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lost my privaxxy

ddflies, 16.06.2015 08:27

black timer, leather material
with all my private notes
and cash, ec-Card, medical Card,+
personal id Card, adressnotebook

Grand Meeting: Large number of Iranian associations join Mobilization Campaign in Paris on June 13

Keyvan Salami, 16.06.2015 06:56

Iranian dissidents participating in a gathering in Paris underscored that the oppressed people of Iran seek to overthrow the extremist religious dictatorship ruling their country with the leadership of Maryam Rajavi.

Las mentiras de Robin Hood

Gustavo Godoy, 15.06.2015 15:02

Postura antiestatista

Teoría Histórica de la Conspiración

Gustavo Godoy, 15.06.2015 14:32

Técnicas utilizadas por los regímenes de corte totalitario

India: Citizens Appeal for the Release of Raif Badawi, a Saudi Blogger

Released by PADS, 14.06.2015 16:17

Citizen's appeal from India in solidarity with Raif Badawi the Saudi Arabian Blogger under house arrest.

Grand gathering of the Iranian people in Paris

Pejman Amiri, 14.06.2015 08:14

Iranian associations The diverse Iranian groups and communities set to meet in the French capital have all pledged their support for democratic change in Iran and condemned claims that the regime's new president Hassan Rouhani is a "moderate".

Iranian dissidents cry for freedom in Paris rally

Keyvan Salami, 13.06.2015 15:15

The Iranian dissidents staged a major gathering on Saturday June 13 in a giant Hall in Villepinte at the vicinity of Paris. The enormous crowd estimated to be approximately tens of thousands, according to the organizers, pledged to topple the current ruling regime in Iran.

Cuba Lifted from list of State Terrorists

Glen Malcolm Thompson, 12.06.2015 15:50

Dr Aleida Guevara Cuba is at a crossroads, will the tide of American tourism help or hinder Cuba?


Pejman Amiri, 12.06.2015 13:57

Upcoming events On June 13, Iranian communities the world over will gather in Paris in their biggest gathering ever, to stand up to Tehran, to highlight its egregious polices as the epicenter of Islamic extremism


Ophélie, 10.06.2015 21:01


Currency Workers Vote for Change With RWDSU

RWDSU, 09.06.2015 15:21

Change Group in Times Square, Manhattan NYC workers became the first of US Change Group workers to unionize! They are about to engage in a fight for their first ever contract.

Decisive Storm Preventing Iran-Backed Houthi Taking Over Yemen

Keyvan Salami, 09.06.2015 07:57

Yemen, Iran, Iran-backed Houthi Shiite rebels and Yemen’ s government agreed Friday to attend UN-brokered peace talks in Geneva aimed at ending a more than two-month war.

Taxation Without Representation—Déjà vu

William John Cox, 07.06.2015 16:18

The Supreme Court's acceptance of a case about the allocation of voting districts will have consequences far beyond the millions of U.S. taxpayers its ruling may deprive of representation. A decision that only counts voters, rather than all persons, will undermine the very foundation of the Republic.

USA puts world and humanity at risk

geral, 05.06.2015 19:22

geral sosbee
If ever a demon appear incarnate on earth, we see its shadows by the atrocities committed by fbi,cia,dod.

Hezbollah operative arrested in Cyprus for bombing plot

Keyvan Salami, 05.06.2015 15:54

Cyprus Lebanese national arrested in Cyprus was trained by Iran. Bombing plot was financed and trained by Iran.

¿Por qué seguimos educando hoy en día los 30 derechos humanos?

Paola Martinez, 04.06.2015 13:35

La importancia de los derechos humanos que la gente desconoce en la actualidad.

Math and geometry

m concoyle, 03.06.2015 05:12

Current peer-reviewed physics is based on materialism (and fundamental randomness of small systems reduced to point-particles) and it is about maps (or equations) defined between a tangent bundle and a tangent bundle, or between a tangent bundle and a function-space; but in this context interacting systems can only be solved for the 2-body systems, this descriptive structure suffers from it usually being quantitatively inconsistent, ie it dissipates into meaninglessness. While the new (alternative) ideas, map material motions and material geometries of the tangent bundle into “the tangent bundle structure of the fiber group” of a “principle fiber bundle’s tangent-bundle space,” this new descriptive context is consistent with classical physics, but also allows for both discreteness and stability for stable spectral systems, and it remains in a quantitatively consistent context, especially, for the stable many-(but-few)-body spectral-orbital systems which exist at all size-scales.
Read or read book “Treasures Hidden within the Empire”

How the 2003 disbanding of the Iraqi Army fuelled ISIS

By Mark Thompson, 02.06.2015 16:41

After nearly a year of air strikes led by the U.S. and ground attacks by the U.S.-trained Iraqi army, the ‪Islamic State‬ of Iraq and Greater ‪Syria‬ (ISIS) is proving to be a far more cagey and cunning foe than the Pentagon ever expected.

i´m noboddy´s whore

ddflies, 02.06.2015 07:14

i´m noboddy´s whore,
poor but proud
m pussy be just one
with best proletarian regards

A witch hunt society led by the witch (fbi)

geral, 01.06.2015 19:10

See my documentations, reports, writ and affidavits to understand how the fbi and the SCOTUS trash the law, the constitution and our fundamental human and civil rights.

HIV-Negative AIDS: Is it CFS, GWS, or AIDS?

lemonfoundation, 31.05.2015 05:17

HIV-Negative AIDS? Allied NATO Government is hiding millions of infectious NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine) under the "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)" ICD-code.

Attempt to Cover Up Facts re Lyme Disease by US DoD

E Cook, 28.05.2015 17:31

Hacking and censorship of important information re US military coverup re Lyme Disease

Informaciones da Villa Masone via Adolfo Grassi Masone Reggio Emilia

Greco Roberto, 27.05.2015 23:27


The Arlene Berry Story - 2015 Update

Malcolm Everett, 27.05.2015 08:43

Arlene Berry died suddenly and unexpectedly at the early age of 41, less than 24 hours after being admitted to the Kirkland and District Hospital on May 23rd of 2000. There is a public interest in knowing how Arlene Berry came to her death and how her health care providers are implicated.

Socrates and education

m concoyle, 26.05.2015 15:11

Socrates expressed the need for equal free-inquiry, which is needed to develop knowledge for a wide range of (precise) descriptive patterns, concerning a measurable, controllable existence, so as to thus, be able to form practical creative contexts for such a wide range (of newly identified), or a big set, of precise descriptive languages, which can describe the various different contexts of the existing “physical” world, which, in turn may be associated to a wide range of descriptive (true) patterns, which actually exist, or which represent existence well,
Read book: Treasures Hidden within the Empire, trafford


geral, 24.05.2015 19:54

geral See clear and convincing evidence of the overthrow of the US government by the intel and police communities and the simultaneous imposition of a Nazi type regime now in command by order of the fbi.

Trickle-Down German Nanny Effect

judy, 24.05.2015 12:15

German nannies in 1930s for the elite created our violent society.

Hitler y nuestro mundo occidental y cristiano

Iván Oliver Rugeles, 16.05.2015 22:26

Hechos irrebatibles de la historia que a muchos les irritan, pero que es bien importante recordarlos ahora con motivo de celebrarse el próximo 9 de mayo el 70 Aniversario de la Gran Guerra Patria librada por la Unión Soviética, con la cual se consumó la derrota total y definitiva de las tropas nazi fascistas alemanas, italianas, rumanas, húngaras y finlandesas en Stalingrado, con la rendición de los altos mandos de esas fuerzas agresoras ante el mando militar soviético (1).

Université de Valparaiso : déclaration publique suite au meurtre de deux étudiants

LV, 15.05.2015 13:30

Lors du rassemblement d'hommage, hier soir à Valparaiso 14 mai 2015, journée de manifestation étudiante et lycéenne au Chili. En plein centre de Valparaiso, le propriétaire d'un immeuble et son fils s'en prennent à des étudiants qui auraient fait des graffitis ou collé des affiches sur leur façade. Quelques minutes après l'altercation, le fils tire sur la foule avec un pistolet de calibre 9mm. Deux manifestants de 18 et 25 ans sont tués.

Third edition of Hamburg International Cinema Libre Festival

Cinema Libre Collectif, 15.05.2015 00:47

Send us your film before 15.06.2015 !

Increased Wages

J Leon, 14.05.2015 16:58

Increased Living Wage

US/Iranian Relations: Back to Square One?

Stephen Lendman, 14.05.2015 12:09


Failed war of the US

Harrison Hartman, 13.05.2015 21:41

This article discusses the failed war on drugs in America and how it has contributed to the failure and overcrowding of the American prison system.

Gentrification in San Francisco

Anonymous, 13.05.2015 20:31

Op-Ed about the Black Community in San Francisco

Resist degradation of India's criminal justice system - Protect Retired Judge Jyotsana Yagnik From Threats

Citizens open letter, 13.05.2015 18:55

An onslaught on justice is taking place in broad daylight. It is now clear that the Modi-led government finds India’s criminal justice system and independent judiciary to be an obstacle blocking its long-term plans. The incidence of prejudice in the courts is nothing new - the 1984 pogrom inaugurated a new era in the erosion of Indian justice. The NDA government has given impetus to this process. The ideological hooligans of the so-called ’Sangh parivar’ are convinced they are above the law. Corruption does not merely have monetary implications. The erosion of judicial independence taking place before our eyes is also corruption. Building trustworthy public institutions is a prolonged process that takes decades. But they can be destroyed very rapidly, especially when state power is used (covertly or openly), to intimidate judges like Ms Jyotsna Yagnik in Gujarat

Working below Living Wage Leading to Hope for Future Gain

Heather Barkett, 11.05.2015 23:20

This article is about individuals who are working below the livable wage in Sonoma County and how they are coping/surviving off the bare minimum to live.

Minimum Wage

Jessica Olvera, 11.05.2015 20:56

A group of sociologist student research how minimum wage workers are able to live by paycheck to paycheck. They interview 30 people with many questions about their life-style and their work environment. As a result, they learn how it is a struggle yet without any form of help, these minimum wage workers would not be able to survive in society.

Living Wage in Sonoma County

Jessica Olvera, 11.05.2015 20:40

A research on how minimum wage workers are able to live off paycheck to paycheck.

Where Is My Tuition Going?

Brittany Caffo, 11.05.2015 20:38

Sonoma State Students are faced with rising tuition and are put behind due to inadequate course offerings.

Protest Portland City Hall May 13 2 PM

Anonymous, 10.05.2015 00:48

Protest City Commissioner's cozy deal with corporate elites in multi-million dollar scheme to destroy Historic Washington Park Reservoir.

Coordinamento Noi con Salvini ad Agrigento

Paolo Rigamonti, 09.05.2015 15:50

Ben poco da dire sull'operato del coordinatore cittadino Mary Calabrò di Noi con Salvini Agrigento. Ben poco (o addirittura nulla) sono gli aggettivi che più concorrono all'operato - per niente efficace - del portavoce che avrebbe dovuto contribuire alla creazione della lista civica.

Lift California's Ban on Counterculture

Jasmine Cuenco, 09.05.2015 04:40

This is an opinion piece on the pros of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in California. As more U.S. states and territories, like Puerto Rico, begin to lift the prohibition, flourishing state economies forces tax revenues to fund more social aid. Many which give back to the community or further research on marijuana- as it is federally recognized as a class 1 drug along with heroin and LSD.

Homelessness in Sonoma County

Gabriela Garcia, 09.05.2015 04:06

From 2009 to 2011 alone Sonoma County has seen a 40% increase in homelessness, yet what have we really done in the following years to decrease this? Much of society, Sonoma County included, subscribes to the negative stigmatization of the homeless population and are resistant to help out—especially with money.

Sonoma State University Smoking Ban

Blake Thompson, 08.05.2015 20:29

Sonoma State is implementing a new smoking ban. Find out why!

Minimum Wage Not Enough

Jorge Castillejos, 07.05.2015 04:48

Argument that our minimum wage can and needs to go up for families and individuals to survive. Research was conducted to which information was found of the struggles that were faced making less than fifteen dollars an hour.

Living Wage in Sonoma County

Stacey Simon, 06.05.2015 21:26

Sonoma County has turned into an unlivable destination, a living wage increase is overdue and necessary.

The Fight of Homelessness

Bryan Mejia, 06.05.2015 20:46

For our research project we decided to focus on the constant issue of homelessness in Sonoma County, Our research question was "Does housing the homeless save taxpayers money?" We decided to conduct out research by doing in-depth interviews. Our interviews consisted of people who are or have been affected by homelessness, staff members of numerous shelters, and some police officers.

Cannabis Prohibition is Hurting CA's Environment

Molly Hannan Scott, 06.05.2015 20:32

This article explores and explains the damages caused to California's environment by the prohibition of marijuana. If marijuana cultivation were to be legalized there would be regulations regarding water use, the use of toxic chemicals, and the preservation of land and wildlife.

Emotional Support Animals

McKenna Parfet, 06.05.2015 20:04

This article is about Emotional Support Animals and their services they provide to those in need.

Homelessness in Sonoma County

Yovana Felix, 06.05.2015 05:09

Homelessness in Sonoma County has increased over the past few years, its important to solve this issue that affects everyone.

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