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Campesinos analizan TLC y propomen acciones

Pacha, 04.10.2004 22:32

El pasado 30 de septiembre del 2004, la CONFEUNASSC – CNC, entregó informe de su participación en el cuarto de al lado en la IV Ronda de Negaciones del TLC celebrada en Puerto Rico del 14 al 17 de septiembre al Congreso Nacional. A través de esta se constató que no existe suficiente información de parte del sector oficial respecto a los avances en las negociaciones

Listen to Hitch

Pavel, 04.10.2004 21:47

The Left has lost all moral bearings

Going Backwards - The Drug War &amp; Intellectual Degeneration

Dennis R. Hilton, 04.10.2004 20:32

For thousands of years, man has fought and died for essential drugs. But even in the 21st century, we see our schools, media and criminal justice systems blindly but furiously fighting the people they serve, in contradiction to reason and sanity.

World Habitat Day versus Housing and Land Rights Now!

Habitat International Coalition (HIC), 04.10.2004 20:25

Decrying the growing gap between the Millenium Development Goals declared by the United Nations and the realities of war, forced evictions and spiraling slum growth experienced by the 1.2 billion slum dwellers and more than 100 million who are homeless, the Habitat International Coalition (HIC) announced coordinated local actions for a “Right to Land and Housing Now”

Día del Hábitat: Derecho a la Tierra y la Vivienda Ahora !

Habitat International Coalition (HIC), 04.10.2004 20:21

Este año el lema elegido por las Naciones Unidas para celebrar el Día del Hábitat es “las ciudades, motores del desarrollo rural”. Mirando el mundo como está por el modelo vigente de desarrollo desigual los temas que convocan manifestaciones y aglutinan propuestas entre las organizaciones y movimientos sociales están vinculados al derecho al suelo y la vivienda, impactos sociales de las políticas neoliberales sobre el hábitat popular y las alternativas de producción del hábitat por y para la gente.

Revolución Bolivariana y Gerencia Participativa para la transformación universitaria

Luis Bonilla-Molina, 04.10.2004 18:36

En este trabajo el autor explora las implicaciones del discurso bolivariano en la transformación de las universidades y el sistema nacional de investigación en Venezuela

El bloqueo de los Estados Unidos contra Cuba

cubanos, 04.10.2004 18:28

El próximo miércoles 6 de octubre, entre las 10 y las 12 horas (de Cuba), auspiciado por el sitio Web CUBAVSBLOQUEO ( ) , se efectuará un Foro Debate sobre el tema “El bloqueo de los Estados Unidos contra Cuba” Por más de cuatro décadas el pueblo cubano...

El bloqueo de los Estados Unidos contra Cuba

cubanos, 04.10.2004 18:27

El próximo miércoles 6 de octubre, entre las 10 y las 12 horas (de Cuba), auspiciado por el sitio Web CUBAVSBLOQUEO ( ) , se efectuará un Foro Debate sobre el tema “El bloqueo de los Estados Unidos contra Cuba” Por más de cuatro décadas el pueblo cubano...

The Phone Rings....

Yuri, 04.10.2004 17:00

More Depravity Tacitly Supported by the Left

New Kerry Bumpersticker

m(A)tt, 04.10.2004 16:40

A brand new exciting bumper sticker promoting Sen. John Kerry's candidacy this fall.

webforum playing cards (w$)

£, 04.10.2004 15:17

w$ 3532bytes

Elmer Bush

J. Fox, 04.10.2004 13:11

Kerry ridicules Bush as Elmer Fudd

Indymedia Ireland: Worrying censorship

Ezetz, 04.10.2004 11:09

I am amazed at the type of articles Indymedia Ireland is censoring. I publish this here in the hope that something can be done about this. Something must be done if this is really an independent media.

100! Alternative News Websites.

Dan Smith, 04.10.2004 02:43

Independent media must remain diverse and willing to adapt the best from each success. This is not competition but team spirit that makes “real” media able to penetrate the “censored/manipulated” media of corporate/ government control. Down Load, Email, Print and Distribute in coffeeshops, campuses, blogs, This very value list of alternative news and information websites Make a copy!!!
This list we fit on one page with Word 14 pica Times New Roman (Page Setup at 0.4" top, bottom, left, right) at 3 column format.


Mother Earth, 04.10.2004 01:13

A gathering to build community in Southern Orange County, meet new people, and share our concerns.

How They Lied Us Into War


An Informative, Investigative Article that Proves that the Bush Gang Presented Highly Disputed Claims On Iraqi WMDs as Proven Fact.

Bush and Cheney Misled America to Justify a Rush to War.

28 of us arrested at the Ellipse

Pete from DC, 03.10.2004 10:52

Following a somber memorial procession from Arlington Cemetery to the White House 28 nonviolent peace activists were arrested.

Press Ignores W's Retardation and What You Can Do About It

Eric Bradshaw, 03.10.2004 03:14

Why does the mainstream press ignore Bush's obvious flaw in mental capacity? Is there some unwritten code that says a sitting president's retardation has to be brushed over even when it's painfully obvious? Like Reagan's alzheimers appearing roughly two years into his first term?

Discretion Still the Better Part of Valor: Presidential Politics and Collective Colonial Forgetting on Vietnam and in Iraq

David M. Bholat, 03.10.2004 02:00

This opinion piece critically interrogates the semantics of the Vietnam debate in the US Presidential election.

Protest Lewis and Clark in Mobridge SD

Stop Lewis and Clark Resistance, 03.10.2004 01:35

Sacred Sex

£, 03.10.2004 01:06

no pp! For the shamanic individual, a general category of knowledge arises that though not completely unique to shamanism is unique as a clear set of knowledge for the shaman. This is sometimes referred to as secret knowledge.

Hostage's Brother treated like terrorist

Rengi Neer, 03.10.2004 00:31

AMSTERDAM - Armed intelligence officers yesterday raided the Amsterdam home of Paul Bigley, the brother of British hostage Ken Bigley, in the hunt for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of the Arab terrorist group which is believed to be holding him.


Paul Levy, 03.10.2004 00:06

Ever wonder how it is humanly possible for Bush supporters to continue to ignore the avalanche of damning information exposing the corrupt and criminal behavior of the Bush Administration? This brief article by Paul Levy goes a long ways towards explaining this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon.. A must read! ... a meme for evolutionary justice and transformation.

Formation of Progressive World News

Jim Polk, 02.10.2004 23:59

Progressive World News annouces it's formation. We will soon begin taping a progressive television news show, "Open For Debate." We are in the progress of hiring staff and forming our news network.

Arizona Libertarian Party sues to stop Tempe Presidential Debate

aXr$, 02.10.2004 23:38

The state shouldn't be making donations to political candidates, say Arizona Libertarians -- and they're going to court to stop Arizona State University from donating up to $2 million to presidential candidates George W. Bush and John F. Kerry. At issue: The presidential debate scheduled to take place in Tempe on October 13th.

The gates of hell in Samarra or America's new My Lai?

Sam, 02.10.2004 23:23

"The occupation forces are even preventing the families from burying their dead or evacuating wounded people scattered across the city streets, " Samrraei lamented.

Many bodies were strewn in the streets but could not be collected for fear of the American snipers, residents said.

"Dead bodies and injured people are everywhere in the city and when we tried to evacuate them, the Americans fired at us," one ambulance driver told AP Television News.

Iraq: Battle Of Samara - 7 Helicopters Downed, 147 Troops Killed

Various, 02.10.2004 23:08

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 1 October 2004

Border Patrol agents, serial kilers, drown women

La Voz de Aztlan News, 02.10.2004 23:04

Two U.S. Border Patrol agents who are serial killers in Eagle Pass, Texas, drown three women and in a separate incident, drown a man and beat another man in September.

Bush was Wired in Debate

reposted, 02.10.2004 19:02

During the Presidential Debate Bush made what may be his most costly error- he exposed that he's using an earpiece to help him answer debate questions. In the middle of an answer bush said, "now let me finish" as if someone was interrupting him - yet nobody did - he was talking to the person in his earpiece.

&quot;Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time&quot;

wwicko, 02.10.2004 16:39

It would make a good protest chant.

Bush Is A Threat

Jack Grimes, 02.10.2004 15:57

The importance of stopping the increasing tyranny of George Bush and his regime.

Formamos Trabajadores Autoconvocados de Prensa

Trabajadores Autoconvocados de Prensa, 02.10.2004 15:06

La situación que vivimos los trabajadores de Prensa no se soporta más

No tenemos sindicato

Extinguishing the Post-Cold-War Dream

Rob Maguire, 02.10.2004 11:35

Karabagh, Armenia World Bank-mandated energy privatization taxes Armenia’s poor.

[Originally published in The Dominion: ]

Patricia Cornwell biography - Crimes, bribery, scandal and mental illness, background of upcoming felony indictments

Dr. Les Sachs, 02.10.2004 11:16

The definitive biography of George Bush family friend Patricia Cornwell published to date, detailing key background for Cornwell's bribery scandal with U.S. Federal Judge Robert Payne, including Patricia Cornwell's 12 year history of gifts, money, and influence buying with FBI agents; her 20 year friendship with the Bush family, history of other offenses, and mental illness

The U.S is Bankrupt

david, 02.10.2004 10:04

The Us is bankrupt, the bankers who own everything and every one lock stock and barrel,are the ones behind the war.Un told profits are rest assured.

Let us Stand for Democracy and Justice

Let us Stand for Democracy and Justice, 02.10.2004 09:46

Let us Stand for Democracy and Justice

Coalition of Parents Unite in Nationwide Class Action Challenges for Their Children, 02.10.2004 09:07

A brilliant move by the people of the United States of America. Its implications are boundless. This forces the hand of the Unconstitutional Foreign Corporations to stop and consider their next move. This is the people taking back their soverenity. All the law is laid out for the freeman to look and see the law. This information needs to be carried to other countries. Look at the civil rights council website email address above.

The Obama - Kerry plan to save the world

Muslim for Nader, 02.10.2004 08:37

Obama - says he would bomb Iran and Pakistan...

&quot;I'm not talking about leaving (Iraq) - John Kerry

Muslim for Nader, 02.10.2004 08:34

What is Kerry trying to win in Iraq?

Free Radio Santa Cruz Responds to our Supporters

FRSC Collective, 02.10.2004 02:43

Its been two days since the federal government silenced Free Radio Santa Cruz. While many of us were initially stunned by the raid, I can report that our collective sadness and sense of loss is turning to outrage and resolve to resume our normal operations.

Let's Be Honest, Finally

Ray McGovern, 02.10.2004 01:04

At this point, to be unaware of the requirement for additional troops while watching the burgeoning chaos in Iraq, requires a PhD in denial and a child-like, faith-based trust in the administration’s PR rhetoric. Indeed, cracks can be seen within the president’s own camp regarding what is happening in Iraq and what to do about it. And some truth is now peeking through those cracks.

White House allegedly wrote Allawi speech

AFP, 02.10.2004 01:01

"I want to express my profound dismay about reports that officials from your administration and your reelection campaign were 'heavily involved' in writing parts of Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's speech," California Senator Dianne Feinstein wrote in a letter to President George W. Bush.

Bush Campaign Unveils Film Portraying Bush as &quot;The Christ Candidate&quot;

Frank Rich - NY Times, 02.10.2004 00:59

"Will George W. Bush be allowed to finish the battle against the forces of evil that threaten our very existence?" Such is the portentous question posed at the film's conclusion by its narrator, the religious broadcaster Janet Parshall, beloved by some for her ecumenical generosity in inviting Jews for Jesus o­nto her radio show during the High Holidays. Anyone who stands in the way of Mr. Bush completing his godly battle, of course, is a heretic.

the appointment at smarra

death, 02.10.2004 00:05


Mixed Messages

Rengi Neer, 01.10.2004 23:48

Kerry pointed out that truth is more important than Bush's interpretation of consistency.

A poignent and inspirational short video montage (Flash content)

Ian Rhett and Eddie Carden, 01.10.2004 22:37

Ian started a few days after 9/11. An initial email to 150 friends and relatives resulted in almost 4,000 people signing a statement of values and concerns. The intention was to demonstrate that there was a sense of unity in being concerned about an immediate military response. A concern that's proving itself these days, sadly.

CNN's &quot;Undecided&quot; Voter Turns Out To Be A GOP Operative

Amadeus, 01.10.2004 21:38

Edward Martos, GOP Operative Cnn interviews Edward Martos as an "undecided" voter, but what the don't know is he is a GOP operative

Respond to the U.S. assault on Samarra

jamie, 01.10.2004 21:37

Dear friends of the Iraqi people,

Just as a female Itallian aid worker recently held captive by Iraqi resistance fighters declares that "the insurgent struggle is justified," U.S. forces have lauched a major offensive against the popularly contolled city of Samarra. Corporate media reports that at least 100 "insurgents" have been killed? This follows on the heels of GW Bush's "wonderful" performance in last night's debate.

Major protests (and those of all other "shapes and sizes") should be organized and carried out as soon as possible. Otherwise, Samarra may become a bowl of blood with much of Iraq to follow a similar "happy" course. Please attend these events, share this note as widely as possible and act now. jamie

Freed Italian hostage: Iraq rebels “justified”
10/1/2004 2:18:00 PM GMT

Simona Torretta said Iraqi rebels were right to fight U.S.-led forces

Impacts, Causes and Effects of America's Forest Dieback

Brent Herbert, 01.10.2004 21:09

The following is a brief discussion of the extent and potential impact of America's forest dieback in the immediate future, as well as a discussion of the various causes and scenarios which describe the impact of forest loss on human civilization and the planetary ecosystem.

LaRouche Youth Expose Naderites as Fascists

LaRouche Youth Boston Bureau, 01.10.2004 19:01

A Sept. 21 meeting of the Nader-Camejo Presidential campaign at Northeastern University in Boston, was the scene of a confrontation which exposed the Naderites as the fascist "beast-men" they are. Under questioning from representatives of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), Vice Presidential candidate Peter Camejo, a Wall Street speculator and veteran of the Socialist Workers Party, started raving, and ordered his goons to physically attack and drag out LYM member Nick Walsh, scratching, kicking, and nearly strangling him in the process.

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