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El gobierno argentino es plaza tomada por el poder económico local y extranjero

Roberto Valentes, 04.01.2016 21:08

Quieren hacer creer a la población argentina, que poner CEOS de grande empresas transnacionales en puestos públicos está muy bien. Por supuesto está de maravilla y bonanza, pero para los intereses del gran capital que representan. Pero está muy mal para la gran mayoría del pueblo argentino, que tarde o temprano pagará con su empobrecimiento el saqueo del país. La lógica de los 'expertos' CEOS es la de la rentabilidad, la ganancia por encima de los seres humanos. Después de todo, esta es la razón de existir de toda empresa, como es ahora Argentina S.A de Mauricio Macri. En el siguiente artículo se puede apreciar la magnitud y profundidad del 'cambio' macrista que pretende ser un cambio de época para la próxima década. Aunque siempre, este tipo de cambio terminan terriblemente mal.

reventar el espacio Indymedia Chile Sur

Red Latina sin fronteras, 01.01.2016 12:30

Ojo al piojo!! Defender los espacios! han decidido reventar el espacio Indymedia Chile Sur y no lo impiden??

Todas las Personas Tienen Derecho a sus Derechos Humanos

Paola, 29.12.2015 16:35

50 o más alumnos, vestidos con camisetas de vivos azules, reunidos cerca de la histórica escalera de hierro forjado ubicada en una fábrica de tabacos en el centro de Tampa, en Ybor City. Los niños fueron parte de un grupo de 200 integrantes que aportaron a la celebración de los derechos humanos.

India's River Teesta Claims The Lives of 3 Children

ZOEDUNE, 29.12.2015 10:06

Teesta / Tista River Image by Shankar Online via Flickr is under a CC 2.0 After reading the public notice put up by NHPC Limited, it makes me wonder about the distance people are willing to put between themselves and lives lost? Are they even trying to work things out with the family? Have they at least given them their condolences? These are three children, no doubt very happy siblings who are no more.

Unionize Accenture

Andrew Bushard, 27.12.2015 17:54

a short letter encouraging the unionization of Accenture


Plataforma Diecinueve/85 Memoria radical. Memoria viva, 27.12.2015 00:11

Distintos grupos de comuneros se dispersaron en un área de 2000 hectáreas y, de manera organizada, iniciaron desde horas de la mañana la quema de los cultivos de caña de azúcar dedicados a la producción de agrocombustibles. Con ello se le ha dado un mensaje claro a la clase terrateniente del Norte del Cauca, estas tierras son indígenas y el movimiento no las abandonara, sin importar el tiempo y los costos del proceso de liberación.


narodnaya_samooborona, 23.12.2015 20:21

solidarity with russian anarchists

Esperanza para la Democracia invita a Tampa Activistas de los Derechos Humanos

Paola, 23.12.2015 15:03

Esperanza para la Democracia invita a Tampa Activistas de los Derechos Humanos

Unidos por los Derechos Humanos, dio la bienvenida a una delegación de activistas en Tampa, en conmemoración del 67 aniversario de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos.

Unmasking the “Accept What Is” New Age mind virus

Morpheus, 23.12.2015 09:29

This article is about the significance of new fake spiritual movements and sets of ideologies that have been developed and spread by the Cabal in the last few decades. Such new “spiritual” doctrines contain dangerous disempowering concepts that get implanted into the minds of the victims like ideological Trojan horses. One such NewAge mind virus is described and analyzed in detail in a linked article.

Petition - Obama: Fire DEA Head Chuck Rosenberg for Calling Medical Marijuana a &quot;Joke.&quot;

Hannah, 23.12.2015 00:44

This is a petition to fire head of DEA, Chuck Rosenberg for calling medical marijuana a "joke."

Animal Liberation Movement Promises to #SwarmNewYork This January!

No New Animal Lab &amp; NYC Animal Defense League, 22.12.2015 21:25

On January 15th-17th we will #StormSkanska: Swarm New York. Mark you calendars and clear your weekend. Be there and be a part of the critical mass. Converge in the hundreds on their home turf and shut them down.

Asystasie libertaire

Patrice Faubert, 22.12.2015 06:59

Le terrorisme de la guerre, la guerre de terrorisme...


sky noral wright, 21.12.2015 09:38

piece by call

The Empire and its thought

m concoyle, 20.12.2015 02:40

The only expressions allowed in the communication channels of the empire are the narrow dogmatic authoritarian ideas, the, so called, proven truths, which the, so called, experts follow, but these are truths in regard to which the public must be protected from any falsehoods
The “CIA manual for Citizen Provocateurs…” outlines the process of dominating communication channels, so as to oppose the unwanted alternative ideas, where the main idea is to shout-down and exclude any other ideas, and to make sure the truths of the experts are protected from encroaching alternative ideas.
The Empire’s violent paternalism is associated to property rights and minority rule, and its, “subsequently, determined to be,” “superior and virtuous authority” defines the social hierarchy, and the submission to this authority also determines who has access to the communications instruments which are funded,
It is the bricks of technical knowledge which the solders of the Empire use to build the infrastructure upon which the Empire is upheld, and these bricks are defined by science (physics) and math, which focus on either chaos or the technical control of 19th century classical physics (with which the bricks are built), The intellectual structures of science and math places technical control in a context in which the classical-control is bounded by chaos,
yet there are a very large number of many-(but-few)-component spectral-orbital systems which are very stable, where stability means (that in the correct descriptive context) they are controllable, but in the Empire they are relegated to chaos, ie “they are too-complicated to describe, based on the, so called, laws and context of physics”
But material and the spirit must be kept divided as ideas
(this is, errantly, proclaimed to be what Copernicus did, ie separate material from the spirit, but the idea of materialism, as expressed in the science of the Empire, still cannot describe the structure of the stable many-(but-few)-component orbital system which Copernicus described **)
Marx and Capitalism both describe the same elitist, collectivist, materialistic, hierarchical model of society, and the Judeo-Christian-Islam religions are very tightly related (as depicting propaganda for social hierarchies), ie the incessant war is all about internal squabbles within the western culture,
that is, the superior, virtuous few of the west are seeing all their problems as being caused by the multitudes, who, in turn, are trapped (in the western culture) by the social conditions, put in place by the ruling-few, which do not allow any alternative ideas

Portait of an Irish Republican

Michael Steinberg, 19.12.2015 01:02

The author's report of a visit to the North of Ireland in 1985, on the 30th anniversary of this event.

Bob Dylan 's Stealing of James Damiano 's Songs

Nick Corbit, 18.12.2015 18:54

In a last nail in the coffin scenario James Damiano's movie "Eleven Years" draws the straw that breaks the camels back, rivets Bob Dylan to his secret past of plagiarism and rewrites musical history

Should the Irish 1916 Rising Be Celebrated By The Working Class

Paddy Hackett, 18.12.2015 18:38

The hullabaloo over the commeroration of the 1916 Rising is merely another device intended to perpetuate the deception of the southern Irish working class. It forms a part of the overall ideological paradigm under which southern Irish workers are to be oppressed and divided from much of the working class in the North.

Should the Irish 1916 Rising Be Celebrated By The Working Class

Paddy Hackett, 18.12.2015 18:37

The hullabaloo over the commeroration of the 1916 Rising is merely another device intended to perpetuate the deception of the southern Irish working class. It forms a part of the overall ideological paradigm under which southern Irish workers are to be oppressed and divided from much of the working class in the North.

Greece detains mainly Moroccans without any legal base

REN, 18.12.2015 15:17

Moroccans in Athens are being betrayed and detained by the Greek authorities despite of their valid 30-days residence permit - a witness report

A Nurturing Society vs. Socialism

William John Cox, 18.12.2015 13:52

If the title of this article began with "socialism," many readers would click past without reading it—even though a majority of Americans want a government that nurtures their families and society. Largely because of the Cold War against communism and the rhetoric it engendered, the word socialism has taken on a negative meaning in the minds of most Americans. So, how does one define what the voters of the United States really want from their government?

Hope for Democracy Brings Human Rights Activists to Tampa

Paola, 17.12.2015 16:10

United for Human Rights, a non-profit organization that assists educators, organizations and governmental bodies to implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, welcomed a delegation of activists to Tampa in commemoration of the 67th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 2015.

Let us all be friends

Diva, 16.12.2015 23:47

This is about the current state of political correctness, and inclusive language/actions in our society. Let us stop being offended,and start working together to make a more cohesive society.

Sonoma County Student Against Building over Greenbelt

Chandra Van Winkle, 16.12.2015 19:53

Sonoma County wants to build affordable housing tract homes over our rural areas that divide the different cities in our county, I say why this is a bad idea, and offer alternatives.

President Obama says parts of climate deal must be legally binding

Nancy Benac &amp; Sylvie Corbet, 16.12.2015 08:44

Parts of the global climate agreement that are being debated in Paris should be legally binding, and this is heavily supported by president Obama. His declaration was both a boost to climate negotiators seeking a tough accord and a challenge to Republican senators, many of whom don't believe that global warming is real.

Ethnic Studies as a High School Graduation Requirement

Alexandria Lambirth, 16.12.2015 08:35

A brief discussion of the effects of implementing an Ethnic Studies class as a high school graduation requirement.

Gene-Altered Salmon

Summer Mayne, 16.12.2015 05:28

This is a Letter to the Editor in response to an article from the Press Democrat that discusses the FDA's recent approval of gene-altered salmon as an alternative to the over fishing epidemic we currently face.

What Is Colorblind racism?

Izzy, 15.12.2015 06:29

This article states an opinion about the meaning towards colorblind racism.

Refugees, Not Terrorists

Anonymous, 15.12.2015 06:06

The U.S. is quickly forgetting the foundations on which we built this nation: liberty, freedom, and justice for all. Syrian and Iraqi refugees are in need of taking shelter in our country as they are trying to escape from the exact type of people we accuse them of being. Terrorism is not confined to a race or religion and we need to begin recognizing that.

Intertwined Crises in Iran

Ramin Jalali, 14.12.2015 10:58

Iran’s nuclear dossier the very critical issue currently on the table for Tehran is the Syria dossier and regime’s status in the entire region; to be more clear, the fate of Bashar Assad as the man who the mullahs’ invested in strategically.

Documentary Film Screening in Alameda

Shallow Waters: The Public Death of Raymond Zack, 13.12.2015 23:07

It’s Memorial Day. A man wades into the waters off Alameda’s Crown Beach and stands there. His mother calls 9-1-1 for help. Public safety personnel stand on the beach and watch, and wait. Succumbing to hypothermia, the man loses consciousness within an hour. His body is left to drift back to shore, untouched, for twenty-two minutes.

What would you have done?

Paraphysique de l'effet spectateur

Patrice Faubert, 13.12.2015 14:13

Spectateur de la vie, la vie du spectateur...

Human Trafficking in Our Backyard

Alex Siojo, 13.12.2015 07:14

When people talk about of human-trafficking, they view it as problem affecting only the third-world countries. But it is also prevalent in western countries, especially the United States.

Human Trafficking in Our Backyard

Alex Siojo, 13.12.2015 06:48

When people talk about of human-trafficking, they view it as problem affecting only the third-world countries. But it is also prevalent in western countries, especially the United States.

Russia rasism

Maleta, 12.12.2015 20:13

Россия расизм псевдокоммунизм дискриминация
Rasism Russie, diskriminacia Russie psevdokommunizm
Russia rasizm psevdokommunizm diskriminacia
Россия расизм и дискриминация psevdokommunizm

Moron Cleanup for the Revolution

Not A Newbie Anonymous, 12.12.2015 17:25

The Diego Garcia Triangle of Cyber Peace and Cyber War

The “World Beyond War” Movement — It’s the Real Deal

Roger Kotila, Ph.D., 11.12.2015 16:20

The organization known as World Beyond War describes itself as a global nonviolent movement to end war. According to its leaders, we now have available “revolutionary new knowledge and methods of nonviolent conflict management” that, if activated, “can end war.” World federalists may discover an ambivalence among WBW activists as to whether or not a world beyond war can be achieved without establishing a democratic world federal union government

Ou o Brasil acaba com Brasília ou Brasília acaba com o Brasil

vera vassouras, 11.12.2015 11:19

A democracia é a armadilha sob a qual se escondem as monarquias legais e, portanto, imaginárias. É imposição e impostura. Esse conceito é feminino e, sendo feminino, servil por sua natureza (assim determinam os democratas). Esta é a regra do jogo.

Anonymous derruba e invade sites ligados à corrupção em Santa Catarina

Anonymous Brasil, 10.12.2015 20:35

Site da corruptora Única Consultores hackeado Operação Estradão: Anonymous invade e derruba sites ligados ao maior esquema de corrupção de Santa Catarina existente no Departamento Estadual de Infraestrutura (DEINFRA)

Save Water Drink Wine

Jessica L Ortiz, 09.12.2015 20:27

This article is about the wine industry.

HIV-Negative AIDS: Is it CFS, ME, GWS or AIDS?

lemonfoundation, 09.12.2015 01:51

HIV-Negative AIDS? Allied NATO Government is hiding millions of infectious NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine) under the "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)" ICD-code.

Abécédaire du fascisme restreint et général

Patrice Faubert, 08.12.2015 06:48

La consommation du fascisme, fascisme de la consommation...

Sonoma County's Water Problem

Nancy Torres, 08.12.2015 01:01

This article discusses where Sonoma County receives its water from and how unreliable this source may or may not be.

Gender Equality Needed Worldwide

Scott Wertheimer, 08.12.2015 00:47

This article discusses the inequality that women face in developing nations and mentions an extreme case of this in Mali.

The FDA is not credible

Summer Mayne, 08.12.2015 00:36

The Press Democrat recently posted an article titled "Gene-altered salmon is one solution to overfishing" which discusses the FDA's approval of Gene-altered salmon for human consumption and does not require these companies to label the fish as gene-altered, thereby making customers believe it is normal salmon. The author of this article criticizes those who oppose the FDA's approval; this is my letter to the editor.

Human Trafficking in Sonoma County

Mandy Schloss, 07.12.2015 22:52

Human trafficking is a highly underreported crime that has recently become a huge issue in Sonoma County. Human Trafficking is defined as the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. This modern-day form of slavery has become a prevalent issue in Sonoma County. Traffickers recruit at locations that commonly attract youth such as schools, malls, parks, group homes, etc. In Sonoma County, motels are also a hot spot for prostitution and trafficking. Because human trafficking is such a mysterious and secretive crime in which victims are usually cut off from the outside world, it often goes unreported and the traffickers tend to get away with it. Large sting operations have been used to take down traffickers and have been successful.

According to the Rohnert Park Police Department, pimps are much harder to catch so the focus is to put an end to prostitution which, in turn, will lead to less trafficking. Young women are being brainwashed into using their bodies to make money for their pimps and there is not enough effort being put into ending this form of slavery.

Human Trafficking Epidemic in Sonoma County

Nick Knepper, 07.12.2015 03:25

Human trafficking is a crime that is largely underreported and it is becoming more widespread in Sonoma County. Law enforcement is just starting to take the necessary steps to fight all of the Northern California traffickers.

[Br/PT]: Jornal de Apoio às Ocupações em SP!!!

Comitê de apoio às ocupações -SP, 06.12.2015 21:27

Material de divulgação Jornal feito por estudantes participando das ocupações escolares em São Paulo (Brasil). O jornal teve forte repercussão em algumas escolas ocupadas,especialmente quando propõe independência de partidos, sindicatos, ONGs e organizações que se dizem "estudantis".

Paraphysique du scientisme

Patrice Faubert, 06.12.2015 13:25

Le principal déterminant étant le capital, tout s'y déverse...

Syria: Fire has already started

Ramin Jalali, 06.12.2015 07:24

The downed Russian jet fighter The incidents in Paris and the terrorists murdering innocent people showed that on the contrary to what had been said about the final nuclear deal western cities were not safe.

Linksunten Indymedia block IPs of Users

Zeiti, 06.12.2015 00:23

Since long years someone at indymedia germany is blocking and deleting me personal doesnt matter what I write or how close I am to the rules of indymedia. This went forward to linksunten indymedia. there also every opposite persons got deleted and mobbed away. When I was getting angry because this the moderation team send me a email with the information that I am not welcome anymore on linksunten. But this is also years ago. I was excusing my self and I am using linksunten in a normal respectfull way. I get deleted and ereased out. Even inside the german chat (Linksunten and Indymedia Germany are now together), I get kicked out immently if someone recocnize that its me. without that there was ever any court about my person or inside the scene any chance to rehabilitate my person or tell me whats going on against me. Together with the sexism blames against my person inside the autonom scene and the kick outs of rigaer94, bethanien, koepi, brunnenstrasse and Bumzen, I get attacked without any chance to defend my self. So it seems linksunten found now a way to block my person complete. With blocking my IP on the server.

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