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Afghan elections process is flawed

reason, 10.10.2004 16:28

The Afghan elections are a worse sham than Florida 2000.

Australian voters choose John Howard

Sydney IMC, 10.10.2004 15:22

Australian voters have chosen John Howard's deceptively named "Liberal" party to rule the nation for another 3 years. This comes despite the fact that his lies are well documented, he has followed semi-literate George W. Bush and Tony BLiar into an illegal and immoral war and his party's policy is to detain indefinitely foreign children who travel without the necessary paperwork.

Libertarian, Green presidential candidates arrested; media blacks out on story

Nick Wilson, 10.10.2004 14:58

Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik and Green presidential candidate David Cobb were arrested outside the debate on Friday night for crossing a police line in an act of civil disobedience. They were protesting their exclusion from the debates.

Video: The brutal murder and decapitation of British hostage Kenneth Bigley

Jihadis, 10.10.2004 14:15

Bigley makes a final statement.


FC, 10.10.2004 13:49



FRENTE CIVICO, 10.10.2004 13:47


Want a &quot;new world?&quot; This could be the start

jamie, 10.10.2004 13:06

Dear friends,

The articles below highlight the growing international effort to resist the imperial occupation of Iraq and to support the men and women in uniform who are determined to follow their consciences and refuse to participate further in these illegal actions. Please spread them widely on your elists and elsewhere. I believe that when we put an end to this awful episode in U.S. history we will be on the road to building the kind of just world we all want. jamie

*Men at Work's original drummer returns to Australian airwaves'

Darthmusic, 10.10.2004 12:47

The Usual Suspects In the 1980's Australia's 'Men at Work' were the world's number 1 act with hits like - Down Under & Who Can It Be Now! Now after 20 years the original drummer Mr. Jerry Speiser is back on Australian airwaves with the independent rock group, 'FROST'!

Background of rogue Federal Judge Robert Payne in Patricia Cornwell bribery scandal

Dr. Les Sachs, 10.10.2004 12:08

Full text of a recent Supeme Court committee memo with key material on the background of rogue Federal Judge Robert E. Payne, who faces resignation or impeachment in the Patricia Cornwell bribery scandal.

Die Nacht der Meuten : eine Nacht der festlichen Aufstände am 30.10.04

Nacht der Meuten, 10.10.2004 11:57

Wir, Künstler und Performer, der Stamm der Freien Kunst, erleiden schon länger die Unterdrückung der Polizei, den Missbrauch der gesetzlichen Rahmen und den Druck der kulturellen Industrien und der Marktwirtschaft.
Um auf diesen unerträglichen Druck aufmerksam zu machen, erklären wir, dass das Wochenende vom 30. Oktober die "Nacht der Meuten" sein wird.

The Night of the packs : een nacht van feestelijke rellen ! (30.10.04)

Night of the packs, 10.10.2004 11:55

Tien jaar na de invoering van de "Criminal Justice Act" in Frankrijk, zijn we met duizenden, in kleine groepen als "wolf packs", de repressieve wetten afzwerend. Want ONZE "Citizen Justice Act", moet cultureel, muzikaal, feestelijk en creatief zijn. Omdat eenzijdige veiligheid en identiteit het vrije denken belemmert. Omdat je vrijheid niet instort als je tegenover onderdrukking en kapitalistische economie staat.
Tijdens "the Night of the Packs" gaan we voorbij aan de grijze, veilige "way of life" met onze vrolijke utopie !

La notte dei branchi: un partito sotterraneo internazionale il 10-30-2004

Notte dei branchi, 10.10.2004 11:53

Noi, artisti, esecutori, tribù dall'arte libera, stiamo subendo da tempo le repressioni della polizia, le leggi abusive, le pressioni delle industrie culturali e l'economia capitalista.
Per denunciare queste pressioni intollerabili, dichiariamo che il week-end del 30 ottobre sarà "La notte dei branchi".

La noche de las jaurías: una noche de tumultos festivos el 30.10.04

Noche de las jaurías, 10.10.2004 11:51

Nosotros, artistas, performers, tribus del Arte libre, sufrimos desde hace mucho tiempo la represión policial, leyes abusivas y la presión de la industria de la cultura y de la economía de mercado.
Para denunciar estas presiones intolerables, declaramos que el fin de semana del 30 de octubre será "La noche de las jaurías".

The night of the packs : an international underground party the 10.30.04

Night of the packs, 10.10.2004 11:48

Flyer We, artists, performers, tribes from the Free Art, we have been
undergoing police repressions, abusive laws, the pressures of cultural
industries and capitalist economy for a long time.
To denounce these intolerable pressures, we declare the weekend of
October 30th will be « the night of the packs ».

Porodica Bistrih Potoka u opasnosti

Moebiusette, 10.10.2004 11:09

28 years since its foundation, Porodica Bistrih Potoka (The Family of the Clear Streams), the first community in Serbia - based on alternative ecological, artistic and economic ways of life - is now in danger of being run down by an Austrian company ( that wants to reopen an old stone mine and build a raod across the fields of the Family

La nuit des meutes : small is beautiful (30.10.04)

Nuit des meutes, 10.10.2004 10:52

Le collectif informel de la Nuit des meutes ( a lancé un appel aux activistes, artistes et sound systems fançais et européens pour faire de la journée et de la nuit du 30 octobre 2004 une grande manifestation internationale. En effet, le 30.10.04 est le week-end aniversaire du vote de la loi Mariani/Vaillant, et correspond également aux 10 ans du Criminal Justice Act anglais : ces lois liberticides et culturicides sont insupportables, et nous ne les supportons plus !

More Bush Bulges

John, 10.10.2004 07:32

Everyone has by now seen the photos or heard speculation that Bush was wearing a wire in the first debate. The Bush camp dismissed the rectangular bulge in the middle of his back as due to a rumpling of the fabric. But there are shots of Bush on other occasions that show the exact same thing.

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Michael Badnarik Arrested - Audio (.Mp3)

Mad Studios, 10.10.2004 06:53

A compilation of live audio from the historic event.
.mp3 format

Revolution is Bloody

Ytzhak, 10.10.2004 04:50

Anthany James Dawson ..a meditation on “everyday is ashura"
Ashura', courtesy of Mr S. Moin Namini
If we are to do and live in the way of life of the inner and outer
(Batin and Zahir = Jihad and mujahada),
and not the metaphor of existence of flesh failed obsession and fear,
then we must self actualize/self determinize
and centre ourselves in relation to the deen and dunya
following the flow of the most high philosophy our amir Ali (as)
“Be a friend to the oppressed and an enemy to the oppressor” he said.

Of the Murder of a Friend

Ytzhak, 10.10.2004 04:47

Anthany James Dawson I am reminded Of murder and a friend shot through the head behind a police station I am reminded of Anthany James Dawson pounded into a coma on the streets of Victoria by police officers I am reminded Of the self lynched black and Native youth sentenced to death by the callousness and mental pimpin of this city… cuz they consume native and black boys I am reminded; "keep a cool head" as the song by marcus Garvey goes.

Of the Murder of a Friend

Ytzhak, 10.10.2004 04:46

Anthany James Dawson I am reminded Of murder and a friend shot through the head behind a police station I am reminded of Anthany James Dawson pounded into a coma on the streets of Victoria by police officers I am reminded Of the self lynched black and Native youth sentenced to death by the callousness and mental pimpin of this city… cuz they consume native and black boys I am reminded; "keep a cool head" as the song by marcus Garvey goes.

Revolution is Bloody

Ytzhak, 10.10.2004 04:43

Anthany James Dawson "I believe as greater men before me have, that only with this mantra: “Be a friend to the oppressed and an enemy to the oppressor”, of this - the inner and outer chant, can we Born an overstanding with the Knowledge made manifest from Saddiq to Shariati to Sadr to Khomanie & Khamanie, peace to our bruthas, Farrakhan to Nasrallah and Sistani. It is with this do I hope to add on to the strength of the house, and cipher the third degree of reality, that revolution is bloody so everyday is ashura. What else can an island boy do to destroy amerikkka....”

Fearful (and Stunned!) Americans believe Bush is their safest bet!

Herring Boner!, 10.10.2004 04:17

Fearful (and Stunned!) Americans believe George W. Bush is their safest choice for President!

'Help Is On The Way' - updated

Barry Stoller, 10.10.2004 04:10

The Kerry slogan has its roots - intended or not - in the classic Vietnam-era Bloodrock tune.

David Cobb and Michael Badnarik Arrested

David Baake, 10.10.2004 02:39

David Cobb amidst cops, courtesy of The Green presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian nominee Michael Badnarik were arrested on Friday attempting to participate in the 2nd Presidential Debate that took place in St. Louis. The men passed through the police barricade that was intended to enclose demonstrators, keeping them away from the scene of the debate and ensuring that their message was heard by as few people as possible.

David Cobb and Michael Badnarik Arrested

David Baake, 10.10.2004 01:45

David Cobb amidst police, courtesy of The Green presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian nominee Michael Badnarik were arrested on Friday, attempting to participate in the 2nd Presidential Debate that took place in St. Louis., 10.10.2004 01:15

Huge library of anti-war pro-woman protest photography.

Iraqi resistance report

Posted by Sam, 10.10.2004 00:15

If you want alternative news about the war this is for you. This post is taken from the site which provides many diverse high quality posts about the Iraq war including excellant photos. Sam

Safety of Runaways Not High Priority with Police (King County, Snohomish County Sheriff Departments)

Ivy Rose Nightscales (fphone - 206 3251542), 09.10.2004 23:56

Although in danger, runaways are not a high priority with police. My granddaughter got involved with destructive adults, who encouraged her to runaway and leave school. She is fifteen. She has been gone over two months. We cannot afford to hire an investigator to help us.

Venezuela: ¿Por qué el sabotaje a la Ley de Responsabilidad Social en Radio y Television?

HORACIO BENITEZ, 09.10.2004 23:48

Razones que explican el sabotaje y la zambra de la oposicion venezolana contra la Ley de Responsabilidad Social en la Radio y Television que se propone romper el monopolio mediatico en la Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela.


BEMUSED, 09.10.2004 23:14


Flashback: Cairo sends strongly - worded message to Tel Aviv

Cairo Daily News, 09.10.2004 22:51

Wow, every time Israel gets criticized, "al CIAeda" finds a way to carry out a sneak-attack against the country doing the criticism. Ends up pushing the anti-Israel/Zionist stories, like UN Condemnations, etc, to the back pages. (And very few Israelis were affected by the bomb ...)

Children's Authors, Illustrators Jump Into Election With Ad Campaign

April Halprin Wayland, 09.10.2004 22:18

Maurice Sendak, Judy Blume and hundreds of other children's authors and illustrators join together to endorse Senator John Kerry.

My assumption concering the IMC debacle

ladida, 09.10.2004 20:18

no summary necessary.

Fill Your Gas Tank To Defeat Bu$h

Abu Ghraib, 09.10.2004 20:12

Could helping increase gas prices help defeat bu$h? It is something many of us can do worldwide to help defeat the amerikkkan terrorist bu$h.

Cyanide Wedding

Noah Tucker, 09.10.2004 20:01

Rosia Montana, together with the four mountain peaks surrounding it, is due to be demolished. The village, in Romania's Apuseni Mountains, is built on ground containing an estimated 4,000 tonnes of gold, 22,000 tonnes of silver, and the graves, temples and ancient tunnels left by two millennia of mineworkers.

Would-be jihadist arrested in Tennesse, once the subject of Idiotmedia article

Usamabinlazylately, 09.10.2004 19:30

A would-be jihadist was arrested recently by the FBI for buying two disassembled machine guns, four disassembled hand grenades and ammo. This would-be jihadist featured in Tennesse Idiotmedia article in May, 2004.

US presidential candidates arrested

anonymous, 09.10.2004 19:11

Badnarik, Libertarian, and Cobb, Green, have both been arrested in St. Louis after attempting to serve papers on the Commission on Presidential Debates.


., 09.10.2004 18:27

. .

Startling New Information Regarding the FBI Trashing of INDYMEDIA!

CCNWON Editor, 09.10.2004 18:24

Methinks the FBI are Playing Cute.

Let Badnarik Debate

Mad Studios, 09.10.2004 18:12

gif preview Freedom will be defended. The controversial video that
Bush does not want you to see is available for download.

Libertarian and Green Party Presidential canidates arrested at presidential debates in St Louis

axr$, 09.10.2004 17:32

The Libertarian and Green Party Presidential canidates were arrested for protesting that third party canidates are excluded from the debates at the Presidential Debate in St Louis.

Call for Global Jihad to take action against 'the beast' ....

King Amdo, 09.10.2004 17:25

Radical Islamist propaganda calling on Afghans to join a global jihad against "oil-thieving Christian crusaders" has begun appearing in Afghanistan, signalling an attempt by foreign militants to stoke an Iraqi-style insurgency...

(UK Guardian article)

'sick' desecration by animal rights activists (apparently) in UK....

King Amdo, 09.10.2004 17:06

Grave of pro hunting family relative trashed....

Money is fucked. (the song)

DAJ, 09.10.2004 16:57


“Ecuador decide”

Colectivo Pro Derechos Humanos, ProDH, 09.10.2004 16:24

El gobierno ecuatoriano persiste en su intención de firmar el TLC a espaldas del pueblo.


anonymous, 09.10.2004 16:09


Carovan Chaos Anarcopunk Festival 28Ottobre - 31 Ottobre 2004

1984records, 09.10.2004 16:09


At least 1069 U.S. GI's dead from Iraq war part two

jamie, 09.10.2004 15:31

"Officially" 1069 U.S. GI's have been killed in the most recent installment of the invasion and take over of Iraq. Details from follow

Demo: Political prisoners are on a hunger strike

@, 09.10.2004 14:41


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