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He said the truth

Gianluca Costantini, 14.10.2004 16:19

Rowel Endrinal, he said the truth

Taming The Internet

Bobbie Johnson, 14.10.2004 16:07

Last week's seizure of Indy-Media servers could have serious consequences for citizen publishers.

Is the American Election Redundant?

Richard Nattress, 14.10.2004 16:04

From a global perspective, the America election, is not a dead heat, it is totally one sided. I am an outside observer, living in Canada; America is and Americans are my long-standing neighbors, old friends and allies. I speak to each American individually, as well as all others as we are all descendents of what ultimately presides over all.

Lakota rally against Lewis and Clark genocide in Bismarck ND

Deb White Plume, 14.10.2004 15:45

Rally against genocide and colonization. Lakota speakers join Crazy Horse Singers and hip hop artist Buggs Malone in Bismarck on Oct. 21

Poor Iraqis

Scott C. Barta, 14.10.2004 15:35

The "war" in Iraq (to lieberate Iraqi oil from them) is similar to how the u.s. steals gold and coal fromt he Nakota (misnomer "Sioux") Nation in what is now called the "Black Hills Region."

Swiss Authorities NOT involved in Indymedia Server Raid

Anonymous, 14.10.2004 15:14

Swiss daily newspaper Tagesanzeiger reports that Swiss officials did not file legal assistance petition with the FBI.


ghostbuster, 14.10.2004 14:53


2045 The Last World War

£, 14.10.2004 14:48

W$ 4293 Bytes

The Liberal Holocaust

Joe Licentia, 14.10.2004 05:55

Imperialism and the Democratic Party

National Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Assn. Host USDA

Gary R. Grant, 14.10.2004 05:15

USDA Office of Civil Rights and other leading government agencies participate in an open public forum addressing programs for minority and disenfranchised framers in Tillery, North Carolina, headquarters of the National Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association

Why it is imperative that the Left defeat Bush

David Baake, 14.10.2004 04:33

The ideologue and totalitarian who has overseen the destruction of leftistideals President Bush is out of touch with reality and is not fit to serve another term as the President of the United States, and it is imperative that the left do everything in its power to oust him from office in this election.

Abu Ghraib Coloring Book

Anon E Moose, 14.10.2004 04:18

A small coloring book of images from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Providing Hope and Opportunity to Impoverished Children in Haiti

Margaret Trost, 14.10.2004 04:11

Providing Hope and Opportunity to Impoverished Children in Haiti, Father Jean-Juste was beaten and kidnapped from the rectory of St. Clare's Church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Margaret Trost, President of the What If? Foundation asks "Please Help Save Father Jean-Juste's Life."


Anna Abbiate Fubini, 14.10.2004 03:52

"From children of YESTERDAY to adults of TOMORROW" è il titolo del libro in cui verranno pubblicati i files in inglese del sito: va però considerato che, mentre il sito è unitario e i vari files vi si trovano affiancati, comunque il contenuto di ciascuno file / capitolo non è per lo più in esatta traduzione; possono differire anche molto soprattutto per la presenza - o meno - di specifici rimandi, bibliografie e citazioni. A chi conosce le due lingue l'affiancarne la lettura può quindi fornire migliori, in quanto più compiutamente integrati, apporti di conoscenza. Ma non tutti i capitoli dei due nuovi libri si corrispondono: e se alcuni files/capitoli si trovano soltanto nell'edizione in italiano, DUE differenti files / capitoli - importanti e fondanti - si trovano soltanto ciascuno in uno o nell'altro libro: in particolare l'inglese "TOTEM AND TABOO REVISITED: awful and fertile rise of new superstitions" va strettamente messo in parallelo con questo che non si trova invece nell'edizione inglese. Sono due files / capitoli ben diversi come testo, ma complementari per significato intrinseco, dato che integrano e confermano entrambi - da differenti punti di vista e esplicitati con ben differenti argomenti - essenziali propositi e concetti di base. Si tratta di una secca denuncia convalidata anche dai molti esempi, illustrazioni e citazioni; di un duro messaggio meglio evidenziato proprio attraverso le grandi differenze dei dati presentati: il senso sostanziale di entrambi questi files / capitoli è la condanna contro la tendenza degli esseri umani a venir ingannati e intimiditi, lo smascheramento della generale "ripugnanza" a coltivare "virtute e conoscenza", "saggezza e "maturità" consapevole, ad aprirsi al "nuovo", allo "sviluppo", all'integrazione di fattori differenti. Come enfatizzano i titoli stessi di questi files / capitoli vi si deplora la comune disposizione a preferire suggestioni e restrizioni invece di scegliere conoscenza, disponibilità, evoluzione. Entrambi potrebbero venir letti come fossero articoli a se stanti (Totem e Taboo infatti deriva dalla fusione e integrazione di Comunicazioni Congressuali), nel loro proporre in modo esaustivo concetti-chiave attraverso esemplificazioni e problematiche assolutamente differenti. Nell'economia generale del sito e dei libri questi elementi di pessimismo preoccupato e di manifesta opposizione propongono una lettura più articolata di questi files / capitoli: come completamenti rispettivamente di "Consapevolezza e memoria" e di "Consciousness and memory", e soprattutto letti in stretto collegamento con "Delgado & Skinner" di cui sono necessari ampliamenti esplicativi. Ben diversi come testo che, da differenti punti di vista e argomenti integra e conferma essenziali propositi e concetti di base, sono anche indirettamnte parte di un discorso più generale: sarebbe quindi opportuno poterli leggere parallelamente e/o con rimandi incrociati ai vari files / capitoli anche di un altro sito - e libro - quello dell'Associazione Italiana, scientifica e giuridica contro gli abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici..

CNN Polls?

Ben Morgan, 14.10.2004 03:48

Kerry was ahead.... What's up with this.. unmanipulated screen shots from ten seconds apart from two different computers... shortly after the debate.

platica y poesia; a latino humanities program

the meadowlark center, newton kansas (kamala platt), 14.10.2004 03:38

The Meadowlark Center is pleased to announce the visit of three humanities scholars – Marie (Keta) Miranda, Louis G. Mendoza, and Raul R. Salinas, on October 29; the program, entitled ‘Platica y Poesia, a Latino Humanities Program, will begin at 6:00 p.m. The event, sponsored in part by the Kansas Humanities Council, will take place at The Meadowlark Center, 2111 N. Spencer (24th Street and Old Trail Road in rural Newton

TOTEM AND TABOO REVISITED: awful and fertile rise of new superstitions

Anna Abbiate Fubini, 14.10.2004 03:32

This Web file - next to become a book chapter - is related with instead a corresponding but not mirroring Italian file (and chapter) "Imbroglio è il contrario di sviluppo" [= To "embroil / mislead" notes the contrary of to "develop"]. The content of these pages are very different each other but notwithstanding complementary together: completing and confirming the main purposes of the whole site/books, both they share indirectly similar intents although using different subjects and quotations; both are sharing their strong message, with an assortment of data and concepts, checking straight, or only alluding, to a rather pessimistic review of human weakness DUPED by stupidity and/or by human wickedness. In both them a part is prevailing since more demonstrative: in this file/chapter "sleeping position" is more widespread for its absolute stupidity and uselessness conflicting with its to can become really dangerous, cause even of death danger. Imbroglio / sviluppo embodies an Italian pun not easy to be translated; moreover the whole file/chapter aroused from an Italian controversy regarding far-reaching - but in sum up: personal - argument. Thus it should be enlightening to read both files (and chapters of each book) to better consider their matching denunciation, evidenced from different sides: in many way, strengthened with many quotations, they both deplore human proneness to be DUPED and intimidated instead of to be wise and perceptive; they both denounce the commonplace proclivity to prefer as a rule to be deceived and narrowed instead of to choose knowledge, thriving, developing. The title itself in sum up introduces a survey of the contrary of a thriving "development / evolution", of triumphant embroils, misleadings, "ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation": it shows and emphatizes the proneness of mankind to be duped and to "develop" and "breed" incoherent superstitions. These topics are displayed also in the Consciousness and memory file/chapter (as well in the Italian one Consapevolezza e memoria) where they are also wider explained by the assortment of quotations. But another file should be considered with them: moreover should be straight pointed out that both are strictly connected to the file/chapter Delgado & Skinner being its true, broadening and explicative extension..

Mr. Andrzej Suda's case

Italian Association against abuses, 14.10.2004 03:20

This file presents a case not only showing a "personal" mishap - as it could look at first - , but revealing a serious - and since compelling - political, international situation. But mostly from this file you can download an excerpt of exact documents of a situation which, if at first, looks as a simple personal occurence, instead is an open window towards a very tangled and significant international case. As a PDF file the documents are presented in their - unwairy PDF version -, as an absolutely trustful exact copy-and-paste of each one of them. Furthermore if one can read also an article - however not so fully in accord with his statements - referring some approximate quotes excerpted from a talk with Mr. Andrzej Suda, instead the included PDF file is exact and documented: one should nevertheless assume that it is on purpose not so documented as the on-paper dossier since names and references, worthy to recognize persons, are showy erased and/or omitted.

Open Letter to My Grandfather

James F. Harrington, 14.10.2004 02:58

Teddy Roosevelt His Rough Riders In Cuba Open letter to my grandfather, Austin A. O’Malley, who I never really got to know, as he died when I was only four years old. He came over to the United States from his native country, Ireland around 1889, as a little boy of eleven years.

Like many other Irishmen from Louisburg, County Mayo, he settled in Clinton, Massachusetts.
I know that he worked there for a baker for awhile untill the Spanish American War broke out.

I also know that he was in and out of the Veteran’s Hospital all through his life. I also know that he liked to drink at bars in South Boston, sometimes with his dog beside him.

Benefit Performance in Los Angeles - One Night Only! - Oct. 18

Progressive Democrats of America, 14.10.2004 02:03

by America’s great playwright, Tony Kushner

"Only We Who Guard The Mystery Shall Be Unhappy"

“I wrote it one night over a year ago during the buildup to the second Iraq war. I couldn’t sleep, I was so angry, so I wrote this scene. The Nation published the scene before the war started…some people got angry about it. Others took me up on the offer I made in The Nation and they did the play at anti-war rallies around the country…” -Tony Kushner

8:00 pm
Ricardo Montalban Theatre
* 1615 Vine Street * Los Angeles, CA

We convict the Intensifying newspapers banning and journalists arresting in Iran

Iran Freedom of Expression Frontiers, 14.10.2004 00:43

Demo against banning In Iran,Islamic Republic has intensified to menace and detain Iranian journalists in recent weeks.

Intelligence reorganizaton bills expand FOIA (b)(3) exemption

Paul Wolf, 13.10.2004 23:24

Intelligence reorganization bills, passed in both the House and Senate shift the authority to protect "sources and methods" from the CIA Director to the new National Intelligence Director. This will effectively give all 15 of the agencies falling under the NID the same blanket exemption from the Freedom of Information Act enjoyed by the CIA. Advocates of open government should oppose this severe blow to the FOIA.

some Sinclair Broadcasting advertisers...

call and boycott, 13.10.2004 22:55

A list of some of the prominent advertisers on the Sinclair Broadcasting Corp network of stations.

After enduring decades of relentless protests, the Navy calls it quits at Project ELF

By JOHN LaFORGE, 13.10.2004 22:53

On Sept. 30, 2004, three decades of anti-nuclear activism suddenly came to an end when the Office of Space and Navy Warfare Systems Command shut down its two extremely low frequency (ELF) submarine transmitters — one near Clam Lake, Wisc., and the other near Republic, Michigan. The Navy said in a press release the twin transmitters are “outdated and no longer needed,” and that it would now proceed to permanently dismantle the antenna. The shutdown notice came as a surprise -- to activists and to ELF’s 54 employees as well -- since only three years ago Navy representative Richard Williamson said in Wisconsin that the system would be needed for another 25 years.

Green Party Presidential Candidate Arrested

David Baake, 13.10.2004 22:45

David Cobb amidst cops, courtesy of The Green presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian nominee Michael Badnarik were arrested on Friday attempting to participate in the 2nd Presidential Debate that took place in St. Louis. The men passed through the police barricade that was intended to enclose demonstrators, keeping them away from the scene of the debate and ensuring that their message was heard by as few people as possible. They intended to participate in the debate, claiming that it was illegal for a debate funded by public money to place restrictions on who could join in the discussion of issues facing the country.

Invitaciòn mesa debate:EL CHE HOY

Grupo de trabajo de Filosofia, 13.10.2004 22:41

Mesa debate:"El Che hoy"
23/10-18hs-Centro Cultural "la Toma"
Un compañero del MTD Anibal Veròn
"Nuestra Madre"Herminia Severini
Organiza Grupo de Trabajo de Filosofia

Important Voting Procedure

susanscully, 13.10.2004 22:24

I received a Voter Information Pamphlet yesterday.

Italian Neo Fascists behind Seizure of Indymedia Servers?

Damiano Valgolio, 13.10.2004 22:13

Communist E.U.(European Union) delegate Marco Rizzo announced he
will add the incident to the EU parliament agenda.

A Phone Call to Devin Theriot-Orr Attorney for IndyMedia

Devin Theriot-Orr Interview, 13.10.2004 20:52

Text and Audio

I Was Arrested but the Real Crime is the Corporate Hijacking of Our Democracy

David Cobb, Green Party Presidential Candidate, 13.10.2004 20:27

"I have been charged with trespassing on private property and the failure to obey a reasonable order by the police. But you and I know that the real crime is the corporate hijacking of our democracy."

We demand attention! ... on the death of Edwin Ndupu in Stein prison, Austria

shovel, 13.10.2004 20:11

shovel On Sunday, 17th October 2004, a demonstration will take place in Krems/Stein, Austria. Remember: On 19th August 2004, Edwin Ndupu died at Stein prison after an operation by 15 to 20 special security officers in full armor. A more than sceptical expert opinion from the Vienna Medical Jurisprudence said Ndupu died on self-inflicted injuries.

new music

JP, 13.10.2004 19:15

sounds of war

I hope Bush/Cheney &quot;Win&quot; in Nov. - because America really and richly deserves them!!!

Fauxlosopher, 13.10.2004 18:29

I hope Bush/Cheney "Win" in Nov. - because America really and richly deserves them!!!

Esperanza para la Recta Final

Paul Loeb, 13.10.2004 18:20

Traducción de Enrique Gómez. Este es un artículo para alentar a todos aquellos que están luchando para sacar a Bush de la Casa Blanca este noviembre. Paul Loeb es un conocido autor de "Lo Imposible Tomará un Poco Más: Una Guía Ciudadana para la Esperanza en Tiempos de Temor". Su página de internet es:


DAJ, 13.10.2004 17:48


&quot;enterprising geeks&quot; needed to intercept Bush's alleged debate coaching

Denis Doyon, 13.10.2004 16:13

Was Bush wearing a wireless device during the first two debates, allowing a coach to feed him responses? Can you prove it?

Haiti: A Revolution Unfolding

Lakota, 13.10.2004 15:25

Slideshow Presentation: The Images Of Indymedia - 2000-2001

£, 13.10.2004 15:15

FTAAmonster.jpg personal faves

Indymedia Seizure Hits Two Nations - Free Media Threatened Worldwide

Annalena Oeffner, 13.10.2004 15:12

Actions like the seizure of the servers make the whole world insecure for free media.

The airport battle, the question of truthful casualty figures in Iraq, and the future of &quot;Amerikka&quot;

George S., 13.10.2004 14:48

Below find a repost from www.mirror-world If 25% of this is true the imperial masters will be trying to "turn off" the internet soon.

Tre's International Call-out.

flo, 13.10.2004 14:25

Follow-up to Tre's international call out Sept.'04: Surety Found! 24/7 person still NEEDED! WHO will STEP UP?

do you want to be a forced casino payer?

alejandra adriana, 13.10.2004 12:12

thinking to read the third newspaper of my country ,i found a kind of censure.only the biggest two i had access to,and you know why?...

Venezuela: After the Referendum

El Libertario´s editorial staff, 13.10.2004 11:39

* The August 2004 elections legitimized Hugo Chávez's presidency, approved by the multinational powers-that-be, despite the opposition's claims of electoral fraud. We, at El Libertario (issue 39, September/October 2004), presented an indepth analysis of the consecuences of the referendum, as well as proposals for action in the new circumstances. We shall now quote a couple of notes from that issue that express the essence of the venezuelan anarchists' perspective.

El Libertario / Venezuela: 9 years, 40 editions

El Libertario´s editorial staff, 13.10.2004 11:36

* The Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) of Venezuela is happy to announce the upcoming (early November) release of issue # 40 of our publication El Libertario, celebrating the 9th anniversary of the CRA and our newspaper.

Who is hiding what?

Joe, 13.10.2004 10:47

GW Bush keeps saying "He can run but he can't hide." But it is the Bush administration that is doing the hiding from the mounting death toll of it's invading forces in Iraq (now 1079 GI's killed as reported by icasualties though we all know that this "official #" is too low). If the Iraqi people "loved" what we had done for them would this still be happening? I don't think so. Please spread this around. Joe

Nueva visión para la policia

Francisco Montes, 13.10.2004 09:44

Nace una nueva asociación en la Policia de Cataluña, con intención de incidir en los valores progresistas y impulsar convenios de colaboración con policias del tercer mundo, bajo un convenio de cumplimiento de las recomendaciones de la ONU y el codigo deontológico de la policia de la CE.

New Wave of Violent Repression in Haiti

phatrix, 13.10.2004 07:47

A massive, violent upsurge in repression has occured in Haiti during the past four days, aimed at silencing the Lavalas movement and supporters of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti.

FBI Shuts Down 20 Antiwar Web Sites: An Unprecedented Act of Internet Censorship

wsws, 13.10.2004 05:59

The US government move to shut down nearly two dozen antiwar, anti-globalization web sites on October 7 is an unprecedented exercise of police power against political dissent on the Internet. The World Socialist Web Site denounces the attack on the Indymedia sites and demands a halt to all such attempts at suppressing political criticism of the US government.

Iraq debt: Baker's Carlye Consortium plans to cash in

Naomi Klein, 13.10.2004 04:14

President Bush's special envoy, James Baker, who has been trying to persuade the world to forgive Iraq's crushing debts, is simultaneously working for a commercial concern that is trying to recover money from Iraq, according to confidential documents.

Conscience: -Can You Hear Me Now?

Ozlem Altiok, 13.10.2004 03:14

Maritza Castillo in front of Ft. Sill where Camilo is imprisoned. I asked Camilo's mother if Samantha, Camilo's four year old daughter, was aware of all that is going on. This was her response: "At the beginning when she asked where her dad was I told her that he was in the Army. Because otherwise we would have to explain to her what war is. Afterwards to be more truthful I told her that he was in jail. She asked who had put her dad in jail, and I answered: Bush. She told me to let's go find the keys to the jail, get her dad out and put Bush in there instead."

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