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Rally against Lewis and Clark genocide Bismarck ND Oct. 21

Deb White Plume, 17.10.2004 19:36

Deb White Plume scolds Lewis and Clark re-enactors Lakota speakers and resistance sounds by Crazy Horse Singers and hip hop artist Buggs Malone

Indymedia Seizure Signals Clampdown on Dissent

Katherine Stapp, 17.10.2004 19:19

Free speech advocates say the six-day shutdown of nearly two-dozen websites belonging to Indymedia is a severe blow to democratic principles and, perhaps, an ominous sign of things to come.

Making Molehills Out Of A Mountain - A Digital Drama Of Self Defence (with W$ comic)

£, 17.10.2004 19:08

W$ So you have backed up all of your favourite music files. That is great. Maybe you continue to as well, while you add to your collection. I know I do.

Double Standards: Bill Clinton and the “Anybody But Bush” Movement

Morpheus, 17.10.2004 18:13

If the Democrats take power this November they will probably continue the same policies as Bush. We know this because Clinton did basically the same thing when he was in office. To think otherwise is to ignore history and the Democrat's record. The "Anybody but Bush" (ABB) movement is founded on a basically irrational hatred of Bush that completely ignores the record of the Democrats the last time they were in power. The ABB movement practices a double standard: when Republicans do something it’s wrong but when Democrats do the same thing it’s okay (or didn’t happen at all). In party politics it is always the other party’s fault, never the system’s fault. If a Democrat were in office and implemented the same policies Bush has most of the ABBers would support him. We know this because Clinton implemented many of the same policies ABBers criticize Bush for, yet they didn’t develop the same kind of hatred towards Clinton they have towards Bush. Most outright supported Clinton and the minority who didn’t support him did not develop the kind of irrational hatred towards Clinton they have towards Bush.

Violencia Policial y Abusos de Poder Arremeten contra Estudiantes en Costa Rica

Marisol Fournier, 17.10.2004 17:56

3 Estudiantes universitarios fueron víctimas de violencia policial y abusos de poder en San José, Costa Rica.

defendiendo a los militares en bolivia

El qlan, 17.10.2004 16:04

Necesitamos apoyo de los militares de bolivia para crear una agrupaciòn para nuestra defensa en tods las acciones que realizamos, caso febrero y octubre.

Autoinmunidad: suicidios simbólicos y reales

Sigfrido Rodríguez Santos, 17.10.2004 15:50

Entrevista de Giovanna Borradori con Jacques Derrida el 22 de octubre de 2001 en New York.[i]
Traducido del francés por: J Botero en «La filosofía en una época de terror. Diálogos con Jürgen Habermas y Jacques Derrida» Taurus, Buenos Aires, 2004

What do you think caused the damage?

PL, 17.10.2004 15:18

Photo 01 1. Have you seen these photos before?
2. What do you think caused the damage?
3. Which photo was taken more recently?
4. In which country do you think each photo was taken?
5. What season or time of year was each photo taken?
6. What very specific events are these photos of?

Indagando el futuro

Josep, 17.10.2004 11:46

Si nuestro potencial investigador y creador se niega a participar en sus proyectos militaristas y destructores les diremos: ¡solo trabajamos a favor de la vida, sus proyectos; NO GRACIAS¡

Why is the Puppet Iraqi Government Giving ~$190, to Toys R Us?

The Guardian, UK, 17.10.2004 04:03

Iraqis the victims of both Saddam and USA's illegal occupation are being forced
to pay reparations for crimes that Saddam committed. And Saddam was, in the
first place, financed by some of the same govts. who are seeking reparation from
their victims, the Iraqis. In short, you rape the victim and then convict her
for crimes committed by her tyrant guardian who you support in the first place!
If this is not obvious to educated people especially the ones supporting this
illegitimate war, then little else will be.

article awol

Alexandra Maffei, 17.10.2004 03:03

wrote an article it's gone; what else is new?

How many more?

jamie, 17.10.2004 02:43

Dear friends,

The article below describes the recent mutiny of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. As you have likely heard, one reason the troops refused to complete their mission had to do with the poor state of their equipment and the increased risk that might place them in. No doubt that would be a concern. But the more important reason for the demoralization spreading among “the troops” is the increasingly undeniable fact that they are seen by most Iraqis as a “thieving occupation gang” which is rightly viewed as the greatest obstacle to their freedom and general welfare. As many of the GI’s have come to realize they were “lied into war” for the benefit of oil barons and other corporate parasites and rich people, they are increasingly unwilling to risk their lives in the implementation of the crime the Iraqi partisans are so fiercely resisting.

They do need and deserve our support. We must demand the immediate and complete departure of all U.S. forces from that beleaguered nation. Nothing less will stop the dying. At least 1100 GI’s and countless Iraqis have been lost as of today. How many more must be sacrificed for the lie?

Femicides in Juarez, Mexico only Point to a Larger Problem

Abby, 17.10.2004 02:05

Murders of hundreds of young women in Juarez, Mexico still plague the border region. Thousands more are reported to have disappeared over the past decade, yet in real terms nothing has been done to end what has become a serious humanitarian crisis that no one in the US should overlook.

Clashing Oddities: police harassment in Bayside, Queens.

Alexandra Maffei, 17.10.2004 00:31

To the gentle reader: how a home can be entered, without any signs of broken entry, its inhabitant kidnapped to psychiatric hospitals, tortured, and Sig Heiled by the police in Bayside, Queens, New York City with the full connivance of the politically correct and get away with it!



informamos a todas las organizaciones del campo popular que realizaremos el seminario que lleva por nombre. "El ejemplo del Che para la juventud".Esperamos que participe la mayor cantidad de compañeros posible. MOVIMIENTO ARGENTINO CUBANO DE AMISTAD Y SOLIDARIDAD

It Was And Is the Theft of the Election Stupid.

Lloyd Hart, 17.10.2004 00:25

Could somebody please tell me how this alternate reality appeared totally blotting out the well-documented history of election 2000. The alternate reality I am speaking of is the one that seems to have taken over the minds of the Democratic Party and their party hacks like Paul Bagala a host on CNN's Croosfire who up until Nader announced his candidacy to run for the presidency in 2004 claimed over and over and over again on the air that George Bush and the Republican dominated Supreme Court stole the presidential election in 2000. All across America Democrats screamed about the theft of the election over over and over again.

New website up.

~EchoZ, 16.10.2004 21:04

About the new website created to let all connect, stand up, and act!

Lesbianas Construyendo Nuestra Historia...¡Listas para el VI Encuentro !

Comité Organizador del VI Encuentro Lésbico F, 16.10.2004 20:56

Invitacion a Mujeres Lesbianas Feministas a participar del VI Encuentro en Mexico (DF)

The Most Important Question That Didn't Get Asked At Any Of The Debates

Mr. Jesus, 16.10.2004 20:47

The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world.

october 15 2004 the battle for the future has begun

united front solidarity network, 16.10.2004 18:58

a vote for bush is a vote for revolution prelude to revolution

T3knu pilot episode DILDO DATE (open source video)

£, 16.10.2004 18:08

no audio
xvid (open source video format)

Mary Cheney: From Coming Out to Selling Out

protest_boy, 16.10.2004 17:23

Mary Cheney, one of the Cheney's daugheters--"the gay one"--has been an object of much attention in the media recently. But how much do we think we know about Mary? From her rumored participation in Human Shield to her work for Coors, we examine the phenomenon that is the Vice President's daughter.

A Good Brainwashing

DAJ, 16.10.2004 16:49

another breath

german workers slow down complete General Motors production in Europe

Sam Hamerski, 16.10.2004 16:20

flag of IGM metall workers industrial union unofficial industrial action in the Ruhr area in Germany is causing a complete shut down of car production in all GM plants in Antwerp, Elsemere and Poland. Workers stop production in wild cat strike in answer to GM managent plans to sack 10.000 car workers in Germany. GM plans lock out. 19th October European day of solidarity action

Prevent Re-election of these Pro-Iraq War Senators

Stephen Zunes, 16.10.2004 16:20

The following is the list of senators who are seeking re-election this year who supported the resolution authorizing the U.S. invasion of Iraq:

Nations where it's unsafe to have an Indymedia server

steward, 16.10.2004 15:12

There is not a single MLAT, but rather numerous bilateral MLATs. Avoid those countries, and hosting may be safer.

DIY Television: A Critique

£, 16.10.2004 14:10

Getting over the hump...

Media Technique: Re-Branding Microsoft Windows (W$ fortified with vitamin poem)

£, 16.10.2004 13:41

W$ W$ - I took offense recently when another of those idiotic "generation" labels tried to push the "branded generation".
Re-Branding - make a corporation in _your_ image; nullify the brand.

Danish war criminals in the UN Security Council

Carsten Kofoed, Spokesman of the Danish Committee for a Free Iraq, 16.10.2004 13:31

Denmark has become a member of the UN Security Council. It is a scandal because the Danish government as late as March 2003, with ill-concealed arrogance, violated the UN Charter, joined the illegal US war on Iraq, and is now continuing as an active participant in the just as illegal occupation.

Contact George ( SLIME BALL ) Bu$h Sr and family, 16.10.2004 12:37

You can Send your personal thoughts about name calling… Mike Moore to…

George ( SLIME BALL ) Bu$h Sr and family

Bush Library # Tell 1 979 691 4000


New Call For Local Refusal

The Dean of Cincinnati, 16.10.2004 10:48

In a response to Mass Refusal, the new plan for Local Refusal asks us to petition for the line "No Confidence" to be entered on ballots.

Ripping up Democratic registrations and other voting insanity

Collin Baber, 16.10.2004 08:51

Bush Campaign Song Tells Truth At Last: &quot;Career of Evil&quot;

bushwackos, 16.10.2004 06:00

In a shameless pandering to heavy-metal voters, the Bush Administration has adapted an old Blue Oyster Cult tune as its new campaign song.

Army unit in Iraq refuses mission

AP, 16.10.2004 04:36

Heroes: 19 members of a supply platoon, often under attack, refused to go on a mission in Iraq in broken down vehicles with contaminated gasoline. Members have been detained and face discipline. Where are all those Halliburton and Bechtel dollars?

BBC DOC: The Making of the Terror Myth

The Guardian:, 16.10.2004 02:37

Since September 11 Britain has been warned of the 'inevitability' of
catastrophic terrorist attack. But has the danger been exaggerated? A
major new TV documentary claims that the perceived threat is a
politically driven fantasy - and al-Qaida a dark illusion.

The Power of Nightmares seeks to overturn much of what is widely
believed about Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. The latter, it argues,
is not an organised international network. It does not have members
or a leader. It does not have "sleeper cells". It does not have an
overall strategy. In fact, it barely exists at all, except as an idea
about cleansing a corrupt world through religious violence.

Republicans Cook US Elections

mary heart, 16.10.2004 02:34

The following vote abuses aren't aberrations. They're the inevitable result of a Republican Party culture in which dirty tricks that distort the vote are rewarded, notpunished. It's a culture that will persist until voters - whose will still does count, if expressed strongly enough - hold that party

Please read and share these articles on &quot;the disaster&quot;

jamie, 16.10.2004 01:51

Dear friends,

Here is the confirmation of just how bad the situation is in Iraq. The “green zone” is no longer safe. Our troops are disillusioned and, as the article below shows, some are refusing to follow orders. But still the talking heads of the Bush administration tell us that things are “improving.”

Please consider this startling article and an amazing email from a Wall Street Journal reporter that you can also hear at Spread them around. Our people are being totally lied to every day by their government and the corporate media. We are talking a total blackout of the truth. Don’t stand for it. jamie

Iraq mutiny?

Collin Baber, 16.10.2004 00:31

Reports are emerging about a potential U.S. forces mutiny in Iraq via multiple sources:

CNP? - The Snakes Behind the Bush Agenda (New Title)

Jeremy Leaming and Rob Boston, 16.10.2004 00:20

Who Is The Council For National Policy And What Are They Up To? And Why Don’t They Want You To Know?

Animal Rights Militants meeting with NRA, Army, ex-ELF Spokesperson

Americans Against Animal Experimentation, 15.10.2004 23:48

Evening of October 22 in Princeton, New Jersey, on the eve of national demonstrations against Huntingdon Life Sciences.
Animal rights supporters from across country meeting with reps from U.S. Army, the NRA, and Earth Liberation Front Press Office to discuss the right to keep and bear arms. Open to the public.

Political prisoners’ memo to the prisons’ attorney

eksegersi, 15.10.2004 22:20



eksegersi, 15.10.2004 22:19


Mount Graham protest telescope dedication Saturday

Mount Graham defenders, 15.10.2004 21:49

Rally on Mount Graham to protest the dedication of the telescope Saturday.

BTR site update/The Color of Authority

Roy San Filipo, 15.10.2004 21:29

The Bring the Ruckus website has been updated with three new articles.
The recent additions are:
"How Are Schools Racist?" by Steve Lorenze
"Amnesty International on Racial Profiling in America" by Clayton Szczech
and "The Color of Authority" by Roy San Filipo, which follows below.

To read these articles and for more information on Bring the Ruckus go to .

indymedia 2004 iron-on patch design

£, 15.10.2004 21:09

(()) test


Malcolm W. Everett, 15.10.2004 21:02

Some cases of the syndrome of haemorraghic shock and encephalopathy represent a variant of TSS

Bluejacking reaches the massives.

Steve Small, 15.10.2004 17:47

Bluejacking reaches new highs as phones in the united kingdom become bluejacked more frequently.

Boycott Rackspace for collaborating with Bush Crime Family

anonymous, 15.10.2004 17:45

A new website has been started to discuss a Boycott against Rackspace and any hosting provider who does not respect their customers free speech human rights

Karl rove Killed my Kid

A. None, 15.10.2004 17:37

Learn everything you can about Karl Rove.
George W Bush is *NOT* anti-christ.

Denver Columbus Day protest on international terror watch list

Brenda Norrell, 15.10.2004 16:42

Carrie Dann photo composite ICT photo courtesy Joylene Woodcock American Indians are calling this absurd: The Columbus Day Protest in Denver on an international terror watch list. It reveals much about the world's so-called terror watches.

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