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The Oil Factor on Democracy Now!

Marten, 22.10.2004 16:52

Today's broadcast of Democracy Now! includes footage from a documentary on soldiers in Iraq, and The Oil Factor: Most of an expose on the codenamed "War on Terror", detailing US oil interests, Depleted Uranium, etc. Excellent work done here. Shocking news all around.

L’affaire Cesare Battisti

Association pour la Défense d’un Espace Européen des Libertés (ADEEL), 22.10.2004 16:45

L’affaire Cesare Battisti est une démonstration et de l’acharnement du gouvernement Berlusconi dans la répression et du camouflage des intérêts de la bande Berlusconi sous couvert de la guerre contre le terrorisme. À son tour l’affaire Battisti alimente la vague de mesures répressives et “de prévention” qui déferle sur l’Europe et qui frappe communistes révolutionnaires, syndicalistes combatifs, travailleurs avancés, partisans de l’autodétermination des petits nations (basques, corses, bretons, sardes par ex.), immigrés, surtout arabes et islamiques.

Could the Associated Press (AP) Rig the Election?

Lynn Landes, 22.10.2004 16:15

The AP is a 1/2 billion dollar not-for-profit "news cooperative" that appears to be managed by conservatives. AP spokesmen will not deny that it will get direct feed from voting machines and central vote tabulating computers across the country on Election Night. Computer experts say what can be download and also be uploaded.

Endorse urgent petition to defend our right to protest in Parliament Square

Global Women’s Strike, 22.10.2004 15:46

Dear friends,
Please ask your organisation to sign this petition to defend all of our right to protest in Parliament Square. Time is short, please return your organisation’s contact details and your signature by the Friday, 29 October, if possible, as the Government wants to include this legislation in the Queen’s speech next month. Return your endorsement to the Global Women’s Strike by email to or by fax or post. Individual signatures are also welcome; please indicate if you are signing for your organisation or as an individual.
Thank you

Letter To The Saudi Arabian Ambassador In Washington.

Elijah Gatewood, 22.10.2004 15:42

The foreign policy of the United States.

Hostage Video: British Boss (Margaret Hassan) of Aid Organization CARE, Videos: Recent Attacks on US troops &amp; More

Various, 22.10.2004 15:25

Weeping Hassan in plea for life.

'Please help me, I beg of you'.

Videos Of Recent Iraqi Resistance attacks on American's troops.


Citizens for Fair Legislation, 22.10.2004 15:13

The head of a U.S. Presbyterian Church delegation has called on Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories and warned that his church may begin withholding investments to pressure Israel.

Time To Kick It Up a Notch? Resist This Murderous Adventure

Ron Jacobs, 22.10.2004 15:09

A call to re-energize the antiwar movement

Mama/MAMA new documentary on Munchausen Syndrome by PRoxy

Amy Sommer, 22.10.2004 15:07

information about release of new documentary

Brief: Steve Ballmer

£, 22.10.2004 15:05

mad dog used without permission

Slideshow Presentation: The Images Of Indymedia - 2001 Quebec City

£, 22.10.2004 14:26

photodownthewall.jpg from personal archive

Law &amp; Order© (with W$)

£, 22.10.2004 13:52

W$ there outta bea law

Say hello to...

King Amdo, 22.10.2004 10:40


CNP? Any Wonder Few Know About It?

by Jeremy Leaming and Rob Boston, 22.10.2004 09:44

Who Is The Council For National Policy And What Are They Up To? And Why Don’t They Want You To Know?

Boston Police Shoot Girl in Head

Me, 22.10.2004 08:34

After the Red Sox won the Pennant the Boston Police shot at people celebrating, one of whom was a 21-year-old college student.

Latest News from Kabul: Disputed &quot;winner&quot; in Afghan election is George W BUSH

DLi, 22.10.2004 03:31

Who is potentially the biggest loser in the Afghan "presidential election" of October 8? Not Hamid Karzai, the popularly-dubbed "Mayor of Kabul" who hardly ventures out of the capital(even with his gang of USA mercenary body guards), for fear og getting "martyred" by his warlord opponents or his ex-Taliban buddies from the 1990s! It would be none other than the U.S. overlord's own White House occupier George the junior.


JEFF STONE, 22.10.2004 02:23

A HUGE RALLY WILL TAKE PLACE sUN oCT 24 at Nazi headquaters Upper West Side Manhattan

Therapy Culture And Counterculture

Lee McCracken, 22.10.2004 01:55

The fear of terrorism, for instance, has been relentlessly fed by the major media, paving the way for policies like the war in Iraq . By teaching us to feel like helpless victims who must rely on Leviathan to save us, the state is able to short-circuit much of the opposition its policies might otherwise arouse.

Gov. Locke Signs 3rd Executive Order on Sustainability

Glenn Kuper, Governor's Communications Office, 360-902-4136, 21.10.2004 23:27

Washington Gov. Gary Locke Signed sustainability Executive Order 04-06 calling for action on global warming. All new state buildings over 25,000 square feet be certified LEED Silver Rating. Directs agencies to reduce petroleum use throughout state fleets by 20 percent in five years.

Bush, Blair and company invent a new precept (law)

Pravda.Ru: Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, 21.10.2004 23:01

How do Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell plead for the charges of mass
murder in Iraq?
We are sorry that the intelligence on Iraq was bogus, but it was a tough
choice and we did the right thing by attacking and murdering Iraqis.
And by-the-way, we will continue to use this precept for every other people
of the world that we hate.

Vote For Kerry or Die, 21.10.2004 22:56

We must not only Vote or Die, to borrow from P. Diddy, we must vote for John Kerry or at least die trying because of the many Republican efforts to suppress the black vote...

Welcome John Ashcroft to Ottawa!

anonymous, 21.10.2004 22:49

John Ashcroft will be at Ottawa's Chateau Laurier Friday, October 22, 2004 starting at 11:45. Let's give him a big, big welcome!

Slovak wolves and bears endangered

Narciarz Wilk, 21.10.2004 22:34

Slovakian Ministry of Environment signed allowance to shoot to least 63 bears. Those bears have not done any damage and have not wouded any humans. Last year allowance was signed for 71 animals (and the limit have not been fulfilled). Additionaly 3-10 bears a year are killed for doing damages (and we do not complain about this now). Last year hunters shoot at least _112 wolves_ and that is equivalent to the number of wolves born a year. Propably similar numer of wolves will be shoot this year.

anyone but bush (cualquiera menos bush)

Ramón Antonio Parada, 21.10.2004 21:40

Se acerca el final de la campaña electoral y los candidatos atacan con más fuerza, y más dinero, si es que es posible, para subir, bien por mertitos propios, o por defectos ajenos, en las encuestas. Pero en esta loca antesala de las elecciones se ha despertado una tercera fuerza; todos los que que les da igual quien sea el presidente, pero no Bush. Lo dicho, "anyone but Bush".

The Bush Administration’s attack on workers and the eight hour day

By Stewart Acuff, Organizing Director AFL-CIO, 21.10.2004 21:39

The Bush Administration’s attack on workers and the eight hour day


Andy, 21.10.2004 21:30

George Bush has committed perjury and contempt of court. In his Harken Energy Scandal he got a whitewash from James Doty his personal attorney.

The War Comes Home

Janet C. Phelan, 21.10.2004 21:18

Attachment A Case study of an extermination under the Bush administration.

And now this news

jamie, 21.10.2004 20:56

Very soon a terrible “disease bomb” will unexpectedly explode in our nation. “DU death” is sure to visit your hometown soon. Be on the alert. Also be aware of the murderous effects of combat stress, PTSD, drug addiction, depression, unemployment, and other attendant effects of U.S. foreign policy under neocon control. The rich have really fucked us this time.

Chemical Brothers fazem show apático em São Paulo

Gustavo Tosello Pinheiro, 21.10.2004 18:55

Em show realizado no estádio do Pacaembú, os Chemical Brothers realizaram ontem um show que contraria os princípios da cena eletrônica: se apresentaram completamente POP. Como resultado observou-se a apatia total, do público e dos artistas.

Tony Blair gives British Troops &quot;Equal Opportunity&quot; to fill up Body Bags as U.S.Soldiers do!

Fauxlosopher, 21.10.2004 18:29

Tony Blair gives British Troops "Equal Opportunity" to fill up Body Bags as U.S.Soldiers do!

National Fightback Conference Nov. 13-14, NYC

Workers World Party, 21.10.2004 17:37

After the elections--no matter who wins--there needs to be a serious discussion about how to move the struggle forward. And that is exactly what hundreds of activists will be doing in New York City over the weekend of November 13-14 at a National Fightback Conference sponsored by Workers World Party.

Halloween Election Phone Chain 2004

Anonymous, 21.10.2004 17:34

Get out the vote in 2004!

An American Perspective - documentary

Alex Cserhart, 21.10.2004 16:39

Political opinions docmentary from the swing state of New Mexico. Presently in the Governors Cup Film Festival of New Mexico.

So why did the U.S. beg for British help?

jamie, 21.10.2004 16:30


By: agitpapa on: 17.10.2004 14:34 (1646 reads)

Iraqi partisans on the Euphrates front win decisive field victories, heading for Baghdad. The US is desperate for reinforcements and supplies, being unable to protect its logistics bases and supply convoys, let alone mount offensive ground operations. Blair throws the British Black Watch regiment into the fire to shore up besieged US units until the January elections, after which the US withdrawal is expected.

Support Falluja!

Sara, 21.10.2004 16:18

Britiah citizens,

Please pressure your government to prevent the pending attack on Falluja. It is aimed at the popular resistance of the Iraqi people. They deserve our support and admiration not more death and destruction from Washington anf London. Sara

Time to raise hell Brits. What you going to do?

jamie, 21.10.2004 15:57

Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, told MPs today that 850 British troops will redeploy from Basra to an area south of Baghdad.Mr Hoon finally confirmed the decision to accede to a US request for an armoured battle group after receiving advice from army chiefs that there was a "compelling military operational justification" for it.

Boycott Israel

Nimrod, 21.10.2004 15:37

Exclusion of Israeli companies and organisations from European Union technology projects. The EU has a technology programme called the Framework programme. Projects are selected for inclusion in the programme by independent evaluators. Most of the evaluators are excluding projects that contain any Israeli organisations or companies. This will continue until Israel stops murdering Palestinians and respects their right to exist.

Bush Administration aims to give psychiatric drugs to school children

from, 21.10.2004 15:36

Bush Admin's new plan to screen every child for 'mental illness'

Halloween News Special: New Gov't Mind Control!

Abe W. Goodman, 21.10.2004 15:23

Halloween News Special:

Bush mental health initiative "New Freedom" will translate to "New Prison"

-Infants on Prozac.
-The whole american nation forced into mental screening.
-Sovet-style Social programming.
-Hills of psychiatric drugs to curb descent and for "social control."
-The ascendancy of "big Pharma" to the highest offices in Washington.

'Life Interrupted' – a new exhibition on HIV/AIDS by Don McCullin

Christian Aid, 21.10.2004 11:13

Cynthia Tombizanele; photo: Don McCullin On Friday, 26 November 2004, Christian Aid will launch a new photographic exhibition on HIV/AIDS in Africa by one of the world's leading photojournalists, Don McCullin.

College newspaper's Page 1 gets censorship treatment

Tony A. tharp, 21.10.2004 11:10

The staff of The Campus Communicator, after college officials seized the publication and held it hostage in the community college mailroom, went through all 1,100 copies of the newspaper with White Out to conceal the name and address of a student assault suspect named in a Page 1 story -- just as college officials "suggested" they do.

Up in Smoke, a new report on global warming

The Working Group on Climate Change and Development, 21.10.2004 11:03

Up in Smoke, a report from the Working Group on Climate Change and Development. The Working Group on Climate Change and Development - a coalition that includes Christian Aid - warns in a new report that global warming threatens to reverse human progress and make the international targets on halving global povery by 2015, known as the Millennium Development Goals, unattainable.

Facts on the ground: The end of the two-state solution?

Christian Aid, 21.10.2004 11:00

A view of the Har Homa settlement in the West Bank; photo: Christian Aid/Simon T Christian Aid's powerful new report on Israel and the Palestinians argues that, without determined and rapid intervention by both the UK and Irish governments, the opportunity for a two-state solution will collapse.

New progressive European magazine - Eurotopia

Eurotopia, 21.10.2004 10:52

Eurotopia logo Eurotopia is a multilingual bi-monthly supplement carried by progressive magazines and available online. It aims to provide a pan-European space to promote a stronger sense of common identity and mutual solidarity among the social movements and progressive political forces of the continent.

¿Por qué Sharon no mata a Arafat?

Agustin Velloso, 21.10.2004 09:54

Arafat se ha convertido con los años en una herramienta de la política israelí. Esto es muy perjudicial para la causa palestina

Why does Sharon not kill Arafat?

Agustin Velloso, 21.10.2004 09:51

Arafat has become through the years an Israeli policy tool and because of this very detrimental to the Palestinian cause.

World Food Day: Iraqi farmers aren't celebrating

Focus on the Global South and GRAIN, 21.10.2004 09:41

The US has been imposing patents on life around the world through trade deals. In this case, they invaded the country first, then imposed their patents. This is both immoral and unacceptable.

conversationon jews and history

Stojgniev O'Donnell, 21.10.2004 08:41

outlines coming world events

October 22nd National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, 21.10.2004 06:10

The National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalizatio of a Generation will be held in over 30 locations across the U.S. Check web for details.
Contact for more info

A &quot;1984&quot; myth for war.. Please help stop a bloodbath.

jamie, 21.10.2004 04:45

It’s now obvious: the United States will continue to use Abu Musab al-Zarqawi—dead, alive, or fictional—as a pretext to bomb Fallujah and punish its citizens for the crime of resisting Allawi’s puppet government (called the “interim” government by the corporate press) and the U.S. occupation, even though a U.S. military intelligence report issued last week revealed that al-Zarqawi is not nor has he ever been in Fallujah. Please spread this around. jamie

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