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In honor of International Women's Day

Kirsten, 08.03.2004 18:53

Two online videos of Code Pink actions in Washington DC March 6-8, 2003. Includes footage of Hillary Clinton and the arrest of Alice Walker, Medea Benjamin, and Amy Goodman.

Why is Mel Gibson's Jesus a WASP?

Brent Herbert, 04.03.2004 01:20

According to what we can pick up from the Bible narratives, the Jesus Christ figure was a 'half breed Samaritan'

Shouldn't white men support the women of the Black Caucus?

lsmft, 04.03.2004 01:18

This is a letter to the women in the Black Caucus because their courage might yet provide us with a time to retrace and undo our sinful evil ways in Haiti. What the US has done there is a sin of such grievous magnitude, it is a assuming such a heavy karmic debt before the world and the continent of the Americas, that we will be paying and regretting it for generations to come. We have, in suicidal fashion, brought to our continental shores the genocidal psychopathic madness we unleashed upon a stunned world in Afghanistan and Iraq.This is a letter to the women in the Black Caucus because their courage might yet provide us with a time to retrace and undo our sinful evil ways in Haiti. What the US has done there is a sin of such grievous magnitude, it is a assuming such a heavy karmic debt before the world and the continent of the Americas, that we will be paying and regretting it for generations to come. We have, in suicidal fashion, brought to our continental shores the genocidal psychopathic madness we unleashed upon a stunned world in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Venezuela, marzo 2004: la lógica de los tiempos que corren

Redacción del periódico El Libertario, 04.03.2004 00:27

Un examen de la actual coyuntura venezolana que desmitifica la imagen que venden los medios de difusión masivos y promueven los dominadores de turno o quienes aspiran a suplantarlos. Publicado originalmente en El Libertario # 36

Venezuela hoy: la perspectiva anarquista

Redacción del periódico El Libertario, 04.03.2004 00:16

Editorial de El Libertario # 36, marzo 2004, Venezuela, donde con la consigna “QUE SE VAYAN TODOS”, la redacción del vocero de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas propone avanzar hacia una salida libertaria frente a la crisis estructural que padece la sociedad venezolana

International Convention on Cybercrime Could Chill Computer Security Research

x, 03.03.2004 23:21

The end of today's freedom (or anarchy, depending on one's point of view) to create or possess exploit proof of concept code may now be within sight. Nov. 17, 2003, President George W. Bush submitted the Council of Europe's Convention on Cybercrime to the U.S. Senate. If ratified, this could mean the end of the era of full disclosure of computer exploits. This could mean the end of The end of Bye bye, Bugtraq.

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election (downloadable documentary)

mnol, 03.03.2004 21:48

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election is the riveting story about the battle for the Presidency in Florida and the undermining of democracy in America. This eye opener is now available as download.

The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson

Chad Powers, 03.03.2004 21:14

The two meanings of Mel Gibson's movie: the spiritual and the social/politial (read: the realm of the Jewish Lobby)

China Issues A Human Rights Report About The USA

Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 03.03.2004 19:30

China issued the Human Rights Record of the United States in 2003 Monday, March 1, in response to the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2003 issued by the US on Feb. 25. The Human Rights Record is the fifth Chinese report in response to the annual country reports on human rights by the United States.

Less lethal research project

nikki, 03.03.2004 18:11

a research project on less then lethal weapons and the long-term effects physically & mentally on the victims of such weapons
these weapons will be used against our families in the poorer neighborhoods
you can help anonymously or choose to participate in the longer study

new Ward Churchill Speech

AZ IMC, 03.03.2004 17:05

Ward Churchill speaks @ local to global justice teach-in Tempe AZ 2.21.04

Green Jesus from Mars: A Message

a friend, 03.03.2004 16:33

A friend forwarded me this message and asked me to post it.
So, I'll post it...

Neil Oolie, expert computer hacker and undercover shadow government agent working out of Autumn Leaves bookstore in Ithaca New York

anonymous, 03.03.2004 15:27

I am a concerned citizen who has been under attack by a very dangerous shadow government computer hacker and spy for the NSA. He denies being a leader of the local intercollegiate bicycle theft ring but i dont believe it. Has anyone had their computor crash only to have Neil show up five minutes later to 'fix' the problem. If he does, call the FBI immediatly and report his activities.

ISRAEL: Women COs and refusers in prison

War Resisters' International, 03.03.2004 13:14

WRI Logo Three women COs and two refusers in prison in Israel.

3/2: Urgents from Hiati: Aristide's Safety in Danger! Upcoming Terror in Haiti!

Lee Siu Hin, 03.03.2004 13:08

Is this Haiti's future? From: Americas Watch - Peace No War Network URL:

Declassified bioelectric sensing and sleep suggestibility

..., 03.03.2004 11:26

Some info on US Government MK-Ultra declassified bioelectric sensing and sleep suggestibility for behavior control

G8, no global all acquitted

otted - imc italy, 03.03.2004 10:42


update of the Genoa trials

otted - imc italy, 03.03.2004 10:41


Extreme Measures: The Only Way to Change the Political Context is to Take Direct Action

George Monbiot, 03.03.2004 09:51

In other words, nothing happens now unless we get off our butts and make it happen. This means abandoning that very British [AMERICAN] habit of expecting someone else to act on our behalf. Worse still, it means recognising that, for all the complexities and evasions of a modern political system, the motive force of politics is still the people, and the people remain responsible for what is done in their name.

To become a civilised, moderate, responsible nation, in other words, we must first become a nation of extremists.

Utility Arranges Blackout During Kucinich Election

First Energy Watch, 03.03.2004 04:42

First there were 10.. now there are 3 First Energy, nation's biggest air polluter, causer
of the 2003 blackout, maintainer of a dangerous nuclear
power plant, mountain decapitator.. caused a blackout
in Cleveland's heaviest Kucinich precincts on Super Tuesday

Export Processing Zones and Contract Labour

Kurai Tsuki, 03.03.2004 02:13

Sweatshops and why they are able to exist.

Concerning the Death of Che Guevara

Kurai Tsuki, 03.03.2004 02:11

How and where he died.

Concerning Terrorism

Kurai Tsuki, 03.03.2004 02:07

A sample of American provocations of terrorism from Arab peoples.

Reuters: DA Charges New Paltz Mayor for Marrying Gay Couples

Don DeBar, Special to WBAI, Mar. 2, 03.03.2004 01:09

Reuters reported that the Ulster County (NY) District Attorney has filed criminal charges against New Paltz, NY's Green Party Mayor for marrying same-sex couples.


disclosure project, 03.03.2004 00:50

Of Note To Any Anti-Bush/Anti-Halliburton Activists
The Disclosure Project...has discovered that over the past 75 years a number of important breakthroughs in energy efficiency, alternate forms of energy generation and propulsion have been deliberately withheld from the public to prop up the...power industries.

Stray animals in Greece killed before the Olympic games 2004 start

anonymous, 03.03.2004 00:46

Petition regarding protection of stray animals in Greece who are poisoned every day, will be killed or sent to laboratories for experiments in view of the Olympic games 2004

Org. DDHH piden cese a la violencia en Venezuela

PROVEA, 02.03.2004 23:13


George and Julius, producers of &quot;Hail to the Thief!&quot; CD, tour Colorado, Utah and Northern California March 18-28..

George Mann, 02.03.2004 22:43

Labor and anti-war, anti-Bush activists George Mann and Julius Margolin have 4 CD's under their belts, including "Hail to the Thief! Songs for the Bush Years" and their latest, "Just A Few Bad Apples." Julius is 87(!), was in the CIO and has a lifetime of stories and songs. They sing songs of labor and against the Bush idiot.


Andy Freedman, 02.03.2004 22:36

The Christison's a husband and wife team who work for Palestinian rights wrote an article on Counter Punch's website that while accurately depicting Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians crosses the line from legitimate disagreement with Israeli policy into what at best is insensitivity towards Jews and at worst bigotry also CounterPunch on their website has been selling a book that accuses some Jews of working with the Nazi's I wrote a letter to the Christison's about both the statements they and CounterPunch made here it is

My Letter to CounterPunch on their coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Andy Freedman, 02.03.2004 22:20

The Christison's a husband and wife team who work for Palestinian rights wrote an article for CounterPunch that while it does correctly point out Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians also has an anti-semitic overtone to it.For example the Christison's call Zionisim a racist philosophy.Also CounterPunch has been advertising a book which documents alleged Jewish support of the Nazi's.I believe CounterPunch has crossed the line from legitimate disagreement with Israeli policies into what appears to be at best insensitivity towards Jews and at worse bigotry so here is a copy of the letter I sent to the Christison's in response to their article on Israel.

Half of Planet's Languages to Disappear by 2100

PRAVDA, 02.03.2004 21:18

Large-scale cataloging is the only way to preserve the linguistic variety, and it must be started immediately.

Real Tool Against Globalism

various sources, 02.03.2004 21:05

The letter (below) arrived in my mail box last year just out of the blue. You may interpret this how you wish. Take particular note of how you react inside yourself after reading it. Above all be honest with yourself. Take note of the context and small ambiguities in the text.... If I could find the originator of the message I would ask him why is the global economy steadily failing if the so called artificial gods are in control of all "non-money"? Could it be the sheeple are waking slowly. Could it be their dreaded return of the people to mother earth and harmonic living, ie. they no longer desire loads of "money", or should that be "non-money"?

get organised @ autoorganisation

resist, 02.03.2004 17:53

come to autoorganisation - together we are stronger world social forum? nahh! come to autoorganise, international network gathering of autonomous groups and projects; action and conference week...

Criminologists find link between animal cruelty, later violence

ANIMAL, 02.03.2004 17:02


Greenpeace Campaign to stop Icelandic Whaling

Jeremy, 02.03.2004 16:34

Please take a second to sign an e-petition to end Icelandic whaling:

Greenpeace NYC Meeting

Jeremy, 02.03.2004 16:30

Meeting tomorrow, 3/3/4, 7:30pm
CUNY Grad Center, 365 5th Ave(34th)
Room 5414

green computer REPLACE CD WITH MP3

£, 02.03.2004 15:35

greenscale texture Now, the compact disk is being phased out. Like its counterpart, magnetic tape, of twenty years ago, the cd will be gone - perhaps reduced to a computer storage medium for the masses.

Seven Oaks Magazine: 2nd issue now online

Seven Oaks, 02.03.2004 15:28

The second issue of Seven Oaks magazine is now available online.
Seven Oaks is a weekly magazine published every Monday from
Vancouver, B.C. It aims to be a non-sectarian voice for progressive
change. The magazine welcomes contributors and financial support.
Here's what's featured in this issue...

Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America?

Robert Freeman, 02.03.2004 14:26

The world is quickly running out of oil. In the year 2000, global production stood at 76 Million Barrels per Day (MBD). By 2020, demand is forecast to reach 112 MBD, an increase of 47%. But additions to proven reserves have virtually stopped and it is clear that pumping at present rates is unsustainable. Estimates of the date of "peak global production" vary with some experts saying it already may have occurred as early as the year 2000. New Scientist magazine recently placed the year of peak production in 2004. Virtually all experts believe it will almost certainly occur before the end of this decade.


an American Patriot, 02.03.2004 13:26


Egypt Continues To Torture Gay People

Paul McAndrew, 02.03.2004 12:34

Egypt Continues To Torture Gay People

SHACKLED BOXCARS in OR,TX,,MT,NH, NC; &amp; intervew w/imported NATO crack troops

wheat from chaff, 02.03.2004 11:29

construction face--boxcar w/ shackles--exactly as detailed (more at link) see the original article at the below link, with lots of detailed maps and pictures.

PLEASE PASS TO LOYAL MILITARY FORCES IN CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES, all of REGION ONE is all of North America. See what they have been building and have at the ready.



A Crucial Election for the next &quot;President of the World&quot;

Ceara Lane, 02.03.2004 10:30

“ World Address to the American People,” reads a headline in a political magazine in Paris. The article, an attempt to alert Americans not only of the severe national consequences of their choice at the polls this year, but the global ones as well, pleads with those who have the power to vote for the next “president of the world” to do so in consideration of the....

Protesting Local Paper For Their Bad Slant

marco, 02.03.2004 10:23

Hey, bad slant on that Haiti story today. You think you might correct it in tomorrow morning's paper?


Michel Chossudovsky, 02.03.2004 08:38

Against this, the claims and denials being made by the CRIMINALS and LIARS currently occupying the White House seem utterly ridiculous.

Advances in Thought Inference, Lie Detection

..., 02.03.2004 06:29

This is a post by the scientist Allen Barker on the subject of an USA Today article about lie detection. His excellent site is at
which has been awarded as a USA Today Hotsite at:

Decisions, Decisions

B.A. Johnson, 02.03.2004 06:13

Decision making these days!

Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse name changed

.., 02.03.2004 05:49

Mind Justice at
Formerly Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse

U.S. Officials: Aristide Wasn't Taken by Force

fox news, the ministry of truth, 02.03.2004 04:14

Secretary of State Colin Powell called those allegations "absolutely baseless, absurd."

"He was not kidnapped," Powell told a news conference.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld added that "the idea that someone was abducted is inconsistent with everything I saw."

The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson

Chad Powers, 02.03.2004 02:43

The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson by the Anti-Defamation League, et al.

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