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9-11 summary cards: The full state terror club, from little deuces to major aces

repost, 09.10.2004 12:04

Ace of Spades George W. Bush 1. BUSH SENIOR, Speech to Congress, September 11, 1991, discussing his invasion of Iraq under United Nations 'authorization' for pre-emptive war:

"...what is at stake, is more [pauses, looks dismissive of this idea] than one small country. [Smiles.] It is a big idea. A new world order. Where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: peace, and security, freedom, and the rule of law.....out of these troubled times, our fifth objective, the new world order, can emerge....Now we can see a new world coming into view, a world in which there is a very real prospect of a new world order...."

[ten years later, to the day...September 11, 2001]

Caesar Ignoramus and the Pay-Per-Kill Army

Hans Schwartz, 09.10.2004 10:45

A satirical proposal for improving moral among soldiers in Iraq who are angry about having to buy their own armor and being deceived into corporate empire building under the pretense of saving democracy. Either A) let them earn shares in Halliburton, Exxon, etc. for every kill, or B) based on the Greek upper class citizen armies, draft the shareholders of the corporations which stand to profit by the war.

An Interview With the Original George W (Washington) and the Founding Fathers

Hans Schwartz, 09.10.2004 10:38

“Interview with the Founding Fathers”: Oneifbyland present, in the format of an interview, the words of the founding father’s on contemporary issues ranging from pre-emptive war, outsourcing and deficit spending to election fraud and separation of church and state. Extensive historical footnotes and analysis prove that the founding fathers, progressives in their day, would still be progressive now and that it is the progressive, not the rightwing republican, who truly represents their legacy.


The Poor Knights of Jesus Christ and the Temple of Solomon, 09.10.2004 10:35

Amazing: a huge secret labyrinth of ancient underground tunnels has been found in England! It was made by the Knights Templar and has been linked to treasure, the holy grail and the ark of the covenant!


Mauricio, 09.10.2004 08:30

El Gran Maestro de la Antigua Orden Martinista de Brasil fue asesinado por un miembro de la O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) en un ajuste de cuentas con la Mafia Brasileña

Looking for films (Monaco)

Darlene Kouwenhoven, 09.10.2004 08:24

Is a non-profit organisation, that aims to sustain and promote creation with an emphasis on emerging cinema. It works to consolidate the locale professional community, which deals with audiovisual, image and stage performance. It works on giving the sector a dynamic input by attracting foreign creators and inviting them to participate to local projects and promoting creations by setting up diffusion tools in Monaco and abroad.

Looking for films (Monaco)

Darlene Kouwenhoven-Gueranfar, 09.10.2004 07:58

Is a non-profit organisation, that aims to sustain and promote creation with an emphasis on emerging cinema. It works to consolidate the locale professional community, which deals with audiovisual, image and stage performance. It works on giving the sector a dynamic input by attracting foreign creators and inviting them to participate to local projects and promoting creations by setting up diffusion tools in Monaco and abroad.

The First Presidential Debate - An inside look

Charles Lawrence and Marie Exantus, 09.10.2004 07:56

On September 30th, my fiance and I attended the 1st Presidential Debate at the University of Miami in Florida. We have written about the experience of being press and the atmosphere of the entire event.

SABEMOS QUEM SOIS: O FBI atacou Indymedia

El Fantasma de la Libertad, 09.10.2004 07:08

banner SABEMOS QUEM SOIS: O FBI atacou Indymedia

'Help Is On The Way'

Barry Stoller, 09.10.2004 05:10

'Help Is On The Way' - Kerry campaign slogan AND a classic Vietnam-era track by the band Bloodrock.

Canadian neo-conservatives close to power

The Walrus Magazine, 09.10.2004 04:52

Canadian neo-conservatives came within 6% of the popular vote of winning power in the 2004 national elections under leader Stephen Harper. A recent expose revealed their secretive national campaign chairman is a racist disciple of Leo Strauss. With another election probable within 18 months, they are closer than ever to putting their totalitarian policies into play.

Disturbing Pattern Surrounds Beheadings

Jordan Thornton, 09.10.2004 04:40

Just some thoughts which developed over the past few weeks. What are yours?

Saddest case - Charlotte Wyatt

Mark McCarron, 09.10.2004 03:05

A quick look decision, in relation to Charlotte Wyatt, a very sick child in the UK, that may have some major legal problems. It may also be an indicator, of larger scale problems, with the UK justice system.

Mandatory state suicide? Wait just a goddamn cotton pickin minute...

Freed (hostage) Itialian civilian supports Iraqi resistance

Al Jazeera, 09.10.2004 02:20

Simona Torretta interview:
"The guerrilla war is justified, but I am against the kidnapping of civilians"
I believe that (the captors) were a very political, religious group and
that in the end they were convinced that we were not enemies."

Palestinian state off the agenda, says senior Sharon aide

The UK Indepentent, 09.10.2004 02:15

Nothing new, just routine treachery and broken promises as usual.

bush wearing a wire

earpiece!, 09.10.2004 01:45

here is the first debate

AIM calls for direct action at Columbus Day parade in Denver

Colorado AIM, 09.10.2004 01:16

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has
become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state
shares in its corruption and lawlessness...” Mohandas K. Gandhi

Columbus Day: Celebrating a holocaust

Brenda Norrell, 09.10.2004 01:14

Remembering one little boy at Sand Creek in 1864 on Columbus Day, as the protest continues in downtown Denver on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2004

¿Democracia? ¿Qué es eso?

proDH, 09.10.2004 00:56

Al acercarnos nuevamente a otra jornada electoral, o electorera, surge espontáneamente la pregunta: ¿Vivimos en democracia?

Nacimiento del MAyRA

Subcomandante Rebelde Paulino, Comandancia General de MAyRA, 09.10.2004 00:04

Nacimiento y Declaración de Rebeldía de el Movimiento Armado Y Revolucionario Atisistema (MAyRA)


Albert Kada, 08.10.2004 23:54

The new UK indymedia site looks better and will probably work better because the FBI was kind enough to steal the hard drives. They seem to have converted over to a Windows server almost 2 years ago.

Arizona Libertarn Party may get court order to stop Presidential Debates in Tempe on Tuesday

axr$, 08.10.2004 23:30

The Arizona Liberttarian Party has a 9 am court hearing on Tuesday in PHoenix where they will try to get a court injunction to stop the Wed Presidential Debates in Tempe.

New informations about the FBI seizing

djrom, 08.10.2004 23:04

According to a news from the AFP agency (I know it's cheezy, but ...), the FBI denies being part of the seizing of the Indymedia UK box, and instead point out a Swiss or Italian request.

La richiesta di sequestro e' partita da Italia e Svizzera, 08.10.2004 23:01

Non sono note le ragioni dell'atto
Fbi sequestra i server di Indymedia
Messi i sigilli alle macchine presenti nel Regno Unito e negli Usa. L'agenzia federale rivela: «Ce l'ha chiesto l'Italia»


RengiNeer, 08.10.2004 22:57

It is established as a fact that Americans were tricked into a war in Iraq on the basis of lies and deceptions. More than just President Bush and his advisers, the entire US Government and mainstream media stands exposed as willing accomplices to the lies that started a war. More than simply exposed as liars, the government has lost its very legitimacy by lying to the American people. In that new reality of an entire government that lies to the people, it is now appropriate to look back and ask what else we have been told is a lie.

U.S. Green President Candidate Will Risk Arrest Tonite

marco [reprint from], 08.10.2004 22:37

David Cobb plans to "Cross the Line" in St. Louis Tonite
Cobb said the three commission sponsored debates "are
restricted, scripted and staged events which utterly fail
to perform the vital function of informing the American
people about the choices they have in this election."


DOGSPOT, 08.10.2004 21:27

appearing soon

The Real Reasons Why Iran is the Next Target: Emerging Euro-denominated International Oil Marker

W. Clark, 08.10.2004 20:59

The Iranians are about to commit an offense far greater than Saddam's conversion to the euro for his oil exports. Iran is going to start competing with New York's NYMEX and London's IPE with respect to international oil trades - using a euro-based international oil-trading mechanism.” What does that mean? Well, it means that without some sort of US intervention (likely covert, but possibly overt), the euro is going to establish a firm foothold in the international oil trade. According to a growing body of articles, the neoconservative quest for U.S. global domination has resulted in military plans to "intervene" in Iraq by "Christmas of 2005" - and likely for the same reasons we invaded Iraq - petroeuros and depleting hydrocrabons reserves.

Badnarik will Debate or be Arrested

the Libertarian Party, 08.10.2004 20:58

Libertarian party presidential candidate Michael Badnarik will cross police lines at 8:15 Friday evening, in order to make his voice heard during the presidential "debates". Green Party candidate David Cobb will join Badnarik in this act of defiance.

Taco Bell Boycott Call to Action

CIW, 08.10.2004 20:53

Call to action from the CIW for International Indigenous Resistance Day


by Larry S. Rolirad, 08.10.2004 19:28

There is no fear more profound that what a parent feels when their child is in harm's way.

I Love Hitler

Goering, 08.10.2004 18:54

We are gonna route all you commies out and kill you all Hitler is great

Westminster Green Party Columbus Day Event

Wesley Davis, 08.10.2004 18:08

Campus Green Party celebrates Columbus Day

Sydney Morning Herald: FBI seizes Indymedia servers

Online Staff/CCNWON, 08.10.2004 16:24

Ashcroft's 'October Plan' Is underway. See you in Guantanamo?


OLGA MORGAN, 08.10.2004 14:36


Latest on FBI Trashing of Indymedia - Message from Indy Nantes

CCNWON/Various, 08.10.2004 14:35

Is this why Indymedia was raided and hard drives seized? Or are we supposed to think that? Obviously the FBI have aquired a great deal more private information than just what is related to the "hot" photos.

Bulge under Bush's coat @ 1st Debate

triphere, 08.10.2004 14:01

picture shows strange bulge under Bush's coat

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Launches Online Campaign to Educate Candidates on Tobacco Control Issues

Debra Rosen, 08.10.2004 13:43

In order to counter the millions of dollars Big Tobacco is expected to make in political donations this election season, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has launched A new online campaign, aims to educate political candidates about the need for common-sense tobacco-control legislation.


One People's Project, 08.10.2004 13:10

Poet/Playwright Amiri Baraka has been painted in recent news as a lot of things, but unless you come from the community that has the closest bonds to him, you will be hard pressed to find anyone speak on who he really is. That may change if some residents of Newark, NJ are able to convice the city to honor him with a long standing recognition such as naming a street or an arts center after him. Baraka has given a lot ot the world, but Newark has reaped the benefits of their native son not forgetting his roots and working to build up his community for the past 50+ years. On Oct. 7, his 70th birthday, there was press conference held outside Newark City Hall to announce a call to honor Baraka as he should be honored.

Unconfirmed Reports of British Hostage Kenneth Bigley's Death

Scary, 08.10.2004 12:57

British Hostage Kenneth Bigley, who was kidnapped on 16th September, is reported to have been murdered by his captors. The report, which comes from a "reliable" source inside Iraq has not been confirmed Government sources.

indymedia images

ce, 08.10.2004 12:40

where to find back some indyimages

indymedia images

ce, 08.10.2004 12:37

where to find back some images


sto a godè, 08.10.2004 12:25

viva viva viva via l'fbi

Finnish Security Police confiscates Domain Names in Finland

Åke J Tyvi, 08.10.2004 11:45

Finnish government steals site names, they do not purchase them like in capitalist nations. Trick or treat to shock you.

Blair Bush Berlusconi: burn out di una classe dirigente inadeguata

Anarcopan, 08.10.2004 09:42

Fallimenti e disastri di apprendisti stregoni della politica internazionale

Get in touch with Rackspace to ask them.

adelayde, 08.10.2004 09:25

In the Rackspace's web site we can start a live chat with them and ask them what has happened from their viewpoint, let's get in touch:

volantino indymedia italy

indy italy, 08.10.2004 08:58

pdf del volantino da distribuire

The Illuminati-Staged US Presidential Election

Michael Shore, 08.10.2004 07:14

This, from an Israeli?

Western Shoshone Carrie Dann joins Columbus Day protest in Denver

Four Directions March Denver, 08.10.2004 06:51

Western Shoshone Carrie Dann joins anti Columbus Day events in Denver on Friday and Saturday. Singer Annie Humphrey will perform. Protesters vow to block Italian parade in downtown Denver on Saturday.

Stop Lewis and Clark in South Dakota

Stop Lewis and Clark resisters, 08.10.2004 06:43

Calling Lewis and Clark the dawn of genocide, Lakota, Ponca, and other Indian tribal members continue their protests in Mobridge and Bismark, South Dakota, in October, and ask the Lewis and Clark Expedition to halt.

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