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ABC News: US Military Chiefs Approved Terror Acts on US Soil

UN Observer and International Report, 08.10.2004 06:36

Prelude to 9/11 “In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.” Operation Northwoods was approved in writing by top US military chiefs. These plans even proposed that the US military secretly blow up an American ship and hijack US planes as a false pretext for war.

Slimy F.B.I. Tactic -&gt; Plant Bogus &quot;Intelligence&quot; Photos on Indy-Medias' then &quot;Seize&quot; their Hard-Drives!

Kids Murdered at Waco!, 08.10.2004 04:00

Slimy F.B.I. Tactic -> Plant Bogus "Intelligence" Photos on Indy-Medias' then "Seize" their Hard-Drives!

Vote, Pray, Will Our Troops Come Home or Stay?

Dr. Fred M Lassonde, 08.10.2004 02:41

Hello; After the First Presidential debate here in the USA I was inspired to write this Poem in response. Please see Poem entitled "Vote, Pray, Will Our Troops Come Home or Stay?"

Could this be why the FBI shut parts of Indymedia down?

CCNWON/Various, 08.10.2004 01:54

Apparently the Swiss police complained to the FBI reagrding some photos

posted on Indy.

U.S. Hitchhikers Race 4000 Miles to Join Global Team

Global Autostop Race, 08.10.2004 01:33

USA Hitchhiking Race, 1st Selection Stage While drivers begin their morning commute on Monday, October 18, hitchhikers from across the U.S. will meet outside the Twin Cities to begin a 4,000-mile hitchhiking competition. The planned route switch backs across the Western U.S. before ending in San Diego, California, and is expected to take 8 to 12 days. The winners will have bragging rights for life and the chance to compete internationally in a round-the-world race next fall.

Watching Keith Olberman

J E Sands, 08.10.2004 01:16

Olberman of MSNBC's "Countdown" Calls Gerald Posner "The Definitive Expert on the Kennedy Assassination"

J E Sands writes an open letter in response

Visiti il sito Web di Joseph Ferrante:

The Team, 08.10.2004 00:35

Visiti il piú bello Website che abbia visto.

Per scaricare il Hey Jude di Joseph Ferrante

The Team, 08.10.2004 00:34

Faccia il download di Hey Jude

The Truth About The Attack On Iraq

Ozzy Monatana, 07.10.2004 23:24

It is the oppinion of this Texas writer, that the reason for the attach on Iraq was simply a promise made to a father.

Dangerous Liars

RengiNeer, 07.10.2004 23:22

What impressed me about the Vice-Presidential Debate was the expertise with which Cheney is able to emit, and defend bold-faced lies to the American public.

BUSH, 07.10.2004 23:22

Mídia Sem Máscara -

The Truth About The Attack On Iraq

Ozzy Monatana, 07.10.2004 23:19

It is the oppinion of this Texas writer, that the reason for the attach on Iraq was simply a promise made to a father.

COBB TO RISK ARREST PROTESTING DEBATE EXCLUSION - Green Presidential Candidate Plans to “Cross the Line” in St. Louis

Paid for by the Cobb/LaMarche Committee, 07.10.2004 23:19

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb Plans to “Cross the Line” in St. Louis. Cobb said today that the three debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates “are restricted, scripted and staged events which utterly fail to perform the vital function of informing the American people about the choices they have in this election.”

[ITA] FBI sequestra i server di Indymedia nel Regno Unito

imc italy, 07.10.2004 23:01

Le autorità statunitensi hanno emesso un ordine federale imponendo
all'ufficio di Rackspace negli Stati Uniti di consegnare loro l'hardware
di Indymedia situato a Londra.
Rackspace e' uno dei providers che ospitano il web di Indymedia con
uffici negli Stati Uniti e a Londra. Rackspace ha acconsentito, senza
prima renderlo noto a Indymedia, e ha consegnato i server di Indymedia
nel Regno Unito. Questo atto ha colpito più di 20 siti di
Indymedia in tutto il mondo.

[FR] FBI saisit les serveurs IMC au R-U

imc italy, 07.10.2004 22:38

Communiqué De Presse

7 octobre 2004

FBI saisit les serveurs IMC au R-U

Les autorités des USA ont émis une commande fédérale au bureau de Rackspace aux USA les commandant fournir le matériel d'Indymedia situé à Londres à l'agence de demande. Rackspace est un du Web d'Indymedia accueillant des fournisseurs avec des bureaux aux USA et à Londres. Rackspace s'est conformé, sans le premier Indymedia d'annonce, et a retourné le serveur d'Indymedia au R-U. Ceci affecte des sites d'un certain 20+ Indymedia dans le monde entier.

[ENG] FBI Seizes IMC Servers in the UK

imc italy, 07.10.2004 22:35

Press Release

7 October 2004

Thursday morning, US authorities issued a federal order to Rackspace ordering them to hand over Indymedia web servers to the requesting agency. Rackspace, which provides hosting services for more that 20 Indymedia sites at its London facility, complied and turned over the requested servers, effectively removing those sites from the internet.

Art of War : GEORGE BUSH

Larmee, 07.10.2004 21:17

Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty

Breaking: The FBI has shut down some of the Indymedia network!

Reporterassociati, 07.10.2004 20:20

The FBI has seized discs and knocked a server offline.

quando si potra di nuovo vedere indymedia italia?

indyano, 07.10.2004 20:04

è tutto incasinato, quando tutto ritornerà normale?

I am a mother . . . The power of the lone feminine voice raised in protest

Joyce Walker, 07.10.2004 20:00

A voice is rising above the wails of grieving mothers heard around the world. It's a bold and angry voice speaking out against the tyrants who cold-heartedly consume our children in the name of phony "Wars on Drugs" and "Wars on Terror."

Solidarietà a Indymedia, 07.10.2004 19:31

Solisarietà a Indymedia

Pride is absolute bullshit.

DAJ, 07.10.2004 19:20


Move Over Halliburton, Enron

Alexei, 07.10.2004 19:17

The UN, the darling of the Left, is the most corrupt of all

Israeli AIPAC Spy Scandal - Update

Middle East Realities, 07.10.2004 18:06

Imagine what the tome would currently be like if these had been spies from a different Middle Eastern country. Public dialogues about the danger posed to America, and the world, by Zionism must begin to take place.

Crisis In Gaza, Sharon's True Aim Exposed

World Crisis Web/UK Telegraph, 07.10.2004 18:02

I don't know how many times the Opposition to Fascism has to be proven right, before the world - and the corporate media - starts to listen to it. The Opposition, the majority voice, predicted this when the assault began.

Zionist LIE Exposed, Israel On Damage Control

Ha'Aretz, 07.10.2004 17:57

Yeah, and those fuzzy photos Colin Powell showed the UN were remote chemical labs ... Just last month, the head of the Palestinian UNRWA was shot at by the IDF, who then tied him up, beat and threatened him for four hours.(Reuters/AP) All because the agency threatens to expose IDF barbarism for what is really is, in service of Zionism's decades-long program of Genocide against the Palestinian People.

US Produces Virulent Influenza Strain

Newswise/Globe &amp; Mail, 07.10.2004 17:46

So, here we have a "cousin" of the deadly 1918 flu, created in a lab, lethal, but different enough that the natural immunity to the 1918 strain carried by the defendants of the survivors may not protect us. And right when there is a serious shortage of Flu vaccine, since the Gov't ordered the bulk of this year's stock destroyed.

Iraq: Behind The Scenes Of An Illegal War

Pravda/Executive Intelligence Review, 07.10.2004 17:42

The reigning ideology of those who created this war is Zionism, a violent, Extremist little cult, which has about as much to do with Judaism as Nazism had to do with being German. To read what US Zionist loyalists believe, please see This is the epicentre of US FASCISM.

A Sociedade ou a Concepção da História

Francisco Trindade, 07.10.2004 17:37

A Sociedade ou a Concepção da História

Las circunstancias neoliberales en la Revolución Bolivariana

Guayú De Falkón, 07.10.2004 16:46

Una corporación transnacional nacional que produce utilidades, empleo y oportunidades de crecimiento industrial para otros países y otras transnacionales, es una corporación transnacional nacional, sino que en los hechos es una corporación transnacional antinacional....

The Unstoppable Growth of Coaching Around the World

Tany Soussana, 07.10.2004 15:27

Coaching Guru’s Signature “Ultimate Daily Fitness & Diet Plan” Praised as Indispensable Tool For Remaining on Track For Healthy, Rapid Weight Loss.
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Anglican group calls for Israel sanctions

Chris McGreal in Jerusalem - reposted by sagar, 07.10.2004 14:27

Campaigners inspired by boycott of apartheid South Africa

Chris McGreal in Jerusalem
Friday September 24, 2004

The Guardian

An influential Anglican group is to ask church leaders to impose a boycott of Israel and firms that do business there in protest at the occupation.

The call, by the Anglican Peace and Justice Network, comes amid growing concern in Israel at rising support among churches, universities and trade unions in the west for a divestment campaign modelled on the popular boycott of apartheid South Africa.

In July, the Presbyterian church in the US became the first major denomination to agree a formal boycott of Israel.

Graphic: State Terror

£, 07.10.2004 14:24

state terror's%20cartoons.htm

Fascists Are Human Race Traitors

£, 07.10.2004 12:39

W$ 3308b

Let down by Parliament, Troops signalled to get themselves out of Iraq by their own Top Brass?

Dennis Revell, 07.10.2004 11:43

The UK Army Top Brass has removed a tortured young man, David McBride, from the AWOL list, presumably because of the bad PR they were getting. Perhaps this is the thin end of a large wedge that can be used to open an exit door for the remaining British Forces in Iraq.

Greece: Statements by the Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Tar, 07.10.2004 10:19

Statements by the alleged members of the "17th of November" guerrilla group on the beginning of their hunger strik

Speaking Facts to GOP Talking Points

Amadeus, 07.10.2004 06:50

In conducting some research after the VP debate, I was amazed to find that the GOP claimed victory with two false points that Cheney made. Do they have a bunch of idiots running the campaign over there or what? Those guys need to sent out better talking points.

The 9-11 'Truth' Movement's Posterboy Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars) has CIA Ties; Why didnt Ruppert know that?

Daniel Hopsicker, 07.10.2004 05:44

In Pt.2 of his new series, Hopsicker claims, that endorser John Gray "has strange and so-far unexplained connections to two Middle Eastern men "of interest" in the 9/11 investigation, both of whom reside in San Diego.
The first is a Saudi Professor who housed two of the hijackers, cited recently by Senator Bob Graham, Chairman of the Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee Hearings, as evidence of involvement in the attack by people working for the government of Saudi Arabia.

The second is an Iranian exile, running a network used to infiltrate hundreds of Middle Eastern men illegally into the United States, according to court documents..."

Cointelpro 9/11: John Gray and Saudi Genesis

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Reinarto Hadipriono, 07.10.2004 04:22

It is very surprising indeed that man feels the presence of "the past" only when, at "the present," he recalls his memory. What's more, even his feeling that "the future" does exist is but a feeling that he derives from the total recall he had at "the present time" of some "sequential conditions" of the past event. Is it not to be admitted that we ourselves feel that we are constantly at "the present" throughout our lifetime? Now, what do all these talks about our having "the past" and "the future" has to do with us? Is there something wrong with our concept of time or is it our memory that is in the wrong?

Tell Cheney To Mind His .Coms and .Orgs

marco, 07.10.2004 02:11

hahahaha. Cheney can't tell the difference between .com and .org
this makes me very very happy.

March for Social Justice Demands an End to War on the Black Community

African People's Solidarity Committee, 07.10.2004 01:56

This fall, activists in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Oakland, California; and St. Petersburg, Florida will take to the streets demanding justice and reparations for the African community. Calling for an end to “America’s Other War,” they hope to raise awareness about unjust imprisonment, police brutality, economic embargo, substandard education and the destruction of black communities through gentrification.


Downtown for Democracy, 07.10.2004 01:05


If you’re living in New York and looking for a concrete way to swing the election before it’s too late – this is it.

L.A. TIMES: American Withdrawal Without Victory Seems Inevitable. It's Just a Matter of When

Rajan Menon, 07.10.2004 00:42

Sooner or later, the American public will catch on. Most Iraqis already have.

Protesters Disrupt Bremer's Speech

Sarah, 07.10.2004 00:30

anti-occupation banner Paul Bremer, Presidential envoy in Iraq, spoke at Michigan State University in East Lansing Tuesday night. His speech was interrupted by approximately 20 people, some members of Students for Palestinian Human Rights and Direct Action!, who stood up in small groups and shouted at intervals throughout the speech, calling Bremer a war criminal and denouncing his role in the illegal occupation of Iraq.

Still-Pissed Ex-Patriot Gringo Sounds Off From Kanadistan!

Jack Robinson, 07.10.2004 00:02

After thirty years in preferred exile, a Former Gringo and Re-Born Social Activist just can't stand the Shit-Grist Down South No'Mo!


ALIANSASED, 06.10.2004 23:35

Denuncia pública por palabras del gerente de EPM Medellin insultando a sus Usuarios

I am a mother . . . The power in the lone feminine voice raised in protest

Joyce Walker, 06.10.2004 21:30

A voice is rising above the wails of grieving mothers heard around the world. It's a bold and angry voice speaking out against the tyrants who cold-heartedly consume our children in the name of phony "Wars on Drugs" and "Wars on Terror."


Cátedra Latinoamericana, 06.10.2004 21:00

Manifiesto producido por la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, ante las graves agresiones a la que estudiantes; en defenza de educación pública recibieron.

Cheney caught lying. Video tape attached

Jon Stewart, 06.10.2004 20:56

daily show cheney lies

Speeches/Interviews from The Struggle for Palestine Conference: San Francisco, CA

Ian / SF Indymedia, 06.10.2004 20:48

Opening and closing plenary speeches, and two interviews

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