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Government Inspecting Texas Web-hosting Company’s Computers - More on Indy &amp; the FBI

AP, 11.10.2004 22:54


: Cortes de calle en Montevideo (Uruguay) ante la inauguración de las obras del Cerro Free Port.

acratas, 11.10.2004 22:20


Unleash Your Creativity and Think your way out of the box

Melissa Jones, 11.10.2004 22:16

Cover of Hugh Templeton's creativity-boosting watercolour guide Creativity is a requirement in practically every human enterprise, yet nurturing it and helping it develop is surprisingly difficult. A new book on learning to paint watercolours may have the answer.

Preventive Warriors - new film about US neo-con security strategy

Two professors, 11.10.2004 22:03

"Preventive Warriors."

The film examines a bold new foreign policy paper introduced by the
White House in September 2002 entitled: "The National Security
Strategy of the United States."

Debates' Avoidance of Global Warming Threat and Poverty Stinks to High Heaven

Michael T. Neuman, 11.10.2004 21:21

The presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates managed to escape two of the most distressing problems for America and the world in the three televised debates the corporation controlled "Commission on Presidential Debates" has commandered for them thus far: poverty and global warming.


Swift Vote Veteran for the Truth, 11.10.2004 21:10

Third debate moderator has Bush conflict of interest

the third men in the US elections

alfredo bremont, 11.10.2004 20:56

presidential debate and the media.


Doc. KANCHA, 11.10.2004 20:22

Maoism and opposition in Nepal
Maoisle et opposition au Népal

Homeland Security Act

Homeland Security, 11.10.2004 20:13

The FBI issued an order to Rackspace in the US (Indymedia's provider with offices in the US and London) to physically remove one of our servers. The order was so short term that Rackspace had to give away our hard drives in the UK.

activists vist home of NCC CEO jon nix

students for a clean enviroment, 11.10.2004 19:45

Around a dozen activists from the kingsport Tn student group, Students for a Clean Enviroment held a peaceful candle light vigil out side the West Knoxville home of Jon and Jeanne Nix, the Ceo and Secretary Treasurer, of National Coal Corporation. NCC is currently trying to by the rights to the Zeb Mountain Mountain top removal project.

BBC Used to own a cocaine plantation in Columbia.

Feldor, 11.10.2004 19:30

In the 80's the BBC owned a cocaine plantation in Colombia.

‘More Intimidation Than Crime-Busting’ Says IFJ As Police Target Independent Media Network

The International Federation of Journalists, 11.10.2004 19:24

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the global organisation representing over 500,000 journalists worldwide, today called for an investigation into the action by police in Britain in co-operation with other agencies that led to the temporary closure of 21 of the more than 140 Indymedia web sites worldwide.

Young Voters - New 527 to increase turnout

Compare Decide Vote, 11.10.2004 18:59

If Kerry wins, it will be because young voters decided to vote this year. To engage young voters around the issues, Compare | Decide | Vote has created great new ads that will run where political ads are not seen -- TV programming with a young audience.

The Real Reasons Why Iran is the Next Target

W. Clark, 11.10.2004 18:37

(Upcoming book available spring 2005) The Iranians are about to commit an offense far greater than Saddam's conversion to the euro for his oil exports back in the fall of 2000. In March 2005 Iran is going to start competing with New York's NYMEX and London's IPE with respect to international oil trades - using a euro-based international oil-trading mechanism. Numerous articles have revealed Pentagon planning for operations against Iran in 2005. The publicly stated reasons will be over Iran's nuclear ambitions, but the following unspoken macroeconomic issues reveal the Real Reasons regarding the 2nd stage of petrodollar warfare - Iran's upcoming Bourse.

FBI seize Indymedia Severs

Darlo 70, 11.10.2004 18:32

Is it happening again or is the mainstream REALLY that slow

New documentary on Democracy Now: Preventive Warriors

Satuka, 11.10.2004 18:25

Today, Democracy Now brings a new documentary, “Preventive Warriors.” The film examines a bold new foreign policy paper introduced by the White House in September 2002 entitled: “The National Security Strategy of the United States.” I think it should be broadcasted worldwide

911 Pentagon strike analysis

., 11.10.2004 18:19

A flash presentation of the pentagon strike.

Canadian aboriginals take weeklong action

Unceded Coast Salish Territory, 11.10.2004 17:41

Aboriginals to occupy churches and government offices across Canada to recover remains of their people during the week of Columbus protest

America Under Siege!

Patrick Johnston, 11.10.2004 17:12

The American people and their children on the home front are being attacked, just as those of our family members in the armed forces, who have been misled and lied to and sent astray into harms way in so many foreign lands, to fight any number of the asinine, inane and nefarious politically motivated and instigated wars and conflicts that serve nothing more than to protect and further the agendas of those seeking greater control, greed, power and wealth.

Día de Acción Global en apoyo a la Revolución Bolivariana y las Rebeliones Pachamericanas.

Pachamerica, 11.10.2004 16:17

¡Juicio Popular a Cristobal Colón por Genocidio!

Will We Get a Refund? (a consumer complaint)

Caretaker, Lava Zone, 11.10.2004 14:48

If we paid for promised service and tech support, are our funders due a refund?

Die Kamikaze-Legende

Stefan Höhle, 11.10.2004 14:36

Einige mussten notwassern, ein paar retteten sich nach dem Abschuss – die Erzählungen der wenigen überlebenden Kamikazepiloten sind erst sehr spät bekannt geworden. Sie brachten einen der größten Mythen des Zweiten Weltkriegs zum Einsturz.

The campaign against the criminalisation of homeless people

National Coalition for the Homeless, 11.10.2004 14:23

Homelessness or economic status is increasingly likely to be a cause of incarceration, as local jurisdictions adopt ordinances that criminalize common activities such as sleeping, sitting on a sidewalk, standing, or begging in public spaces. People without homes frequently face arrest for public "nuisance" crimes such as public urination, indecency and intoxication.

Steun voor indymedia

Farshad Bashir, 11.10.2004 14:04

Vrije meningsuiting is zuurstof voor democratie!
Via de media hebben we vernomen dat de Ahimsa server van Indymedia in
beslag genomen is door de Amerikaanse politiedienst FBI op verzoek van de
Italiaanse en Zwitserse autoriteiten. De server was in Londen.

PARTEI des OSTENS hat sich gegründet

egmonte, 11.10.2004 12:23

Signum der P-OST Die P-OST, die Partei für Ruhe, Frieden und Glückseligkeit im Osten, hat sich am 23. September 2004 gegründet. Die P-OST will Ruhe, Frieden und Glückseligkeit für alle Menschen, vor allem für alle Menschen in den fünf ostdeutschen Bundesländern.

My comment on the BBC Iraq-article of Sebastian Usher dd 8-10

Astrid Essed, 11.10.2004 11:37

In his article Usher accuses the Arab newsmedia wrongfully of a lack of humanity concerning Western hostages, while he himself shows an obvious lack of humanity regarding Iraqi and Palestinian civilian-victims.

Downing st blocked

inanna, 11.10.2004 10:48

London, 11.45: Tony Blair was today forced to exit from the back of Downing St on his way to Parliament, as the front had been blockaded by members of Ploughshares protesting at the global proliferation of nuclear weapons. 11/10/04

Submarine locked on at Downing Street

no body in particular, 11.10.2004 10:12

20 dudes from the Theatre of War group have locked themselves onto the gates of Downing Street (11.00am monday gmt). not quite sure why but sure they have a reason. if you wanna/can, get down there innit!!!!!

Urgent Appeal : 5 Tamil Fisher folks are jailed in Mannar in Srilanka

Manitham - Promoting Human Rights, Protecting Environment, 11.10.2004 10:09

5 Fisher folks are at risk of being jailed in Mannar in Srilanka, following a decision by the Mannar lower court. Alongwith them, 5 mechanised boats were also seized by the Sri Lankan Navy.Above 5 men alongwith 15 others reported fishing near Katchatheevu, an island, which is in Sri Lankan territory. The Sri Lankan Navy detained and arrested 5 persons alongwith their above said 5 boats on 04-10-2004 at around 1.45 pm and handed over to police station on 06-10-2004 at 10.00 am.

The Truth Will Set Us Free

Hand and Hand For A Healthier Land, A.L. Beau, 11.10.2004 06:32

Our Humen Right's and the right's of our innocent and blameless one's, our children. Our court's, Judge's, Attorney's, and some organization's, seem to have bypasses some cases, and the fact's have not seemed to have been important, or for that matter even known, and after the past 4 year's of research, I feel it to be my civil duty to let all person's know what past history has been twisted, and fraudulent, making it a tort.

((i)) Não nos silenciarão!!

Voluntári@s CMI Goiânia - Brasil, 11.10.2004 05:53

Não nos silenciarão!! ((i)) Resistência global contra a repressão globalizada.

Press Release

Ida Joiner, 11.10.2004 05:19

Vocalist Olga Watkins Pittsburgh's Singing Chef and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation team up to "Uncork a Cure"

'Over 87 pc Pakistanis want Musharraf to Stay in Uniform'

Altaf Hamid Rao - 'Pakistan Times' Kashmir Bureau Chief, 11.10.2004 05:01

President Gen Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan (official photo/ An independent poll by 'Pakistan Times' reveals, over 87 percent Pakistani people want President Gen Pervez Musharraf to Stay as Army Chief.

gangstalking, torture, etc.

a bunny, 11.10.2004 02:17

THere are many people with sites which are saying basically the saem thing. DO you know about them?


RSD, 11.10.2004 00:42

“Who controls the minds of people, controls the world.”

Joyce Riley: …How pervasive is mind control in our daily lives, whether it be in Sweden or in the United States?

Dr. Rauni Kilde: It's extremely pervasive. But people don't know about it because people are implanted with microchips without their knowledge. This can be simply done even with a handshake...


Larry S. Rolirad, 10.10.2004 23:52

The new republican Preamble to the US Constitution

is it Iraq or Palestine?

photo hack, 10.10.2004 21:47

Can you guess which country pics is from?

Monster Cable Strong-Arms to takeover domain

Cathy West, 10.10.2004 21:45

We need support to save our business from Monster Cable's corporate death grip. sells vintage clothing and Monster Cable wants us to pay a percentage of our gross income to use the word "Monster" and sign a license that will tell us what we can sell. In the mean time, they are trying to TAKEOVER our domain name in the courts with fruadulent signtures. Please read our story and email Monster Cable to protest their products and actions.

Follow this link for a look at an IED attack in Iraq

Joe, 10.10.2004 21:19

iraqi resistance video (humvee bloeing up)
by Guest on 10.10.2004 [18:39 ]

U.S. troops need to get the hell out of Iraq. Don't let your loved one go. Joe

Bush waives wildlife protection law

Washington Post, 10.10.2004 21:16

Bush says to hell with counting the wildlife, just plow 'em...

David Cobb and Michael Badnarik Arrested

David Baake, 10.10.2004 20:44

David Cobb amidst cops, courtesy of The Green presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian nominee Michael Badnarik were arrested on Friday attempting to participate in the 2nd Presidential Debate that took place in St. Louis. The men passed through the police barricade that was intended to enclose demonstrators, keeping them away from the scene of the debate and ensuring that their message was heard by as few people as possible. They intended to participate in the debate, claiming that it was illegal for a debate funded by public money to place restrictions on who could join in the discussion of issues facing the country.

Is Samarra really &quot;pacified?&quot;

Clyde Hanes, 10.10.2004 20:43

Fighting continues in Defiant Samarra’ as Americans prevent locals from burying their dead.

"Although US forces were crowing about having subdued the Iraqi city of Samarra’, bodies of civilians killed by US gunfire continued to lie in the streets, according to local residents. American snipers and US aircraft regularly fire at anything that moves in the streets, preventing the locals from gathering and burying their dead. One man reported seeing a dog eating the body of a woman shot dead by American gunfire." Reposted from Clyde

Some interesting reports from Iraq

Sara, 10.10.2004 20:38

Now here are some interesting reports from Iraq you will not see on the nightly news. Enjoy and please share with your friends and others. Sara

Is Your Money Where Your Heart Is?

Paul Hawken, 10.10.2004 20:36

With the advent of 401(k)s, the masses got into investing and they brought their values with them. When the market responded with socially responsible investment, millions of Americans bought into it. Paul Hawken says what they bought was not what they expected, unless you think Pepsi recycles, GM is struggling with climate change, and Wal-Mart stands for living wages.

Manifestación en favor de los derechos de los Inmigrantes. 12-10-04

SOV - CGT Plasencia y Comarca, 10.10.2004 20:32


12,00 h. Plaza de las Minas
C/ Antonio Concha
Plaza del Ayuntamiento
17,00 h. Charla – coloquio:

Remains of 9/11 victims 'to spend eternity' in city rubbish dump

By Charles Laurence in New York (Filed: 10/10/2004), 10.10.2004 20:27

The remains of hundreds of victims of the September 11 attacks are to be permanently buried in the world's largest rubbish dump, to the consternation of their grieving relatives.

Today's war report from

jamie, 10.10.2004 19:57

"Official" death count for U.S. troops now stands at 1071. Details follow:

El Libertario de Venezuela: 9 años y 40 números

Redacción del periódico El Libertario, 10.10.2004 19:35

* En nombre de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) de Venezuela, es grato anunciar la próxima salida (a comienzos de noviembre) del # 40 de nuestro vocero El Libertario, edición que además marca el noveno año de vida de la CRA y de este periódico.

Die Buchmesse 2005 in Frankfurt a.M. - ein Flop?

Adrian Leverkühn, 10.10.2004 18:02

Hier wird das Ereignis der Frankfurter Buchmesse ("weltgrößte") zusammengefaßt. Zusätzlich ist der Artikel gespickt mit eigenen Impressionen und Meinungen; abschließend folgen die Termine der Buchmesse bis incl. 2007.

The Prayer of The Invader

walrus, 10.10.2004 17:05


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