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Offensive Biology: Is Bio-&quot;defense&quot; a Bust?

Nick Schwellenbach, 19.10.2004 05:08

A biodefense lab may soon be coming to a campus or community near you, if one hasn't already. These labs are the most noticeable evidence of the government's rapidly expanding biotechnology complex.

Offensive Biology: Is Bio-&quot;defense&quot; a Bust?

Nick Schwellenbach, 19.10.2004 05:04

A biodefense lab may soon be coming to a campus or community near you, if one hasn't already. These labs are the most noticeable evidence of the government's rapidly expanding biotechnology complex.

Solidarität mit den kämpfenden Opel-ArbeiterInnen

Revolutionärer Aufbau Schweiz, 19.10.2004 04:43

Der Revolutionäre Aufbau Schweiz unterstützt den Kampf der streikenden ArbeiterInnen in Bochum und ruft zu einer grossen Beteiligung der Kundgebung am heutigen Aktionstag vor den Toren der GM-Zentrale in Zürich-Glattbrugg auf.

Deleuze en la frontera

L. Nicolás Guigou, 19.10.2004 04:26

“El fascismo está en todos nosotros, en nuestras cabezas
y en nuestro comportamientos cotidianos, nos hace amar
el poder, amar incluso aquello que nos somete y explota.”
Michel Foucault

CNN - The World's Most Trusted Source of...Right Wing Spin!!!

Fauxlosopher, 19.10.2004 04:21

CNN - The World's Most Trusted Source of...Right Wing Spin!!!

A Night on the Picket Lines of the Striking SF Hotel Workers

John Reimann, 19.10.2004 03:14

On Sunday night a flying squad of some 20 activists visited various picket lines of the striking SF hotel workers. We created a little havoc with the hotels and helped raise the spirits of the strikers.


Hal E. Burton, 19.10.2004 02:07

Do not support companies that support Sinclair Broadcasting. They want to run an anti-Kerry movie without adhering to "equal time" laws. Their stock is down by 15% after just today, let's let them know what we think about their misguided political view! Money is their language, hit their advertisers, and they'll have to talk!

GW Bush and the Death of Diplomacy

Larry S. Rolirad, 19.10.2004 00:32

A mutant Pandora's Box filled with wars, weapons, and death has been opened by President GW Bush when he initiated preemptive attacks against other sovereign countries which posed zero threats to the United States.

U.S. and British soldiers can refuse to fight or even go to Iraq!

Fark Pooks Rides Again!!!, 18.10.2004 23:53

U.S. and British soldiers can refuse to fight or even go to Iraq!

Ballot or the Bullet (Reloaded)

Malcolm X, 18.10.2004 23:37

If we don't do something real soon, I think you'll have to agree that we're going to be forced either to use the ballot or the bullet. It's one or the other in [2004]

To the Vauxhall workers (and GM workers elsewhere)

Gerd Ofinger, 18.10.2004 23:25

The workers at the German Opel plant in Bochum (Ruhr) downed tools on Thursday afternoon, October 14. Production has been at a standstill since then, An international day of action has been called for all GM factories in Europe for Tuesday, October 19. GM have a policy of “divide and rule” and want to play off the workforce of different factories against each another.

Historic Victory Against Transnational Corporation!

Enlace, 18.10.2004 22:22

Maquiladora workers in Baja California Sur recently wrestled a historic victory from Korean based Pung Kook. Enlace and SINTTIM succeeded in getting this transnational corporation to return to North America to settle up with the workers.

How Does Bush Get Away With It?

Eric Margolis, 18.10.2004 22:07

Yankees are blind to blundering Bush.

Earthfiles: Another &quot;Chupacabra&quot; Shot in Texas

Stephen King, 18.10.2004 21:53

Chupacapra Photo "Ma, there's somethin' out thar in tha corn..."

10/18: 'Mohammed Atta was a wealthy, chain-smoking drug dealer&quot;...

The Mad Cow Morning News, 18.10.2004 19:27

Mohammed Atta Mohammed Atta was a wealthy, chain smoking, drug dealing psychopath who dressed like a mobster. And that's not even the good stuff.

Bloomberg's escapades

Publius, 18.10.2004 19:25

Has Michael Bloomberg been having an affair? Rumors abound, but i'm skeptical.


thi3rdeye, 18.10.2004 18:40

Scientists find way to make us slaves - Organ trafficking in Baghdad, US$ 30,000 for a kidney - BushFear Ads - China Set To Negotiate Bin Laden Handover With Bush - Wal-Mart vs. the Pyramids...

Calling All Swing States

Catherine Wallach, 18.10.2004 17:38

My theater company is hosting a benefit for MoveOn PAC next week in New York City during which we will call people in swing states and have them talk to us live about what this year's presidential race has been like for them.

Possible October Surprise

Translated from El Mundo: Gordon Thomas, 18.10.2004 17:03

Waiting to see how true this report is.
Bin Laden is in China
This confirms Gordon Thomas, a journalist with contacts in the most important intelligence services. The terrorist had reached an agreement with China, which now negotiates its surrender with Bush. It is his greatest electoral trick.

Was Senator Paul Wellstone Murdered?

Four Arrows, 18.10.2004 16:38

Four Arrows and Dr. Jim Fetzer will present, on this second anniversary of Senator Paul Wellstone's death, information about their book, American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone. Now available at, this small book presents a strong prima facie case that this last champion of peace and truth was taken out by the Cheney/Rove/corporate establishment.

Indymedia seizures: a trawl for Genoa G8 trial cover-up?

the register, 18.10.2004 16:32

Indymedia and other interested parties are to seek an injunction preventing the export of the contents of the servers that were seized last week. This content is thought to have included correspondence with lawyers involved in the case against Genoa police accused of grievous bodily harm, falsifying evidence, slander and abuse of police powers, during and subsequent to the 2001 G8 summit.

Media blitz by Cons

Anonymous, 18.10.2004 15:37

Is this image of John Kerry meeting and shaking hands with supporters worth a rating of only 2.85!! Act now to discuss Kerry's debate wins on various chat rooms, calls to radio stations, and letters to the editors.



*The current rhetoric coming out of Washington is demanding that Syria end its "occupation" of Lebanon. However, not a single word is being said about the decades-long illegal and immoral occupation of the Palestinian people.

mickey mouse for president

the grassy noel, 18.10.2004 14:20

A poem about mickey mouses's campaign for the presidency

Protesting Bush in Southern Oregon--Defending the First Amendment, A first person Account

Peter Chabarek, 18.10.2004 14:08

describes our direct action at the Bush rally in Central Point, Oregon, where we were evicted for wearing T shirts with anti-war messages, followed by a description of what happened at the jacksonville protest where demonstrators were attacked by police with pepper spray balls.

Anarchisms connection to the Ruling Class in Australia.

Evno Azef, 18.10.2004 13:38

This short rant was hidden from the Melbourne Independent Media center by the very same people who work the local magistrates court in Melbourne. These people range from judges to class servants. It is an Important issue because Anarchists etc. often face Imprisonment (for example a person was fined $800 for graffiting starbucks in 2001. He received an $800 dollar fine for this 'offence'. The judge was the father of well known 'Anarchist' Luke Mcmahon.) -hhhhhh-


Antifaschistische Gegendemontsration 16.10.04 Köln

Gine Willrich, Bonn, 18.10.2004 11:51

Massiver Widerstand von rund 1500 Antifaschistinnen konnte den Nazi-Aufmarsch in Köln am 16.10.massiv behinndern. 1000 Polizisten und Bundesgrenzschutz sorgen für ein bürgerkriegsähnliches Klima.

Crony capitalism pushed to the extreme

Au-Yang Cheong Tak, 18.10.2004 11:22

My full-time job for the past three years was being an entrepreneur looking for funding of my tech projects. It may seem awkward and irrelevant. But the story is a lot darker, more sophisticated and far-reaching than that. It is my firm belief that I have been targeted and the market is rigged to an impossible extent that plenty of VCs, media and influential businessmen are involved. The conspiracy is to isolate me so that assigned people can profit from those lucrative opportunities.

A Soldiers &quot;unauthorized&quot; Pics From Iraq

Rengi Neer, 18.10.2004 10:40

These photo's were most likely taken by a US soldier, a certain 'davef' in Iraq, who had some webmaster skills and posted a small site in his FTP space open to the net.

Real Social Transformations at Burning Man 2004

brightpathvideo, 18.10.2004 07:01

Dear Friends,
Brightpathvideo is pleased to announce the first rendition
Of our new audio/multi-media documentary on
Spiritual & Social Transformations at Burning Man 2004
Our focus is to reveal some of the deep experiences going on at
Burning Man. We found a rather pervasive engagement by
many participants with serious social re-engineering and
personal discovery. It is our belief that what is going on in the
Nevada desert at Burning Man is nothing less than evolutionary,
and a true source of hope for the emergence of a society based
on mutual caring, sharing and ultra creativity .
We hope you find this piece engaging and revelatory. Please visit

Network Media Blackout of Third Party Candidates for U.S. President

James Carter, 18.10.2004 05:21

U.S. Network Media is afraid to tell the people about Michael Badnarik! The network media has specifically avoided mentioning third party candidates other than Ralph Nader. One such candidate has a real viable opportunity to win the election however the debates have denied the Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik. The U.S. long touted as the "land of the free" no fails to deliver that promise...

The Hydrogen News # 20

Mike Johnston, 18.10.2004 05:21

Article on the deception of Clean Coal technology and hydrogen energy related links

FBI raid Islamic Charity in Columbia Missouri, in the Heart of a swing state

Nate Carlisle and Mike Wells, 18.10.2004 05:05

Federal agents raid and sieze assets of long established Islamic Charity that sent aid to orphanages in Sudan and Bosnia.

US Islamic Charity Shut down and Asssets Siezed

Columbia Daily Tribune, 18.10.2004 04:52

Islamic Charity assets siezed US Islamic Charity Shut down and Asssets Siezed

Wearing out the President

Joel Wiese, 18.10.2004 04:50

Another grass roots effort to un-elect our president...

GERMANY: Heavily &quot;illegal&quot; strike at GM (General Motors)!

f.g.x, 18.10.2004 04:07

GM Europe Works Council declares european day of solidarity action for 19 October as reaction to threatening job cuts in GM car factories in Europe.

As some participants of the ESF (European Social Forum) in London concentrate on infighting - or on kissing Labour´s bum, German car workers opted for unofficial industrial action. They now wait for solidarity.

Million Worker March Photos, 18.10.2004 03:55

web gallery of 10-17-04 Million Worker March

Stop Dismembering The Cradle of Civilization

Walrus, 18.10.2004 03:47

It's time for America to stand on it's own two feet, and stop trying to steal the oil from the small country of Iraq

Election Activism

David Baake and Kevin Saliger, 18.10.2004 03:12

While it is important that the Left makes a choice regarding which corporate servant will be in the White House in the ballot box, outside the ballot box we could make a powerful statement against what David Cobb calls 'Corporate hijacking of democracy.' The way to make our voice heard on this issue is quite simple: a massive boycott of capitalism.

October 22nd National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, 18.10.2004 01:46

Announcement of cities participating in the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and Criminalization of a Generation

If you steal, Steal BIG!

Larry S. Rolirad, 18.10.2004 00:36

The more you steal, defraud, swindle, or swipe the smaller the penalty when compared to your crime. Whoever says crime doesn't pay has never seen a white collared criminal.

Canadian Hypocrisy

Yves Engler, 17.10.2004 23:07

"World Needs More Canada" hollered the lead opinion in last Monday's Globe
and Mail. The fallacy of this claim was confirmed to me a minute later when
I flipped to the business section where the main headline read, "Canada
resists British plan to revalue IMF [International Monetary Fund] Gold

According to the Globe article Canada successfully blocked a plan to help
forgive the debt of heavily indebted poor countries' by revaluing 103
million ounces of IMF gold reserves.

TONIGHT! THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BUSH - CBC Passionate Eye, Sunday, 10 p.m., 17.10.2004 22:48


Sunday October 17, 2004 at 10pm ET/PT (2 hours) repeating Friday October
22, 2004 at 10pm ET/PT

If you're not yet having nightmares about the world being in the hands of a
circle of crazed zealots, this should do it. The World According to Bush, a
two-hour documentary about the inner-workings of the Bush administration,
will frighten even the most hardened Washington-watchers.

New York City Indy Media is DOWN!

peace fem, 17.10.2004 22:12

Tonight, SUNDAY 6:10 pm (EST) New York's Indy Media is off the web.

CBC MUST SEE: World According to Bush

CBC Fan, 17.10.2004 21:44

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO BUSH Sunday October 17, 2004 at 10pm ET/PT (2 hours) repeating Friday October 22, 2004 at 10pm ET/PT

Journalist Sues To Halt Use of Voting Machines &amp; Absentee Ballots

Lynn Landes, 17.10.2004 21:28

Journalist Requests Temporary Restraining Orders Against Use of Voting Machines & Absentee Ballots - Urges Use Of Remote Polling Precincts & Provisional Ballots


Larry S. Rolirad, 17.10.2004 20:47

Can anyone cite any instance in GW Bush's life where he showed any concern for anyone else? Can anyone cite any instance in Bush's life where he stood up for the oppressed, the disenfranchied, and the poor?

Call for Nominations to the Progressive Cabinet

Bill Moyer, 17.10.2004 20:46

The Backbone Campaign and a coalition of grassroots organizations from around the nation (see below) have come together to initiate a process to empower citizens to nominate and elect "The Backbone Cabinet, A Progressive Cabinet Roster."

The GOP is Historically Bad for Jobs

Larry S. Rolirad, 17.10.2004 20:08

The republican claim that they are better for job creation is a myth. Seventy-two years of statistical evidence disproves this false republican claim.

10.12.2004 - 13,00 o'clock - country wide call to the &quot;civilian disobedience&quot;

anonymous user of web, 17.10.2004 19:40

we calls the population, the pupils and students, the doctors and professors, the elite of our country, the workers in the enterprises such as OPELS and VOLKSWAGEN, Vodaphone and other one, the employees in the offices and department stores such as Karstadt, Quelle, Neckarmann, the post, the tele company, the motorists of the transporting enterprises and the course, the employees of the energy- and water management, in particular however the implementing civil servants and employees in the public authorities, sozialaemtern, work agencies and offices as well as the control and order forces in this our country to the peaceful civilian disobedience opposite the governing and powerful ones. This is a call to all democratic forces in our country and at everyone the these to read can.

"we workers and employee of this country, we little businessman those the liquidity like a damoclessworns over the company hangs, we people on social security and unemployed person, we the fathers and mothers, we the pensioners and children is not the actual problem in this country.
Conclusion with the modesty, our patience is exhausted!"

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