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Prophecy Nov 13 : How to Stop the Iraq War

Brent Herbert, 13.11.2004 20:03

in a few populist steps...because remember that Bush the Hun won't do it, so don't even bother asking that weirdo, and just do it yourself and thus get it done in a hell of hurry instead of not at all...

Big Media, Some Nerve!

Bob Parry, 13.11.2004 20:02

This should be the year that we take our anger to the feet of the compliant, illegitimate US media. Rally on their front steps, demand change, condemn their actions. As they have sacrificed their credibility, their ratings have consistently dropped. This is simply Bad Business. Take a page from Moore's books ...

What Did Fallujah Do To Deserve This?

Toronto Star/Jihad Unspun, 13.11.2004 19:58

If you listen carefully, it becomes apparent that the masterminds of these wars are attempting to create and promote civil wars amongst most of the Arab states.

The Death of Arafat and the Myth of New Beginnings, by Mark LeVine

Mark LeVine, 13.11.2004 19:56

... the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that the army has stepped up violence and aggression against protesters in order to enable the fence to proceed along its original route.


Art Gharrett, 13.11.2004 19:48

An eight-year effort to stop the construction of a new US military air base atop a healthy coral reef in Okinawa, Japan, has suddenly reached a critical point.

Mission Accomplished?

CBS/AP, 13.11.2004 19:46

"Evil pockets"? Of course, the mission objectives were to end the resistance, which isn't happening, and to catch Zarqawi (or whoever has been using his name for the last several months), but that hasn't happened either. The US forces are still fighting "pockets of resistance", but that's what they've been fighting all along, so frankly, it sounds like the US is putting the best face on the fact that they have struck out.

Act now to stop the genocide in Iraq

jamie, 13.11.2004 19:46

Here are today’s reports from the front as “official” number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq reaches 1172.

Lawmaker: Shut Down Palestinian Exhibition

1010 Wins, 13.11.2004 19:33

When Hitler's Nazis attempted to rewrite history in this manner, the world went to war against them. Such censorship is the work of cowards, whose beliefs are indefensible, and cannot stand on their own.

Doctors and nurses killed by American fire on their way to help the people of Fallujah

IM, 13.11.2004 18:50

In answer to appeals from administrative staff of al-Fallujah General Hospital

what's up?

una mauma, 13.11.2004 15:00

qué pasa amigxs?


Michael Georgy, 13.11.2004 13:17

A four-truck relief convoy left the capital for Falluja, even though the U.S. military had not accepted the Red Crescent's pleas for permission to enter the urban war zone ... "Conditions in Falluja are catastrophic," said Firdoos al-Abadi, spokeswoman for the Iraqi Red Crescent in Baghdad ...

Franco-German nuclear protest news

Diet Simon, 13.11.2004 10:58

CAUTION! You are leaving the democratic sector and entering the Gorleben police! Hundreds of tonnes more of highly radioactive waste have just been hauled thousands of kilometres across France and Germany to an “interim” storage hall near the north German village of Gorleben. A French student of 21 died after the nuclear train ran over him in France. He had tried to stop it by chaining himself to the track. At is a collation of coverage in English of this year’s Gorleben protests, as published on the German IndyMedia site. It also contains some other anti-nuclear protest news that appeared there recently in English.

Free posters for distribution

RXN, 13.11.2004 09:51

Hello, I don't know the proper means of disseminating my work through the progressive masses, so I am trying this. I have enclosed urls to posters I made, which are free for distribution. There are also thumbnails included. Enjoy, and propagate.

Venice - Grassroots sanctioning against a militarized city

Global Project, 13.11.2004 09:31

No NATO in Venice! The NATO parlamentary is schedualed to meet in Lido, in Venice between the 13th and 18th of November, 2004. Social movements, NGOs, civil associations and activists have launched an appoinment for Saturday the 13th for a mass prostest and demonstration against the NATO and global war.

Prophecy Nov 13 : PEOPLE POWER!

Brent Herbert, 13.11.2004 06:50

Not just a slogan but something that you do....

The Internet Is A Market (original essay)

£, 13.11.2004 05:54

It is, therefore, not a medium.

Families of Dead &amp; Wounded U.S. Servicemen can &quot;Sue&quot; Bush Govt. for Damages!

Last Days Cafe, 13.11.2004 04:55

Families of Dead & Wounded U.S. Servicemen can "Sue" for Damages in the Bush Regime's "Illegal" Iraq War!

Election Tampering and Malfunctions -- Report by Some Concerned U.S. Journalists

concerned journalists usa, 13.11.2004 04:31

Since the US presidential election, accounts of voter fraud and malfunctioning voting machines have flooded into local US newspapers, to public-interest groups, to universities, and to weblogs. This is a detailed overview of those reports.

Prophecy Nov 12 : A letter to America's Churches

Brent Herbert, 13.11.2004 03:32

Arise and shine

Interesting dialogue on Iraq war and refusing orders

Reposted from, 13.11.2004 03:14

Looks like an Iraqi 'Tet'
by Deathtodubya Guest on 12.11.2004 [20:19 ]

Press Release

Chad M. Howell, 13.11.2004 03:11

Why Only Words Chad M. Howell's release of his third poetry book Why Only Words is due out on December 4th 2004.

Danes protest over Fallujah attacks

No to War Coalition, 13.11.2004 02:54

Protests denouncing the US massacre on Fallujah were held late friday at the US Embassy in Copenhagen, as well as in Odense and Aarhus, organised by the No to War-coalition

Faithless and The GIEIS Project - We Come 1 (tzolkin style) Remix

Mark McCarron, 13.11.2004 02:50

Decoded Mayan Tzolk'in As a demonstration of the Tzolkin quantum correction of electromagnetic wave propagation and interaction, a demo remix of Faithless' 'We Come 1' has been made. Purchase the origonal and play spot the difference. This is a master MP3, very high quality, devastating mix. MP3-@19MB.


Marvin, 12.11.2004 22:56

Boycott starting the 19th of

Hollander Consultants’ Executives to Address PTCA Conference

Matthew Bratschi, 12.11.2004 22:48

Fred King and Kathy Korb, key executives at Hollander Consultants, are speaking at the international Professional Training and Consulting Association (PTCA) conference located at the Hubbard College of Administration in Los Angeles today through Sunday.

Underwriters Laboratories: WTC Did NOT Burn Down

Kevin Ryan, 12.11.2004 22:09

This story just does not add up. If steel from those buildings did soften or melt, I’m sure we can all agree that this was certainly not due to jet fuel fires of any kind, let alone the briefly burning fires in those towers. That fact should be of great concern to all Americans.



Prophecy Nov 12 : A letter to American Moms

Brent Herbert, 12.11.2004 21:28

We need to talk

Call for Submissions

David Goldschmidt, 12.11.2004 21:12

Are you drooling? "Media trips" is a blog for artists and activists that like to sample (mash) popculture icons. If you have produced (or found) artwork that remixes images from film, television, etc. please send it to us and we will blog it at

The onslaught in Fallujah: Shooting at a fly that has landed on a horse’s head

Maarten Vanheuverswyn, 12.11.2004 20:42

On the face of it, the siege of Fallujah seems to be going relatively well for the US troops. Most of the city has been captured and according to the mass media “Operation Phantom Fury” will be finished in a couple of days. However, things are not so simple. The war in Iraq was also supposed to be over, whereas it clearly is not. The same applies to Fallujah, where an official victory may well turn out to be a Pyrrhic one. By Maarten Vanheuverswyn (November 12, 2004)

special xmus video message to terrorists _&amp;_ infidels (XviD)

£, 12.11.2004 20:20

full spectrum dominance repeater

U.S. Admits Using Napalm Bombs In Iraq - Banned by UN In 1980

IOL / CCNWON, 12.11.2004 18:21

The use of napalm and other incendiaries against civilian populations was banned by a United Nations convention in 1980.

New liberal news site in the international language Esperanto

Stancel Spencer, 12.11.2004 18:03

click to read more alklaku legi pli

Mother &quot;Railroaded&quot; by Cook Co. &quot;Family Court&quot;

TetonMouse, 12.11.2004 17:49

IL Law provides for the protection, from "civil abuse", of helpless, innocent women and children, by their relatively more powerful and financially superior spouses – IF IT IS FOLLOWED.


KR, 12.11.2004 17:15

In 2004, the Democrats tried a fresh tactic if a partisan Republican Secretary of State tried to label as “spoiled” a hundred thousand ballots. That tactic?... Don’t fight for them in the first place. That’s one bipartisan bridge to Bush’s New American Century already built by both sides. We have a right to be angry at Kerry, and at the Ohio Democrats and anyone else that tries to block us or run interference to stop that full count. With or without them, here's how we have to get our count, fix our fixed elections and bring Democracy to the Homefront.

Fallujah/Iraq turning into disaster for U.S.

jamie, 12.11.2004 17:11

U.S. death toll in Iraq now at 1162 and rising fast. “Coalition” efforts have stalled/failed in Fallujah Recent details below:

Resolutions made by the CONFEUNASSC

Mo, 12.11.2004 16:23

Resolutions made by the CONFEUNASSC as a response to the V round of the Free Trade Agreement Negotiations between the United States of America and the Andean Region

Resolutions made by the CONFEUNASSC

Mo, 12.11.2004 16:13

Resolutions made by the CONFEUNASSC as a response to the V round of the Free Trade Agreement Negotiations between the United States of America and the Andean Region

Protest held in Pakistan in support of Palestinian Muslims

Muhammed, 12.11.2004 16:06

People rally carrying pictures and placards Muslims from all walks of life marched in protest against Zionist occupation and violence in Palestine, here in Karachi on the last Friday (November 12) of the Muslim Holy Month of Ramazan.

$200411.12 today's letter 4 u

£, 12.11.2004 15:11

Daily Poetry, McMillan, APOC, W$, Chomsky
made using OO (open office) and PDFCreator

A Review of Chaz Bufe's &quot;Design Your Own Utopia&quot;

Makhno, 12.11.2004 14:25

Bob Black reviews Chaz Bufe's "Design Your Own Utopia" - re-printed from Green Anarchist

Progressives, Corporations and the future of the Internet

Nicolas Lalaguna, 12.11.2004 13:30

This article describes and analyses the relationships between the mass media, the internet, the progressive movement and the recent run of acclaimed political documentaries. It includes a brief Q&A with Mark Achbar, who made "The Corporation".


Omar Anwar, 12.11.2004 13:04

A a convoy of aid, including drinking water, food and medicine, was ready to leave for Falluja from Amiriya, a town to the south, but needed permission from U.S. forces. The Iraqi Red Crescent Society, which receives support from foreign agencies including the Red Cross and UNICEF, said it had asked U.S. forces and Iraq's interim government to let them deliver relief goods to Falluja and establish medics there. But it said it had received no reply. "We call on the Iraqi government and U.S. forces to allow us to do our humanitarian duty to the innocent people," said Firdoos al-Ubadi, Red Crescent spokeswoman.
"This is their responsibility," she said, adding that judging by reports received from refugees and pictures broadcast on television, Falluja was a "big disaster."


several sources, 12.11.2004 12:59

4 links to photos of resistance both within and outside Iraq to the ongoing genocide directed against Fallujah.

Neusiedler SCP workers struggle continues!

IWA Slovakia, 12.11.2004 08:23

Slovak workers struggle multinational giant

dGjeweorge Bush killed the dutch Michael Moore

poetpiet, 12.11.2004 08:19

Theo van Gogh is dead

Dear (as in costly) puppeteers behind Bush, please profit from radicalization no longer.


Saudi Royal Family willing &quot;Conspirators&quot; with Bush Regime in 911 plot!

Whorealdo, 12.11.2004 05:04

Saudi Royal Family willing "Conspirators" with Bush Regime in the 911 Terrorism plot!

Revellers Party to Resuscitate Vancouver Indymedia

Steve Kisby, 12.11.2004 05:01

Revellers Party Like It's the End of the World to Resuscitate Vancouver Indymedia

I Am Fallujah

Jenny Campbell, 12.11.2004 03:52

This poem was written a few days before the invasion began and updated it the day of the invasion. May it circulate widely!

Armistice Day In Iraq

David B. Livingstone/RabidNation, 12.11.2004 03:52

No armistice for the people of Iraq - just continued Bush-led slaughter.

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