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Mutilaciones rituales de menores

José Francisco Sánchez Beltrán, 10.03.2004 13:37

La salvaje e irracional mutilación genital impuesta hasta la fecha por las tradiciones primitivas se extiende implacable hasta los países que presumen de progresistas.

Anarchafeminists angry at Dutch &quot; Bushlickers&quot;

Chalky Pavement ( Krijtje v.d. Stoep), 10.03.2004 13:35

Two Dutch christian fundamentalist political parties ( Christenunie and SGP) are very happy with Bushes campaign against the right for lesbians and gays to marry.
Both parties are allways struggling against rights like free abortion, womens emancipation and of course they oppose equal rights for lesbians and gays.
The most conservative of them (SGP) is gonna write letters to American newspapers to express their support for George Bush and their views on the rights for lesbians ans gays to get married and adopt children.

MASONIC LODGE BOMB (Why Freemasonry)

Zionline, 10.03.2004 10:46

There are interesting reasons why Islamic extremists would have bombed a Masonic Lodge in Turkey...

Protections for human subjects of classified experiments still lacking

MJ, 10.03.2004 10:04

Scientist Allen Barker's comment on Amnesty International

..., 10.03.2004 09:58

Scientist Allen Barker's comment on Amnesty International. He hosts an excellent site at which was awarded as an USA Today Hotsite:

Still no to war

Oronio, 10.03.2004 09:08

Tell Bush and co that war will never be accepted

Grassroots Effort to Save Historic Theatre Gains International Support

Raymond Reporter, 10.03.2004 06:07

Final hearing of sixteen year battle to preserve Pasadena's Historic Raymond Theatre (aka Perkins Palace) to take place on March 15, 2004, 6PM at the Pasadena Convention Center. Friends of the Raymond Theatre prepare to take legal action against  the developer to stop construction.  Requests are being make of local preservation group Pasadena Heritage to protect the theatres facade and open space easement to not allow development to move forth.

Dubya Rapes Arizona Wilderness

S.S. Smith, 10.03.2004 05:39

New Homeland Security measures will wreak destruction on Federally protected Wilderness Areas


Jorge Octavio Barna Ferrés, 10.03.2004 05:32

no one like to be underestimated, do you? how is this possible then?

Iniciativa José Couso contra los crímenes de guerra. Bagdad, abril de 2004.

EID, 10.03.2004 04:04

Carta abierta a colectivos, sindicatos, partidos e instituciones para pedir adhesiones a los actos que el Colectivo de Hermanos, Amigos y Compañeros y la familia de José Couso realizarán en Bagdad al cumplirse un año de su asesinato.

callout for east coast food not bombs gathering

jenndrew, 10.03.2004 03:23

richmond, va will be hosting an east coast food not bombs gathering and wants to know who is interested in attending

Fear and Faith

Philip Gomez, 10.03.2004 03:06

This is a short story containing the dialogue between three young idealists set just before the day of an action.

McDonald's Confirms 'no-Arabic' policy at its restaurants in Israel, 10.03.2004 02:43

click the link to read more

International Election Monitors Take on Florida

Reuters, 10.03.2004 01:24

Mon Mar 8, 2004 03:38 PM ET

By Michael Peltier

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Reuters) - An international group that usually monitors elections in developing democracies said Monday it would take up posts at Florida precincts in November in hopes of averting another debacle when voters pick the next U.S. president.

Four years after Florida became the object of international ridicule, officials for the Catholic group Pax Christi USA will place monitors from 30 countries at polls in four Florida counties that were at the center of the 2000 U.S. presidential election dispute.

AAA Haiti: Bolivarian Resistance

Petra, 10.03.2004 01:17

A Leader of Mobilization in Cayambe, Ecuador
So why revolutions everywhere now?

Why will Wal-Marts and Monsantos soon be burning or taken away?
Adios: US MILITARY BASES; brings you frontline reporting about the people struggling to make a new world in the Americas. You can make this happen, you can be a Bolivarian Circle, and you can spread the word about what we need to make this a useful tool to understanding and mobilization

Childhood Obesity

Don Beck, 10.03.2004 01:10

A 3 fold increase in childhood obesity
should tell us that something rather
drastic has changed.

Taos Residents to Topple Statue of Donald Rumsfeld

Twilight, 10.03.2004 00:41

Action Coalition of Taos and Veterans for Peace will topple a twenty-foot effigy of Taos resident Donald Rumsfeld.


Fanny Fernandez Melo, 09.03.2004 23:54



Fanny Fernandez Melo, 09.03.2004 23:48

En relación con el BID consideramos que otra economìa es posible de ejecutar en los paises latinoamericanos, considerando el aspecto social y ambiental, ademas de economico de los Proyectos que financia este organismo. Caso Gas de Camisea en Perú.


Fanny Fernandez Melo - Foro Ecologico del Peru, 09.03.2004 23:39

24 al 31 de Marzo de 2004, Lima - Perú


anónimas, 09.03.2004 23:36

Mientras los políticos hablan, nosotras morimos. Zaragoza, 8 de marzo.
Esta es una más de las reivindicaciones de las que se han apropiado durante estos días de elecciones los politicuchos de turno. Entre ellos Belloch (alcalde de Zaragoza y miembro del PSOE), quizá espera que nos volvamos socialdemócratas.

Animal Liberation Student Association Conference April 23-25 2004

Syracuse Animal Rights Organization (SARO), 09.03.2004 22:53

The Center on Animal Liberation Affairs is pleased to announce the First Annual Student Association Conference on April 23-25, 2004 on the Syracuse University Campus. This two-day conference will feature guest speakers, panel discussions and presentations of papers by students--graduate and undergraduate. The conference is multi-disciplinary and encourages students from any course of study to submit proposals. Since presentations are limited to graduate and undergraduate students, the CALA Student Conference is an ideal place for a first conference presentation in an academic setting, especially for undergraduate students moving into graduate work.

Hosted by

The Student Environmental Action Coalition, Syracuse Animal Rights Organization, and The Center on Animal Liberation Affairs

Sponsored by:, My Body Is My Temple, Cleveland Chapter of the American Indian Movement, Bite Back Magazine

University Co-Sponsors:

Syracuse Social Movements Initiative, a project of The Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts, in the Maxwell School

If you would like to table for the Conference please e-mail Amber Coon:

February 25th Storms shut down Neighborhood Child Care Center

Janeeta Nartey, Executive Director, 09.03.2004 22:01

Non –profit child care center suffers huge losses in flood damages
Agency struggles to stay afloat
32 children, 25 families without daycare

The Family School Child Development Center, a state of the art new facility at Mission Street in San Francisco has been closed since December 15 due to flooding, when the heavy rains took a huge toll on the center.

Renovations to reopen of the popular center were in progress but came to a screeching halt on the morning of February 25th when street drains backed-up, overflowed and sent three foot high rapids of flooding water, rushing into the community building and sinking the non-profit agency deeper in despair, immediately shutting the facility down and forcing 25 families to shuffle for overcrowded available daycare slots.

Since the first storms, the non-profit organization had suffered $27, 996.00 in losses. The center lost $933.20 per day, or $4,666.00 per week with estimates of the February disaster expected to triple in cost.

Intimidation of peoples opposing a dump of 203200 tonnes of cyanide

RCW, 09.03.2004 20:33

Canadian company Rosia Montana Gold Corporation is intimidating peoples opposing a dump of 200000 tons of cyanide in theyr drinking water.

Call Congress and the 911 Chair to get Bush to Testify

Adam R, 09.03.2004 19:54

The 911 Commission will only be afforded one hour of testimony from GWB. Call Congress, the Chair of the 911 Commission, and John Kerry to pressure Bush into a testimony deserving of seriousness of the total lack of accountability or explanation for he failure to protect America. ( )

Skateboarding Camp takes it on the road in Oregon, 09.03.2004 18:22

Skatepark Sessions Camp Director Adam Longnecker pulling some G's in the Cradle Skateboard Camp 866 406 4327(Ages 8 & over) Do you want to improve your skateboarding? This camp is open to all ages and abilities. The coaches, both professional and amateur from Skate Park Sessions focus on trick and skill development.

Israel and the World Court

Patrick Johnston, 09.03.2004 17:49

The deceptions, falsehoods and criminal intent of Israel, abetted by the U.S. government ... The Wall, the World Court and International Law.

Inventory of the UNCENSORED records, 1938-1941

indymedia fans worldwide, 09.03.2004 17:22

The records which include correspondence, business and financial papers, typescripts of articles, notes, miscellaneous papers, and printed ephemera, document the work of the editors of Uncensored, a weekly newssheet sponsored by the Writer's Anti-War Bureau. The Bureau advocated non-intervention in the war in Europe which had broken out in 1939. The newssheet was edited by Sidney Hertzberg and Cushman Reynolds.

We need you on March 20th

Citizens' Initiative Omega, 09.03.2004 17:08

On March 18th, one year will have passed since the invasion of Iraq began. We can't stand silent. The world's leaders need to know that the demonstration by 30 million people last year was a lasting expression of a global democratic force.

&quot;Poverty&quot; Rural - Urban

sadashivan, 09.03.2004 16:44

urban poverty Economic growth is must to overcome poverty. For economic growth generation of source of income must be first priority

Keep the Timoney-3 Free Tour

Providence Puppet Posse, 09.03.2004 16:31

Puppet Timoney The Providence Puppet Posse is traveling the east coast and southeast
with two puppet shows and a message for everyone: We need to defend those
who fight for all of our freedoms!

Peak Oil, Mad Cow, and 9-11 - connecting the dots

Brent Herbert, 09.03.2004 16:00

Or, how to 'protect consumer confidence' by protecting corporate special interest groups...

Bush in SECRET Conference With His Most Trusted Israeli Advisor

Jackson Stonewall, 09.03.2004 15:01

Yesterday President bush was found in a compromising position when he was found in a secret meeting with his most trusted Israeli advisor. It is not known what the secret meeting enTAILED. It would appear that it had something to do with Israel usual policy of death and destruction against Palistine, as Mr. Bush appeared to take plenty of crap on the issue.

El paro tuvo una importante movilización

FTC Comodoro, 09.03.2004 14:46

Paro docente en Comodoro Rivadavia (nota Publicada en el Diario Cronica)

props: gaynarchy

£, 09.03.2004 13:45

freak flag the black and the...


Max Watts, 09.03.2004 13:17

From a US &quot;Haiti Book&quot; 1/ South Africa had sent a planeload of weapons that was set to arrive on Sunday, February 29. 2/ Venezuela was in discussions about sending troops to support Aristide. 3/ Two prominent U.S. delegations, one led by members of the Congressional Black Caucus and another led by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, were set to arrive within days. --> HAITI ACTION ALERT: Aristide Under Lock & Key, U.S. Delegation Says -->


Acheson Intelligence Group, 09.03.2004 12:35

Terrorism is the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced, according to the governments of America, Britain and Israel. Let us place this threat in perspective...


Acheson Intelligence Group, 09.03.2004 12:32

There have been reports that Osama bin Laden has already been captured by US & Pakistani forces in a tribal region of Pakistan. Is the Bush government saving the story for their election campaign?


Max Watts, 09.03.2004 12:31

From a US &quot;Haiti Book&quot; The timing of the coup coincided with several international developments that could have shifted the relationship of forces in the Haitian government's favor. While the U.S. government escalated pressure on Aristide to resign in that last week, the government of 1/ South Africa had sent a planeload of weapons that was set to arrive on Sunday, February 29. 2/ Venezuela was in discussions about sending troops to support Aristide. 3/ Two prominent U.S. delegations, one led by members of the Congressional Black Caucus and another led by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, were set to arrive within days. --> HAITI ACTION ALERT: Aristide Under Lock & Key, U.S. Delegation Says -->

We Want Freedom for Grup Yorum

Ufuk Luker, 09.03.2004 12:12

Ihsan Cibelik, member of Grup Yorum (best known Turkish-Kurdish political music band), who had been released from TCK 399 on the 253. day of his death fast with the medical diagnosis for Wernice Korsakof while he was under arrest in Tekirdag F Type Prison, has been arrested on 22nd of January 2004 again because the report "he can never recover" has been canceled.

OPPOSING Project Aqua

Citizens' Initiative Omega, 09.03.2004 07:54

Please remember that for your submission to be accepted it must

* reach Environment Canterbury by 5.00pm on this Friday.
* include your name, address and signature, and
* a copy of your submission must be sent (can be faxed) to Meridian Energy as soon as possible.

KAY Report : US-UK Fraud Laid Bare

Proletarian Era, Issue Feb 15,2004, 09.03.2004 07:36

This article is from Proletarian Era, February 15,2004.
Proletarian Era is the Central Organ of Socialist Unity Center of India ( SUCI ). Article will be useful reading for all Anti-Imperialist,anti-War Peace Loving people.

Grassroots Effort to Save Theatre Garners International Support

Raymond Reporter, 09.03.2004 06:02

Raymond Theatre Image Snubbing an imminent appellate court ruling, Raymond Theatre developers choose to “build at their own risk,” moving ahead with a March 15 project Design Review. City officials, expecting record-breaking crowds, change venues for what may be the final hearing in the 16-year battle to save historic Pasadena theatre. Friends of the Raymond Theatre prepare to take legal action to stop demolition, while supporters gear up to block bulldozers if necessary.

Lakota Boy Lynched in Faith South Dakota near Lakota reservation.

tfa, 09.03.2004 05:05

a sixteen-year old Native American boy was found lynched on the playground of the Faith School in the Lakota reservation border town of Faith, South Dakota.
As the students arrived at school, the child's body hung until it fell, covered by a blanket, the leather belt around his neck still exposed. Children viewed the tragic situation as
school continued as usual, without the crime scene being cordoned off, raising suspicion of a deliberate attempt to defile a crime scene.

The principal and some teachers at Faith School are currently under investigation by the Office of Civil Rights for complaints of racially offensive conduct.
This is being filed as a hate crime with the FBI and the US Attorney's office.

Undercover Denver Cops: Okay to Spy on 70-Year-Old Protestors

Rocky Mountain News, 09.03.2004 05:02

Christensen testified that he went because of the possibility that the protesters might be a threat to Allard's staff. That view didn't change even after he learned that two of the people who planned to commit civil disobedience were over 70 years old.

"Any protest, anything such as this, there is always a security risk," he said.

"Did you have any concern about weapons with these individuals?" Stuart asked.

"Always . . . I always have concerns with weapons," Christensen said.

"So it didn't matter who they were, anybody who decided to go to Senator Allard's office to protest, you'd have a weapon concern?" Stuart asked.

"Yes," Christensen said.


International A.N.S.W.E.R., 09.03.2004 04:27

For Immediate Release
March 8, 2004

Sarah Sloan or Brian Becker
202-544-3389, 212-633-6646

A delegation from the United States met twice today with overthrown Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Bangui, Central African Republic. Following the first meeting, President Aristide held a news conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then conducted a 30-minute phone interview in English with Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now.

The delegation includes Kim Ives from Haiti Progres and the Haiti Support Network, and Johnnie Stevens and Sara Flounders from the International Action Center. Ives, Flounders and Stevens are representing former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Also on the delegation are Brian Concannon, acting in the capacity of President Aristide's lawyer; and Katherine Kean, a friend of President Aristide.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Student says he's being investigated for terrorism

John Byrne, 09.03.2004 02:37

First broken in The Raw Story,, a student alleges that his university turned him over to the FBI for 'suspicious' activity.

update on sherman austin

me, 09.03.2004 01:26


A Message to Dr. Barry Mclellan

Malcolm Everett, 09.03.2004 00:57

Just who the hell do you think you are? The coroner’s office works under a “cloak of secrecy”. They tell the police, the press, and the public only what they want them to know. Downplaying by omission is common since the basic selection/omission process necessarily omits what they don’t want the public to know, with coverups and criticisms suppressed.

A Regular Weekend Event: Anti Choice/Hate Mongers Harrass and Frighten the Women of Sacramento

Daniela Capistrano, 08.03.2004 22:19

A description of the intimidation tactics used by the anti choice brigade who have marked their territory on Wright & Alta Arden, the location of a women's health clinic that also provides abortion services.

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