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Moral Clarity

Rick Freedman, 13.10.2004 03:13

On the 43nd anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, what can that brush with nuclear war teach us about the rush to war in Iraq? Compare the Bush cabal's unplanned and dishonest leap to violence with the deeply moral and legal deliberations that led to a non-violent end to a real, as opposed to a trumped-up, imminent threat.

Is the draft really dead, 13.10.2004 02:19

Can either candidate guarentee they won't have a draft?

Call for Boycott of Rackspace

reader, 13.10.2004 01:31

Some netizens are calling for a boycott of San Antonio, USA-based

Pachamerika Acciones

katrina, 13.10.2004 01:27

Group of venezuelans and internationals topple statue of Columbus in Plaza Venzeula in Caracas for El Dia de Resistencia Indigena and the Pachamerikan global day of action against neoliberalism and imperialism. Resulted in 3 to 10 arrests. Statue to be replaced. Urgent resistance is needed! radio interview on ahimsa seizure posted by x, 12.10.2004 23:35

didn´t get the first few sentences, but the interview is there.

The Elephant in the Room of Empire: Israel as Sideshow

BILL and KATHLEEN CHRISTISON, 12.10.2004 23:29

The campaign rhetoric of Bush and Kerry snores on, and neither the candidates nor the media moderators of their so-called debates have once raised the issue of justice for the Palestinians. The sideshow recedes ever farther from the minds of Americans, even as the likelihood mounts of an international explosion arising from this issue.

Kerry Is Jesus

Vladimir, 12.10.2004 22:29

Sorry, I forgot. You lefties aren't religious.

Free Speech Radio: European Indymedia Under Attack From FBI

Naomi Fowler, posted by X, 12.10.2004 22:20

mp3(2:07)of feature, edited from the full length newscast at

Let's get the news out

jamie, 12.10.2004 21:21

Dear friends

These reports on the escalating war in Iraq should be read by all Americans. Please share them as far and as wide as you can. jamie


New Yorker writer Seymour Hersh blast Bush over Iraqi war

The Associated Press
BERKELEY, Calif. -- Europe is set to become a collective violent block against the United States, if the war against Iraq continues, investigative reporter and New Yorker writer Seymour M. Hersh said at a talk Friday night at the University of California, Berkeley

More heads roll

Sara, 12.10.2004 21:02

USA using old tactic.
by Wondering. Guest on 12.10.2004 [18:11 ]

US is using the old tactics of divide and rule. They are all they can to create rift between Shi'ites and Sunnis so they don't orgainze a joint resistance efforts against the illegal criminal occupation.

I believe Iraqis are intelligent enough to know this.

Latest &quot;Iraqi resistance report&quot;

Reposted by jamie from, 12.10.2004 20:55

This is some interesting stuff. If only half of it is true, the USA is in really bad shape in Iraq. And they want to take on Iran now? jamie

The Resort to Force

Noam Chomsky (with an intro by Tom Engelhardt of, 12.10.2004 20:25

Tomgram: Noam Chomsky on the Bush administration and force
read it with links at:

War site reports on assault on indymedia

Sara, 12.10.2004 20:22

The attack on Indymedia
By: Global Indymedia via Sascha Meinrath on: 12.10.2004 [19:39 ] (26 reads)
At least four countries (Switzerland, Italy, U.K. and U.S.A.) are involved in last week's seizure of two of Indymedia's servers that brought down more than 20 of the Indymedia network's web sites.

Note dialoge at bottom of this post.
International journalist associations have come forward in support of Indymedia. "We have witnessed an intolerable and intrusive international police operation against a network specialising in independent journalism," said Aidan White, General Secretary for the International Federation of Journalists.


sonar, 12.10.2004 20:07

Το συγκεκριμένο άρθρο σχολιάζει τα άσχημα γεγονότα που συνέβησαν το μήνα Σεπτέμβριο 2004 στην Ελλάδα.

Medical Billing &amp; Medical Coding Industry News

Doctor, 12.10.2004 19:51

Outsource Management Group has unveiled the new Medical Billing & Medical Coding Industry News magazine.


Milos Rancic, 12.10.2004 18:44

Anarchopedia, itself makes claims about Anarchopedia, i.e. what it "is" or "is for": * An encyclopedia of anarchism * Anarchists' encyclopedia * An experiment in anarchist large public wiki management. One of places on the Earth where anarchists can learn how to make anarchy.

New Medical Billing Diagnosis Codes Effective 10/1/2004

Melissa Clark, 12.10.2004 18:37

thoughts and information regarding the billing diagnosis code updates.

Sinclair Media Showing Facist Face

Lotus Fan, 12.10.2004 18:31

Using media to influence voters - no way!


Centre For Coopertative Research, 12.10.2004 17:38

One of the men who penned the PNAC Blueprint, "Rebuilding America's Defenses" (, which calls for military might against the Middle East, as its proponents are Zionists, and loathe all Arabs. These are the Fascists and War Criminals who control "al CIAeda", and have hijacked the once-beautiful dream that was "America", for their own personal, racist, ideological gain.

Cops used overkill on protesters

NY NewsDay, 12.10.2004 17:31

This is why, EVERY TIME this happens, Class-Action suits MUST be filed against the offending police departments and the mayoral offices which give them their orders. If they are going to consistently violate the law, in order to keep Dissent from reaching the living rooms of Americans, they risk what small amount of legitimacy they have left, and are guilty of LYING to the American People.

Avnery: Don't Believe A Word

Uri Avnery, 12.10.2004 17:24

Just how many malicious LIES can one person tell, and be caught telling, before the media, and the politicians who have the power to do something, stop treating them as a credible source? Israel, under the Zionist Extremists, has used Deception as a main tool in a decades-long Program of Genocide, yet they get away with it.

Zionists/US Fascists To Hit Iran Before Nov. Elections?

TBR News, 12.10.2004 17:18

If you've read the Blueprint of these Madmen, "Rebuilding America's Defenses" (, and considered what these men have done throughout their Criminal pasts, there is absolutely no reason to doubt this.


Federico Iglesias, 12.10.2004 17:12

Poema en rechazo a los festejos por el 12 de octubre, porque descolonizarnos es descubrir amèrica.

War Gave Us Caesar

Adam Young, 12.10.2004 17:11

I would have chosen the name Hitler, rather than Caesar, based upon the small group directing Bush's policies, and the racism inherent to their belief system, the aggression outlined in their Blueprint, "Rebuilding America's Defenses" (, now "The National Security Strategy Of The US of A" ( These are the same men who told the Zionists they could make a "Clean Break", rather than work for peace, to spare them any Compromises of Power, Wealth, or Territory.

Judge Admonishes Government Lawyers in Anthrax Lawsuit Case

AP, 12.10.2004 17:06

The FBI continues to smear Dr. Hatfill in public while the man actually caught entering the storage area where the Anthrax used in the letters was kept, without authorization and after being fired from his job over a racially motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker, remains uninvestigated. Still, Hatfill's name is mentioned several times, while Dr. Philip Zack remains unnamed.


Grupo de trabajo Granada, 12.10.2004 16:53

Una reflexión en el día en que los europeos llegaron a las costas americanas.

Does George Bush Senior support Junior?

Sheldon Rowan, 12.10.2004 16:35

Letter from George H.W. Bush to a friend expressing doubts about his son's re-election.

The italian effect

Paul, 12.10.2004 16:08

Please Can you translate this article to spanish? Thank You

Glimpsing a Liberated Future with Chairman Avakian

duko, 12.10.2004 15:23

This is an excerpt of an interview conducted with Sunsara Taylor by Luciente Zamora during the week of the Republican National Convention. The full interview can be seen at

Luciente:Can you speak to the crucial role of revolutionary communists, the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade in taking out and promoting and popularizing our Chairman Bob Avakian?

Sunsara: Let me say this on a personal level, there are a lot of things I hate in this world and that have outraged me over the years and been moved to do something about. But it's a big leap you make when you decide to be a conscious revolutionary communist.

comment combattre l'Israel

Colo, 12.10.2004 13:35

comment combattre l'Israel dans le semplice de maniera

'Thought for the day'

King Amdo, 12.10.2004 13:33

To misquote the famous comment made by Robert Mugarbe, the newly elected president of Zimbabwe, back in 1982...

how to combat israel

Colo, 12.10.2004 13:32

Ways to combat Israel

How to combat Israel

Colo, 12.10.2004 13:25

Ways to combat in simple way


&quot;Oberstleunant&quot;1Wachbatallion/Stab/Berges 260969B31817, 12.10.2004 12:44

Sie machen was Sie wollen, Anzegen verschwinden oder werden erst garnicht angenohmmen, willkürlich werden Porzesse eröffnet bzw, Strafverfahren.
Dokumente vernuchtet und in Beamten manir auf Dumm gestellt
Was is den los; sagen Sie diesem Arschloch das Sie eine Revolution durchgeführt haben.

summary of a new book on the causes of war

william crumley, 12.10.2004 12:37

The article is a summary of major points in a book which looks at who controls money and the function of debt in making individuals and nations subject to those who issue the money. It also at attempts that have been made to break this cycle and the results.

US elections - have your say!

Green_Vixen_01, 12.10.2004 12:20

If you too are holding your breath waiting for the outcome of the US Presidential elections on Tuesday 2 November then get involved - and use your vote below!

For the Neo-Cons, the War in Iraq is Already Won

Sam Labrier, 12.10.2004 08:35



jeanmarry, 12.10.2004 08:01


Taliban soldiers officially back on Bush payroll!

xx, 12.10.2004 07:15

Despite the ruthless bombing of Afghanistan, which killed so many civilians, despite the pictures released by the US military of prisoners in Guantanamo, intended to show how *ruthlessly* they were suppressing the Taliban, in fact what has happened?

Votescam: A Simple Solution--Publish the Vote

mac Sperry, 12.10.2004 04:43

The core of the Votescam problem is "secrecy". Eliminate the core, eliminate the problem.

S. KOREA. New Struggle Report...

KCTU/ETU-MB, 12.10.2004 04:10 striking migrant workers, now since 332 days occupying Myeong-dong Cathedrals compound, downtown Seoul. We demand legalization, work visa, the right to choose our work places and full labor rights.

Anarchy Is Not the Answer

Russell Reasons, 12.10.2004 03:30

Anarchy is not the answer for activists or independent media outlets that take their business of reform seriously. Independent Media groups and activists around the country (no matter how loosely organized) can not afford the luxury of either acting like, or being labeled, anarchists.

S. KOREA. New Struggle Report...

KCTU/ETU-MB, 12.10.2004 02:45 striking migrant workers, now since 332 days occupying Myeong-dong Cathedrals compound, downtown Seoul. We demand legalization, work visa, the right to choose our work places and full labor rights.


BEMUSED, 12.10.2004 02:27


What sould Indy journalists do now

Cordley Coit, Convener, Rky Mnt Media Collective, 12.10.2004 02:04

What constructive action could we take now?

A Call to Action

Mimi Zilliacus, 12.10.2004 01:27

I am Australian who is very upset by the recent election and feel the need to come up with a way to combat the political apathy of my country. I need help.

A para la Quinta ronda TLC

Edwin, 12.10.2004 01:11

Movilización en guayaquil de cara a la Quinta ronda de negociación del TLC
entre los Países Andinos y Estados Unidos a realizarce en Guayaquil, desde
el 25 al 29 de

De la révolution

Jean-Christophe PINOTEAU, 12.10.2004 00:08

Réflexion sur le terme ‘révolution’ dans un style brève de comptoir.

Green Party Presidential Candidate Arrested

David Baake, 11.10.2004 23:08

David Cobb amidst cops, courtesy of The Green presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian nominee Michael Badnarik were arrested on Friday attempting to participate in the 2nd Presidential Debate that took place in St. Louis. The men passed through the police barricade that was intended to enclose demonstrators, keeping them away from the scene of the debate and ensuring that their message was heard by as few people as possible. They intended to participate in the debate, claiming that it was illegal for a debate funded by public money to place restrictions on who could join in the discussion of issues facing the country.

An Open Letter to CBS News

Sandra Lupien, 11.10.2004 23:00

A call to CBS News to stop withholding from the American public a 60 Minutes segment about documents the Bush Administration used as a pretext to war on Iraq.

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