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Looking for memorabilia/paraphanalia from the Year 2000 Protests

Theodore Fox, 03.11.2004 16:05

I am looking for memorabilia/paraphanalia (such as buttons, pins, photos, that kind of stuff) from the Year 2000 protests.

Mayan Tzolk'in: 10 Dimensional Nanometer Software Released

Kudos, 03.11.2004 15:24

Example of Decoded Tzolk'in The GIEIS Project has released new software developed from the decoded Mayan Tzolk'in. With a dual bearing, 10 dimension, 4 direction navigation at the quantum level, this freeware application shows the collapse of the 3rd dimension around 2011.

America is screwed: Election stolen again

Helen &amp; Harry Highwater, 03.11.2004 15:23

Smells like another Diebold victory to us.

$200411.03 today's letter 4 U

£, 03.11.2004 15:22

TDPM McMillan W$ infoAnarchy

Exit polls?

jamie, 03.11.2004 14:53

Do exit polls really lie?

dutch but otherwise hard to classify rebel filmmaker murdered by fundamentalist

piet, 03.11.2004 14:08

I try characterize twists of quite a few strand in a tighening knot -- IN DUTCH

The Evil Empire

Rob, 03.11.2004 13:57

This is a response to America's decision to reward a war criminal with an opportunity to commit additional crimes against humanity.

Full transcript of bin Ladin's speech, 03.11.2004 11:32

Following is the full English transcript of Usama bin Ladin's speech in a videotape sent to Aljazeera. In the interests of authenticity, the content of the transcript, which appeared as subtitles at the foot of the screen, has been left unedited.

Portuguese Indymedia under attack

Sebastian, 03.11.2004 11:14

Portuguese Indymedia is presently down


pollyanne!, 03.11.2004 11:06

I am very suspicious of the election, and three things stand out to me as being especially disturbing.

How we bought Elbaradei

Majid Ghahremani, 03.11.2004 10:32

I am a former Iranian Foreign Ministry employee. For many years I participated in Iran's diplomatic activities, and attended meetings in which negotiations with the IAEA were discussed. In the last few years, militants who know nothing about diplomacy, took over Iran's negotiations with the AIEA, marginalizing people who have dedicated their life to Iran's foreign affairs. Although I am retired and have no official duties, I can no longer ignore the information that has been coming my way.

Sign Appeal : &quot;An international appeal to abductors of Tamil hostage in Iraq&quot;

Manitham - Human Rights, 03.11.2004 09:12

Sri Lankan Tamil Rajarathinam Mr. Rajaratnam is a Kuwaiti-based transport company driver and he was abducted along with a second drive, Abul Kashem Faruk from Feni, a Bangladeshi national on 28 October 2004, near a U.S. military base in Iraq.

Bin Laden Reaches Out to Swing Voters

WA Post, 03.11.2004 08:36

Most of the Arabic newspapers surveyed by the BBC say bin Laden's videotaped appearance on al-Jazeera was a "devastating blow" to the president that would boost the Democratic challenger John F. Kerry.

Judge Dr Joe Toscano smashed with baseball bat

W.S.J.K, 03.11.2004 06:09

The recent "heat" the people have put on people in the australian anarchist who have taken up employment within the judicial system has taken its toll as it manifests into nihilism.

Raising South Voices / Bridge Across Tears

Jayan Nayar, 03.11.2004 05:54

A statement of solidarity with the people of Iraq rising from the global south, a call for human expression of solidarity in suffering as basis of coming together..

NESARA: the national economic security and restoration act

doctor_jones, 03.11.2004 04:45

the NESARA is the most important piece of legislation ever to be covered up. its existance points to the deep fractiousness in World Government -- a Bill that makes controversial steps -- a bill that led George W. Bus to issue a total "gag" order among his higher ups.

Legitimacy of new US website

international imcista, 03.11.2004 04:35

This is the first I have heard about US indymedia and I share many of the concerns raised below.

I feel that the international imc community has not been adaquately consulted about the creation of this 'nationalist' site.

It seems to me that US indymedia volunteers have used their position of privalege to 'push through' a project that they wanted without due care or attention paid to the rest of the network.

Given the obviously contentious nature of this webiste a global discussion should have been initiated by at the very least letting each existant imc know of the proposal. Even this very basic level of courtesy has not occured.

Even the concerns raised have not been properly documented!

~ The verdict of history is inconsequential to the verdict of eternity.

Insurgent FILMS, 03.11.2004 03:11

We are youth too! Iraqi, Colombian, Venezuelan, Afghani, &
Palestinian - all struggling - rejecting the USA hegemony, the
invasions & the division among the resistance & insurgent
forces that allows the USA to keep killing and shaping history
- We Will E x p r e s s O u r s e l v e s - We Will Inspire
- We Will Win Great Victories

Bush 2004

Philip Shore, 03.11.2004 03:09

Bush wins 2004

A Machiavellian Look at the Elections of '04

Revoltaire, 03.11.2004 01:11

This November, as we watch on as the sheep of the United States cast their ballots and hand the reins of power to their next representative overlord, it is important that we take a page out of Machiavelli’s book. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The Underground Goes Streaming

obeywanfum, 03.11.2004 00:28 is a non profit alternative media streaming site which features daily updates and contains one of the biggest media archives on the internet.

action de soutien à indymedia à dijon / france

passion, 02.11.2004 23:37

« Contre la répression, pour des médias alternatifs ! »
PRINT & PASSION appellent à un rassemblement de soutien à INDYMEDIA.ORG,
le JEUDI 4 NOVEMBRE 2004 à 13h30, devant le CONSULAT d'ITALIE de Dijon,France
64 rue Vannerie.

Indymedia solidarity action in Grenoble, France

the pirate paint (translated by an indymedia volunteer), 02.11.2004 23:35

An italian bank has been targetted by the "pirate paint" group, as a solidarity-action towards Indymedia, against the seizure of its hard-disks. This is a press-release claiming responsability for the action.


Free Expression Policy Project, 02.11.2004 22:57

Media activist coalition led by Brennan Center for Justice and Consumer
Federation of America calls on agency to provide more opportunities for
community-based broadcasting in order to check media manipulation by
corporate conglomerates.

Trading sex for votes

Arnie Schwartz, 02.11.2004 22:15

The liberals secret weapon

IMC at the World Social Forum 2005

Dubravko Kakarigi, 02.11.2004 21:29

Sign up for new mailing list to help IMCistas worldwide organize for the WSF 2005

Solutions Online Magazine Success Causes Restructuring

Matthew Bratschi, 02.11.2004 21:23

Solutions Online Magazine Success Causes Restructuring: Editor Elevated to Publisher and Editor in Chief Larry Silver, President of Hollander Consultants, Takes on New Role

Japanese Hostage Shosei Koda Beheading Video (Downloadable)

Jihadi, 02.11.2004 20:53

Qaeda-linked group posts website video of Japanese beheaded in Iraq.


Joël Dion-Paquette, 02.11.2004 20:31

us@ beyond fear, beyond race, feel the power of the people !

America, we beg of you, dump George Bush

London News Review, 02.11.2004 20:26

Please. You deserve better. We all do.

Hope Americans get the President they deserve! (Bush)

MY SHALLOW AMERICANS!, 02.11.2004 20:13

Hope Americans get the President they deserve! (Bush)


Free Expression Policy Project, 02.11.2004 20:06

In Comments filed on Nov. 1 with the FCC, the Brennan Center, the Consumer Federation of America, and 30 other organizations are urging the agency to repair the lack of localism and diversity on the public airwaves by providing more opportunities for independent community-oriented nonprofit media.

Alternative US Presidential elections call for boycott of US corporations

Boycott Bush International Network, 02.11.2004 19:30

Alternative polling station in Ghent (Belgium) Since this morning non-US citizens have been voting at polling stations in Belgium, Brazil, England, Finland, France, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan and Spain. In Brussels and Ghent (Belgium) a polling station was set up this morning, and many people have been enthusiastically voting. According to the first exit polls, neither Bush nor Kerry "Mr. Bush Light" can count on much public support.

American people, please save us from yourselves!

BZB, 02.11.2004 18:51

The world fears Bush.

LA Citizens Grand Jury Condemns US Government Roll In 911 And Subsequent Coverup

Lynn Pentz, 02.11.2004 17:59

LOS ANGELES - In findings issued today, the Los Angeles Citizens' Grand Jury condemned the 9/11 Commission's official version of the events of September 11, 2001 as "physically impossible, untenable, contradictory, implausible and fraudulent" and called for the release of several documents specifically naming officials responsible for 9/11, being withheld until after the election.

I voted Nader

Philip Shore, 02.11.2004 17:46

I voted for Nader President and McReynolds for Senate in New York

A Message For the Justifiably Cynical

dxt, 02.11.2004 15:22

Sure, voting machines are rigged, both candidates are corporate puppets, 2 party electoral system is inherently corrupt, diebold, judges and electoral college will probably decide it anyway, lesser of 2 evils, etc....There are still good reasons you should vote.


George W. Bush is to be served with a notice evicting him from the White House today at 1:30 pm.

$200411.02 election edition

£, 02.11.2004 13:03

APOC, McMillan, W$, TDPM

Desertion In the Field

Tim Cavanaugh, 02.11.2004 11:00

Twilight of the liberal hawks

Day of the Dead: The Haunting of the White House

Cynthia McKinney and Catherine Austin Fitts, 02.11.2004 10:48

Something is rising from the ashes of September 11: the spectre of questions that will haunt our country until answered.

Confirmed and Confessed

B. Michael, 02.11.2004 10:44

Between September 29th and October 15th, fifteen days in all, I killed thirty children. Two children per day.

Native Vote Rally 9-22-04 Wa DC Rock the Vote Paint the White House Red!

Robin Carneen, 02.11.2004 10:02

Created for Free Speech Radio News

On Sept 22nd, 2004, a Native Vote Rally took place, during a week long celebration of the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian, in Washington DC. The Upper Senate Park at the Capitol was the setting for several delegates, representatives, and speakers to address a gathering of Native Americans and their supporters about the importance of Native Vote. Jackie Johnson, a Native American advocate and activist, MC’ed the event and the topics ranged from announcements and check ins reguarding legislation that directly effect Indian people and their issues

Free America Now - Zionised bug

Biploby, 02.11.2004 08:30

I also would like to inform those who prefers to close down "Free
America Now!" , do not try and seek a place for yourself along with
Adolph Hitler. Most of the messages of this group are downloaded and
stored in a secure location. We also have been posting these items in
400 different groups and therefore you can't shut us up. It is like
you can't stop the music.

Méga-chantiers et contrôle de l’eau: Jouer à Dieu avec les fleuves indiens

Andrée-Marie Dussault, 02.11.2004 08:16

En Inde, le bras de fer pour le contrôle de l’or bleu a commencé. Le nouveau gouvernement indien devra bientôt se positionner par rapport au projet de liaisons des fleuves ordonné par la Cour Suprême en 2002. S’il y est favorable – et les pressions pour qu’il le soit seont fortes - cette fois l’opposition le soutiendra puisque c’est elle-même qui a amené ce projet controversé sur le devant de la scène lorsqu’elle était au pouvoir. De surcroit, de puissants lobbies sont discrètement à l’oeuvre pour mettre en branle la liaison des fleuves indiens et ce, à presque n’importe quel prix. Intérêts et inconvénients de ce qui pourrait devenir le plus gros chantier jamais vu dans l’histoire de la gestion de l’eau.


James Green-Armytage, 02.11.2004 06:59

My best election-eve guess on the state-by-state races

Naders Daters

Arnie Schwartz, 02.11.2004 06:32

The ONLY way to get Naders cooperation

Naders Daters

Arnie Schwartz, 02.11.2004 06:24

The ONLY way to get Naders cooperation

Why you shouldn't vote

Nobody, 02.11.2004 06:16

If you vote tomorrow, people are going to take advantage of you. They're going to point to you as proof that this political system works, that people like it, that it's relevant to the man on the street. Don't let them do that to you.

Naders Traders--The online answer to the progressives voting dillema

Arnie Schwartz, 02.11.2004 06:15

How you can cast your vote for Nader while making sure it gets counted for Kerry.

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