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Crónica: La educación del Pueblo Nasa se construye desde la Tulpa

Tejido de Comunicación - ACIN, 19.09.2014 17:46

La Asociación de Cabildos Indígenas del Norte del Cauca, Chab Wala Kiwe (Territorio del gran pueblo) fue creado en el año de 1994, por las diferentes autoridades de los cabildos del norte del Cuaca. Desde allí se vienen gestando un proceso fuerte de reivindicación de los pueblos indígenas ligado al territorio como eje fundamental de los procesos. En este caminar, junto a las comunidades se han construido tejidos de vida desde el año 2005 para dinamizar los procesos referidos a la Comunicación, Defensa a la Vida, Justicia y Armonía, Pueblo y Cultura (educación, salud, jóvenes, mujer) y Económico Ambiental.

Ukrainian President Poroshenko in Washington

Stephen Lendman, 19.09.2014 12:53


Protesting in the Time of Police State: How to stay safe when exercising your rights

Stefan Verstappen, 19.09.2014 03:01

If you’re planning on participating in a peaceful demonstration or protest keep one thing in mind, at any time it could turn into a bloody riot. In the past it has been a common practice for governments to send agent provocateurs to mingle among the demonstrators until a given time or signal, and then to begin instigating violence as both a way to demonize the peaceful protesters in the media, and as an excuse to send in the riot troops to bust heads. As demonstrations around the world can attest to, this tactic has not gone out of fashion.

Inició la pre-cumbre de comunicación indígena en Bolivia

Tejido de Comunicación - ACIN, 18.09.2014 17:25

El 17 de septiembre, inició la Pre-cumbre Continental de Comunicación Indígena Originaria Campesina en La Paz, Bolivia. Aproximadamente 250 delegados nacionales e internacionales de los colectivos de comunicación respondieron a esta convocatoria. El objetivo de este encuentro es evaluar la II Cumbre Continental de Comunicación, realizada en México en el pasado año 2013 y con base en las dificultades y logros, estructurar unos ejes temáticos y un plan de trabajo y seguimiento hacia la planeación de la III Cumbre de Comunicación Continental que se realizará en Cochabamba en el año 2016.

Anti-Assad Extremists and Obama Plan Coordinated Attacks on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 18.09.2014 14:38



JOHN CHUCKMAN, 18.09.2014 14:37

Of course, we had indisputable proof years ago, in the testimony of a former British Foreign Minister and several other significant world figures, that there was indeed no such organization as al-Qaed

Ukraine's President in Ottawa and Washington

Stephen Lendman, 18.09.2014 11:36


Can anyone in Toronto, Ontario give me information about Winfried Max Kasprzyck?

Taman Shud, 18.09.2014 03:31

Winfried Max Kasprzyck I am seeking information about this man who was living in Toronto from about 1960-1972. During that time he was an amateur boxer and was jailed for some offence.

Turquie : AKP, colosse aux pieds d’argile ?

CEM AKBALIK, 17.09.2014 23:50

Recep Tayyip Erdogan vient de remporter l’élection présidentielle dès le premier tour avec une majorité absolue de suffrages de 51,8%, devenant le douzième président de la République turque (mais le premier élu au suffrage universel). Pourtant, le pouvoir du Parti de la justice et du développement (AKP) a été ébranlé par la contestation de la place Taksim, il y a juste un an, et par plusieurs autres mobilisations [3]. Le pouvoir AKP ressemble de plus en plus à un colosse au pied d’argile.

El sectarismo que he conocido

Manuel Salazar, 17.09.2014 23:04

Economista; Máster en Gobierno y Desarrollo Local; PHD en Gobierno y Políticas Públicas.

Israel's Ruthless Agenda

Stephen Lendman, 17.09.2014 18:54


US Government Agents Manipulate Science of Lyme Disease

Cheryl Coalface, 17.09.2014 16:31

Lately some in the Chronic Lyme Disease patient community have noticed more and more activity by US government agents who are trying to distort the facts about this disabling disease.
They have set up the website "LymeNetEurope" to further their aims and they control what goes on there. LHCTom is the NIH Lyme officer Dr McSweegan and the Relative Risk blog they are promoting is his blog. Here is an example of discussion going on there, all designed to hurt our good labs and doctors and promote CDC lies. (CDC is run by the US military).

Sergey Lavrov: World Class Peace Advocate

Stephen Lendman, 17.09.2014 12:21


War Winds Near Gale Force

Stephen Lendman, 17.09.2014 11:35


La ville d'Argenteuil va etre mis sous tutelle

skoupdusiecle, 17.09.2014 10:44

La ville d'Argenteuil va etre mis sous tutelle

duspoisant d une tete coloçssale quelle ne peut payer etant a droite le karcheriseur est maudit on dirais la gauche tenant la region bloc aussi du coup droite et gauche on bloqué les 90 hetare en friche que je souhaite recuperer pour un projet ecolo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mais merde ! baupin t es ou !!!! :)

je rappel queles 90 hectare sont abandonné en friche et le seule projet viable est vert

Kiev Grants Donbas Limited Special Status: Hold the Cheers

Stephen Lendman, 16.09.2014 19:18


Dreaming War, Threatening Humanity

Stephen Lendman, 16.09.2014 13:01


This Way Out: NYC St. Pat's Day ploy+&quot;Love Is Strange&quot;+global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 15.09.2014 23:53

Mature marriage meets separation anxiety in "Love Is Strange"; New York St. Patrick's Day Parade organizers green-wash bias; Ugandan repression migrates to Gambia, Cairo cops hunt down viral video "gay wedding" guests, the Australian Football League rethinks its deal with a Sultan, mounting marriage equality cases compel U.S. Supreme Court consideration, and more LGBT news from around the world.

Israel's Genocidal War on Palestine Without End

Stephen Lendman, 15.09.2014 21:04


Israeli Persecution of Palestinians Unrelated to Defense

Stephen Lendman, 15.09.2014 14:56


Water Crisis in the Valley of Riches

Stan Santos, 15.09.2014 06:34

Water Crisis in the Valley of Riches Page 1 This article discusses the current water crisis and the conditions of poverty in which farmworker families live in the Central Valley. For farmworkers, the valley of riches has always been the valley of their poverty.

Israeli High Crimes Against Peace Examined

Stephen Lendman, 14.09.2014 20:35



geral, 14.09.2014 19:02

fbi,cia,mi6,mossad,surete See my report on the pure evil USA.

Russell Tribunal on Ukraine

Stephen Lendman, 14.09.2014 17:20


Russia Denounces New Western Sanctions

Stephen Lendman, 14.09.2014 13:18


Abbas Blocks Israeli War Crimes Investigation

Stephen Lendman, 13.09.2014 20:26


Feuerschein im vergessenen Urwaldheiligtum

Agricola Baba, 13.09.2014 16:55

Feuerschein im vergessenen Urwaldheiligtum [Lyrik]

Wolf Patrol Yellowstone backcountry to document and protest Montana wolf hunt

Yellowstone Wolf Patrol, 13.09.2014 15:38

Americans outraged with the killing of wolves from Yellowstone
National Park (YNP) have organized the YELLOWSTONE WOLF PATROL, whose
members have entered the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness to monitor and
document Montana's wolf hunt which begins September 15th.

IDF Soldiers Denounce Israeli High Crimes Against Peace

Stephen Lendman, 13.09.2014 13:49


Mustafa Barghouti on Operation Protective Edge

Stephen Lendman, 13.09.2014 10:46


Washington Hawks Want Greater Middle East Spending

Stephen Lendman, 12.09.2014 21:43


Carta a un anarquista españolista.

Felipe &amp; Rajoy indian company S.A., 12.09.2014 20:38

Esta patria nuestra que tanto genocidio ha costado preservar nunca ha estado bajo amenaza.

Carta a un anarquista españolista.

Felipe &amp; Rajoy indian company S.A., 12.09.2014 20:28

Esta patria nuestra que tanto genocidio ha costado preservar nunca ha estado bajo amenaza.

Carta a un anarquista españolista.

Felipe &amp; Rajoy indian company S.A., 12.09.2014 20:25

Esta patria nuestra que tanto genocidio ha costado preservar nunca ha estado bajo amenaza.

MSM Ignore International and Constitutional Law

Stephen Lendman, 12.09.2014 18:39


How to Combat ISIS Without War

Phyllis Bennis and Michael Eisenscher, 12.09.2014 17:50

The president yesterday announced his "strategy" for dealing with the threat posed by the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria. He has given terror networks and the international arms industry cause for great celebration. The former because he is giving them just what they want - a direct confrontation with the "Great Satan" and powerful recruiting inducement...

Amnesty International Fronts for Power

Stephen Lendman, 11.09.2014 21:20


The enemy of mankind: the United States of America

geral, 11.09.2014 20:04

geral See my reports (and those of others) wherein the evidence clearly indicates that our overthrown government is evil and is destructive of our species.


Joseph Diaferia, 11.09.2014 14:41

[The following is an edited and expanded version of an editorial I wrote during my 2012 Congressional campaign.]

Obama Plans Open-Ended Middle East War

Stephen Lendman, 11.09.2014 12:54


Steven Salaita Goes Public

Stephen Lendman, 10.09.2014 20:33


9/11: The Mother of All Big Lies

Stephen Lendman, 10.09.2014 18:37


273 Medical Articles Point to Lyme Disease Coverup

Elena Cook, 10.09.2014 18:17

The US and NATO biowarfare establishment is responsible for a coverup of major proportions re Lyme Disease (Lyme Borreliosis). Because borrelia is a sensitive biowarfare issue, the countless victims of persistent Lyme infection are denied diagnosis and treatment. In particular the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) and its allies within tha US public health agencies denies the fact that Lyme Borreliosis can exist as chronic, persistent infection, evading the immune system and simple antibiotic courses. Below are 273 peer-reviewed medical papers demonstrating that the bacteria DOES persist. Thanks to for collating.

Ukraine's Whitewashed Odessa Massacre Report

Stephen Lendman, 10.09.2014 15:28


TWACtion: Environmental and Gender Rights Groups Occupy I-5 Billboard

TWAC Collective, 10.09.2014 05:37

Activists from the Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp (TWAC) and the Gender Alliance of the South Sound (GASS) dropped a banner that reads "Transgender Health Not Fossil Fuel Wealth." They also staged a dance party at a notoriously right wing racist billboard in Washington.

No crea todo lo que le dicen, investigue primero.

Paola Martinez, 10.09.2014 00:52

Cuando la persona la llama desde el centro de rehabilitación, escúchela cuando habla del centro, pero tome sus quejas iniciales con cierta reserva.

Abogados Militares Corruptos en Bolivia


Abogados Militares Corruptos en Bolivia

Obama Intends Escalating Middle East Aggression

Stephen Lendman, 09.09.2014 19:48



Bambergate, 09.09.2014 19:04

Exposure injunction suppression of police corruption


U.S, 09.09.2014 17:57

Venice, September 6, 2014 – The 71st
Venice Film Exhibition this month sent another blunt message
to film-makers: Don’t bring us your commercial blockbusters
because only productions with small budgets and innovative
themes are likely to win the coveted Venice Lion awards.
Apart from that advice the ten-day annual
film smorgasbord maintained its praiseworthy democratic
traditions. Even actors and directors, and certainly the snob
class bourgeoisie, have to queue up, often under rain and
sun, to enter the cinemas on the Lido while the public can buy
tickets to screenings every day.

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