See my reports that contradict the *fbi's public statements regarding the mental states of persons who report assaults by directed energy weapons (DEW); note that the recent violence by Aaron Alexis was the result of torture by DEW and that his claims represent the dying declarations of a victim of fbi high tech assaults.

Comment about the focus of the Am Math Society

m concoyle, 26.09.2013 17:49

It is better to model of physical system by stable geometries of simple shapes, than it is to try to identify the properties of physical systems by formulating and (trying) to solve physical systems by means of non-linear (partial) differential equation models of these systems.

Airstrikes Threat On Syria! Third World War? No War But The Class War!

CLASS WAR, 26.09.2013 17:43

Menaces de frappes aériennes en Syrie ! Troisième guerre mondiale ? Une seule guerre, la guerre de classe !

GUERRE DE CLASSE, 26.09.2013 17:41

WaPo Interviews Lavrov

Stephen Lendman, 26.09.2013 17:21


Bimah – Tor zur Interkonfessionalität / 10 Jahre Jüdisches Theater Berlin

Christopher Doemges, 26.09.2013 15:01

Bimah Foto: Doemges Berlin. (doem) Im zentral gelegenen Admiralspalast an der Friedrichstraße, zwischen S-Bahnhof und Einkaufszentrum, ist seit 2011 in der dritten Etage das Jüdische Theater Bimah beheimatet. Bimah ist hebräisch und bedeutet Bühne.

Remembering Edward Said

Stephen Lendman, 26.09.2013 07:12

Edward Said

Rohani in New York

Stephen Lendman, 26.09.2013 06:51


Clearwater Dentist Acknowledged for Assisting Victims of Human Trafficking

Lisa Mansell, 25.09.2013 20:22

Dentist Paul Rodeghero achknowledged for helping victims. Human trafficking victims suffer mental and physical scars when their captivity ends. Helping to ease their suffering is Clearwater dentist Dr. Paul Rodeghero.

Syrian National Coalition Spurns Peace

Stephen Lendman, 25.09.2013 18:51


Unchanged US Policy on Iran

Stephen Lendman, 25.09.2013 07:07


Iran Bashing

Stephen Lendman, 25.09.2013 06:47


Obama's General Assembly Address

Stephen Lendman, 24.09.2013 18:38



DESCOLONIZACION, 24.09.2013 13:30

1ra. CUMBRE INTERNACIONAL DE DESCOLONIZACIÓN, DESPATRIARCALIZACIÓN, LUCHA CONTRA La “1ra. Cumbre Internacional de Descolonización, Despatriarcalización, Racismo y Discriminación”, se realizará del 9 al 12 de octubre de 2013, en homenaje al día de la descolonización. Informaciones y acreditaciones de participantes nacionales e internacionales, podrán realizarse a través de la página web: y/o teléfonos 2-2118644 2-2114681.

UN: striktes militärisches Gewaltverbot!

Peter Weber, 24.09.2013 11:08

„Kriege sind grund­sätzlich verboten“ ... Wenn die USA Syrien bombardieren, verstößt das gegen das Völkerrecht. Auch die Drohung, Krieg zu führen, sei durch die UN-Charta nicht gedeckt. Auch das vielzitierte UN-Mandat gibt es nicht, so der Völkerrechtler Tobias Pflüger. Herr Pflüger, die USA haben Syrien mit Krieg gedroht. Dürfen Staaten Kriege führen? Nein. Das Völkerrecht, in diesem Fall die UN-Charta, ist eindeutig: In Artikel 2 Ziffer 4 der Charta der Vereinten Nationen steht ein striktes militärisches Gewaltverbot.

Merkel's Germany

Stephen Lendman, 24.09.2013 06:51

class war

Syria's Troubled Waters

Stephen Lendman, 24.09.2013 06:30


This Way Out: From fear to forgiveness+global LGBT news+more!

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 23.09.2013 22:50

An unlikely friendship fights fear and fosters forgiveness; Canadian artist Steven Walker is memorialized in a "Rainbow Minute"; there are more moderating words from the newly-minted Pope, the U.S. Labor Department pushes spousal benefits for same-gender couples but Oklahoma is not OK with National Guard benefits, a Russian YouTube video claims that gays and lesbians adopt children so they can rape them, and more global LGBT news.

Washington Pressures Russia for War Resolution on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 23.09.2013 18:22


Stop montajes policiales. Comunicado Resaca Castellana

Resaca Castellana, 23.09.2013 17:15

Comunicado contra la represión, septiembre 2013

New York Times Disparages Mother Agnes Mariam

Stephen Lendman, 23.09.2013 07:15


Israel Launches Anti-Rohani Media Blitz

Stephen Lendman, 23.09.2013 06:53


Audio: Información sobre movimiento magisterial en México

Anonymous, 22.09.2013 21:36

Este audio explica brevemente el origen de la Reforma Educativa aplicada en México y que ha llevado a la movilización del magisterio y de la sociedad civil. La movilización no sólo es en contra de esta reforma laboral neoliberal disfrazada de "educativa", la movilización es en contra de las reformas estructurales que echan por abajo todo lo ganado en más de 200 años de lucha como República Mexicana.

Lynne Stewart Petitions for Justice

Stephen Lendman, 22.09.2013 19:46

Lynne Stewart

Occupation Harshness Belies Dead on Arrival Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks

Stephen Lendman, 22.09.2013 19:44


Του Απόστολου Λακασά ΚΛΠ..


Οι απολύσεις φέρνουν εμφύλιο μεταξύ των εκπαιδευτικών

Sets of opposites

m concoyle, 22.09.2013 07:52

The American experience, and an individual’s (or a nation’s) attempt to “put the colossus right,” where “the colossus” first emerged as the Roman-Empire, and has defined western culture ever since, it is a colossus of social hierarchy which is based on extreme violence, and maintained by extreme violence as well as by using engineering in order to organize society to be ever more easily ruled by (and dependent on) a social hierarchy.

Destroying Social America

Stephen Lendman, 22.09.2013 07:12

class war

Israeli Forces Attack EU Diplomats

Stephen Lendman, 22.09.2013 06:51


Quakers Offer 'Get Acquainted' Sessions

Ralph Henn, 22.09.2013 05:54

Meeting for Worship Minneapolis Quakers are offering informational sessions to acquaint the public with Quakerism, regardles of whether or not you're looking for a new faith community.

Fabricated US/Israeli Intelligence on Ghouta Gas Attack

Stephen Lendman, 21.09.2013 16:50


Obama Intends War on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 21.09.2013 06:47


Rohani Seeks Rapprochement

Stephen Lendman, 20.09.2013 18:45


Syrian Insurgents Battle Each Other

Stephen Lendman, 20.09.2013 18:43


evolutio of america

marc chauvette, 20.09.2013 09:44

be loyal to what is right and just for all.fear lie stress and anxiety lower your inteligence love truth joy and happiness bring you to higher inteligence.if a action is not base on rightiousness dont do it we will built the new atlantis in the coutry of quebec we will restore natural law bring back holistic culture and resurect native culture and way of life we will bring the rainbow warrior prophecy we will succed .

Bernanke Stays the Course

Stephen Lendman, 20.09.2013 07:13


Evidence Shows Insurgents Responsible for Gas Attack

Stephen Lendman, 20.09.2013 06:51


NSA: The Ultimate Spy Machine

Stephen Lendman, 19.09.2013 18:23


San Diego MTS Transit Cop Quits Over Security Concerns

SPSOA Security Police News, 19.09.2013 16:04

Universal is the nation’s fifth-largest private security company, and works under a $23 million contract with MTS. Under the terms of the contract, Universal provides both armed and unarmed guards who patrol, protect and arrest throughout the agency’s 53 transit stations and 160 trolleys running between downtown San Diego and the Mexican border.

Anti-Assad Death Squads Responsible for Gas Attack

Stephen Lendman, 19.09.2013 07:12



Nick, 19.09.2013 07:06

here goes the title or the heading of the article

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