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Denver police arrest 245 for blocking Columbus Day Parade

Brenda Norrell, 15.10.2004 16:37

Colorado AIM Photo courtesy Jolynne Woodcock Colorado American Indian Movement members and their allies, arrested for blocking the Columbus Day Parade in Denver, say they will put Columbus and the state of Colorado on trial when they go to court.

Protests and nuclear railing time table in France and Germany

Diet Simon, 15.10.2004 16:01

Deutsche Quelle bei

There’s more news about nuclear waste transportation in Germany and France. Protests are called for Sunday at Ahaus and Rossendorf over the planned trucking of waste 650 km to Ahaus. And sources in France have revealed a time table for the next trainload of processed German nuclear waste for Gorleben.

Time to Think 'Outside the Ballot Box'

Press Action, 15.10.2004 15:56

Arlington, Va. -- Author Forum and Discussion ... Authors Mickey Z., Elaine Cassel and Mark Andersen provide hard-hitting analysis of the 2004 presidential election and two-party politics, and discuss strategies for social change beyond the voting booth.

LINK CORRECTION: Indymedia’s silencing: a warning to us all?

Bill Thompson, 15.10.2004 15:31

Indymedia was taken offline when an unnamed US government agency went to court on behalf of an unnamed foreign power and seized computers from the UK. Bill Thompson asks: can independent media survive when this is possible?

Link Repaired.

My apologies for the error.

Indymedia’s silencing: a warning to us all?

Bill Thompson, 15.10.2004 15:20

Indymedia was taken offline when an unnamed US government agency went to court on behalf of an unnamed foreign power and seized computers from the UK. Bill Thompson asks: can independent media survive when this is possible?

Anoni Meous, 15.10.2004 13:36

Web Radio Station of on-demand Bushisms
go to

reality = www+hdd+tcp ? (W$)

£, 15.10.2004 13:35

W$ The Zaurus looks great, but what year can I get one?
Sharp v. Palm, I went Palm, so screw Linux.
Gnu and open data formats forever.


ghostrider, 15.10.2004 13:00

if we should find but one alleged 911 plane victim to have been fabricated,the whole bush house of lies would come crashing down

The truth is no words

soma, 15.10.2004 11:31

The truth is no words...

College Interns Informs the Media: “Team America” Does Exist and We Know Where They Are”

pistoffintern, 15.10.2004 08:20

As a group of responsible interns that are in support of all the Hollywood stars that were killed in the new movie “Team America”, we inform America and the media to provide the following information to expose the existence of a real “Team America”. We hold nothing against "Team America" creators, Team Hollywood's Kevin Finn and Preska Thomas, or anyone involved with the movie "Team America" period. They are all in mutual support of America's freedom of speech and are the most patriotic groups known in Hollywood.

Amnesty International Speaking Event: &quot;Addressing Torture: An Academic, A Survivor&quot;

Phil Neff, 15.10.2004 08:03

Amnesty International UW presents a speaking event on torture, with UW Professor of Human Rights Jamie Mayerfeld, and survivor of torture Sabah Al-Dhaher. The event will be held October 20th from 7:00-8:30PM, with doors at 6:30, in Kane Hall 210 on the UW campus. The event is free to all.

&quot;Condemning of illegal detaining of 16 Human Right activists”

manitham - Promoting Human Rights, Protecting Environment, 15.10.2004 06:13

Now-a-days, Tamil Nadu Police aiming their gun points directly to Civil Rights movements and Non-Governmental Organisations, who are exposing their violent activities to the general public as well to the proper authorities. These activities are totally undemocratic by the police. We requesting the State/Central, Human Rights Commission, International Human Rights Movements to taken immediate action against these culprits.

Indymedia's hardware is returned, but many questions remain

indymedia, 15.10.2004 04:02

latest press release concerning the seized indymedia servers

Affected server users should change passwords

Jay Nickson, 15.10.2004 03:21

People using the servers that were seized should logon and change passwords.

Seymour Hersh spills the secrets of the Iraq quagmire and the war on terror

Seymour Hersh, 15.10.2004 02:56

Berkeley - The Iraq war is not winnable, a secret U.S. military unit has
been "disappearing" people since December 2001, and America has no idea how
irreparably its torture of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison has damaged its image
in the Middle East.

Amnesty International's Double Standards

Paul de Rooij, 15.10.2004 02:37

Given the current escalation of Israeli depredations in Gaza and the daily
US bombings of Falluja, it is interesting to examine Amnesty International's
(AI) statements on the situation. AI is widely viewed as an authority on
human rights issues, and thus it is of interest to analyze its output on
these recent events.

A different view of the war

Joe, 15.10.2004 01:14

The following report is from This is quite a site. I'll leave it to the reader to decide the accuracy of reporting. But it is nice to get news not "filtered" by corporate media. I'm sure it is at least as truthful. Joe


Larry S. Rolirad, 15.10.2004 00:10

The most terrifying sight in my life was seeing two uniformed people walking up to my house. One was a man and the other was a woman. All I thought about was my son who was in Iraq. I knew something was wrong, horribly wrong. My legs turned to rubberized fear. I fell down to the floor. I cried uncontrollably, sobbing and sobbing. And then the doorbell rang. My husband answered the door and was told, "Your son is dead."

How bad will it get before the U.S. declares &quot;victory&quot; and leaves Iraq in defeat?

jamie, 15.10.2004 00:07

How bad will it get before the U.S. declares "victory" and leaves Iraq in defeat? The "official" death count of U.S. GI's is at 1089. It is likely much higher. Not even the green zone is safe for the invaders as bombs placed there killed at least 5 Americans today. The troops are demoralized and as they come home the reality of this disaster will become clearer every day. Below find details of today's war report( Please spread it around. jamie

A Parent's Deepest Fear

Larry S. Rolirad, 14.10.2004 23:59

There is no feeling more profound than the feeling of fear a parent experiences when one of their children is serving in the military and in harm's way.

Bush's CHEAP Mercenaries

Larry S. Rolirad, 14.10.2004 23:52

Our military should only be used to protect and defend the United States against any foreign or domestic enemies. Unfortunately, it is now being used by the Bush Regime as cheap mercenaries to defend the best interests of republican corporations, and not the best interests of the American people.

SIZE DOES MATTER, Kerry to Win Easily

Larry S. Rolirad, 14.10.2004 23:44

Forget all of the rhetoric from professional spinmasters. Senator John Kerry will be the easy winner. Size does matter...

Democratic Party: &quot;Use Minority Intimidation as an Organizing Tool&quot;

doug, 14.10.2004 23:32

In a document that the Democratic National Committee released on their web site today, they encourage local political leaders to "use minority intimidation as an organizing tool." And went on to instruct local officials to protest even if "no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet."

IF AMERICANS KNEW, 14.10.2004 21:04

If you are one of the people the media/government has LIED to, who thinks the Zionists (not the same thing as "Jews", though they try desperately to hide this) are the good guys, then you need to spend some time on this site, and learn the truth, rather than serving as a Useful Idiot to Fascism.

How to contact the US media

Guardian UK, 14.10.2004 21:00

Bombard the media.

Go ahead and call them liars. You'll feel better.

U.S. Urges NATO to Take Afghan Mission

Guardian UK, 14.10.2004 20:58

Guess the PNAC blueprint wasn't as easy as they imagined. And these criminals are actually up for re-election?

Afghanistan: The other illegal war of aggression for the energy cartel ... While we shout about Iraq, barely a peep about this war.

Sinai bombers all escaped, says paper

Reuters, 14.10.2004 20:54

Just like the Saudi explosions. Is it just me, or do they seem to know just a bit too much here?

Can you say MOSSAD ... ?

Nader To Defamation League: Criticizing Zionists is not Anti-Semitism

Vote Nader, 14.10.2004 20:48

No wonder he wasn't allowed into the debates. Colin Powell, and the League itself, were forced to admit as much this past summer at a European conference. Yet the Zionists still cower behind the Jewish Community for defense of its crimes.

Girl shot in UNRWA school dies

Electronic Intifada, 14.10.2004 20:44

Just last month, Israeli troops, shot at, tied up, beat, and threatened the head of the UNRWA for four hours. Last week, Israel was caught LYING about the UNRWA's alleged "support for terror". The Zionists are attempting to destroy the agency, because it opposes their crimes, and threatens to expose their Genocidal actions.

Vanunu Explains His Motivation

LateLine, 14.10.2004 20:41

According to nuclear experts who examined Vanunu's photographs, Israel was building hydrogen bombs, and a neutron bomb.
For the uninitiated, a neutron bomb is not a defensive weapon, it is a weapon of invasion and conquest, designed to kill people but leave buildings intact for use by the invaders.

Death Toll from Israel's Gaza Offensive Rises to 100

Reuters, 14.10.2004 20:38

Too bad Sharon's closest advisor just admitted to Ha'Aretz that the "Disengagement Plan" was nothing but a ruse to stall peace talks, and hide his planned aggression. Please read "A Clean Break: New Tactics For Securing The Realm".

US Diplomats Baulk At Zionist Bill

BBC, 14.10.2004 20:33

Diplomatic life can be hard trying to pretend to be the world's remaining superpower while under the obvious control of a nation half the size of New Jersey. Anti-semitism is at its lowest point in history, while Anti-Arab/Islam sentiment and policies influenced ( by it are slaughtering tens of thousands, and displacing millions more.

Israel Fears Strong EU

EU Observer, 14.10.2004 20:30

The Zionists appear to fear anyone who threatens to expose the reality of their decades-long program of Genocide, carried out in the name of securing the wealth and power only a state of their own could provide.

Michael Klare on oil wars and the American military

Tom Dispatch, 14.10.2004 20:28

And those nations are "chronically unstable" because the CIA, and those dictators it installs, keep them that way.

Game. Set. Match.

William Rivers Pitt, 14.10.2004 20:25

This reminds me of when then-Governor Bush was asked about the demeanor of a female death-row inmate, and Bush chose to mock her on national television. It's called PSYCHOPATHY, people. Read up on it -

Top U.S. advisers to address AIPAC meet

Ha'Aretz, 14.10.2004 20:22

And now, not only aware of AIPAC's treasonous acts, but acting to stop the FBi investigation, these members of the PNAC White House will grovel for votes before these foreign spies.

IndyMedia Servers Returned - Who Wanted That?

UK Register, 14.10.2004 20:17

Curioser and curioser ...


Green Party of the United States Media Committee, 14.10.2004 20:05

Green Party leaders and candidates charged that the presidential debates, limited to the candidates George W. Bush and John Kerry, have effectively censored numerous issues important to Americans.

Liberty has never come from government!

Fauxlosopher, 14.10.2004 19:05

Liberty has never come from government!

Breaking: Bin Laden is in China - Transalation from spanish &quot; El Mundo&quot; aricle

Gordon Thomas, 14.10.2004 18:51

This confirms Gordon Thomas, a journalist with contacts in the most important intelligence services. The terrorist had reached an agreement with China, which now negotiates its surrender with Bush. It is his greatest electoral trick.

Were Server Seizures To Do With G8 Brutalities???

marco, 14.10.2004 18:44

Hold your socks. This story becomes more and more
thrilling, chilling and scarey by the minute.
It may be a Berlusconi attempt at covering up
the police brutality during the G8 convention
in Genoa a couple years ago.

Fascist USA: Hilton Has Proof - Bush DID 911

Mark McCarron, 14.10.2004 18:40

Thursday, September 16, 2004

"We have evidence, documentary, witnesses, that officials in the pentagon, military, airforce say there were many drills, rehearsals for 9/11 before it happened. That’s why Bush says he saw the first plane hit the building on video. We have docs that say Bush ordered 9/11."



Servers seized by FBI returned - but who wanted what?

John Lettice, 14.10.2004 18:22

The bastards have got our IP addresses. Do we expect home visits? Have some donuts ready for ze Gestapo, just in case.

Extreme Police Violence - G8 2003

Watson, 14.10.2004 17:49

In the early hours of June 2 2003, around 3.00 am, two indymedia reporters witnessed what could bee described as the near killing of a young man by Swiss undercover police.

sinclair broadcasting group attack on kerry:

Shawn Loura, 14.10.2004 17:46

Sinclair the Anti fairness in media launches anti kerry adds on a local major station. showing for 1 hour two weeks long.

Register for P10K - Palestine

Ken O'Keefe, 14.10.2004 17:33

O'Keefe &amp; Vanunu Palestine Action

Bush v. Kerry: The Persian Gulf Empire and Perpetual War

Juan Cole, 14.10.2004 17:03

Thousands of young people will be involuntarily inducted into his crusade. Will you or someone you love be horribly maimed or killed for the Empire?

EZLN: Zapatista villages seek help

EZLN, 14.10.2004 16:56

EZLN Communique: Isolated autonomous Zapatista villagers seek help

Nader's Corporate Crimebusting Van is all over the Map to expose the sad facts about our politics, pollution and much more

elliot saunders, 14.10.2004 16:55

We have 21 vans leaving no town unturned as we hit the streets to expose the truth about Bush and Bush-lite. We will be challenging corporations (head on) who pollute, scale-down, and off shore against the better wishes of local communities through our great land.

Court approves trucking nuclear waste 650 km across Germany

Diet Simon, 14.10.2004 16:54

A court in Lüneburg has allowed transportation of nuclear waste more than 650 kilometres across Germany from Dresden to Ahaus near Holland. The Upper Administrative Court of Lower Saxony turned down a request from the government of North-Rhine Westphalia to revoke the licence given by the federal radiation safety agency.

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