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Indymedia server Seizure - U.K. Govt knew, but isn't telling

John Lettice, 04.11.2004 19:45

We know who stole your stuff but we won't tell you.


ácrata, 04.11.2004 18:48

Manifestación, convocada por CNY CNA Granada, para pedir la excarcelación de Juan José Garfia.

U.S.A. born &amp; raised terrorist.

Zeke, 04.11.2004 18:41

While nearly everyone is concerned about
safety & security, Timothy McVeigh
rarely gets mentioned.

Urosevitch bro's own Diebold &amp; ES-S, count 80% of US Vote

Repostman, 04.11.2004 18:33

Elections in US are a privatised monopoly


United for Peace and Justice, 04.11.2004 18:27

No Stolen Election Events

SOAW &amp; Veterans For Peace Head to Georgia and Fort Bennings School of the Americas Press conference.

Robert Nixon, 04.11.2004 18:16

TORTURE SURVIVOR CARLOS MAURICIO WILL DESCRIBE HIS HISTORIC JOURNEY TO JUSTICE. VETERANS FOR PEACE ACCOMPANY MAURICO FROM SAN FRANCISCO TO SCENE OF THE CRIME, FORT BENNING, GEORGIA. Salvadoran Professor Carlos Mauricio survived weeks of torture in his native El Salvador at the hands of Salvadoran troops trained at the U.S. Army School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

Voting Is Futile So Stop Being Defeated

Littleone, 04.11.2004 18:06

A response to everyone sitting around crying about yesterday's outcome.

people's policty

inspired, 04.11.2004 18:03

The only reasonable position is one against amerikan imperialism.

Kerrycrats Fleeing To Canada Will Have To Wait In Line, Says Canuck Government

Not A Kerrycrat, 04.11.2004 18:01

No special breaks for Bush refugees, says Canada

I'm Waiting For Commissar Michael Moore's Concession Speech

Not A Kerrycrat, 04.11.2004 17:56

I'm also waiting for the concession speeches of Commissars Chomsky, Zinn, Parenti, Ehrenreich, Pollit, Solomon, West, LaDuke, Springstein, and all the other left luminaries who backed a candidate as lousy as Kerry.

Get Over It

A Small Victory Website, 04.11.2004 17:46

Not posted by the website owner, but another for whom this speaks perfectly

U.S.: We Have Now Become The Nation Our Founders Escaped From

GARRY WILLS, 04.11.2004 17:41

The Endarkment Of America.

food grows on trees and you are an arm of God

DAJ, 04.11.2004 17:31

don't worry, unless you must...

League of pissed off voters - PARTY IN ORLANDO

GREGGORT, 04.11.2004 17:15


Bushwached! A slightly skewed version of the state of the union

iMovie, 04.11.2004 16:48

Check it out!

The election was a con game and Kerry was in on it from day one.

Queer Planet, 04.11.2004 15:19

Have you ever heard of the old con the shell game? Well that's what just happened in the USA and Kerry was in on it from day one. Skull and Bones loyalties run deep.

Declaration of the Resident Expatriate

Paul &quot;Smokey Peak&quot; Parsons, 04.11.2004 15:11

Addressing the need for serious change made evident by
the results of the 2004 (s)election

Filmvorstellung: facing reality - beirut

facing reality ( ), 04.11.2004 15:06

DokuFilm über Leben und Alltag in Beirut (Libanon).
(BRD, 2004, 35min, englisch)

24 Hours After Election U.S. Draft Moves Forward

Anonymous, 04.11.2004 15:02

November 4, 2004


Computer Matching Between the Selective Service System and the Department of Education

AGENCY: Selective Service System.

$200411.04 today's letter

£, 04.11.2004 15:00

daily poetry, APOC, W$
+ guerrilla funk is back

ES&amp;S (Jeb-Linked) Machines Show Surprising Pattern in Florida

Anonymous, 04.11.2004 15:00

Unexplainable differential pattern between voting technologies in Florida.

Don't Come to Canada

Canuck, 04.11.2004 14:40

Dear US Citizens,

As much as I love to have guests over, please do not come here to escape GWB's fascist regime.

nuevos contenidos en la pagina de la IRA

Nucleo de IRA, 04.11.2004 14:01

apec En la última actualización de nuestra página web hay...

Documentary about Beirut (Lebanon) : facing reality: beirut

facing reality, 04.11.2004 12:52

This documentary tries to give an idea about the people's daily life - even though it's confusing sometimes, standing in contrast to our own ideas and expectations, leading to further questions...

GIEIS Project: Tzolk'in Background Info Released

LOJ, 04.11.2004 12:21

Example of Decoded Tzolk'in After the attack by the US government, The GIEIS Project has opened a new site and expanded the available information on the decoded Mayan Tzolk'in and the '666 based' 24:60 (Gregorian) Timing. The new address is:

El Tribuna Superior declara una antena de TELEFONICA

toni oller CCOO Catalunya Medi Ambient, 04.11.2004 12:05

Aquesta sentència suposa un pas de gegant vers a una Jurisprudència favorable al tancament de totes les antenes clandestines de telefonia

After the elections

Enrico, 04.11.2004 10:55

A comment from Italy about the results of US elections.

Possible Terrorist Attack Nov. 13th?

The Dilby News Monitor, 04.11.2004 09:17

Sears Tower Possible terrorist attack on Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois in response to Bush/Cheney reelection

Protesters take the streets of Bellingham WA

anonymous, 04.11.2004 07:45

Approximately 250 progressives of Bellingham WA united today under shared feelings of despair and frustration after the re-election of our pathetic "leader".

January 20, 2005 A DAY OF DISTRESS.

John Phillip, 04.11.2004 03:53

On Inauguration Day January 20, 2005 fly your American flag or display it upside down as a sign of defiance, protest, and distress.

Whats happenig in teh web of Michael Moore?

Alfonso, 04.11.2004 03:41

I couldn't acces to Micahel Moore in several hours

Bush? or Hitler

Annah Dale, 04.11.2004 02:58

look familiar?


Anthony Vicari, 04.11.2004 02:05

Your friends in Seattle have come up with a novel idea to show the world that we are not a united country and steal the spotlight from George W. Bush.


Doug Ireland, 04.11.2004 01:57

History will record that John Kerry lost the election on the day he voted the Constitution-shredding blank check for Bush’s war on Iraq.

Protest Updates

Josh, 04.11.2004 00:21

Protests in Red Hook, NY, hold intersection for close to 45 minutes, end in the beating and arrest of about a dozen.

Day After Election Fountains Dyed Red: No More Blood for Oil

Anonymous, 03.11.2004 22:46

Top Pool Community members dyed fountains red in protest of continued US terror around the world. The action was taken as the death toll of Iraqi civilians reached 100,000 last week.

BlackState: He's Still Not Our President!, 03.11.2004 21:33

George W. Bush is not the President of all the people. America is a divided nation the entire west coast of the United States went for John Kerry. African Americans preferred John Kerry 90% to 10%. The entire northeast of the United States voted for John Kerry. States with the largest cities in America all went for John Kerry. George W. Bush is not the President of all the people. Why should the 48% of Americans that voted against him be subjected to his right wing agenda?

Mr. President, move on over or we'll move on over you

Tom Hayden, 03.11.2004 20:38

Kerry caves early. So Now What? Let's Get Physical

Solutions Online Magazine Acquires Managing Editor

Matthew Bratschi, 03.11.2004 19:37

As management restructuring continues, Solutions Online Magazine has acquired a new managing editor. Matthew Bratschi has accepted the position along with his current duties as director of public affairs for Hollander Consultants, Solutions’ parent company, based in Portland, Oregon.

Obviously Americans prefered a Vampire like Bush to a Flip-Flopper like Kerry!

k.hawley, 03.11.2004 19:26

Obviously Americans prefered a Vampire like Bush to a Flip-Flopper like Kerry!

A2D (open source short movie)

£, 03.11.2004 19:21

A2D (Analogue to Digital)
made from cheap web cam stills
from analogue tv
from vhs

Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism: Page 8

DavidVGoliath, 03.11.2004 19:12

Photo1: Photos of what appears to be retaliation by local law enforcement for emailing these links to ALL California Newspapers, last night. The license plate of the Yellow-Cab, carries what I believe is intended as a DEATH THREAT.

US Shuts Down The GIEIS Project Site

Soduk, 03.11.2004 19:03

The US government has launched a second attack in 24 hours against The GIEIS Project's website, this time shutting it down. The site was explaining how 24:60 timing (gregorian)is killing people and that our solar system is to be hit by a shockwave in 2011.

Election 2004 Leaves Pundits Dazed, Confused: People we need to wake up...Kerry was just a pasty...

Nance and Loree, 03.11.2004 18:59

I think it's about to hit the fan.


U.S. dissenter, 03.11.2004 17:44



Baltazar Garcia Alonso, 03.11.2004 17:40

Solicitamos la solidaridad de todas las Agrupaciones y Organizaciones a sumarse a la manifestacion Internacional, que se llevara el dia 12 del presente a las 12:00 am.

Karta a! Vierta

jean Kolberth Destino kolombia, 03.11.2004 17:17

Una invitación a fortalecer las redes locales de comunicación en amerika y kolombia como resistencia al cierre de lo público y la defensa de la libre in-formación.

Fountains Dyed Red: No More Blood for Oil

anonymous, 03.11.2004 17:02

Community members dyed fountains red in protest of continued US terror around the world. The action was taken as the death toll of Iraqi civilians reached 100,000 last week.

The Days After - Victoria IMC Dreaditorial

Radhippie, 03.11.2004 16:45

Fans of 80's TV show WKRP might remember Les Nesman's definition of Obutse as, "rounded at the free end." The sitcom was set in Cincinatti, the second largest city in the mid-west state of Ohio. What's round at the ends and hi in the middle? Ohio. Today, the fate of the world comes down to the provisionally disenfranchised voters of Ohio.

Looking for memorabilia/paraphanalia from the Year 2000 Protests

Theodore Fox, 03.11.2004 16:33

I am looking for memorabilia/paraphanalia (such as buttons, pins, photos, that kind of stuff) from the Year 2000 protests.

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