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Video Shows Explosives Still in Place After Invasion

Reader of, 28.10.2004 16:59

BREAKING: Disputed Iraq Explosives in Place After Invasion, Video Shows

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Press Advisory: National Conferecne on Race &amp; Public Policy

Applied Research Center, 28.10.2004 15:54

Ten days after the general election, the Applied Research Center will gather community leaders, academics, policy advocates, and activists from around the country to assess the state of civil rights and to develop strategies for the emerging “racial justice” movement.

Uruguay - Elecciones 2004

Lupa - IMC Uruguay, 28.10.2004 15:46

Contradicciones: pobres-gobernantes-iglesia Resumen de lo que enfrentará la ciudadanía uruguaya el próximo domingo 31 de octubre.

First votes cast in alternative US presidential elections at Belgian University

For Mother Earth - member of Friends of the Earth International, 28.10.2004 15:15

Not only the US is gearing up for the presidential elections. Alternative polling stations for non-US citizens are being prepared for Tuesday November 2nd in Belgium, Brazil, England, Finland, France (tbc), Hungary, Kirgyzstan and Spain (more information and contacts below). This morning an alternative polling station was opened at the University of Liège, in southern Belgium.

Need help with this

Anti Indymedia site, 28.10.2004 14:34

There is an anti-indymedia site up which could really do with some sensible response to their post details.

Resist The Attacks On Iraq's Cities - Petition, Letter-Writing and Phone Blockade of the MOD

Milan Rai, 28.10.2004 14:28

Folks, an atrocity is about to happen, unless we cry out loud enough.


£, 28.10.2004 14:21

TDPM MacMillan Anderberg

Mickey Mouse for president

The grassy Noel, 28.10.2004 10:32

A poem, Mickey Mouse for president!

Democratisation of fund management

Au-Yang Cheong Tak, 28.10.2004 10:02

I have been thinking about this for a week.
Is it possible to have an open form of fund management?

US Secret Service grills blogger

istara, 28.10.2004 09:58

US Secret Service agents called round to the house of a young woman in South Carolina, after she made satirical "threats" against US President George W Bush on her web diary.

Mickey Mouse for president

The grassy Noel, 28.10.2004 09:54

A poem about the alternative presidential candidate is, wait for it, the mighty,crack addicted mickey mouse!!!!

militant errors-Thessaloniki 2003 analysis of the protests- complete version 04

drei-aus-berlin, 28.10.2004 09:29

even trees were burned to the ground complete version 04 - militant errors
another version just send to indymedia is not complete
was published by mistake - please delete
this version is the original edited complete version
militant errors- analysis of the protests against the EU-summit 2003 in Thessaloniki and impressions about the anarchist movement in Greece.
text in german - english version would be great

militant errors - evaluation of the protests against the Eu-summit in Thessaloniki (Greece) June 2003

drei-aus-berlin, 28.10.2004 08:49

even trees were burned down by the anarchists Impressions, critic and questions about the protests against the eu-summit in thessaloniki summer 2003 and the anarchist movement in greece.
the article is in german so maybe we can find some people who would like to translate this into german.

Bush Campaign Web Site Rejects Non-US Visitors

richm, 28.10.2004 07:48

The official campaign web site for U.S. President George W. Bush appears to be rejecting visitors from most points outside the United States, while allowing access from U.S. locations.

Ershad Manji - Piers Ackerman Is A Disgrace To Journalism

Biploby, 28.10.2004 07:35

Piers Ackerman is a classic Zio-Nazi AKA Israelites of our time. He has been polluting the airwaves of Australia for a long time. What comes out of his infamous “The Daily Telegraph”, classified by many as “nitrogenous waste”. Yet, he is being paid for this!

TrulkuTenzin Delek’s reprieved death sentence nearing its expiry...

King Amdo, 28.10.2004 07:27

...campaigns by various non-governmental organisations for his release have been on the high. The Dharamsala based Tibetan Centre for Human Rigts and Democracy has launched an eight-page booklet called Save Trulku Tenzin Delek.

Carta abierta a l@s pres@s politic@s de la Cumbre ALCUE de Guadalajara, Mexico

Muchachos, 28.10.2004 05:40

Carta a los Presos Politicos, firmemosla

Carta abierta a l@s pres@s politic@s de la Cumbre ALCUE de Guadalajara, Mexico

Los Muchachos, 28.10.2004 05:36

Queremos q todos firmen esta carta de Solidaridad

Who are George W.Bush's &quot;Rancid&quot; supporters!

F.E.Lony, 28.10.2004 04:47

Who are George W.Bush's "Rancid" supporters!

deuxičme voyage en France pour parler de notre refus.

Yaar Peretz, 28.10.2004 04:13

Roď et moi-męme préparons maintenant un deuxičme voyage en France et en Europe. Nous pensons actuellement ętre en Europe une semaine entre le 9 et le 16 novembre, dont 3 ou 4 jours dans le Sud de la France.

La raison pour laquelle nous planifions ce voyage dans un délai si court est ma probable incarcération le 28 novembre prochain. Auparavant, je veux parler de notre refus et de la situation en Israël.

Second trip to europe - conscientious objectors from Israel

Yaar Peretz, 28.10.2004 04:08

Roi and I (=Yaar) are 18 and 19 year old conscientious objectors form Israel. we refuse to do the military survice on a bases of political objection and pacifism. on november 28 i will probably go to military prison for an unknown period.

We are now planning a second trip to Europe, in order to speck about our objection to serve the Israeli army. We are planning to travel for about a week, between the November 9 and November 16… in those dates, we want to visit political and social organizations working in Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and England. the first 2 or 3 days, we will be at London, we will also be at the south of France for about 3 or 4 days. we still have nothing closed, no money, and no meeting arranged... that's were you people cut in!

Exhibitionism, Trolls and Indy Media

kirsten anderberg, 28.10.2004 02:18

There is a serious problem with Independent Media Centers (IMCs) in the open comment areas. IMCs end up publishing as much content *against* freedom, racism, sexism, classism, etc., as they do *for* those things via the open comment areas. “Trolls,” or people who stalk indy media sources and writers, work hard at publishing as much hate mail in comment areas on IMCs as the individual IMC editorial groups will allow or overlook. They do not deserve to be published, plain and simple. It is time the plug was pulled on the trolls.

Perú: ¿Administración de la verdad?

Ricardo Alvarado, 28.10.2004 02:00

Comisionados Sobre la publicación de documentos de la Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación por los diarios "El Comercio" y "La República".

Cops fired wildly: Murdered by police in Boston

Annie Zirin, 28.10.2004 00:29

Killer cops on the rampage in Police State Amerika.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to you to announce the release of single, The President.

wit, 28.10.2004 00:10

Wit released his long awaited song, The President on October 26, 2004. The President is a serious piece from and idealistic point of view of the most important office in the world. It is timely and something to contemplate for the upcoming elections.

$ on Palm - &amp; towards free portable documents

£, 27.10.2004 23:30

3 versions of $ letter for PalmOS

Arafat Sick and Dying

Jesse From Brooklyn, 27.10.2004 23:06

Arafat Sick and Dying

Las pedagogias innovadoras

Luis Bonilla-Molina, 27.10.2004 23:02

ESta es una presentación utilizada por el autor para un seminario de formación docente

Arafat Sick and Dying

Jesse From Brooklyn, 27.10.2004 23:00

Arafat Sick and Dying in West Bank

CIA-Sponsored Lebanese Opposition Attempts To Influence Lebanese-American Voters

Jordan Thornton, 27.10.2004 22:43

The 'Lebanese American Council for Democracy' is a well-known CIA-sponsored Opposition group, which hopes to be installed to power, should the PNAC Regime act against Lebanon. This is the ad they will be running in Michigan, and my response follows.

Prisoner artwork from Afghanistan &amp; Guantanamo camp x-ray

Nessuno, 27.10.2004 22:31

reception at camp x-ray... A world exclusive. this photos are a few of some of the artwork in posession of released camp x-ray prisoners. hopefully an art exerbition in london may be arranged in the future.

North African plague locusts migrate north

Brent Herbert, 27.10.2004 21:25

As the crop season ends in the month of October following natural signals, plague locusts abandon the summer farming areas of the Sahel and migrate to the North Coast of Africa to over winter. Following an age old pattern they will migrate south again next spring in even greater numbers, and could migrate as far east as Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.

Solutions: Reining in Trolls at IMCs

kirsten anderberg, 27.10.2004 21:21

I would like to request that IMCs talk about this option:
What if we set it up so the author of the article could *choose* to have an OPEN OR CLOSED comment area. The *author's choice*, not the IMC editorial's choice.

Top Villain leads us

Drdick, 27.10.2004 20:10

Our "noble" President was voted top movie villian

US War on the Iraqi Unborn: But the Republican pro-life movement couldn't care less

PAUL LIKOUDIS, 27.10.2004 19:46

Are weapon systems moral?

On Anti-Semitism

Gilad Atzmon, 27.10.2004 19:39

And on the Anti-Semitic nature of the violent, racist, supremacist Cult known as Zionism, and the damage done by this group of Extremists through its willingness to cower behind the Jewish Community to deflect criticism of its crimes.

New Florida vote scandal feared

BBC, Greg Palast, 27.10.2004 19:32

This is typical behaviour for anti-American Fascists, who despise the idea of Democracy. I don't get what the big surprise is. This is who we are dealing with: Read their pre-911 blueprint for all of this, "Rebuilding America's Defenses". It's Fascism, plain and simple.

US gave date of war to Britain in advance, court papers reveal

Independent UK, 27.10.2004 19:27

Yet another LIE from the Fascist War Criminals is revealed.

convocatoria a un flash mob

freak boy, 27.10.2004 19:06

deseo hacer un flash mob, puesto que estoy haciendo un video sobre esto

Our Vote -- Should We Just Consider It Being Dropped Into An Abyss on November 2nd?

Lady Monster, 27.10.2004 18:29

Many people in this country (and abroad) are very worried about their vote, and if it will count (or be counted) in the November presidential election. Because of these worries people are staying away from the polls. They fear that Bush is out to not just fix Florida elections, but the whole country. Some people are fired up, like the folks at EFF ( Long out to protect electronic rights of citizens whether for Internet or digital media access, they pay attention to American civil liberties on the computer front. Ripe for the picking is the e-Voting Machine battle and they’ve engineered a legion, ready to do battle for voter assurance.

Genocide of African Americans in America

Patricia McAllister, 27.10.2004 18:11

Pictures Approximately 50,000 African Americans are dying in America each MONTH. This website attempts to explore the different reasons why this is happening to African Americans.

Situación actual de l@s pres@s de Guadalajara

Carvana Libertaria Carlos Giuliani, 27.10.2004 18:06

La situación de l@s 15 pres@s y de l@s procesads de la marcha contra la cumbre ALCUE del 28 de mayo en Guadalajara,Mexico.

Apuntes para la transformación universitaria

Luis Bonilla-Molina, 27.10.2004 17:44

En este trabajo los autores trabajan diferentes tematicas asociadas a la transformación de la universidad venezolana en el marco de la revolución bolivariana

Support Bush - Sig the Patriot Pledge

RNC, 27.10.2004 17:39

Depleted Uranium Safe?: US Propaganda That Kills

Matt Carmody, 27.10.2004 17:35

Bush lies and people die.


Scott Huminski, 27.10.2004 17:32


Historia Breve de la Educación en Venezuela

Luis Bonilla-Molina, 27.10.2004 17:02

En este trabajo de la serie educación, el autor hace un recorrido por la historia de Venezuela y la inserción de las transformaciones educativas

Are You Safer Today?

Bill Effros, 27.10.2004 16:54

One Quote From the book "Quote Without Comment"

La reforma educativa venezolana en 5 momentos convergentes

Luis Bonilla-Molina, 27.10.2004 16:52

En este trabajo, el autor inscribe la actual reforma educativa en la dinámica de procesos de cambios que se han desarrollado a lo largo de la historia nacional venezolana. Plantea que la reforma en curso es el resultado de los cambios inconclusos iniciados con la promulgación de la Ley Orgánica de Educación (LOE); destacando que la política educativa del gobierno del Presidente Chávez da continuidad y concreción a las propuestas de alto contenido social expuestas a través del tiempo por el Movimiento Pedagógico de Venezuela, la COPRE (1990-1998), las Redes de Investigación (INVEDECOR, Fe y Alegría, CINTERPLAN, etc.) y la Asamblea Nacional de Educación (1998). Destaca, que lo novedoso del proceso actual es que asume sin dudas de algún tipo la influencia del componente ideológico y la vinculación del hecho Pedagógico con la transformación estructural de la sociedad venezolana. Finalmente establece y desarrolla, los cinco momentos por los cuales ha atravesado la actual reforma inconclusa.

know your vampires- a letter to the 'opposition'

David Arthur Johnston, 27.10.2004 16:28


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