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india mozambique economic cooperartion

k.mohan, 07.02.2014 10:56

economic cooperation

Bernanke at Brookings

Stephen Lendman, 07.02.2014 07:48


Farm Bill Fiasco

Stephen Lendman, 07.02.2014 07:47

class war

Child labour climbs among Iraqi refugees in Lebanon

Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra) &amp; IRIN, 06.02.2014 10:56

Ali Al Wasate may only be 13, but he has been forced to grow up. No longer in school, he has begun the painstaking search for work to help his family pay the bills in Beirut, Lebanon. It was not always this way.

Obamacare Harms America's Workforce

Stephen Lendman, 06.02.2014 07:52


Abbas Accepts Occupation Harshness

Stephen Lendman, 06.02.2014 07:51


Antidotes to Cyber Industrialization and the Swarm Culture: Books Made of Paper

John stanton, 06.02.2014 01:54

"social behavior today seems to be trapped in regular and inescapable patterns of interaction. Technolinguistic procedures, financial obligations, social needs and Pyschomedia invasion: all this machinery is framing the field of the possible and incorporating common cognitive processes in the behavior of social actors. In a swarm it is not impossible to say no. But it is irrelevant. You can express your refusal, your rebellion but it is not going to change the direction of the swarm nor is it going to affect the way the swarm's brain is elaborating information.” The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance, Franco Bernardi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Semiotext(E), Intervention Series, 2012"

El fenómeno gaslighting

geral, 06.02.2014 00:16

geral Ver mis últimos informes sobre las actividades y programas ilegales utilizadas por EE.UU. intel para identificar , seguir, amenazar, forzar el suicidio, o matar a blancos ( y disidentes políticos ) .

nsa,fbi,cia= homicidal outlaws

geral, 05.02.2014 20:12

geral See my recent reports on the illegal activities and programs used by USA intel to identify, track, threaten, force suicide, or kill Targets ( & political dissidents).

Berlinale, Country Radio Seminar, Publishing and Media Expo, Byron Bay Film Festival, are event highlights in February

actorschecklist, 05.02.2014 18:57

The Wizard of Oz celebrated at this year's Oscars Taking place for one day, February 12, the Westminster Media Forum in London holds a conference that will examine the emerging commercial, regulatory and public policy challenges for the European audiovisual sector. Next, another Westminister Media Forum conference set for February 28 will cover the UK music industry...

asia africa agri business forum 2014

k.mohan menon, 05.02.2014 14:25

india and africa commitment to cooperate for increasing agricultural output

Growth in tourist arrivals

k.mohan menon, 05.02.2014 10:52

growth of tourist arrivals consequent to the introduction of tourist visa and arrival scheme

Obama Shifts Closer to War on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 05.02.2014 07:54


Free Expression on Trial in Israel

Stephen Lendman, 05.02.2014 07:53


Call-out for actions and manifestations on the 22 February 2014 !

revoltnow, 05.02.2014 04:10

From the ZAD to Val Susa !
From Hambacher Forst to Square Taksim ?
Why not in your place ?

Resistance and Sabotage !

This call-out is motivated by
- the call-out of the NoTAV movement at Val di Susa in Italy
calling for a national day (22 02 2014) of mobilisation and action, each one in their area, city, environment.
- the call-out of the ZAD movement at Notre-dame-des-Landes in France
calling for a national manifestation in Nantes, France

This is a call-out for actions and manifestations on the 22 February 2014 !

A day of action and sabotage to abolish all those megalomaniacs, devastating projects with the illusions of a durable development, green capitalism, geo-engeenering !
A day of action and sabotage to regain our freedom and rights to take decisions about our own lives, our environment, our planet,( in a emancipated manner),
instead of those in position of global decision-making, who are using the flag of democracy to impose their society of totalitarian power.
A day of action and sabotage to bring to a halt the destructions and exploitation of entire species, the waste of tons of raw materials and natural resources
everyday, justified by the term ‘public interest’, while behind it there’s only money, profit and capital.
A day of action and in solidarity with all those who fight, and for all those that lost their freedom and especially all those that are oppressed or imprisoned as “terrorists” or as simple delinquents.
A day of action and convergence with all those struggles heading for a different world, where life and common values are worth more than money, competition and dominance.
No border ! No Nation ! No Pasaran ! No more BULLSHIT !

From the ZAD to Val Susa !
From Hambacher Forst to Square Taksim ?
From Calais to Lampedusa
Hambourg to Exarchia
From Heathrow to Atenco
From Valogne to Wendland
From Niscemi to Mayo
Monte Belo to Khimki
Fukushima to Tshernobyle
From prison to prison

Resistance et Sabotage !

programs to mark 150th anniversary celebrations of swami vivekananda

k.mohan menon, 04.02.2014 14:19

programs conducted to mark 150th birth anniversary celebrations during the year


J. Seeman, 04.02.2014 13:29

Contact: Fred Balzac (518) 946-7861, Joe Seeman (518)583-4326

Grassroots & Labor coalition runs Craigslist ad seeking “Citizens' Candidate”.

Glens Falls/Plattsburgh/Watertown, NY: Can an Economic Populist who thinks & talks along the lines of Pope Francis, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren win a campaign for Congress in the far-flung, mostly rural district covering the northernmost region of New York?

A diverse, geographically broad coalition of grassroots & labor activists based in the district is answering that question with an emphatic “YES!”, and has begun advertising for a Citizens' Candidate on Craigslist.

One stop for your generator requirement

generateor, 04.02.2014 12:01

Bharat Diesel was established in 1984 we deals in all types of old and new generators.

india space program poised for growth

k.mohan menon, 04.02.2014 10:08

indiasspace program on the pinnacle of glory

WMD Deception: Pretext for War on Syria?

Stephen Lendman, 04.02.2014 07:58


Militarism in Germany

Stephen Lendman, 04.02.2014 07:57


improving rural credit and infrastructure

mohan menon, 04.02.2014 06:44

slew of measures to improve rural credit and infrastructure

Happy Valiant-INS Day, A Call For Sudden Transformation of World Power Structure May 16th 2014 12amGMT

Meadow Moss, 04.02.2014 01:51

In an effort to minimize acts of harm to individuals, and 'fast track' the real change that is required, this is a plan to help the one's intrenched in the current global power structure, that opporates behind the sceens, to shift their alegences from that power structure to the will of the people.

Israel said planning to deport African migrants to Uganda

Allyn Fisher-Ilan, 04.02.2014 01:18

Israel plans to soon begin deporting migrants from Eritrea and Sudan, who number more than 50,000, back to the African continent via Uganda, officials said.


Hugo Adan Zegarra, 03.02.2014 22:10

Creer que Rusia o la Unión Europea van a brindar solución a los problemas de Ucrania y traerles libertad, democracia y progreso, eso es como creer que los gatos no quieren comerse al ratón. Más allá del lio regional entre gatos y ratones, y del lio interno de un Estado que no existe con sus puerco-spin, hay conflictos de los se dice poco o nada, cuando se habla de la crisis Ucrania, conflictos que contienen perspectivas de solución no violenta.

US abc TV: Amanda Knox, the victim

anon, 03.02.2014 21:08

Twice convicted killer portrayed as victim on Disney's abc tv Murder empathy in Amerika--Twice convicted US murderess portrayed as victim on Disney's abc tv.

Das SPD-Gesindel und die Renten

Peter Weber, 03.02.2014 17:51

Schröder, Müntefering und Clement sind die Leute die den arbeitenden Menschen in Deutschland unsägliches Leid gebracht haben. Selbstverständlich haben sie die Ausrede, dass sie die Probleme der arbeitenden Menschen ja gar nicht kennen weil sie selbst praktisch nie gearbeitet haben, sondern ständig von der Öffentlichkeit wie Sozialhilfeempfänger alimentiert wurden. Ihre gesamte Lebensleistung ist gleich Null. Dafür aber haben sie Millionen in Hartz IV, Leiharbeit, Niedriglohn und Armutsrenten getrieben und sich das Lob ihrer Auftraggeber aus dem Großkapital redlich verdient. Ich werde niemals für die Todesstrafe plädieren, weil ich sie grundsätzlich für falsch halte. Bei diesen Vögeln komme ich aber echt ins Grübeln. In der Scharia schlägt man Dieben zumindest die Hand ab und sie haben ein ganzes Volk bestohlen. Um Geld und Hoffnung.

Airey Neave - forbidden subject

The Bogey Man, 03.02.2014 16:35

Airey Neave was destined to become Margaret Thatcher's right-hand man. Responsibility for his assassination was claimed by a small, hitherto obscure Irish republican group. Afterwards everyone was reticent about the whole subject.


mohan, 03.02.2014 14:44

challenges facing higher education today

EHrZ : Oppressed People's Shout-out: Amplify musique to overturn oppression!

EHrZ (, 03.02.2014 13:05

An encounter for music bands of oppressed cultures and people without state! As art is a space of freedom were cultures, experiences, political thoughts and shouting-outs can be expressed freely, we create this musical encounter Euskal HerriRa Zuzenean (EHrZ): Amplify music to over-turn oppression!. This year's EHrZ is dedicated to oppressed cultures, being thus addressed to all music bands of oppressed cultures and people without state, that sing in their own language. Transmit this message to all palestinian, kurdish, basque, quechua, aimara, katalan, sami, irish, scottish, breton, gaelic, gwadelupean, corsican, kanak... playing punk, raga, reggae, funk, traditional, hard-core, rap... all welcome!

RD Congo : CODHO,La «feuille de route» de Malu-Malu chahutée au Parlement

Maître N'Sii LUANDA S (Lawyer), 03.02.2014 10:01

Lors de son récent séjour à Bruxelles (19-21 janvier 2014), Apollinaire Malu-Malu, président de la Commission électorale nationale indépendante (Céni) avait laissé entendre à ses interlocuteurs que, dès son retour au pays, il allait présenter sa «feuille de route» à l’Assemblée nationale notamment pour apurer les arriérés électoraux. «Monsieur l’abbé» a tenu parole. Il s’est présenté jeudi 30 janvier devant la représentation nationale.

Good News and Bad from Palestine

Stephen Lendman, 03.02.2014 07:51


Kerry and Lavrov in Munich

Stephen Lendman, 03.02.2014 07:49


West Hollywood Police: &quot;We Don't need a Reason to Interrogate Pedestrians&quot;

Sandra, 02.02.2014 20:52

West Hollywood police Sheriff squad car 1341, his supervisor on the scene
and watch commander Gunnels all state: "We don't need a reason to interrogate

West Hollywood Police: &quot;We Don't need a Reason to Interrogate Pedestrians&quot;

Sandra, 02.02.2014 20:50

West Hollywood police Sheriff squad car 1341, his supervisor on the scene
and watch commander Gunnels all state: "We don't need a reason to interrogate

Kerry Backs Keystone XL Pipeline

Stephen Lendman, 02.02.2014 07:50


Obama Planning War on Syria?

Stephen Lendman, 02.02.2014 07:49


The Gaslighting of mankind, as perpetuated by fbi/cops

geral, 01.02.2014 19:45

geral I warn of fbi/nsa use of Gaslighting techniques against Targeted Individuals (TI):

Syrien: NATO-Bundeswehr-Kriegslüge ....

Peter Weber, 01.02.2014 13:48

Wie NATO und Bundeswehr durch eine Kriegslüge in einen Angriff gegen Syrien involviert werden sollen ... Persönliche Erklärung von Sevim Dagdelen, Fraktion DIE LINKE, nach § 31 der Geschäftsordnung des Deutschen Bundestages zu dem von der Bundesregierung eingebrachten Antrag zur Fortsetzung der Entsendung bewaffneter deutscher Streitkräfte zur Verstärkung der integrierten Luftverteidigung der NATO auf Ersuchen der Türkei und auf Grundlage des Rechts auf kollektive Selbstverteidigung (Artikel 51 der Charta der Vereinten Nationen) sowie des Beschlusses des Nordatlantikrates vom 4.Dezember 2012 (Drucksachen 18/262, 18/347)

Reid Derails Fast Track

Stephen Lendman, 01.02.2014 07:56


New York Ending Stop and Frisk?

Stephen Lendman, 01.02.2014 07:55

police state

Akbayan: the Philippines' New Left at 16

Akbayan (Citizens Action Party), 01.02.2014 07:38

Akbayan Rep. Walden Bello's closing remarks at Akbayan’s 16th Anniversary Event, Buffet International Cuisine, Quezon City, Jan 30, 2014

Akbayan welcomes Philippines-MILF deal with hopes for inclusive peace

Citizens Action Party (Akbayan), 01.02.2014 05:28

Akbayan Party today said it welcomes with high hopes the signing of the last annex to the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro between the Aquino government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Thoughts On The State Of The Union

geral, 31.01.2014 17:46

Gather insights into the real state of the union of the United States of America.

America's Criminal Afghanistan Legacy

Stephen Lendman, 31.01.2014 07:53


Obama's MyRA Proposal: Hold the Cheers

Stephen Lendman, 31.01.2014 07:52

class war

[Begles-Bordeaux] Contre les expulsions

Intersquat BX-CUB, 30.01.2014 20:05

Contre les expulsion, autodéfense populaire et solidaire

Israel's Secret Nuclear Program

Stephen Lendman, 30.01.2014 19:09


Obama's Abominable State of the Union

Stephen Lendman, 30.01.2014 07:57


Media Scoundrels Target Ukraine

Stephen Lendman, 30.01.2014 07:57


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