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India: Murder of another rational voice against communalism and superstition (P.A.D.S. statement in condemnation of the killing of Prof MM Kalburgi)

PADS, 02.09.2015 07:26

Professor Kalburgi’s cold-blooded murder has caused widespread shock and dismay in the literary and intellectual circles of Karnataka. Many protests involving ordinary citizens have been held in Bangalore and Dharwad. At least one Hindutva Bajrang dal activist has publicly welcomed the assassination, warned another rationalist of Karnataka, Prof KS Bhagwan of the same fate.

Puerto Rico’s Religious Leaders Call for Debt Relief and End to Austerity

Andrew Hanauer, 01.09.2015 18:49

Puerto Rico’s religious leaders called for debt relief in the face of the $72 billion financial crisis burdening the Caribbean US territory. At a press conference in San Juan, leaders of the principle religious groups laid out six principles to resolve the crisis.

So, Chicken-Swinging Rabbis of the World...

Lindy Greene, 29.08.2015 18:18

The Orthodox Jewish tradition of Kaparos, in association with the High Holy Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), promises worshipers (for a fee, of course) that they can cast their sins onto chickens and thereby receive divine absolution. How do these chicken-swinging rabbis differ from Adolph Hitler?


C Guillon, 29.08.2015 15:42


« Il » avait déjà, objecteront les vrai(e)s croyant(e)s, « créé l’homme dans les plus admirables proportions[1] ». Cela dit, il aurait été bien bête de s’abstenir d’ajouter à son œuvre une amélioration aussi féconde. Georges Brassens notait justement que « la courbure des reins, ça c’est une trouvaille ! » Dans un registre (hélas) différent, l’« islamophobie » aussi…


Lindy Greene, 27.08.2015 19:53

What did that chicken the rabbi is swinging over his head and whose throat he's about to slit have to do with your sins? Talk directly to God, own up to your iniquities, and promise to do better. The commentary below comes from a fellow Jew. Shame on my people!

There we go! Keep it up! Ende Gelände!

Interventionist Left (iL), 26.08.2015 17:49

Ende Gelände the action against a german coal mine on the 15. August was a huge success for the climate movement. The Interventionist Left (IL) was part of it and we want to provisionally take stock of the campaign. We are looking forward to your feedback and hope in the future we will join forces in struggles against coal, climate change and capitalism.

Gustavo Abadie é preso por pedofilia.

V de Vingança, 19.08.2015 19:10

O direitista pedófilo Gustavo Abadie, que já estava respondendo um processo por racismo, foi condenado a 7 anos de prisão em regime semi-aberto pela distribuição de fotografias de crianças sendo molestadas. Como a decisão cabe recurso, ele responde em liberdade.

The Final Deal -What does it have for Iranian People?

Pejman Amiri, 19.08.2015 19:01

Iranian population is indifferent about the incidents inside Mullahs regime, including its nuclear deal with the west. As far as the regime of Ayatollahs remains in power Iranian people gain nothing but degrading their freedom and their economy.

Levantamiento Indígena y paro nacional en Ecuador.

Kinde, 17.08.2015 19:02

Marcha hacia Carondelet, Levantamiento Indígena y paro nacional Después de caminar aproximadamente 800 kilómetros la Marcha que salió de Tundaime en Zamora al Sur de Ecuador, los marchantes llegaron a Quito y con esto inicio el levantamiento indígena y el paro nacional.

Oscar Grant School Supply Give-Away

Emani Bey, 17.08.2015 14:10

Oscar Grant Foundations helps hundreds of Bay Area students with School Supplies


geral, 14.08.2015 15:15

sosbee vs fbi This nation and its people violate universal human & civil rights.

Behind the Klu Klux Klan

Ilene Proctor, 12.08.2015 21:31

Klansman Edgar Ray Killen Pens Confession Letters to Black Reverend James H Stern, accepted by National Museum of African American History & Culture at The Smithsonian

Physics and math and society

m concoyle, 12.08.2015 00:01

This is a small handbook for both science-and-math and religion (or perhaps better expressed as “the spirit”)
It describes a new (correct) realm of existence, which is composed of many dimensions, which are organized around sets of stable shapes, and where it identifies how life (as well as mental-system structures) fit-in to these patterns of many-dimensions (and of stable shapes), and it is the type of existence to which each person’s (own) life-force is best suited to be a part
Though it is a bit unfortunate (since so much of pop-culture is manipulated fraud [pointless (often beautifully hypnotic) expressions of meaningless autistic obsessions]), but
Perhaps the 60’s pop-song said it best: …, Break-on through…, Break-on through to the other-side..
…to the many-worlds that lap against our sides…
(as the ocean might lap against our sides)

For the rest of the pamphlet see: (Pamphlet, 67 p’s)

Syriza, Podemos, Left Front… May Capital’s Far Left Die!

CLASS WAR, 04.08.2015 14:53

“Communists supposed it… but Syriza surpassed their expectations…”

Contraofensivas y Resistencias, El Mapa Continental

Revista Insurrección ELN, 03.08.2015 19:45

LIBERACION O MUERTE Los recientes acontecimientos contra el gobierno de Bolivia, ratifican la puesta en marcha de una contraofensiva imperial en el continente, para reversar los procesos democráticos y revolucionarios, que han colocado la soberanía e independencia de nuestros pueblos, como base de una sociedad distinta a la capitalista.

The situation is going to be the last straw for the Iranian people

Pejman Amiri, 02.08.2015 13:40

Iran, uprising, protest, Iran Women “Right now, we have 5 million and 700 thousand students and graduates across the country who play no role in production and economic added value,” said the Deputy Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Welfare of the Iranian regime.

&quot;I'm So Done with the Psychopathology on This Planet&quot;

Lindy Greene, 02.08.2015 02:28

From perennial war; homicidal cops; and vivisection to big-game poaching, the psychopaths among us comprise supposedly only 1% of the population. Why won't the 99% who are not psychopathic do anything about them?

Prison Nurses evaluate the death of Sandra Bland

Paul Spector RN and friends, 01.08.2015 23:21

Sandra Bland died from torture techniques we recognize. With years of experience in Prisons and Psychiatric Hospitals, we see through the coverup. Most people have never studied sociopaths. To them Officer Encinias trafic stop looks almost normal. We recognize the planning, subterfuge and psychology he used against Sandra. We've seen this before, including the plastic bag murder trick and want Sandra's abusers brought to justice.


DOEM, 31.07.2015 17:37

Der holde Autor dieser Zeilen ... DAS VERBRECHEN DES 11. SEPTEMBER 2001 - BY ELIAS DAVIDSSON ...

appel de vintimille

no borders presidio, 30.07.2015 13:28

Nous avons besoin de monde, de matériel informatique, de codes wifi, d'antennes, de téléphones débloqués, de soutien financier, ….

Stopdewnit= Stop i woe

Kuango Seilah, 30.07.2015 12:55

Update /corrections to previous post

Cómo hacer para que un adicto cambie su forma de pensar

paola Martinez, 30.07.2015 01:50

Los familiares de una persona adicta ven con horror como el adicto pierde todo lo que es valioso. Las relaciones se destruyen porque la persona adicta roba y miente repetidamente. Es común que el cónyuge se vaya y se lleve a los niños por protección.


Christopher Doemges, 29.07.2015 13:26

Der holde Autor ... Dickes Ding in Dortmund.

Opinion: Sensibility and Immigration Policies

Kimberly Barbosa Soeiro, 28.07.2015 18:09

We should not abandon sensible immigration policies or throw our Constitution out the window.

La Paz del Pueblo

Revista Insurrección ELN, 27.07.2015 16:23

Liberacion o Muerte! La paz del ELN es la paz del pueblo

Governments and Big Pharma Ignore Evidence of Alzheimer Cause

Elena Cook, 23.07.2015 18:37

Recent ground-breaking research indicates that Borrelia, a type of bacteria, are a cause of Alzheimer's Disease. The US public health establishment, and that of other countries influenced by it, are refusing to accept this hard evidence. Meanwhile pharmaceutical giants waste millions developing drugs that don't work.

What would you do?

geral, 23.07.2015 16:10

sosbeevfbi See the story facing thousands of people and indirectly threatening millions of others and kindly ask "what would you do" if such atrocities were forced upon you or a family member.

Appello alla mobilitazione: continuiamo la campagna “No Expo - No Israele”

Fronte Palestina, 23.07.2015 13:46

Invitiamo tutti i solidali con la Resistenza Palestinese e i suoi prigionieri, gli antimperialisti, coloro che sono impegnati nell’appoggio alle resistenze dei popoli e le realtà di lotta contro Expo a costruire con noi la mobilitazione. Questo diventa un compito cui nessuno si dovrebbe sottrarre.

Alerta: ¿Que Son y Qué Hacen las Drogas Sintéticas?

Paola Martinez, 21.07.2015 14:39

Este año, el Informe Mundial sobre las Drogas de las Naciones Unidas nombró a una nueva categoría de drogas ilícitas a causa de la proliferación de nuevas sustancias de esta categoría. Lo llamaron nuevas sustancias psicotrópicas, o NSP. Estas son las nuevas drogas sintéticas que están arrasando el mercado, una tras otra.

Who is happy with this “deal”?

Keyvan Salami, 20.07.2015 15:50

In all these years of tense negotiations with Iran, many reporters have reflected the public worries towards the regime of Iran. However any time US officials were asked they said that the nature of negotiations was to contain the nuclear desires of the Ayatollahs regime and to make the world more peaceful. Now that the talks have concluded and a 159 page accord is issued it is unfortunate that nobody feels safer.


Carlos Lozano Guillén, 17.07.2015 14:09

Entrevista exclusiva para con el director de VOZ y dirigente del Partido Comunista Colombiano, Carlos A. Lozano Guillén, está a la libre disposición de los medios de comunicación, puede divulgarse y reproducirse con libertad siempre y cuando se respete el texto original

*Redacción Política

Don’t Trust the Ayatollah

Pejman Amiri, 16.07.2015 08:35

Iran Mullahs
The Iranian dissidents have frequently warned that the Ayatollahs ruling Iran cannot be trusted as an ally. For almost four decades this regime has been untruthful to the Iranian people and the world. Mullahs who call their system an “Islamic Republic” have quashed all the values and teachings of the prophet of Islam.

Food Stamp Cuts and Numbers U.S.A. 2015

John, 14.07.2015 22:11

47 million U.S.A. citizens qualify for yearly help. They must apply, and be screened for income and other variables.According to Huffington Post in May 2015 the national congress voted to cut the program for a 3rd time. Large areas of the country voted to withstand cuts but it passed by 3 votes out of nearly 486 in attendance. Single

India: Statement by People’s Alliance for Democracy and Secularism following CBI raid at Sabrang Communications and homes of editors and publishers

PADS, 14.07.2015 19:40

PADS strongly condemns the CBI (India's top investigation agency) raids of 14 July 2915 at the premises of social activists Teesta Setalvad, Javed Anand, Gulam Mohammed Peshimam and office of Sabrang Communications and Publishing in Mumbai.

Hope in a carrier bag

Heather EM Barrett, 14.07.2015 07:10

Following a twitter debate about what kind of people used food banks, I paid a visit to my own to see for myself what was being done and what was the face of poverty in modern day UK.

We Will Also Be Proud When Texan Senator Rodney Ellis Helps Take Down The Nazi Flag In Texas..

Hillary's Nature*, 10.07.2015 00:34

The most important legal issue facing innocent American's being persecuted in their own country by law enforcement being legally allowed since 1988 to destroy court evidence prior trial.The U.S. Supreme court case of Arizona vs Youngblood is causing the wrongfull execution of 20yr Texas death row inmate Hank Skinner.

'Home Invasion' slurs outside police station, Amsterdam

$#&amp;%$, 07.07.2015 11:10

Slurs addressing the recent home invasions, arrests and killing of a young man by police officers painted outside police station in West Amsterdam

trans farce

anon, 03.07.2015 15:18

vanity farce pls see image

La Guajira 50 años: Sin nada que celebrar

jose camargo, 02.07.2015 21:02

La Guajira se ve embelesada en la preparación de los eventos conmemorativos a los 50 años de vida administrativa. Este momento importante para la vida política del departamento se ve truncado por una crisis social, económica y política sin precedentes.

Digital India

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 02.07.2015 10:02

Digital India is the latest catch phrase. Simply it means that all Indians improve their quality of life with the help of digital technologies which includes smart phones, internet, computers etc. Although Indians have been revolutionising the global map with their hi-fi knowledge of digital medium, India has been lagging behind.

Greek Debate of July 5th's flowchart (In Greek Lang)

anonymous, 02.07.2015 06:52

Greek Debate of July 5th's flowchart (In Greek Lang)

There exist many alternatives within the idea of a descriptive truth

m concoyle, 29.06.2015 17:34

The social context, about which it is expressed, over the media, that there are no (rational) alternatives, in regard to “how things are (within society),” needs to be explained, so that one can see a social motivation, by the investor-class, for axiomatic formalization,
The, so called, intellectual-class is infused with a personality-cult type of adherence to authoritarian truths which, in turn, are associated to axiomatic formalization (of which there are no alternatives, as M Thatcher claimed, from her high-seat in the propaganda-institutions), which means that their thinking about creativity is quite similar to the thinking about creativity as done by the investor-class.
See: read book Treasures Hidden within the Empire

Bal des RépriméEs

leguen, 28.06.2015 12:03

Dansons contre la répression !

Saudi Documents Published by WikiLeaks Show Serious Tensions with Iran

Pejman Amiri, 28.06.2015 08:05

A trove of documents purportedly obtained from the kingdom’s foreign ministry and published by WikiLeaks show Saudi Arabia tried to stoke unrest in Iran and undermine its interests in the region. It is known that the late Saudi King Abdullah had in his talks with the US dubbed Iran as a snake whose head must be chopped off.


Dnang, 27.06.2015 17:19

Dnang--Dnang--Dnang--dnang----white craker for sure hostess like a twinkee

Foundation for a Drug-Free World and Tampa Police Department Tackle the Drug Problem

Paola Martinez, 25.06.2015 01:56

The Tampa Police Department and the Foundation for a Drug-Free World Florida are inviting all to a special presentation: Let’s Develop Our Lives, Our Communities, Our Identities Without Drugs the United Nations designated International Day Against Drug Abuse, June 26th at the Church of Scientology Tampa’s restored Ybor Square, 1300 E 8th Avenue. Speakers are Officer Gerald Lovett of the Tampa Police Department and Ms. Julieta Santagostino, Executive Director of the Foundation for a Drug Free World Florida. The event is from 11 am to 1 pm. A complimentary lunch will be served.

July 4, 1947 UFOs in Portland

Jefferson Kincaid, 23.06.2015 01:32

Come celebrate the anniversary of the July 4, 1947 UFOs flyovers in Portland and Vancouver on 07/04/15 from 12;00pm to 3:00pm. FREE
Location: Green Dragon Brew Pub/Bistro in the Barrel Room
928 S.E. 9th. Ave.
Portland,Oregon 97214

Currículos LOMCE o La memoria con esfuerzo entra.

CNT-SEIS, 22.06.2015 16:01

En la valoración global de la LOMCE ya exponíamos algunas valoraciones que se confirman con la publicación, la última semana de mayo de 2015, de los currículos y las órdenes que los ponen en marcha. Las consecuencias de esa puesta en marcha no son lo que se puede decir solamente académicas o estrictamente pedagógicas. Cumplir las recomendaciones de la OCDE no significa poner en marcha elementos que tengan que ver con mejorar los estándares de enseñanza-aprendizaje de los "ciudadanos", sino con planificar una estructura jerarquizada apropiada a las nuevas necesidades del encaje de los y las nuevas trabajadoras en un mundo laboral reformado con nuevos usos y mecanismos de precarización.

La locura del hombre normal

Gustavo Godoy, 19.06.2015 15:02

El individuo y la sociedad de masas

Grand Gathering of Iranians

Pejman Amiri, 17.06.2015 06:47

Grand Gathering of Iranians More than one hundred thousand of Iranians from around the world took part in a mobilization effort of a major gathering in Paris on June 13, on Saturday with the participation of president elect Maryam Rajavi.

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