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Over 90,000 Ohio Ballots Not Recorded in Presidential Race

Tim Lohrentz, 09.11.2004 16:40

Nearly 1.7 percent of valid ballots cast in the Ohio Presidential contest November 2 recorded no preference for any candidate, based on an examination of tables published on the Ohio Secretary of State website. These ballots were either a protest or voter or machine error.

Voter fraud rapidly being exposed! Maybe we'll get the Dem stooge instead of the Repug one...wheeee.

Dr Hemp, 09.11.2004 15:30

Amazing report from MSNBC on fraud, mistakes, and other oddness that seems likely to affect hundreds of thousands of votes

the fourth worldwar

the people, 09.11.2004 15:29

the people against bush

59 Million People Like Me

john stanton, 09.11.2004 15:08

Red-Blooded American Anthem

Victoria's Secret Event Shut Down by Peaceful Protesters in NYC

ForestEthics, 09.11.2004 13:42

Theater and Music bolstered the demonstration in Herald Square, NYC Monday Victory on the Streets of NY Monday! Students and activists interrupted the launch of Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Angels Across America’ tour today with a rowdy protest by people dressed in angel wings and lingerie and wielding chainsaws, and including a large banner reading “Victoria’s Secret: Their Catalogs Destroy Endangered Forests.” The so-called supermodels and Victoria's Secret cancelled the event apparently to avoid the protest.

Consultable la versió digital del butlletí &quot;El racó de l'arxiu&quot;

Arxiu Històric Municipal de Constantí, 09.11.2004 13:21

butlletí digital &quot;El racó de l'arxiu&quot; Consulta el butlletí progressista de divulgació sobre els arxius i la informació.

After the US election

Movement for a Socialist Future, 09.11.2004 12:40

The US presidential election is further evidence that we are in a new, brutal period of global capitalism where the previously established framework and politics of liberal, representative political democracy count for less and less.

Secret Government Project to use Animals as Weapons

CPeterka, 09.11.2004 11:57

The United States Government is working on a proposal to use various animals as live weapons against terrorists.

(Mis)use of statistics and the impact of high oil prices on economy

Sohbet Karbuz, 09.11.2004 08:27

Media have devoted a great deal of ink to the impacts of high oil prices on economy. But since journalists usually do not bother themselves reading the original reports, simple statistical mistakes are repeated and public is misdirected or fooled.

Anarchist conference in Kansas City

Chuck, 09.11.2004 07:20

Anarchy on the Great Plains? Anarchists in Kansas City? Yes! We’ve got anarchy out here on the “No Coast.” Join us for a meeting of the Great Plains Anarchist Network in Kansas City on the weekend of November 12-14, 2004.


RSD, 09.11.2004 06:28

Explain to me in scientific terms how and why metal shavings are
> better. You can't. Because it's impossible. I can explain why powder
> works better from the neophyte to the Physicist level. Any takers?


Music, 09.11.2004 05:45


San Francisco Emergency Call to Action--Votergate!!!

Democracy Defense Committee, 09.11.2004 05:29

EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION!!! NOT ANOTHER STOLEN ELECTION! CONVERGE ON THE FEDERAL BUILDING WED. NOV. 10TH--NOON. Kerry and the Democrats have conceded, but Democracy is not for one candidate or party to concede. Demand truth and accountability.

Southern Philippines: Only Why Do These Muslims Carry Guns?

Philipp Bueck, 09.11.2004 05:27

Mindanao is perceived as a second front of the global war against terrorism. International news from the region focus on the Muslim rebellion and its connections with Islamic terror organizations. This is a distortion of a long-term conflict that has torn apart Mindanao’s communities.

What were the Bush voters thinking?

Jamey Marr, 09.11.2004 04:56

What were the Bush voters thinking?

Dresden II: Bush takes on Falluja

David B. Livingstone/, 09.11.2004 04:29

Bush's re-election bears blood-drenched fruit with the assault on Falluja.

Prophecy November 8th, 2004

Brent Herbert, 09.11.2004 02:48

Thus saith YAHWEH

Latest iraqi resistance report

jamie, 09.11.2004 02:39

In a dispatch posted at 12:55am Saturday morning local time (11:55pm Friday night Mecca time) the al-Fallujah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the northern, eastern, and southern parts of the city were at that hour under an extremely fierce US bombardment. In the north, the al-Jaghifi neighborhood was under US fire, in the east of the city American shells were raining down on al-‘Askari neighborhood, while the industrial zone and the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhoods were the American targets in the southern part of al-Fallujah. And..........

The November 2 Exit Poll Scam

Michael Keefer, 08.11.2004 23:22

One of the clear indicators of massive electoral fraud was the wide divergence, both nationally and in swing states, between exit poll results and the reported vote tallies. The major villains, it would seem, were the suppliers of touch-screen voting machines. There appears to be evidence, however, that the corporations responsible for assembling vote-counting and exit poll information may also have been complicit in the fraud.


SUSAN ELAN, 08.11.2004 22:19

The reservists and National Guard members who make up half of the U.S. forces are stretched to the breaking point and need relief, he said, and the draft is the only way to assemble the numbers needed. Reintroduction of the draft will be made in the name of the war on terrorism soon after an attack in the United States or abroad, he predicted.

Using to Terrorism to control people

Martin, 08.11.2004 19:38

Article on how US Gov't is using war on terror to wage a war on Liberty

Es CGT un organización democratica?

pobre iluso, 08.11.2004 19:25

CGT bus cierra su foro por decisión de su secretario general

Kerry's bro investigating US votes

concerned us citizen, 08.11.2004 19:01

John Kerry's brother IS helping to do something about it...visit the site below

A Peace and Justice Tax for the Holidays

L. Graham, 08.11.2004 18:22

Imagine that every holiday present you buy will generate a sales tax to fund peace and justice organizations. Call it a PJT. Now, imagine that this PJT costs you nothing, that it's paid exclusively by big retailers. Hard to imagine? Not for the two politcally progressive web sites, Working Assets' ShopForChange and, who are levying it.

6th Annual California Kwanzaa Ag Expo 2004

Michael Harris, 08.11.2004 18:16

We invite the entire State of California to gain a deeper understanding our "California Grown" cultural holiday season.

Nov 12 Press Conference LA-Pepper Spray Death of Anthony Brown - Lawsuit

B. Cayenne Bird, 08.11.2004 17:26

Anthony Kirk Brown, 46, was a bipolar inmate at California Men's Colony. He was killed on August 27, 2004 when guards placed a spitter's mask over his head and pepper sprayed him until he was dead. CMC is supposed to be a prison that protects the mentally ill. He acted out his mental illness and is now dead. United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect is backing a lawsuit for this wrongful death and a press conference will be held in LA Friday Nov 12 at 10 am

We Need to Secede

seceder, 08.11.2004 17:18

weneedtosecede We can't let the rednecks in the red states hold back the progress of humanity.

An American Muslim's Lesson from the Election

Amer Ahmed, 08.11.2004 16:18

We have so much to learn from this election. Our anger and frustration will not take us anywhere without serious reflection on ourselves as human beings and the times we are living in. Many among us are misguided by fear and insecurity. It is for us to show the love necessary to help heal so that we can relearn the lessons that we continue to forget.


Federico Tatter, 08.11.2004 16:14

Duarte Frutos, quien comenzó su mandato con sesenta contundentes promesas, demasiadas y falsas expectativas, buena parte de ellas dirigidas a sus electores rurales, hoy es considerado como causante de profundizar la crisis agraria por acción y omisión en desmedro de la economía tradicional campesina, junto a su hegemónico partido en su exlusiva acción de sobrevivencia en el poder “per sécula seculorum” con el apoyo de la derecha norteamericana e insaciables organismos multilaterales de control financiero.

Centrum: a pioneer squat in Budapest

squatcentrum, 08.11.2004 15:58

On Friday, 30th October squatters occupied Centrum, formerly the Uttoro Aruhaz (“pioneer shopping mall”), a vast former supermarket in the centre of Budapest.

$200411.08 today's letter

£, 08.11.2004 15:39

today's poem, Stephanie McMillan, Kirsten Anderberg, W$, link du jour

Rückzuck der nato - Atlantis

gez., 08.11.2004 10:21


pictorial follow up: barbarians at the hospital gate

dwayne chandler, 08.11.2004 08:31

pictures of Fallujah hospital raid.

barbarians at the gates of Fallujah hospital

ussoldier/ guerilla news network blogger: G00279, 08.11.2004 08:10

us marines seized Fallujah main hospital;
staff and patients brutalized.

The more Corrupt and Sinister you are the more the Christian Right admires you!

Fauxlosopher, 08.11.2004 04:59

The more Corrupt and Sinister you are the more the Christian Right admires you!

Nepotism in the Alameda County, California courts

Steve White, 08.11.2004 04:50

This is a short aricle about an apparent pattern of the Alameda County District Attorney, Tom Orloff, hiring the sons and daughters of Alameda County Judges.

Partir de cero

Arturo Arriagada, 08.11.2004 03:57

La derecha chilena quedó con saldo en contra después de las pasadas elecciones municipales. Más allá de las cifras oficiales y explicaciones que han aparecido en los medios de comunicación del país, la votación recién pasada cruzó distintas percepciones: la de los electores, los políticos y la sociedad chilena en torno a Joaquín Lavín. Un par de ideas para el futuro o el fin del “cambio”.

Election Fraud anyone?

Reposted by jamie, 08.11.2004 02:05

Stolen Election 2004

In Election 2000, the Bush regime stole the election and got away with it. Now, in Election 2004, there is new evidence that Bush and the Republicans have stolen the 2004 election by electronic voting fraud in states with E-Voting without paper trails, scrubbing the voter rolls of Democratic voters, and destruction of paper ballots in heavily Democratic areas. And much more.

Time for candlelit and what is going on?

Sara, 08.11.2004 01:58

and Let’s be honest. Kerry would have been an improvement to Bush and sent a much better signal to the world, but he is more reactionary than Nixon; a pro-war, pro-corporate capitalism millionaire who wants a more multilateral approach to wars and US empire building. It’s also an important to remember what makes deeper changes in the world is movements and communities and people power, not politicians. And if we step back and look at things globally, Bush and his gang are fringe extremists whose empire is overextended, and lacks any global legitimacy while we are part of a global majority, an ever growing movement of movements that is creating common sense alternatives that will undermine the empire from below.

Assault on Fallujah reported to have begun

Jasan Landers, 08.11.2004 01:45

Falluja Assult Has Begun
By: Jazeera on: 07.11.2004 [18:17 ] (2749 reads)

(1695 bytes)

According to Jazzeera correspondant in Falluja, the US marines have began the assult to capture the city about an hour ago by attacking from the east and southeast sections.

In related news, Iraqi Resistance Fighters is reported as having destroyed a bridge at 'Radhwaniya' to the south west of Baghdad.

The Hydrogen News # 22

Mike Johnston, 08.11.2004 01:29

Hydrogen news stories from various sources and an original piece by me on hydrogen facts the big oil companys don't want you to know

Honoring the Fighters of Fallujah - a message to Iraq

Brent Herbert, 08.11.2004 01:13

It is one thing to march with a sign down a street, and it is quite another to do what that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah is about to do, and get on the wrong side of bunker busters and Abrams tanks and F-15 and cruise missiles. My God I am deeply deeply moved right to the core of my being by that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I salute them. I honor their courage. I vow from this day forward to remember them, to tell their story. Someday the whole world will honor the Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I swear it here today, they will.

Presidential Election Was Hacked By Florida Tech School

Jeff Fisher, 08.11.2004 00:58

Election Fraud Connected To Katherine Harris' Attorney

Dear Michael Moore,

gabriele zamparini, 08.11.2004 00:41

Dear Michael Moore,

I am writing you this “open letter” in friendship and solidarity. You are famous, rich and powerful. I am none of the above. But we both belong to the anti war movement and both are working to contribute to a better and more just world.

French anti-nuclear activists run over and lkilled by a waste train

Diet Simon, 08.11.2004 00:26

Caution: You are leaving the dem ocratic sector..... A man of 21 protesting against nuclear waste transports has died in France after a train cut off at least one of his legs when it drove over him. Some reports said both legs were cut off. Police say he died on the way to hospital. The activist had chained himself to the rails to try to stop the train heading for the north German village of Gorleben with 12 Castor caskets of German waste that has been processed at the French plutonium factory in La Hague, Normandy. A few hours after the accident – some activists are calling it murder – in Lorraine the train was reported to be running at extremely high speed in Germany. Ten minutes ahead flew a helicopter and five minutes behind followed another train consisting of four to five locomotives.

The more people you kill the more votes you get!

Phil Hong, 07.11.2004 22:28

War is peace, slavery is freedom, attack is defence

Lloyd Hart Interviews Dems On Electronic Jim Crow

Lloyd Hart, 07.11.2004 22:03

dems Electronic Jim Crow

Seeking your support for a National Boycott (original to

Lon C. Ponschock, 07.11.2004 21:20

A proposed economic boycott to begin as soon as possible 11-07-04

NC Republican Party Headquarters attacked and burned

WRAL &amp; AP, 07.11.2004 21:16

North Carolina Republican Party headquarters trashed and burned by mob of 100

NYC marathon, mile 11, pace 5:00

aetherchild, 07.11.2004 18:52

photo 1 photos from the 2004 ING NYC marathon. this 26.2 mile road race travels through the entire city, offering athletes a unique perspective on the myriad cultures that make new york such an incredible place to live.

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