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Interviews from the State of Emergency Hip Hop Summit in Oakand, CA, USA

Ian / SF Indymedia, 06.10.2004 20:44

Three interviews...

Senator Warner misses meeting with Military Families Speak Out

Stacy Bannerman, 06.10.2004 20:42

A contingent of Military Families with loved ones in Iraq, including several mothers whose children had died serving their country, went to the office of Virginia Senator John Warner for a scheduled appointment. The Senator wasn't available, instead, they were greeted by his military aide.

Debates prove Bush/Cheney nothing more than low brow &quot;Thugs&quot;!!!

k.hawley, 06.10.2004 20:04

Debates prove Bush/Cheney nothing more than low brow "Thugs"!!!

Names of high school students to go to military unless parents opt out

DEBORAH BACH, 06.10.2004 19:48

The No Child Left Behind Act, an expansive education reform bill passed two years ago, requires high schools across the country to release information about juniors and seniors to military recruiters and to give them the same access to students as college recruiters and prospective employers.

More evidence of how they love us in Iraq?

jamie, 06.10.2004 19:44

Oct. 6, 2004, 10:16AM
Car bomber kills 16 in western Iraqi city
Reuters News Service
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- A suicide car bomber killed 16 people at a National Guard center in western Iraq today as U.S. and Iraqi forces struggled to quell insurgents bent on derailing elections due in January. And more:


MYSELF, 06.10.2004 18:45


Video: US Pilots Celebrate as They Kill Civilians

Andrew Buncombe, 06.10.2004 18:14

"Take them out, dude": pilots toast hit on Iraqi 'civilians'.

Savings from cutting insurance and drug industry waste could fund health care for all

Rand Wilson, 06.10.2004 17:41

New "Waste Not, Want Not" report shows $245 billion savings from cutting insurance and drug industry waste could fund health care for all.

Grassroots groups will release 15 state reports in 21 cities on Thursday, Oct. 7.

Edward J Ware: conceit &amp; forgery

repost, 06.10.2004 16:14

death trap This information reproduced from the website, as referred to in 'The Bristolian' this week...

The article was published on, but has currently been removed at the insistence of PIPEX INTERNET, following complaints and legal threats from OSBOURNE CLARKE SOLICITORS.


Paolo Bergamo, 06.10.2004 14:33

diap_black_taurus_lascaux science nature THE NATURAL FRACTAL ZOOMORPHOLOGY OF THE STONE

The only press photo about YET ANOTHER historic protest (Amsterdam).

£, 06.10.2004 14:32

October 2

Let them Go to school

Farshad Hoseini, 06.10.2004 14:27

Campaign in Defence of the Right to Education of Children with Afghan background in Iran
Join to this Campaign and sig this petition:

Microsoft fix upgrade Microsoft patch service pack Microsoft virus Microsoft defect bug Microsoft repair . . .

£, 06.10.2004 14:24

w$ buy the patented software
to get the software correction
to buy the new version
to get the new new upgrade
so that it does not work

Propaganda Equations

Gary Sudborough, 06.10.2004 13:45

A list of examples of propaganda in the US corporate media.

the changing face of television (w$)

£, 06.10.2004 13:10

w$ lifesize

A Doughboy in Baghdad

Eve, 06.10.2004 11:20

Jason has a swimming pool in downtown Baghdad. An overheard conversation reveals one soldier's opportunism. Come on in... the water's fine.

lyrical revolution

Naalij Blak, 06.10.2004 11:01

creative thinkers need 2 hear this

revlutionary rap

2%erz, 06.10.2004 10:28

music 2 fuel tha revolution

Who Are the Terrorists?

James F. Harrington, 06.10.2004 10:15

Brave Zionist soldiers killing innocent children at Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948 Because 99% of the news media in the United States is owned by Zionists, plus the fact that they have bought almost every major politican in this country, we have been led to believe for the last half a century, that the Muslims are the so called bad guys (read terrorists).

Don't believe anything they say....We Are the Terrorists!!!

Whither CPI(M) - The ‘realist’ chief minister of West Bengal

SUCI, 06.10.2004 07:51

Buddhadeb Bhattarcharjee is quoted to have said : “I have asked my party people as to why are they opposing FDI ? I have informed them, I cannot consent to such an opposition. I want investment in West Bengal. I had earlier told the US ambassador if they could invest in China, why not here? And I would continue to say so. ... I have to say at last, let us agree to disagree. That is all.” When Adi Godrej, a leading industrialist, advised him to restrain some of his politbureau colleagues who are voicing opposition to the policy of liberalization, Bhattacharjee replied, ‘‘You are right. But I am trying and the things are moving in the positive direction. In fact, there is no difference in the party over policy or programme. But the task of running the government is different

US and Indian Governments must stop interference in Nepal

SUCI, 06.10.2004 07:46

While hailing the fighting people of Nepal for launching such a powerful legitimate democratic movement for abolition of monarchy and establishment of full democracy, we would like to remind them that in this era of moribund capitalism, era of imperialism and proletarian revolution, all movements are to be so built up as to conduce to the growth and development of anti-capitalist socialist revolutionary movement. Otherwise all movements despite heroic sacrifices and peoples' support are destined to fail.

What’s in a Name?

Christopher Rogers, CEO, 06.10.2004 06:10

CSR PRODUCTIONS Entertainment Group A Post-Ponderance of the Evidence

Check Cheney's &quot;facts&quot;

Fact Checker, 06.10.2004 05:55

Did the Evil One want you to know THESE facts?

Letter to Ralph Nadar

Cheryl Larsen, 06.10.2004 04:40

Dear Ralph,
I am writing this letter out of desperation to ask you to please withdraw from the presidential race.

FEMA Terrorism Simulation Scheduled Nationwide for Election Day

Walrus, 06.10.2004 04:14

What a perfect way to screw up the election. Schedule a terrorism drill all across the country, and spike the punch with an actual false flag terror attack, then declare a red alert and keep everybody locked down at home.


Anonymous, 06.10.2004 00:22

As the election is near, it is increasingly clear that the election will be stolen...AGAIN.

S. KOREA. New attacks against migrant workers...

KCTU/ETU-MB, 06.10.2004 00:04


Coalition of the &quot;willing&quot; getting smaller

Reposted by Sam, 05.10.2004 22:40

WARSAW, October 5 ( – Poland, one of the main pillars of the US-led occupation in Iraq, will soon fix a date for the withdrawal of its 2,500 troops, its defense minister said Tuesday, October 5, while his Italian counterpart also shocked Washington by saying that US forces pullout from the Arab country would help Iraqi democracy.
Polish Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski, speaking before tense talks with visiting US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, said that a final timetable for the withdrawal would be decided soon after October 15, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Right-Wing Talk Show Host, Lars Larson says &quot;discrimination in the constitution is good&quot;

Amadeus, 05.10.2004 22:37

Lars Larson, is a right-wing national talk show host that broadcasts out of Portland, Oregon.

date correction

Pete, 05.10.2004 21:27



Pete, 05.10.2004 21:23

simple thoughts...

Fun video reveals Bush's real agenda!

vj melzer, 05.10.2004 20:27

Short debate video "re-edited" for your entertainment.

Public Extermination Project

Janet C. Phelan, 05.10.2004 20:10

Photograph 1 A specifc public works project became "classified" following 911. This project, which has been on-going throughout the U.S., has lethal capabilities for innocent U.S. citizens.

a True National ID could become reality in the US very soon......

~ B ~, 05.10.2004 20:07

an Urgent National ID Update


Johnston Ridge Observatory, 05.10.2004 18:35

This is an image of Mount St. Helens, taken from the Johnston Ridge Observatory. The Observatory and VolcanoCam are located at an elevation of approximately 4,500 feet, about five miles from the volcano. You are looking approximately south-southeast across the North Fork Toutle River Valley.

A Happy Articulation on Patience

David Arthur Johnston, 05.10.2004 17:56


Al-Fallujah: vicious US bombing targets civilians : Iraqi Resistance Report 10/ 02-04 /04

Various, 05.10.2004 15:43

The Iraqi Resistance Report has been covering the Iraqi Resistance
for more than one year. During that time, the Resistance has
developed and advanced steadily. It has spread to virtually every
part of occupied Iraq and has taken on and destroyed virtually every
type of equipment used by the US ground forces and their satellites
and stooges.

Patents Steal Art (w$)

£, 05.10.2004 13:27

w$ no.3410280928 pending

wir lassen uns ausbürgern

ausbürgerer 04 schweiz, 05.10.2004 11:06

weil wir nicht wollen, dass das schweizer bürgerrecht einfach so verschleudert wird, schleudern wir unsere pässe nach bern damit sie sie jemandem geben können, der das schweizer bürgerrecht eher verdient hat als wir.

The Positronium Bomb

~~~, 05.10.2004 10:17

A new type of "nuclear" bomb, with a half life of 10 seconds

Repression beim D-Form Festival in Barcelona

Mutanta, 05.10.2004 09:29

Der Bericht einer Augenzeugin und Mitwirkenden beim D-Form Festival in Barcelona. Das Festival wurde durch einen brutalen Polizeieinsatz am letzten Wochenende geräumt und verhindert. Die Stadt Barcelona hat in diesem Sommer mit dem Forum der Kulturen eine Imagepflege versucht, die auf Kosten der Alternativkultur der Stadt ging. In der Repression des Underground Festivals D-Form hat sich bestätigt, welche Kultur in Barcelona erwünscht wird: Die kapitalistische!

Poland sets pullout from Iraq in 2005

Joe Bloggs, 05.10.2004 06:59

BERLIN In a surprise announcement, Poland said Monday that it would withdraw its troops from Iraq by the end of 2005, leaving the U.S.-led multinational forces the task of finding replacements to fill a crucial security role in south-central Iraq.

Israel to soothe trauma with marijuana

nessuno, 05.10.2004 06:48

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli soldiers traumatised by battle with the Palestinians have a new, unconventional weapon to exorcise their nightmares -- marijuana.

Motherhood in the pits - Invitation to the photo exhibition on women and mining

P. Madhavan, 05.10.2004 06:13

women and mining You are cordially invited to visit the photo exhibition
1st of October 2004 to 9th of October 2004
Venue: Hotel Punnami Resorts
Department of Tourism Government of A.P
Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

For more information contact P. Madhavan

View Online Photo exhibition at:

Mixed Messages

queer activist, 05.10.2004 05:33

MP3 - Bush at the First Debate - Free Song

backside of flyer

dizrokwel, 04.10.2004 23:30

flyer flyer


dizrokwel, 04.10.2004 23:19

flyer front flyer

backside of flyer

dizrokwel, 04.10.2004 23:11

flyer backside flyer

thankstaking flyer

dizrokwel, 04.10.2004 23:10

flyer for a thanksgiving/taking party

Why has John Kerry surrounded himself with &quot;Pro Israel&quot; Jews?

Last Days Cafe, 04.10.2004 22:51

Why has John Kerry surrounded himself with "Pro Israel" Jews?

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