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Deck chairs on the Titanic

Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire, 02.11.2004 05:41

The only way to make it stop is to stop placating these FASCISTS, and actually take some action against them. How about international flights, to bring those US troops home who want to leave? After all, their orders are illegal and illegitimate. They have no duty in Iraq.

Evan the reactionaries can see the folly of the Iraq invasion

Reposted by Charles, 02.11.2004 05:38

Hereis an interesting analysis from the conservative cato institute on the iraq war

Message From The People Of Fallujah

Mirror World, 02.11.2004 05:37

This letter was sent by representatives of the people of Fallujah to the UN secretary general Kofi Annan.

Threataganda : Al-Jazeera Airs Videotape by 'Bin Laden'

Global Free Press, 02.11.2004 05:35

Let's see ... Israelis/Zionists in the Pentagon, on orders from Israelis/Zionists and their sympathizers in the White House, came up with the lies for war, and the Fascist agenda hidden behind the rhetoric of a fictional "War On Terror". A translation service connected to Israeli intelligence provided the American mis-translation of this tape, and the only "al Qaeda" cell which has ever been identified turned out to be a group of Mossad/Israeli Agents, attempting to frame Palestinians ....

Osama Bin Laden? Media Ignores Absence of Proof

Christopher Bollyn, 02.11.2004 05:30

Surprised? Why? That's what they do.

Sydney Peace Prize winner Arundhati Roy: Why we should support Iraqi resistance

Green Left Weekly, 02.11.2004 05:01

The current Green Left Weekly back cover Last year, the small but noisy Zionist lobby tried to discredit the awarding of the Sydney Peace Prize to Palestinian leader Dr Hanan Ashrawi. To its credit, the Sydney Peace Foundation stood its ground and the Palestinian national liberation struggle received some long overdue — but limited — recognition.

And so it will be with Arundhati Roy, who will be in Sydney this week to accept the award. [..]

by Lachlan Malloch - see also his current review of:
The Chequebook and the Cruise-Missile: Conversations with Arundhati Roy (by David Barsamian)

+ Arundhati Roy to donate all the US$50,000 to Aborigines


mike montagne, 02.11.2004 04:41

God's messenger offers a smiling white-wash of the darker hours ahead, as if no deficiency ever existed in the plans of George W. Bush.

But when every program or venture faces economic failure as a ramification of multiplying debt, the only solution to an uneconomic system which can only multiply debt in proportion to commerce is mathematically perfected economy.

Sudden Rehnquist absence sets off election alarms as Supreme Court returns to work!

susanscully, 02.11.2004 04:09

This just out today. Chief Justice Wm. Rehnquist delays return to the Supreme Court because of serious form of cancer-Court Vacancy for the first time in more than a decade. The election drama continues...mind-boggling

Message from the people of Fallujah

Reposted by jamie, 02.11.2004 04:06

Dear friends,

Please read and forward, or otherwise share, the following message from the people of Fallujah with as wide an audience as you can. I fear an awful fate for these humble and courageous citizens is at hand. An outpouring of indignation may protect them from slaughter. Please help. jamie

Brothers and Sisters: Vote Tomorrow on THIS ONE ISSUE

Cuchulain the Champion, 02.11.2004 02:49

John Kerry is a soul imperialist, there is no doubt. tomorrow in the Presidential election on THE ONE ISSUE of the Judicial ramifications of another Bush term. Pacifica Radio's Larry Bensky, in this interview with Free Speech Radio News, describes the portents of more Bush for the Supreme Court. It's bad any way you take it, and none of us want it. With nothing to win, let's not lose what they've won before we came along.

Salt Lake City rally condemns Bush

C.J. Tripp, 02.11.2004 02:28

Bush masquerades as president The last weekly Thursday night demonstration held before the 2004 U.S. presidential election to protest Bush administration policies took place at Salt Lake City's federal building on October 28 in a Halloween spirit.


O.L., 02.11.2004 01:05

when it comes to the israeli-palestinian conflict, this site invariably sides with the palestinians.

Join the W Generation

W Kid, 02.11.2004 00:37

We need a new start.

Correction: 9/11 Wargames Infographic

Ron Gassaway, 02.11.2004 00:27

Based upon information from the FAA news release from August 9, 2002 the text in the first paragraph following "Standard Operating Procedure" has been corrected and now reads:

"they had applied between 09/00 and 06/01 when they successfully launched fighters on 67 occasions to escort wayward aircraft (FAA 08/09/02)."

The attached graphic has been modified to reflect these changes as have the print and pdf versions at the following url:

Progressive World Television News Seeks &quot;Guerilla Videos&quot;

Jim Polk, 02.11.2004 00:18

PWN is producing a progressive television news show. One segment, will include digital videos everyday people shoot about extraordinary things. CALL FOR VIDEOS.

The Public Stoning of Martha Stewart: A Lifting of the Veil

Joyce Walker, 01.11.2004 23:51

Members of the mainstream press flew into Martha Stewart with more than their usual viciousness following her setting out as a political victim. Having nothing substantial to use against her, they have given negative connotations to her success, mocked the domestic skills upon which she has built her life’s work, twisted what she said and misquoted her, and made hateful remarks that could not have gotten past the editor in the days of ethical media practices. . . .

Indymedia Tshirt transfer design 2004

£, 01.11.2004 22:37

three versions with a how to

&quot;I pushed [Kerry's] name, but a green check mark appeared before President Bush's name&quot;

Journal staff writer Joshua Akers - Submitted by skeito, 01.11.2004 22:07

Kim Griffith voted on Thursday-- over and over and over.
She's among the people in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties who
say they have had trouble with early voting equipment. When they have
tried to vote for a particular candidate, the touch-screen system has said
they voted for somebody else.


rega rauf, 01.11.2004 21:51

You’re all aware of the terrible attacks that have been committed in Iraq during the last
time. People’s life and security is in danger. The situation is becoming worse and worse....

Aotearoa Dissident Voice Out Now!

Matt, 01.11.2004 21:45

After delays with printing, Aotearoa's biggest anarchist magazine is finally out - bigger, better and oh so pretty!

opposing islams operation

rega rauf, 01.11.2004 21:42

You’re all aware of the terrible attacks that have been committed in Iraq during the last time. People’s life and security is in danger. The situation is becoming worse and worse. The people is suffering, there is no electricity, salaries are not paid, the schools lack material...

Get Out the Vote E-mail

Chuck, 01.11.2004 20:43

I just e-mailed the following to most of the people in my personal address book.With this e-mail, I'm asking you to remember to vote tomorrow, November 2. Your vote counts and it is important. No matter who you support, please vote.

Usama bin Ladin's 2004 Video Speech

anonymous, 01.11.2004 20:29

a transcript of Usama's 2004 video speech

Ugly, Tasteless, Terrifying and Wild... Count Me In!

Hunter S. Thompson, 01.11.2004 20:08

Doctor Gonzo weighs in on the past four years, the election, and the criminal Bush/PNAC Regime.


DJ HOODWINK, 01.11.2004 19:12

Radio... Suckas Never Play Me. These words are never more true for our progressive artists and their work. Radios are now Weapons of Mass Destraction. We must rethink how we use music, art, and entertainment, particularly if we are serious about social justice and positive change.

US Peace Group calls for Inauguration Week Action

Patrick Edrey, 01.11.2004 18:54

November 2nd, 2004 represents an important day for The United States. Yet it is clear that whichever candidate becomes president, discussion of foreign policy options -- especially nonviolent alternatives -- is urgently needed.

Ohio organizers put the call out, Nov.2 VOTE! Nov.3 MAKE IT COUNT!

david solnit with the league of pissed off voters, 01.11.2004 18:44

In response to the waves of massive corruption, disenfranchisement, and election fraud already in motion across the county, organizers in Ohio are calling for demonstrations on November 3 to confront these threats in solidarity and step towards REAL democracy.

pursuing subsurface significance

poetpiet, 01.11.2004 18:14

I went after interpretations of the OBL performance all day and this is what I came up with (it's Bin a while since I did a full colour splay here folks!)

9/11 Wargames Infographic

Ron Gassaway, 01.11.2004 16:44

Here's a non-partisan infographic/teaser for Michael Ruppert's Crossing The Rubicon, focusing specifically on his 9/11 wargames research. It's designed to be presented to those who are highly allergic to the notion of conspiracy theories, stirring their curiosity with some simple, factual information that might help them ultimately lift the veil and learn the whole truth about 9/11.

Americans of African Descent and NOVEMBER 2nd

Black Radical Congress Coordinating Committee, 01.11.2004 14:21

The November 2 presidential election is shaping up as a watershed in US
history. The Black Radical Congress believes that the two-party electoral system has come to constitute a de facto one party state. While most Black people are undoubtedly poised to vote for the Kerry/Edwards ticket next Tuesday, they are unlikely to do so with anywhere near enthusiasm.


£, 01.11.2004 14:16

TDPM, McMillan, APOC, W$
+ Link Du Jour

$200411.01 opinion letter printout

£, 01.11.2004 14:12

TDPM, McMillan, APOC, W$
+ Link Du Jour!

Onboard with the Zapatistas

Brenda Norrell, 01.11.2004 08:11

Reporter's notebook: The toughest Indians in the world

Elections are a Scam

Joe Licentia, 01.11.2004 08:09

It does not matter who is elected because the way the system is set up all elected representatives must do what big business and the state bureaucracy want, not what “the people” want. Elected representatives are figureheads. Capital flight and pressure from the state bureaucracy mean state policy will be basically the same regardless of who wins the election. All voting does is strengthen the state and waste resources

America Is Going To Fall Hard

Yezbok Drahcir, 01.11.2004 06:33


A watchdog for US elections - interview with Andy Stephenson, associate director of Black Box Voting

Monte Leach with Share International, 01.11.2004 04:58

Black Box Voting investigates serious vulnerabilities in the US computerized voting system to be used in the November 2004 US Presidential election. (1328 words) October 2004

Where &quot;America&quot; might be headed

Reposted by jamie, 01.11.2004 04:38

Joseph Wilson IV, the American career diplomat who was punished by the Administration because he reported that the uranium from Niger story was rubbish, says that there is now no honourable way out of Iraq and that the issue will so divide America that the Republicans will push for a one party state. The author Gore Vidal says he would not be surprised to see the American Army mutiny and a new civil war is not unthinkable. Hyperbole, perhaps, but few can doubt that tough times lie ahead.

Why Do Americans Need a Machine to Vote?

Lloyd Hart, 01.11.2004 03:32

So they can have a consumer product involved in the process of being screwed. You know so it feels normal like going to the mall and shopping. Just kidding. Really.

Iraq: US Behind Irish Murders

Mark McCarron, 01.11.2004 03:21

Why are the Irish being targeted since attacks began on the Bush Administration?

Credibility Gap: Two Translations Of &quot;bin Laden&quot; Tape

bin Laden = CIA = Bush/PNAC, 01.11.2004 02:49

Comparison of two transcriptions of Osama bin Laden's video-tape released on Al-Jazeera on 29 October 2004, one by CNN in the US, the other from Mario Profaca in Europe, which show informative differences.
The real Osama speaks, reads, and writes English. So why was THIS Osama sending a message to America in Arabic?

Terribly Convenient Timing

Laura Dawn Lewis, 01.11.2004 02:42

Too bad the tape fails to clear up the myriad of holes in the Bush/PNAC Regime's Conspiracy Theory about what happened that day. Pretty much proves that bin Laden = CIA = Bush = PNAC Regime. Still wanna vote for these killers of your countrymen, these TERRORISTS?

Bush Administration planned for &quot;New Pearl Harbor&quot;

G, 01.11.2004 02:40

The Project for a New American Century, is the think tank that prepared in advance to exploit a "New American Pearl Harbor" to carry out their policy goals. The existence of PNAC and the strategies their own documents proport openly, is one that boggles the mind. How is it that this organization hides in plain sight of the American Public?

Ten Questions for bin Laden

Michael Rivero, 01.11.2004 02:37

Is he the one who must have erased the airport surveillance video which would actually show "ze terrorists" boarding the planes that day?

The Latest Bin Laden Video Tape A Fraud?

Michael Rivero, 01.11.2004 02:32

Actually, what I think this really proves is that Osama is STILL a CIA "asset", fully controlled by Washington, and therefore, the criminal Bush/PNAC Regime is without a shadow of a doubt responsible for slaughtering their own on September 11, 2001. All in the name of power.

Zionists putting the screws to Canada's Foreign Ministry

Greg Felton, 01.11.2004 02:26

Like any subversive group, Canada’s Israel lobby conducts its nefarious doings out of the public eye. If Canadians had regular reports on how this cabal and their MP sock-puppets try to control our foreign policy a furour would erupt, or at least I hope it would.

US troops refused requests to protect explosives store

Independent UK/Associated Press, 01.11.2004 02:22

... soldiers of ``the American intelligence'' ...
... soldiers of ``the American intelligence'' ...
... soldiers of ``the American intelligence'' ...

Remember this when you hear the next big "BOOM!!" and the Regime in DC starts ranting about "al Qaeda"

&quot;; verweigert Zugriffe aus dem Ausland

aka_dos, 01.11.2004 01:59

Wieso moechte die Kampagne von George Bush Ihre auslaendische Offenkundigkeit verhindern!?

This GI Joe won't go.

Sara, 01.11.2004 00:26

This GI Joe Won’t Go
Ex-soldier resists backdoor draft into Iraq war
by Howard Blume
Maybe it was that first bayonet drill, in basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, that made Jim Denofa realize he didn’t belong in the Army.

“You had to stab a dummy shaped like a person,” says Denofa. “I hated it. I hated it. It was like you had to stab a person.”


BEMUSED, 01.11.2004 00:01


Vote No on Amendment 4

Greggort Dinwoogie / Jennstar, 31.10.2004 23:51


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