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„Kaiser der Welt“ vs. „Wer bin ich?“ - Ibsens Peer Gynt am Schauspiel Dortmund

Christopher Doemges, 18.10.2013 23:08

... doemgesbild Dortmund. (Korrespondenz/doem) Wer bin ich, und wenn ja, wie lange? Diese Frage mag sich nicht nur der selbsternannte „Kaiser der Welt“ Peer Gynt in Henrik Ibsens gleichnamigem Theaterstück gestellt haben.

Washington Brinksmanship Resolution

Stephen Lendman, 18.10.2013 07:11

class war

Dramatic Increase in Israeli Settlement Construction

Stephen Lendman, 18.10.2013 06:43


BHop’s Claim Racist?

David Van Deusen*, 18.10.2013 04:20

Is IBF Light Heavy Weight Champ Barnard Hopkins Racist? In a recent interview BHop stated: "The customers will drink anything that you give them if it's promoted right…But when you take away the skill and you take away the slick, and you take away the boxing ability and say that's not entertaining, or that's not entertainment, then, to me, it's like trying to erase a culture that you know has dominated the sport way back then where you were slick. And I'm talking about black fighters. Yes, I said it.”

100 questions on surveillance to Polish authorities

@ktivist, 17.10.2013 19:13

Have the Polish authorities been aware of the PRISM program operated by US security services and have they discovered violations of the Polish law? Is the Polish prosecution going to investigate the matter? Who, and on what grounds, decided to refuse asylum to Edward Snowden? These are just three of the 100 questions that Amnesty International Poland, the Panoptykon Foundation and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights asked today to the public authorities, including the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Iranian Nuclear Talks: Hold the Cheers

Stephen Lendman, 17.10.2013 18:32


Action in front of the german embassy in Vienna

An injury to one is an injury to all, 17.10.2013 11:51

Demonstrations in Munich for the Vienna protest camp, 29th september 2013 16.10.2013 Action in front of the german embassy in Vienna : Solidarity with hungerstriking Non-Citizens in Berlin

China Calls for De-Americanizing

Stephen Lendman, 17.10.2013 07:08


An Advanced Social and Environmental Justice Tool

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., 17.10.2013 06:49

Restoring and strengthening our inherent 54 natural sense intelligence is the heart of "Certified Organic: Nature as Higher Power" (NHP). This practical, hands-on, 188-page workbook and course helps us benefit from our alarmed response to, “What would you think, feel or be if your other body, Earth, was taken away from you?” We we realize that Earth is our other body and begin to feel and act accordingly.

Appalling Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain

Stephen Lendman, 17.10.2013 06:43


La secta &quot;Misión Cristiana Moderna&quot;, la preferida de los políticos

Misión Musulmana Post-Moderna, 16.10.2013 22:59

Altos cargos de PP, CC y NC de Fuerteventura celebran el Día de Canarias junto con la secta evangélica "Misión Cristiana Moderna". Águeda Montelongo, Mario Cabrera, Marcial Morales, Domingo Berriel y Alejandro Jorge.

Baboins de Sapolsky et humains de Laborit

Patrice Faubert, 16.10.2013 18:32

Babouins ou humains, mêmes maladies, même refrain...

Iranian Nuclear Talks Continue

Stephen Lendman, 16.10.2013 16:16


Von Hiroshima bis Syrien: Der Feind, dessen Namen...

Pedro Weber, 16.10.2013 13:21

ANTIFA-Hiroschima bis Syrien Von Hiroshima bis Syrien: Der Feind, dessen Namen wir nicht auszusprechen wagen ... An meiner Wand hängt das Titelblatt des Daily Express vom 5. September 1945, dazu die Worte: „Ich schreibe dies als eine Warnung an die Welt.“ Das war die Einleitung von Wilfred Burchetts Bericht über Hiroshima. Es war die Nachricht des Jahrhunderts. Für seine einsame und gefährliche Reise, die sich der US-Besatzungsbehörde widersetzte, wurde Burchett von seinen in das Militär eingebetteten Kollegen an den Pranger gestellt. Er warnte davor, dass mit einem geplanten Massenmord von gigantischen Ausmaßen eine neue Ära des Terrors begonnen hatte.

New Iranian Nuclear Talks

Stephen Lendman, 16.10.2013 06:45


Why Having Children Should Be Illegal:

Matt Mitchell, 15.10.2013 23:59

Despite all the cultural and religious indoctrination (and presumption) to the contrary, to be born Homo sapiens onto this planet, even in these modern times of materialist comfort, is still far too much a curse. Of course no one will tell you you’ve been condemned to a life of questionable worth and meaning, albeit with plenty need to toil for one’s un-mitigating desires. Rather its expected you’ll inculcate the accepted lies, such as how precious life is, in general, as it is always presumed to be—and never question its ordained status or sacred value. Conditioned are you then to think you “should” be grateful for having been born into this human mess (more properly referred to as the insanity of humanity). Even some children are realizing the precarious circumstances to which they are wrought early on in their lives—born into this world of conflict and disaster—scare stories of terrorism, blowback and drone bombings, murder by way of war due to population increases concomitant to eternal advertising campaigns for materialist lifestyles, forms of social degradation as anomie and alienation, insatiable gas-guzzling greed that speeds along highways of the wreckage of reckless driver antics and traffic jams.

Debt Ceiling Limit

Stephen Lendman, 15.10.2013 17:25

class war

A Primer on Modern Political Science in USA

geral, 15.10.2013 16:06

geral sosbee, viet nam combat vet See twenty years of my work in the links below for an insight into the political corruption of today's USA and the consequences thereof.

People Power Alone Can Save Us!

Stephen Lendman, 15.10.2013 06:50

police state

The NSA Isn't Foiling Any Terrorist Plots

Foreign Policy in Focus, 15.10.2013 00:40

"There's still no credible evidence that the NSA's massive deigital surveillance has disrupted any terrorist plots."

Christie or equality?+US phobes praise Putin+&quot;Do I Look GAY?&quot;

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 15.10.2013 00:27

Incumbent New Jersey Governor Chris Christie debates marriage equality with his reelection opponent State Senator Barbara Buono; anti-gay U.S. organizations like the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Leader, and the American Family Association praise Putin's Russia; cultural theorist and self-identified mischief-maker Charlie Bauer asks "Do I Look Gay?"; Cyprus outlaws hate crimes against sexual minorities, Iran nabs dancing "homosexual Satanists", Moldova repeals its "no promo homo" law, Harvey Milk gets a stamp of approval, and more global LGBT news.

Reprimen a manifestantes en Cancun

Colectivo Rincon Rupestre, 14.10.2013 21:58


Quantum physics and propaganda

m concoyle, 14.10.2013 18:21

Consider quantum physics, and how it is situated in the propaganda-education system. One finds a very limited range in regard to valid descriptions (based on the, so called, laws of quantum physics) of the (actual) wide range of existing quantum systems,
But also consider how one can re-interpret the observed properties of quantum systems within the context of stable geometric shapes. See enter in web-search bar m concoyle

Ghost Village Beitin

Stephen Lendman, 14.10.2013 17:38


Represión a Maestros en Cancún

Colectivo Rincón Rupestre, 14.10.2013 17:23

URGENTE: Represión a Maestros en Cancún

advisory: Citizens Tell GOP Congressman Chris Gibson : STOP the GOP Madness

J. Seeman, 14.10.2013 15:57

CONTACT: Joe Seeman 518.583.4326

Citizens Tell GOP Congressman Chris Gibson :
STOP the GOP Madness,
Pass a Clean Continuing Resolution to End the Shutdown,
and Raise the Debt Limit

Local Residents Gather to Stop Rep. Chris Gibson's Pay

Obama's War on Press Freedom

Stephen Lendman, 14.10.2013 06:59

police state

TPR-Music-Classic-Metal-CD: „Bloody Vivaldi“ von THE GREAT KAT - Die haut aber in die Saiten!

Christopher Doemges, 14.10.2013 03:31

... (doem) Es ist eine explosive Mischung, die uns die New Yorker Blutrockerin THE GREAT KAT alias Katherine Thomas auf ihrer Scheibe „Bloody Vivaldi“ hoffnungsfroh präsentiert:

Die goldenen Zeiten im Dortmunder Schauspiel - Hoffnung, Traum und Utopie?

Christopher Doemges, 13.10.2013 22:56

... doemgesbild Dortmund/Germany. (Korrespondenz/doem) „Das Goldene Zeitalter – 100 Wege dem Schicksal die Show zu stehlen“ heißt das Stück, das unter der unkonventionellen, um nicht zu sagen bahnbrechenden Regie des juvenilen, jüngst für „Das Fest“ preisgekrönten Intendanten Kay Voges im städtischen Schauspiel zu sehen ist.

Important Information On USA's Own Crimes

geral, 13.10.2013 19:51

See my reports in the links below in order to better comprehend the degeneration of our global village at the hands of homicidal sociopaths.

Preventing a Ton of Cure: Disaster Preparedness.

Mr. Jan Hearthstone, 13.10.2013 09:57

It would be much easier to take care of disasters *before* those happen!
Online -

Designing a Lasting World Peace Together.

Mr. Jan Hearthstone, 13.10.2013 09:53

The reason there is no lasting peace in the world is that everyone has a different idea of what a "lasting peace in the world" should be like. We are prepared to go to war to get our version of a "lasting peace in the world".
Online -

Willkommen auf den Faymann-Islands ...

Udo Koop, 13.10.2013 08:51

Neue Folge der Polit-Satire - Werner Faymann und seine Freunde verbringen die Zeit lieber auf den Faymann Islands, einem neuen Bundesstaat der USA, als in "Östaraich", wo es Wahlen gab und nun eine neue Regierung gebildet werden soll. Die Inseln verfügen über eine NSA-Villa und einen Galgen, beides von Fränk gespendet, der ebenso wie Arnie und Pepi Cap zu Gast ist.

Palestinians' Right to Resist

Stephen Lendman, 13.10.2013 07:10


Anti-Assad Committed Atrocities

Stephen Lendman, 13.10.2013 06:44


Das Geschäft mit dem Stoff

aristo, 12.10.2013 21:00

Altkleidersammlungen sind ein Millionengeschäft. Immer mehr gewerbliche Sammler machen den Gemeinnützigen das Leben schwer.

Overthrow of the peoples' global governments

geral, 12.10.2013 20:52

See my reports that evince the continuation of the overthrow of all non conforming governments in the world at the direction of fbi/cia/mossad/MI6, surete, etc.

Anti-Monsanto Activism

Stephen Lendman, 12.10.2013 17:38


Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Education: Creating a Sustainable World.

Mr. Jan Hearthstone, 12.10.2013 12:18

Let everyone to participate in designing the world they would be happy to live in. As soon as a practicable design is discerned, it is possible to realize it. This, in itself, is the best comprehensive education one could ever hope for.

Home: The Very &quot;Leverage Point&quot;.

Mr. Jan Hearthstone, 12.10.2013 11:45

There is no "right" to sleep; To have a place to sleep (and to have a place to take care of all basic life needs) is a necessity without which the society cannot function sanely.
Online -

Why Prayers, Meditations, Wishes, and Any Such Don't Help to Establish a Lasting Peace in the World.

Mr. Jan Hearthstone, 12.10.2013 11:27

Not even any almighty power can fulfill our wishes, if those wishes are contrary to each other.
First we have to harmonize and unify all of our wishes, then it is possible to realize those even without being aided by any supernatural power.
Online -

Universal Platform for Developing Sustainable Earth Vision/Model Cooperatively

Mr. Jan Hearthstone, 12.10.2013 11:22

All forms of ecological and social sustainability could co-exist side by side, providing that those are indeed demonstrably provably transparently sustainable.
Online -  http://www.ModelEarth.Org/seed.html

BRD: Medien über Massaker ...

Deniz Weber, 12.10.2013 11:13

Kriminelle und Mörder, dass sind die Aktivisten unserer Medien, zwangsbezahlt. Wessen Söldner gehören unsere Medientruppen an? Wer bezahlt sie neben der Zwangsgebühr? Der Chef der Mörderbande hat eine gewissen Ähnlichkeit mit der “Rechten Hand” von Oberst Akidi, welcher vom Westen direkt unterstützt wird, vorallem durch NATO-Erdogan und die “Freunde Syriens”, zu der auch unsere Regierung gehört!


Mr. Jan Hearthstone, 12.10.2013 10:59

Selected articles from  http://www.ModelEarth.Org - it's all online at

O Bodhisattvas!

Mr. Jan Hearthstone, 12.10.2013 10:52

Bodhisattvas start benefiting all Life here and now!

This Paradise Earth: Philosophy in Practice.

Mr. Jan Hearthstone, 12.10.2013 10:47

We could live in a Paradise, if we resolve our differences peacefully before those differences resolve themselves in real life, accompanied by real damage.

Nobel Hypocrisy Repeats

Stephen Lendman, 12.10.2013 07:05

peace prize

ReThink9/11: Revealing Truths, Dispelling Lies

Stephen Lendman, 12.10.2013 06:44


Palestinians and Israelis: Unequal Treatment

Stephen Lendman, 11.10.2013 17:33

police state

Goodbye, Welcome, my ‘Revolution’…Egypt, The Military, The Brotherhood &amp; Tamarod

mohamed jean veneuse, 11.10.2013 16:21

Egypt…How do we move? In what direction? How do we do this? There is a consensus of urgency, of impending catastrophes, but what action do we take? Many of us think that if the operators of the system are changed that the situation will be resolved, but that is an illusion. We need to come together immediately and move to create a society that is beyond our current reality.

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