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John Kerry's incoherent support of Bill Clinton and the State of Israel!

k.hawley, 21.10.2004 04:21

John Kerry's incoherent support of Bill Clinton and the State of Israel!

World Says No War

IaintnoDJ, 21.10.2004 03:59

A music video from pictures of peace protests from around the world within the month of the United States bombing of Bagdad, Iraq. All pictures are taken from except for the "peace officer" from Lisa Rein and Jeff Vendsel's Photo of the Mill Valley Seniors.


Dulles NOW Press Release, 21.10.2004 02:54

...the fact that Americans are politically powerless has never been so glaring. Dulles NOW sees, therefore, little use in participating in the cash-and-carry Great American Farce that the 2004 elections are...

Not Quite Burning Books, But Come On...

B. A. Foley, 21.10.2004 02:30

The Board of Trustees of Cincinnati's public library torpedo a voter education and mobilization event. Was the decision political?

Early Childhood Jew-Hate Indoctrination

David Bedein, 21.10.2004 02:25

In the new schoolbooks of the Palestinian Authority, no Jewish connection to the Holy Land is mentioned whatsoever. Indeed, Jews are only referred to in the context of their wars with Prophet Muhammad, where they are depicted in an unfavorable light, as violators of a treaty they had signed with him and as ”employers of trickery”.

Mentally ILL Woman Raped by Attorney brother!

Jack Briggs, 21.10.2004 02:11

According to court records, from the time she was 8 to 15, she was continuously raped by her attorney brother Alan West…who lived by the adage that “incest is best”

Mentally ILL Woman Raped by Attorney brother!

Jack Briggs, 21.10.2004 02:01

According to court records, from the time she was 8 to 15, she was continuously raped by her attorney brother Alan West…who lived by the adage that “incest is best”

Bush lying again: &quot;I will accept Islamic Iraq. ... If that's what the people choose ...&quot;

BBC, 21.10.2004 01:34

The compulsive liar speaks again! He knows that the whole world, except
the facism loving population from among the Americans, know that Bush lies
95% of the time when he makes a promise or agreement.
This same pig with his fellow pigs has been rejecting the very idea of
fair and "democratic" elections in Iraq, where the outcome will be an
Islamic State. Bush the pig has given the whole world (excluding his
supporters) enough reasons not to trust him when ever he makes a promise
or agreement. The evil pigs in the white-house will see to it that free
and fair elections will not happen in Iraq. Hell they are already seeing
to it that free and fair elections dont happen in USA!!!


BEMUSED, 20.10.2004 21:59


Socialism for Today: David Schweickart's 'Economic Democracy'

Carl Davidson, 20.10.2004 21:53

A Review of David Schweickart's 'After Capitalism.' Primarily a long answer to the neoliberal 'TINA' crowd (There Is No Alternative). Schweickart gives a convincing argument that there is an 'successor system' alternative, a variant of market socialism he calls 'Economic Democracy.' It of special interest to global justice and green activists.

Reclaim the Streets - mobile Strassenparty mit Soundsystems

Ichs, 20.10.2004 21:14

Reclaim the Streets - mobile Strassenparty mit Soundsystems für Subkulturelle Freiräume

Security Camera Video:Horrific Madrid Train Bombing

Madrid Police, 20.10.2004 20:24

Video footage of the moment bombs exploded in a Madrid train station have been shown on Spanish television.

Streaming and /or Download

Whats Bush's &quot;Back Up Plan&quot; to hold onto power in Novmber?

Whorebucks Cafe, 20.10.2004 19:12

Whats Bush's "Back Up Plan" to hold onto power in Novmber?

We The People, IndyMedia, And The Neoliberal Project

by Richard K. Moore, 20.10.2004 18:53

Consider for a moment how important the Internet has become as a source of news and analysis. Over the past ten years, email lists and websites have evolved into a formidable alternative to commercial media. They provide people all over the world with timely eyewitness reports on developing events, along with a broad range of analysis and opinion.

Follow this web addres for important war info on British troop moves: Blair has lied again

Reposted from, 20.10.2004 17:45

Follow this web address for important war info on British troop moves:

Perú // Movimiento Raíz construyendo democracia radical * Manifiesto

Movimiento Raíz, 20.10.2004 17:32

Manifiesto Fundacional del Movimiento Raíz del Perú

Why I Will Be Voting for Ralph Nader, Again

Paul Donahue, 20.10.2004 17:06

As much as I am opposed to the Bush administration and their horrendous policies, foreign and domestic, removing Bush from office is not my top priority.

Activists Visit CEO of National Coal, Detained By FBI

Stop National Coal, 20.10.2004 15:25

Protesters chant and drum across the street from the Nix's house This Monday, October 18, a group of 17 masked protesters held a rally outside the house of Jon Nix, the current CEO of National Coal Corporation. The activists chanted, and drummed for half an hour. As they tried to leave they were stopped and detained for two and a half hours by the Knox County Sheriff's Department and later the activists were questioned by the FBI.

Protest against neo-Nazi party entrance into the Saxon parliament

Sorb, 20.10.2004 14:10

Protest against neo-Nazi party entrance into the Saxon parliament

Dresden, Saxony;Germany
19.10. 2004

Protest against neo-Nazi party entrance into the Saxon parliament.

Yesterday, a new Saxon parliament was constituted, during an official ceremony with the presence of 12 new members of parliament from the neo-Nazi Party called NPD. Outside of the parliament an international demonstration was taking place protesting the presence of neo-Nazis in Saxon Parliament. Among protesters many Sorbs were present displaying their dissatisfaction at the presence of NPD, which will have the right to vote in the matters pertaining to Sorbian affairs, i.e.: minority founding, Sorbian education etc.

Libertes, Democratie et Anarchie

Cyril, 20.10.2004 13:20

Ce texte est une reflexion sur les libertes, la democratie et l'anarchie, etablie dans un cadre scolaire. Je tente d'y donner une certaine definition de la liberte, une critique des systemes democratiques, je tente de cerner d'ou provient chez certaines personnes le desir d'anarchie, et enfin j'enumere quelques un des defis auxquels devrait faire face une societe anarchique.

Can we go there for some democracy?

jamie, 20.10.2004 10:49

By BLAKE NICHOLSON, Associated Press Writer
BISMARCK, N.D. - With a shortage of flu vaccine across the country, Margaret Holmen and others from the Powers Lake Senior Citizens Center have been talking about going to Canada for their shots.
Clinics and pharmacies across the border are offering to inoculate U.S. residents, and Holmen said she planned to call clinics in Estevan, Saskatchewan, if she cannot get a flu shot in North Dakota this week.

B R I N G H E R O N ?!?!

Collin Baber, 20.10.2004 09:20

President Bush and his Hubris-Nemesis complex.


- David Ronfeldt,

- Ron Suskind,

Fucking God

Biploby, 20.10.2004 08:06

holocaust-II: The Government of Israel passed laws and adopted policies that drove the tyranny against Christian, Muslims, and others. A person's religion or ethnic background was a factor in deciding his/her status. The tyranny of seizing private property and suppressing the economy of Palestine is driven primarily by the government. Those who resist the government's tyranny are wounded, imprisoned, or assassinated.

Fighting GM layoffs in Europe: Opel Bochum workers show the way

Robert Bechert,, 20.10.2004 06:07

The swift angry and determined answer of the workers at Opel’s Ruhr area factory in Bochum to General Motor’s announcement of 12,000 redundancies throughout Europe has seized the headlines in Germany. They immediately went on strike to stop this threat.

New Movie About Pacifist Anarchists in the USA

Mucolepsy, 20.10.2004 04:09

poster/flyer to advertise the movie Activists from Earth First!, the War Resisters League, the IWW, and the Catholic Worker, along with Ammon Hennacy exemplify the marginalized prophetic witness for peace and justice in the USA. Hear some of these stories in this motion picture--A PEACE OF THE ANARCHY

Workshops Planned on Election and Labor Media

David Swanson, 20.10.2004 02:03

On November 12 in Washington, D.C., the International Labor Communications Association ( will sponsor two workshops, in conjunction with the annual ILCA labor media contest awards luncheon.

October 22nd Protests in over 30 areas, 20.10.2004 01:23

Events and demonstrations will be held in over 30 locations throughout the U.S. (and one in Israel!)
For details, check the website or contact

Patrick J. Buchanan, High Priest of the Kabbalistic Temple

Michael A. Hoffman, 20.10.2004 01:20

In his endorsement of the reelection of George W. Bush, Patrick J.
Buchanan declares that Bush is right on "tax cuts," even though these
have mostly benefited the rich. Is Bush right on judges like the
Talmudic tyrant Antonin Scalia? Is Bush right in approving the
punishment meted out to "Ten Commandments" Judge Roy Moore, by elevating
Bill Pryor, the Alabama Attorney General who filed ethics charges
against Moore, to a seat on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals?

The Enemy Within: How U.S. Corporations Orchestrate And Profit From The Deaths Of U.S. Soliders

Mike Schiller, 20.10.2004 00:27

Explains how and why companies which make basic supplies- daily necessities like soap and tea, which are sold in bulk to the military- are the least noticed yet most dangerous group of corporations which seek to prolong and exploit wars for profit.

An act of conscience

Daniel Borgström, 19.10.2004 23:31

"Your Honor," Rosemarie Jackowski addressed the court at her sentencing hearing, "How can it be that a Nation, that is itself in violation of the law, can then hope to impose the Rule of Law on its citizens?"

Losing To Bacteria: Open Letter To The Washington Post

Nicholas Levis, 19.10.2004 22:28

It has been my experience that the "Journalists" never respond to these criticisms, because there is no evidence to back up their Theories. But test them out. Send this to any reporter you feel has failed on the subject of 911, and see if they respond.

Why Bush Might Win - Americans Secretly Love Facism

Richard Risemberg, 19.10.2004 22:27

The most important election of our lifetime is coming down to who can best pacify the electorate's inner baby.

Towering Inferno In Caracas, No Collapse

AP, 19.10.2004 22:04

730 foot tall building, in a nation with a much weaker building code than the US, burns to the frame... and remains standing. I'll bet the people who planned and executed "911" ( as a pretext to their Fascist agenda, "Rebuilding America's Defenses", cringed when this to happened.

Zionism And Apartheid

Jerusalem Post, 19.10.2004 21:58

Since the JP is an Asper-owned, pro-Zionist rag, I've added my own comments in brackets.

Operation Desert Fraud

New York Metro, 19.10.2004 21:38

Forget "RatherGate". The entire media system within the US, with very few exceptions, has sacrificed its credibility over these past three years of PNAC/Bush Madness, and displayed in no uncertain terms where their loyalties lie.

Proof of Lies And Evidence Fabrication Against The Hijacker Suspects of 9-11.

The Movement Dot Com, 19.10.2004 21:30

The fact that no independently-verifiable evidence has surfaced over the past three years is enough proof for me.

Bush Said the &quot;P&quot; Word

David Corn, 19.10.2004 21:27

The only way Bush will win is if the election is again rigged in his favour. The average American despises Bush, and with good reason. His every action is Anti-American.

Kids Removed, Jailed, Denied Medical Treatment - Health activist needs your solidarity!

Kathleen Dickson Defense, 19.10.2004 20:42

Kathleen Dickson, veteran Lyme disease patients' advocate, spoke out against corporate corruption and fraud within Lyme science. Now she's had her kids taken under false charges, has been jailed, her own Lyme disease and autism denied, refused vital medical treatment, and labelled "crazy" for alleging that doctors and health officials have conspired with industry to falsify medical information. Please read on and discover how you can help her...

Open letter to Humanity

Richard Nattress, 19.10.2004 19:53

An open letter to humanity, a call to action, in response to the conveyed message, and the medium through which it is inflicted. A reply to each, from what ultimately must lord over all, and it is not pretty.

The US and Russia: Democracy in Check

Brandon Batzloff, 19.10.2004 19:13

At the end of September, 115 politicians and foreign policy experts signed a letter that was delivered to the heads of NATO and European Union States. The
letter criticized Russian President, Vladimir Putin's recent moves to end Democratic process in Russia. One of the recipients of the letter was George Bush, jr. As a man who has moved to end Democratic process in his own country, it would have been very hypocritical of Bush to condemn Putin for his actions. Consequently the only rebuke was Bush stating that he hopes Putin does not abandon Democracy upheld by checks and balances within the Russian government (The First Bush), but even this was ironic.

U.S. Has Contingency Plans for a Draft of Medical Workers

ROBERT PEAR, 19.10.2004 19:02

Colonel Lalich, citing Selective Service memorandums on the subject, said the Defense Department had indicated that "a conventional draft of untrained manpower is not necessary for the war on terrorism." But, he said, "the Department of Defense has stated that what most likely will be needed is a 'special skills draft,' " including care workers in particular.

CBC Airs Documentary: The World According to Bush

CBC Newsworld, 19.10.2004 18:39

Download and watch this excellent documentary on the Bush Administration which complements and supports Michael Moore's film, Farenheit 911.

Stop Sinclair from strong arming the election

drdick, 19.10.2004 16:41

Promote equal time

CBC Airs Documentary: The World According to Bush

CBC Newsworld, 19.10.2004 15:59

Download and watch this excellent documentary on the Bush Administration which complements and supports Michael Moore's film, Farenheit 911.

Wasn't Jesus A Liberal?

Gary Vance, 19.10.2004 15:51

Liberalism has been maliciously re-defined by Conservative political and religious elements. They have twisted this noble philosophy to mean something profane. This essay,written by an evangelical minister,challenges that idea by tracing the primary issues of Liberalism back to Jesus.

NÓS-UP apresentou em Barcelona, junto a Endavant (OSAN) e Batasuna, a alternativa das esquerdas independentistas às reformas estatutárias

NÓS-UP, 19.10.2004 13:21

NÓS-UP apresentou em Barcelona, junto a Endavant (OSAN) e Batasuna, a alternativa das esquerdas independentistas às reformas estatutárias

Who is the patriot and who is the traitor?

by Michelle Malin -Submitted by Rengi Neer, 19.10.2004 12:21

What manner of people have Americans become that would demonize a hero and iconize a coward? How long must we endure the lies of our government and the killing of our children for empire?

please stop this war

info, 19.10.2004 08:14

a letter to american people
from italy with love

The Judeo-Christian Origins of ‘Islamic' Terrorism

Brent Herbert, 19.10.2004 06:47

It turns out that beheading your enemy and displaying the head does not originate with Islam, but rather with the Judeo-Christian Bible.

100,000 Volunteers Needed

Autonome, 19.10.2004 05:52

One hundred thousand volunteers are needed in the only war that brings you back to life. A new, introductory pamphlet from Autonome is now available for download in PDF format.

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